Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa Part 4


Annika after listening to her calmed her down and said
“Soumya I can’t force you into this marriage. Whatever I said was my idealogy about marriage maybe you have your own.Take time and think.But now today you must sleep now”
Annika left her room.Soumya lied on her bed and she went to sleep.She was feeling a much relieved today.
There in O’s room Rudy and O were discussing the same thing.O was pushing him to convice about his marriage but he was lost.He then shifted topic from Soumya’s marriage to Rudra’s marriage.Rudra was listening to him quietly which was not expected by Omkara.He thought Rudra would argue but he didn’t.O then said
“Tuney aaj Annika ko dekha tha”
Haan q Rudy replied
“Wo kis tarhan shivaay me kho gyi thi.She was lost”
Haan bhaiya Rudra said smiling
“Shaadi aisi hi honi chahyie,ek dosry ko dekh kr usi me kho jaye.Do loag husband wife k ilawa bestfriends hony chahye”
Rudra was listening to him and was getting flashbacks that how he is lost every time when he sees Sumo.
O knew something is going in Rudy’s mind bt he ain’t discussing that.He then saw Annika standing on door.She signaled him that she wants to talk.O left the room and both of tjem went to Omkara’s art room and there she informed him about everything Soumya told her.After istening to her O said
“Annika jo bh ho shaadi jaisy bhi hui thi pr wo dono ab iss rishtey ko agy barhana chahty hain.Rudra hamesha chirr jata tha agr hm uski shaadi ki baat krty mgr aaj na srif wo meri baatien sun rha tha blky un per positive response bhi de rha tha.I never knew my brother will change this way”
Both of them now were more determined to stop Sumo Reyaan marriage.

The next morning
Sumo did not wake early. She slept till late.She was having a peaceful sleep after many days.
Day after tomorrow was Soumya’s engagement.Whole oberoi mansion (OM) was getting decorated and everyone was busy in the preparations.
Finally the engagement day arrive and Reyaan with family came in OM.Rudra was upset with the fact that Reyaan will be engaged to Soumya.Soumya too was quiet, the happiest were O and Annika, they were upto something. After some occasional talk Reyaan mother asked them to call Soumya but before anyone would say Annnika dived and said
“Aunty q na hum is engagement to excited banaye”
Everyone was confused except O he was smiling.Shivaay noticed this but he was clueless ri8 now
RM;Kia matlab beta.
A: Aunty dekhien hm Sumo ko layengy, Reyaan usy ring pehnaye ga wo Reyaan ko pehnayegi sb clap kriengy or hogyi engagement.Lets change it. Hum soumya ko yaha nh layengy.
RM: Kia kehrhi ho tum ye beta.Why you will not bring her
A: Arey aunty don’t take tension.Look give me this ring (Annika takes the ring from her) Ab ye ring Somya ko Jhanvi aunty pehnayengi or Reyaan ko hum loag.
Dadi:- Par why Jhanvi
Annika:- Dadi why not.She is the eldest bahu aur happily married tou it will be good Shagun.Mujeh bh tou MOM (pinky) ne pehnayi thin a
Dadi:- Han pr pinky tou…
Annika cut her and said Dadi pleaseee.
Dadi agreed.Everyone was confused on this weird request or demand of Annika. But no one said anything because dadi agreed to this.Annika then winked O.O smiled and gave her a thumbs up. SSO can now understand that these two are definitely upto something but what he had no idea about this yet.
Annika then take Jhaanvi to Sumo’s room.Sumo said “ I am ready chalain”
A: kahin Janay ki zaroorat nhi
Sumo gave her a questioning look
A: Arey tmhe ring jhanvi aunty pehnayengi. Q ye mat pouchna bss
Jhanvi then slipped the ring through Sumo’s finger and said “Khush rho hamesha.Tmhe dunya ki tamam khushiyan milain”
They both hugged. O was standing outside and was happy to see this all. In the hall Shakti uncle made Reyaan wear the ring because Tej uncle wasnot present.
Annika and Omkara did not allowed Reyaan to meet Sumo.They stopped him somehow.After the event they both were sitting together discussing and laughing
A: Chalo jo hm chhaty thy hogya
O: Haan. Dulhay ki maa ne hi apni bahu ki ring pehnai
A: Haaan jaisy MOM ne mujeh pehnai thi (She said while staring on her ring)
O saw SSO coming and they changed the topic. Shivaaye came and get seated there and
SSO: Ye jo tum dono kr rhy ho na iski waja khud btado to acha hai
O and Annika looked at each other shockingly
SSO: Pehly tm logo ne Reyaan ko ring ne pehnany di phr zidd ki Jhanvi aunty pehnayen jb k logically Reyaan ki mom ki pehnani chaye thi phr Reyhaan ko milne nh dia.
O and A didn’t thought that Shiaay would be noticing all this
There was silence then finally O said
“Hum jo bh kr rhy hain na boht jald pata chal jayega tujeh k kyun kr rhy hain.Buss abhi itna jaan le k hum do dilon ko mila rhy hain blky un milywe dilon kimadad kr rhy hain”
SSO: Yani nh btaogy.Theek ha mien khud pata krlunga
He said and walked towards him room.He wasnot angry but he was curious.A worriedly looked at O but he signed her to relax.
In the room Soumya got a phone call
Speaker : Sp , Soumya :S
Sp: Is this Mrs Rudra Singh Oberoi
Sumo was shocked who the hell he is who knows about their marriage
She hesistanly said yes
SP: Hum waa se baat kr rhy hain jaha ap dono ki shaadi hui thi.Actually ap logo ka marriage certificate tayar hai wo le jayen akr please
S:Akar? Marriage certificate
Sp: Agr koi prob ha to me deliver krdeta hun
S: Nahi nahi hm khud ayengy leny
And hanged up.Soumya must inform Rudra about this.She msged Rudra asking him to come to her room.She told rudra about this,he was reluctant at first but then he agreed.They planned to leave at sharp 7 am.

I am sorry you all asked for early update but due to my hand injury I wasnot able to type. This part is boring right?I am sorry but the story has to progress this way.I want to ask you all one thing what should I do with Reyaan’s haracter
1.Should I made him antagonist OR he is just marrying soumya for some challenge
2.Make him accept that Rudra love Soumya and vice versa and end him positive.
Thankyou for sticking with me.I will In Sha Allah update the next early.

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