rudraveena (PART 2)


The horse rider asks her the reason for her journey to rishipur which is very much distance from Delhi and he was so much curious to know the reason why a educated girl comes back to a village like Rishipur.Chandini remains silent for all these questions and enjoys the breeze of early morning.she sees peacock and rabbits in the fields playing and clicks many photos of them.The horse rider again repeats his questions,she says “Why bhai,your village is very much beautiful and Mr.Pritam Singh asked me to come here .they reaches The badi haveli(name given to Pritam’s residence).

Malavika opens her eyes after stopping the veena and sees Bishwa standing and enjoying her music.She tries to get up but he says”No need
Behenji,’and sits near the veena.Malavika asks him the sudden reason for her visit to her house .He says”Why did I came here mmmmm because I thoughts someone is playing the rudraveena”,Malavika smiles and leaves to bring him something to eat.He touches the strings of the veena and its makes a awkward noise.he takes his hand and praises her talent .

Chandini stands in front of Pritam Singh and he sees her from top to bottom with a investigating look.she thanks him for giving permission to her to stay in his house .he smiles and leaves the place ordering mannu to arrange room for her stay.Bishwa comes back home and surprised to see a girl standing in the hall.he asks her the matter.
Bishwa:Who are you?
Chandini:My name is
Bishwa: Mmmm where is Mannu?Mannu.
Chandini:He is upstairs. and I am
Bishwa:Wait I will talk to him first,Mannu bhai.
Mannu:Madam,room is arranged.
Chandini:Thank you Mannu bhai.
Mannu(surprised): only Bishwa bhai calls me like that.
Chandini:Bishwa, mmmm he searched you.
Bishwa:Mannu bhai.I need to talk to you about mal
Chandini:OK I will go to room.
Bishwa:Who are you,did you give your answer?
Chandini:Ask Maanu bhai,tell him bhai.

she leaves from there.Chandini sits in the night in the room and thinks about lavish decoration in the room,she hears a mild sound of someone playing the veena.she gets the sound more audible in minutes.Pritam Singh’s men begins to go towards the direction of the sound.They are followed by some masked men,those men didn’t leave them to approach the sound direction.Chandini tries to record the sound but the recorder doesn’t work ,she feels like .the picture of Shiva smiling at her.

precap:Malavika sees Chandini examining the drawing in the temple.

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