Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa Part 5


as per plan rumya left the om.they collect their marriage certificate (mce) on the way to their home nach sumo broke the silence and said
“ rudra mujeh tm kuch batana hai par please araam se sun na and don’t over react”
rudra said her to speak
s: rudra i have informed annika didi about our marriage bt she has promised me that she willnot tell this to anyone.
rudy was silent
s: rudra reaction??
r: what should i say? i cannot do have already told her so now what.
s: rudra you knw annika didi.i know she will help us and believe me it was getting out from my i am much relieved. after a lil pause.. i am sorry i should have asked you but the situation that day was so worse.i was not feeling ok i don’t know what happen i emotionally broke..

rudra stopped the car. soumya was so lost in giving him reason why she did this.tears were streaming down her face.rudra looked towards her and wiped her tears.then he cuped her face and said
r: i trust you.
his eyes were the proof that he meant whatever he said.he smiled towards her.soumya was about to speak something but he put his index finger on her mouth signing her not to say anything

r: mujeh koi explaination nahi chahye. tumne agr annika didi ko btaya ha then its ok.acchi baat ha ab ghr me kisi ko pta hai iss baray mien.
s: how do you know that i was going to tell u the reason anyway
r: agr ek husband yehi na jaan sakay k uski biwi kia souchti hai.agr wo uska dil or dimaagh hi na parh paye then he is not a good husband at all. aur mien bura husband nh ban na chahta

these words came out of his mouth.he was speaking his heart out.they both went silent.soumya was happy internally.the smile on her face was real not forced.they both share an eye lock.but *hamesha se pyaar ka dushman or romantic moments ko kharab krny wala* yaa cell phone started to ring.the caller was reyaan. rudra held back and asked sumo ti pick call of her fiance & started driving again.sumo didn’t pick the call and the phone went silent but it started to ring again
r: utha lo betaab ha wo tmse baat krny k lye. he said roughly
soumya picked it and talked in a sleeepy tone. she wanted reyaan to to feel that she was asleep and he destroyed her sleep
reyaan ( rey): good morning miss fiancé
s: kia hua why didi you call

rey: just to say good morning to you babe
s: you destroyed my sound sleep just to say good morning
rey: umm i jst wanted to be the first to wish you good morning
reyaan was talking sweet but soumya was pissed off afterall he destroyed such a magical moment of the husband and wife
s: reyaan come on its not my birthday that you wanted to wish me before anyone else
rey: i am sorry don’t get angry.
s: sorry reyaan but i am in much sleep. i don’t knw what i am actually sspeaking so ttul . don’t mind byee
rey: baa..
she disconnected the calll before he could say bye. rudra was laughing hearing all this , he had no idea that sumo could do such a drama.soumya mumbled
“bara aya good morning fiancé” she mimiced reyaan
rudra heared this and laughed even loud.seeing her laughing she also laughed.they were near om, sso the drive was not awkward till they reached om

at reyaan’s home
rey: ye samjhti kia ha khud ko. motii kahin ki.she is so damn lucky to have me as her future husband.she is showing me attitude, you’ll have to pay for this soumya.
“aww baby don’t get angry because of that fat girl”— a girly voice came from behind and hugged her.

first of all i am really really sorry.i have been very busy but i hope next parts will be posted soon coz my college will be off for 15 days.yayyyyyyyy.
okay since all of you wanted me to turn reyaan into a villan so your wish is my command 😉

okay comment down how you all want story to proceed now. plus you all will be getting some shivika scenes too 😉
and what time you all prefer for posting this here. before ib telecast or after telecast.
this update credit completely goes to fati, the popular author here,her writings are magic.she was the one who gave me idea to make soumya tell rudra that she has informed annika about this and i followed what she said and we also got a rummya momentt.
short update 🙁 sorry
once again tysm for all the love you people are showering on my ff. i love you all :*
pardon me for any spelling errors or grammitical mistakes coz i didnt proof read it.

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