Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani – Rumya FF Episode 3


Saumya was into shocked to see Kalyani dadi and entire Oberoi’s family at the same shopping mall. She feels happy and sad at the same time because she able to see them but cannot talk to them. She really missing them so much especially Rudra even though she gone through so much because of him. After she see them, she quickly wants to leave the place because she doesn’t want to meet them face-to-face. When she about to leave the shop, someone calling her from the back. She stand in shocked and freeze when she recognize the voice that calling her name. The teardrop start to roll by her cheeks.
She opens the glass door about to leave the shop but she realized someone touch her shoulder. She turns slowly towards the person at the back. She cries after seeing Kalyani dadi and Anika together standing at her back;
Kalyani dadi: How are you Saumya puttar?
Saumya: Dadi (there is silent tears from her cheeks)
Saumya ran towards Kalyani dadi and hugs her. They sharing an emotional moments and Anika is watching this emotional scenes with tearful eyes. Saumya turn to Anika side and both of them hugs each other and greeting each other.
Anika: Saumya, How are you?
Saumya: I’m fine, Bhabhi. How are you and Shivaye bhaiyaa?
Anika: We are fine.
Anika happy to see Saumya here and she didn’t expect that she will see her here. Anika was searching for Saumya for long time after the incident happened. She realized that she made a mistake by hurting Saumya with her words but she couldn’t find her anywhere. She never imagine that she will able to see Saumya here. She realized that there is some hidden truth in Saumya’s silences on the day she went out of Oberoi’s mansion. When Anika about to ask Saumya regarding of the issues that happen two years ago, someone calling Anika’s name from behind. She turn and look, its Shivaye is the one who walking towards Anika.

*********** TO BE CONTINUE **********

Precap: Will Shivaye see Saumya? Will Anika find out the truth from Saumya?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    surprisingly Dadi and anika were very sweet to anika. what happened due to which anika regrets hurting soumya?

    1. Sukaen

      Hi Jasminerahul,
      About that I will reveal later.
      Hope u like the story line.


    very nice update

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you.

  3. UF3355

    Dear sukaen
    It’s very interesting episode😘😘😘👏👏👏
    Take care and stay safe 😊

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you.

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Fabulous chapter… Annika feeling bad for Soumya… Eager to know what really happened…

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you.

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you

  6. ItsmePrabha

    nice to see anudi and dadi behaving nicely with somu..will be eagerly waiting for the next..

    1. Sukaen

      Thank you.

  7. Hi Sukaen,
    super duper episoid. lovly to c dadi n anika showing lve towards somu. v. interesting waiting to c shivaye reaction after cing somu. much excited…. super ff plz continue….
    sry dear tht in last comment i wanted to ask tht weather rudra is married in this 2yrs that is it. wen rudra n somu meet face to face waiting for it…tc

    1. Sukaen

      Hi Jeevi,
      Rudra is not married yet. The marriage with Bhavya is cancelled.

  8. Sukaen

    Thanks to all for liking and comments. Please do support more for upcoming episodes.

  9. Aashi26

    exciting plot hope to read more soon I will be waiting

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