Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa Part 7

Re: U know what Mohi… I am just marrying that fat girl for our future…
M: I know baby… U just LOVE me…
Re: Yes Mohi… She thinks I love her and…
M: I understand everything Reyaan
Re: baby… I’m just little worried… what if everybody get to know about us…
M:- No onne will get to know… u just stay positive… everything will be fine…
Re: I wish everything goes as per our plan
M: I wish that everything goes per MY plan .She said this giving a wicked smile.

Ye kia hota ja rha hai mujeh. What is happening to me? I should ignore Rudra and instead I am getting close to him day by day. Why is this all happening? Why am I so attracted towards him? Why I want our marriage to stay forever? Why I get a happy feeling when he term me as his wife. Why???
I was sitting on my bed with a pillow on my lap. My pillow was wet with my tears. I was questioning myself and then suddenly I heard CAUSE YOU LOVE HIM.
I quickly look here and there and then my eyes stuck at the mirror. It was me but a smiley me. Oh God what’s going on? It looks like a drama scene. The mirror me then smiled and said
{The “” is mirror sumo and ‘’ is real sumo}
“Pareshan na ho me tum hi hun. Mtlb me soumya hi hun bs me tmhari dil ki awaz hun jo tmhary labon pr nh arahi (I am voice of your heart which you aren’t able to speak) .Sumo tum tou sb k problems you chutkiyon me solve krdeti ho, logon k baghair kahy unki feelings samjh jati ho to phr apni feelings se anjaan q? Q nh bta deti usko k tum us se pyaar krti ho.”
I don’t know what was going on. I had tears in my eyes which were flowing down from my face. I replied
‘Because he don’t love me. He don’t.’
“Arey pagli he do. Have you ever looked into his eyes? Can’t you see love there? Love for you I mean me, chalo I mean you *She laughed making me laugh too*.. Chalo atleast you smiled. Look darling go and confess your feelings and don’t worry he loves you like hell *she winked*”
‘Par I am getting married to Reyaan’
“Areyyy you arenot married to him yet. And you can’t marry him because you are already married. Married to the one you love, RUDRA SINGH OBEROI. Go and tell him baqi bh sb theek hojayega trust me”
*I looked down. A smile curved my lips*
‘I will … Thaaank….’ BOOM she disappeared. I laughed a little on myself cause I was thanking myself… Damn this is crazy.
I switched off the lamp and I slept more than early. I was a bit satisfied today

I was sitting with O in his room. We share room you all know. I am a bit comfortable now since he know all this and instead of scolding me he was happy. He was busy with some drawing smiling all the way while I was sitting there confused.
“Kia hogya bhae.Devdas q banay huay ho” he said while noticing me bt still in a happy tone
‘Nothing O’ I replied
“Tell na” He sat beside me keeping his hand over my shoulder. He asked me in a calm tone. I finally gathered courage to speak
‘Annika didi was telling that you were very happy when you get to know about my marriage with Soumya’
O:- Yes I was . *Still in a calm tone*
R; ‘Why’
O: “Hmm good question. But I’ll answer it later. *He said smiling. Something is cooking in his mind* Acha mujeh chorr tu bata, you too are happy with your marriage”
Damn how he know this. I gave him a shocked look. He smiled like saying I know you well bro
O: Mujeh sab pta hai. I know you very well. Bta na khush ha na tu
I hugged him.
R: Yess lekin O she is getting married to Reyaan. I don’t like him at all
O said while rubbing my hair and back
“Tou tujeh us se konsi shaadi krni hai k tujeh acha nh lagta” He was laughing
I broke the hug and said ‘O Sumo tou kr rhi hai na. O please do something. I can’t see her getting married to someone else. O shadi tou ek baar hoti hai na and she is married to me.then how can she marry that Reyaan’ I was crying all the time while saying all this. My tears weren’t stopping. O hugged me again and started rubbing my back.
“Don’t worry uski shaadi kisi aur se nhi hogi. Agr dobara bhi hui na tou tujhse hi hogi”
‘How O how’ I asked still weeping
“Wo tu hm pr chorr de.Lekin pehly tell me one thing and sach btana”
We broke the hug. I signed him to ask.
“Do you love Soumya”
When I hear the name Soumya a kind of slideshow from the day we first met to our marriage till today played infront my eyes. I was smiling wide like idiots
‘Yes I love her. Boht zyada’ I told him. For the first time ever I spoke my heart. I never thought that I would love a girl like this and I would wish her to stay with me my life. Seriously life changes.
O patted on my shoulder and signaled me saying go and tell her.

My smile flew away. I said
‘What if she don’t love me?’
‘darr ky agay hamesha jeet hoti hy rudr….’ O said..
‘But phir bhi…’ I said worriedly…
‘Jis se mohabbat ki jati hy na tou phir uss ko batany se darty nhi hain… Agar tum abhi nhi kaho gy na tou phir shayad zindagi bhar na keh paao.. wo phir reyaan ki hojayegi aur tum uss se kuch keh nhi pao gy… Hosakta hai wo bhi tumse pyar krti ho magar keh nahi paa rahi… apny aur uss ky beech ki khamoshi ko mitao or bolo, tmhara haq hai bolna, agr tum ye bolny ka haq cheenogy khudse tou tumhari batein qaid ho kr reh jayein gi tmhary dil me…. Iss liye bol do ussay jo bhi bolna hy…’ O’s philosophy jerked me tightly. For the first time I was getting his philosophy. It filled an energy inside. I stood up and straight went to my room which is Sumo’s room now a days but no worries soon it will be OUR room. I was about to enter when I saw the lights off. I realized she has slept. I entered tip-toe in the room so I don’t make any kind of noise. I stopped in front of the bed, there I saw her having a peaceful sleep. I never knew that someone could look this much beautiful while sleeping. How she manage to do this? The moonlight was making her face glow more. She had a smile on her face, maybe she was having a good dream. Maybe about me? Okay I know I am mad. I leaned close to her face and removed a hair strand from her face. I sat down beside her. I don’t know till when I sat there completely lost in her. I was about to leave when I felt a grip on my hand, I turned back and saw she was holding my hand. I had no idea when she held my hand. I leaned down to grab my hand, I tried to be as calm as I can so she do not get disturb. I was almost done when her grip tightened and she said
“Don’t leave me Rudra.Mien tmhary beghair nahi reh sakti. I love you Rudra”
Damn I wanted to hear this. I was not able to believe what I just hear. Did she really say this or it was just my imagination? To my relief it was not my imagination it was real. I couldnot stop smiling, I wasnot able to do that. I sat back on the bed, grab my hand back softly leaned towards her and kissed her forehead.”I LOVE YOU TO SUMO” I whispered and left the room.

I tried something different this time.I hope you all like it. This was supposed to be uploaded on 31st dec but the submission were closed.But khair anyway 😉 comment down you reviews and what you think is going to happen?And yes thankyou for such an amazing response <3

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