rudraveena (PART 1)


In rishipur ,puja starts in the haveli of Pritam Singh.The servants starts their preparation for the badi feast ,Mahadev pritam Singh comes down dressed in a blue sherwani with his red turban, he sits in the puja and asks servant about his grandson Bishwa.Everyone asks each other about Bishwa.

In the temple,Malavika stands in front of the kalima and prays to the god to bring happiness in the life of the village peoples.she hears someone laughing and turns tosees pandit Yogesh coming and stands in respect to him.Yogesh smiles seeing Malavika and asks her to pray even for the welfare of herself .she says”This village is my life Panditji”.She gets tears while telling that .

the servants knock at Bishwa’s room but finds no response to their shouting, one of the servant,Mannu jumps inside the room through the window by climbing the pipe line and sees Bishwa still sleeping,he wakes him up with great difficulty.Bishwa opens his eyes and gets shocked to see his grandpa standing with anger in his eyes.he tries to get up from bed but looses balance due to the sleepiness.Pritam Singh shouts at Bishwa for totally ruining his pounima puja and goes out of the room angrily.Bishwa sits in the bed and scolds himself for creating problem to his grandpa.Maanu gives him milk to drink.

Malavika reaches her home and sees that place full of loneliness.she sits in the front porch and thinks about the days when the whole house was filled with happiness and giggles of children.she sees a veena kept covered by a red satin cloth in the puja room and lifts it with great difficulty.she sits with the veena and begins to play it very much professionally.

People passes by the house sees her singing with veena and praises her ability,one of the passerby says to another,”But whatever it may be,it had been nearly 14 years and still Malavika is living like a saint”.Bishwa comes on the way and stands mesemerised by the song ,he walks towards her house and stands near the door enjoying the music.skirt matched wuth red tops ,she sees the beautiful village of rishipur in front of her eyes.she begins to walk towards the village.She summons a horse rider and asks the way to reach the house of Pritam Singh.the horse rider offer her a lift and asks her about her.She says “Chandini from Delhi “.

precap:in the night ,Chandini hears the sound of rudraveena .

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