Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa Part 9

Everyone was busy in the wedding preparations except bhaiya. He is definitely upto something. And I really think he knows something NOT-GOOD about Reyaan because he was okay till they (re family) didn’t arrive. Even when Reyaan tried to hug Bhaiya he backed off. I wonder what. There is something which Reyaan and Bhaiya both are hiding I wonder what.

Control Shivaay control. You must not let any feel that there is something wrong. What do you think of yourself Reyaan? Tum hamien dhoka dhogy or hum pata nahi chal payega?No Reyaan no jab tak SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI zinda hai uski family ko koi bhi nuksaan nahi pohchan sakta..
I was angry and seeing Reyaan and his family getting a hi-fi treatment by my family was making me angrier. I finally took out my phone from the pocket and scrolled the gallery. But before opening the gallery when I unlocked the screen a smile curved my lips. The picture in the bg was of my wifey. I never thought that I’d be putting a girl picture on my homescreen. I didn’t put this picture on the lock screen because if I had done this and someone from the home sees it I was gone 😛 they would start teasing me and her. I started scrolling gallery and then I finally stopped at a picture. I smiled more. How happy they look? I was staring at the picture with love and joy. The picture was of Rudra and Soumya from their wedding which took place in SAMAHIK VIVAH (I guess this is the word but I am not sure). I got this picture from their records where they got married. For a record they keep the pictures of everyone who get married there. Not only this I even had a copy of their marriage certificate which they are hiding from me.
I was angry when I first get to know about their marriage. Since the day I had listened to Om and Annika’s conversation I knew something is up and it is regarding Soumya. But when I noticed their strange attacks to get Soumya and Rudra closer, my doubt doubled. These two had been behaving strange when they came back home after a night in all colorful clothes. I started searching and then I found this. I wasnot angry of Rudra getting married to Soumya. She is a lovely, mature and beautiful inside-out girl. I was angry that why they did not inform me. After eavesdropping a couple of conversations of all four I got to know that neither Annika nor Omkara knew this. They even get to know it now. But still Rudra could have told me this. But khair anyway I was happy. Happy seeing these married. They look so happy in the picture. The smile on their faces is not forced.
I kept the phone back in my pocket and reminisced the day I saw Reyaan with a girl

Flashback start
M: Baby you know na you are marrying that Soumya just for our better future
Re: yes I remember
M: promise me you won’t ever fall for her
Re: I will never. I love you Mohini. You are everything to me. Don’t you dare think this again.Okay?
M.Aww I love you hubby
Re: I love you wifey
They both hugged each other
flashback ends
I then started searching of what the matter is. And slowly slowly I was aware of everything. I have a couple of proofs with me already but I need their marriage certificate and photographs. My team is searching for it and hopefully we will get it tomorrow. I will expose Reyaan in the wedding.
I was lost in thought when someone snapped fingers infront of me. It was Annika
Annika: “Kaha khoye huay hain aap?” She wasn’t rude.
“Mujhse bhi chupayenge” She said in slow tone. She is a drama queen
“Tum bhi tou batein chupati ho…” I replied..
“Mae ny konsi batein chupai??” She asked
“kuch nhi.. koi kaam hy…” I asked her
“I will ask u later about what I have hide from u.. First tell me how does rudra and soumya look?” she asked me and I understood what she is upto. And I thought to give a GOOL-MOOL reply
“Hmmm! Rudr.. mera bhai hy acha nhi hoga tou kia hoga (he is my brother so he is goodlooking) *I praised myself too* and soumya she is such a cutie girl.. Sab ki help krti hy meri bhi ki aik dafa… *oh no what I’ve said. She helped me as a love angel actually she told me everything one day so I knew this but this was a secret between me and her*” I replied her
(* are used for thoughts)
“first thing don’t praise ur self
Secondly when did Soumya help u?
Thirdly I asked u about how rudra and Soumya look TOGETHER? She asked me.. The first two questions made me shock as I thought she will not notice but sadly she did and the third question I knew it she is going to ask this…
“Rudr soumya… nhi nhi nhi… Reyaan and Soumya looks good, u know I even thought of a name for them.
Like ours is SHIVIKA theirs should be REMYA. How is that?” I asked her, actually I acted
“REMYA acha nhi lag raha.. What about RUMYA?” she questioned me back and WOW! What beautiful name she has thought for Rudra and Soumya but I have to act yar…
“Nah! Doesn’t sound good!” I replied. I clearly lied to her.
“Yes! It does!” she said in a grinning tone. She was annoyed with my reply.
“You know I had met someone. He said ky Soumya ki life mae koi R wala banda aayega” I was diverting the topic..
“haan tou Rudra starts from R” She said in a happy tone. *Intelligent hogye hai ye, aur akhir q na ho Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki biwi ha*I smiled on my thought.I quickly get back to normal. Thank God she didn’t notice me
‘Oh I didn’t notice tha’t. I replied.There was silence in the room, I broke the silence and said
‘or E bhi aayega uske naam mien’ I was left with this reply only
“RUDRA SINGH OBEROI… u know obEroi” she said with pressuring E a lot.
My God, har baat ka jawaab hai iske paas. My phone started to ring. ThankGod ab aur jhoot nahi bolna paregaa. It was Mishra Ji calling. I had given him the work to find everything related to Reyaan because I trust him.
Mishra(MJ): “ Sir apka kaam hogya hai”
SSO: ‘Where are the documents?’
MJ:”Mery paas hain sir.You said you have to keep it secret.”
SSO: ‘Very good Mishra. Keep the documents with you. But scan them and send them to me on my email asap. I am waiting
MJ: “Okay sir”
I was happy and much relived. While I was engage in my thought my phone beeped. Mishra mailed me all the documents. That’s fast. I replied him ThankYou. I usually don’t do that but I was in a good mood or you can say I was happy with Mishra. I viewed them all and then kept my phone back into my pocket and returned to my room.

The next 3 days were very tough for Soumya and Rudra. Annika and O were also tensed. The person who was most relived was Shivaay. He was smiling and happy all the time, he even participated in all the dholkis. What caused a sudden change? No one knows. And finally the wedding day arrived. Btw no elder of the mansion knows about this nor they know that Shivaay knows this all. Soumya was in a bridal dress. Red lahenga with golden embroidery on it. She was alluring. Sumo’s mom was very happy. She was hugging soumya again and again and her eyes were filled with tears. Soumya was also teary eyed. Rudra was acting strong today. He was sad, depressed. His heart was wrenched but he wasn’t crying. He promised himself that he won’t cry like cowards today he will fight, fight for his love, fight for his wife and fight for his right. Various ideas were coming in his mind and he wasnot able to concentrate but stiil he was determine to do something.
And then finally he get an idea. Still busy in his thoughts on how to work on his plan, a door-knock diverted his attention.

Here is the update as promised. Dear readers the next part will be last.

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