Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa (Part 3)


RM:-Haye kitni pyari hai meri bahu (how beautiful my D-I-L is)
Sumo smiled a bit
O:-Rudra soumya kitni pyari hai na (soumya is beautiful ri8) O said this to Rudy who was still lost in the beauty of his WIFE
R:-Haan O.Akhir biwi kiski hai (Yess O.After all who’s wife is she *pointing towards himself*)
O:-Abhi to kisi ki bhi nahi (Rightnow she is wife of no one)
R:-Nahi she is..She is my wife *Rudy said this still looking at his sumo*
O:-Whaattt *o gave him a shocking look*
Rudy just realized what he said
R:-Nahi wo mera mtlab hai k wo Reyhaan ki hony wali wife hai par she is my friend isilye khubsurat hai woe phir wo apki behen hai aur …
He was trying to coverup whatever he said
O:-Rudra what happened to you?Ye kia boly ja rha hai tu.It makes no sense
R:-Han wo ..choro kuch nhi.(leave it its nothing)
O went quiet but he realized that there is something more than what they thought.
Shivaay enters the mansion
SSO:-Sorry I got late was busy in a meeting.How are you Mr & Mrs Khanna & Reyhaan what you doing.
Reyaan & SSO shaked hands.
Annika was smiling and was lost in his handsome husband.Everyone saw this and smiled.Sumo called her out but she was lost<,Sumo then shaked her and Annika came to her senses.Eveeryone laughed including Shivaaye.Seeing all them laughing and realizing hwt just happened Annika smiled.
SSO:-Come lets go for dinner
Everyone walked towards the dinner table except Reyaan & Sumo
S:-Why didn’t you go.Go have food
Reyaan:-I will but there is something very much important than food
Reyaan:-You my Sumo
Soumya was shocked to her Sumo from Reyaan’s side.
Reyaan:-What happen don’t you like this nickname?
Sumo remained quiet.

On the other side Rudra said to O that Sumo and Reyaan are not here.I’ll go and bring them but O stopped him and asked him to give some privacy to the to-be couple.Rudra fumed hearing this and O smiled noticing his reaction.Somehow Rudy managed to leave the table and he directly went to the hall.Here he saw sumo standing quiet and her eyes were on the ground.She was nervously rubbing her fingers*the act she mostly do when she is nervous* & reyaan was smiling seeing her.He came forward and hold her hands.Sumo looked towards him with a surprise and Rudra fumed in anger & jealousy seeing him holding her hands.He said to himself
R:-How dare he touched my sumo .He was about to go the hall but stopped when Reyaan said
Reyaan:-You are so pretty & I am lucky to have you in my life.Our elders ust have decided wedding date till now.I cant believe you will soon become MRS.SOUMYA REYAAAN KHANNA.
Listening to this sumo took her hands back.Reyaan smiled and said that I know you feeling shy.No prob I wont tease you more.We will meet soon as fiancés.Take care Sumo & left the hall.Rudra was in dellima hearing all this.He came towards Sumo,held her near by clutching her from shoulders.
R:-Ye kia bol rha tha woe.Uski itni himmat k usne tmhe SUMO bulaya.Kisne diya usy ye haq.Tmhe SUMO srf mien bula sakta hun srf mien aur koi nahi.aur kia keh rha tha MRS.Soumya Reyaan tm Mrs.Soumya reyaan nhi MRS.SINGH OBEROI HO samjhii?
Anger and jealousy was visble from his tone.
Sumo was in disbelief.She looked towards him and then held her hand back and said
S:-I am going to marry him.He can call me whatever he like and want to.And yu said that we willnot discuss about our marriage then why you are terming me as your wife when I am going to get married to someone who loves me.I have no feelings for Reyaan right now but I can see what he feels for me,he is not like you Rudra.You are mean and selfish.You first made me meet Reyaan after our breakup and then you made us friends again but now when I am getting married to him its bothering you.Rudra I am already in very much pain I cant bear more.
Saying this she left the hall wiping her tears.Rudra was shocked and teary eyed.
Meanwhile there were two more people who were shocked hearing all this and it was the Bhabhi-devar duo, Annika & Omkara.They looked towards each other and they were awestruck. Together they said SOUMYA, MRS RUDRA SINGH OBEROI.They were too in disbelief and now everything seemed to appear clean and clear.
A:- O baitay ki ..Yaha tou bohat raita phaila hua hai.
O:-Rudra jo hamesha shaadi se bhagta tha , who never wanted to be in a commited relation like marriage,married Soumya?And he evn didn’t tell us!
A:-Wo sb choro, the surprising fact is that he want to keep his marriage.He value this relation.
O:-Hmm wo tou hai..But Annika maybe there is something else which is hidden to u.We know they got married but we still don’t know how
A:-Hmm..Chalo lets start working on MISSION RUMYA
A:-Arey jis tarhan OmRu, ShivKara, ShivOmRu or ShivIka *she said blushing*
O:-Om smiled and said usi tarhan RumYa.
Annika smiled and pointed her index finger towards her forehead doing the famous logic sign..
O & A then gave a highfive.

Later that night when soumya was about to sleep,someone knocked the door asking if she can come in.It was Annika.Soumya said yes and Annika then asked
A:-How was your today?Your marriage date is after 1 month!Nervous ya Excited
S:-The day was ok and nervous
It can be clearly observed that she wasn’t happy at all.Annika then asked her if she can ask her something,Soumya said go ahead didi.Annika asked do you love Reyaan?.Soumya went silent.Annika then said
“Soumya shaadi ek boht khubsurat rishta hai.Its a beautiful relation. It’s not a relation between two people it’s a relation of two families and two hearts. It’s not necessary that the girl & boy love each other before marriage, the imp thing is if they get married the must value their relation. They must respect each other, trust each other, and share their problems. They must be best friends. Their bond should be unbreakable. And if we are married to someone we must at least give one chance to them and to the relation. Shaadi torna, divorce ye sab…Shaadi islye nh hoti k tori jaye (break).And honestly I did not find you happy and excited jitna ek larki hoti apni shadi k lye and you are getting married to one you like then why you aren’t happy Sumo”
Soumya was listening to her silently and she was having flashbacks of her marriage with Rudra. Annika noticed her all lost. She shaked her but to her surprise Soumya cried hugging her.Annika wasnot expecting this reaction.Annika was consoling her but she didn’t stop crying.It seemed like she was controlling her tears from a very long time.Soumya then finally confessed
“Didi I amnot happy not at all.I cant marry Reyaan.”
Annika asked “Why Soumya”
Soumya “I don’t love him didi.And moreover I am married”
Annika was shocked coz she thought maybe Soumya don’t value her martiage but when she did she was surprised.
They break the hug.Annika brought water for her.She took a sip or two and Annika asked to whom she married and when.
Soumya told her everything that how she and rudra was trying to escape from Rumi and how the got married. She told her everything..

THANKYOU SO MUCH for the amazing response.I hope you enjoyed the part 3 and it was lengthier than the previous two.The next part might get late coz I have a very busy schedule.But I will try my best to post asap.Keep spreading love and keep cmmeting.I lavee reading them <3

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