Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa Part 8

That night was the best night of my life till now. When I entered the room O was sleeping peacefully. I lay on my bedside but I was not able to sleep. Her words were echoing in my mind and I was smiling like idiots. RUDRA SINGH OBEROI for whom love was like a newspaper, a new girl every day now want someone for the rest of his life. That’s how fast the time changes. I was in love and I was loving this feeling this change in me. I don’t know when I dozed to sleep.

When I opened my eyes in the morning I was holding someone’s hand. I opened my eyes a little and I saw Sumo sleeping with a smile on her face beside me. The hair were over her face and a smile was visible from between the strands. I removed the strands and closed my eyes, hold the hand more tightly and said I love you sumo and kissed on her hand. The hand was little rough Maybe kaam kr k hogye hongy.Mien isy ab koi kaam nh krny dunga. “I love you to Rudra” the voice sounded like a male voice. I opened my eyes again, this time wide open and that was OMKARA SINGH OBEROI. I was day dreaming about Sumo and all the romance I did uptill now was with Omkara. I sat on the bed and then smiled on my own thoughts. I just cannot wait for the days when I wake up and see her, every morning.

I woke up with a smile on my face. I usually don’t especially now a days when so much tension is going on. But I was smiling on my dream in which I confessed to Rudy and he did too. We then get married with family consent. Hayee I just can’t wait it to be true.
I brushed off the thoughts and got fresh and the left my room to join everyone else for the breakfast.I was passing through the corridor when I bumped into Rudra.I looked towards him and I was all lost.
As soon as she looked towards me I was all lost in her eyes and she too. I heard a song which was
Ek ladki ko dekha tha tou aisa laga
Jaisy khilta gulaab
Jaisy shayer ka khuaab
Jaisy ujali kiran
Jaisy bun mien hiran
Jaisy chandni raat
Jaisy narmi ki baat
Jaisy mandir me ho ek jalta diyaa hoo…

We were all lost until the song stopped and a male voice said hello. I turned around and saw O, it was his phone which was ringing. Seriously is that actually to be used as a ringtone. As far as I know there is no girl in O ki life yet. O look towards us and smiled. We quickly moved far coz we were quite close. Sumo was nervous or maybe shy and she left from there. I again turned around to look O who was smiling, I nervously smiled too and headed towards the table.

All the elders were seated. O and Bhaiya were too on their seats. Annika didi oh sorry Bhabhi and Sumo were keeping the breakfast on table. Both the daughter-in-laws of Oberoi KHADAAN were setting table. All were busy in talking to each other when suddenly there was complete silence in the room. Bhaiya was shouting on someone on phone. He don’t usually shout now, it means he is very angry today.
Saying this he hanged up his phone call. The whole family was staring him. He was angry on something much angry but on what? No one know. O asked Bhabhi by giving her the expression of what happened and she too replied she don’t know. Shivaay bhaiya stood up without having breakfast. When Bhabhi stopped him he replied that he is not hungry and left the house. There was awkward silence then finally Dadi cheered everyone and everything got back to normal.
Soumya’s rasams are now started. Today was sangeet, tomorrow will be haldi/mehndi ceremony, then 3 days of dholki and then marriage. So like her marriage is 5 days away. Reyaan was in much hurry to get married to Soumya, he even opposed the rasams. I think something is really fishy, as far as I know he don’t love sumo at all then why he want this marriage so early. Ughh.
Reyaan was trying to stay too much close to Sumo. I wasnot able to tolerate this. I was jealous, yes I was. And to make me more jealous he asked sumo to do a couple dance with him. Why is that necessary?. The elders too happily agreed, Q bhaee she is my wife mery sath dance kry why with tht chooha (mouse) *??*. He was pulling sumo close to him but she was resisting and then something very good happened. Thanks to Bhabhi and O. These two are really supporting us. I wish I have informed both of them or at least O before about our marriage so he may have controlled the situation, I feel bad now. But …. So Bhabhi announced our (RUMYA’S) dance. And what a magical 3 minutes they were.
Everyone was busy in the wedding preparations except bhaiya. He is definitely upto something. And I really think he knows something NOT-GOOD about Reyaan because he was okay till they (re family) didn’t arrive. Even when Reyaan tried to hug Bhaiya he backed off. I wonder what. There is something which Reyaan and Bhaiya both are hiding I wonder what.

Hey pyaary pyaary readers. First of all a huge huge thaankyou for showering me and my ff with love. I never thought of such an overwhelming response. Your comments motivate me to do it better and better.Long update this timee and a hint of whats going to happen next ?. For the update I am really sorry for being late but my update days would Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Sunday. I will be updating the parts on any of the following days. I try to keep it as early as possible but I also want to make sure that most of you esp those who are reading my ff from start , read the update. I will try my best to update this sunday.. Lots of lovee from the writerr??

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