Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani – Rumya FF Episode 7

I’M sorry guys for uploading this episode too late. i’m become busy with work. i just only able to finish this episode now. even i didn’t start my next episode also. i will try to upload the next as soon as possible but i am not sure when. i really hope all the readers who support me will keep supporting me. i hope you all can enjoy my this episode and for the first time, the episode reach more than 1500 words. i really hope you all will enjoy. thank you.. muaxMUAX MUAX ???

Anika is thinking the way to find Saumya because she knows that Saumya will try to hide from her. Suddenly, she reminds about Reyaan and she knows that Reyaan is son of Oberoi’s partner even though she knows that they not having a good relationship after Prinku’s matter. Anika thinks that she must find a way to get Reyaan’s number. Suddenly, she got the idea for seeking help from her Shakti papa.

Anika: Papaji, do you want coffee or tea? Ha, I will make you a garam garam chai for you.

Shakti: its okey Anika putthar, just only Pinky make tea for me and I have it. Thank you for asking it.

Anika: papa, do you need anything else? Just ask me and I can do it for you now. (Eagerly and desperate voice)

Shakti: (He realise that Anika needs help from him) Anika, do you need any favour from me?

Anika: (feeling relieved and shy because her father-in-law asking her before she could say anything) Ha papa. I need help from you? Actually, I need Mr.Chabra’s second son number? Can u get his number for me, please?

Shakti: Mr. Chabra second son? Oh, Is it Saumya’s friend who always come to our house last time right?

Anika: Ha papa… I need his number. Can you help me to get it? I have some important things to settle it. Papaji, please help……

Shakti think twice about the help that ask by Anika. He knows that their relationship is not good after Prinku’s engagement stopped but it was long ago. Even though, they didn’t contact each other after that issue but Shakti knows that Mr. Chabra’s and his family will forgive them. 

Shakti: Okey putthar, I will give to you when I gets the number.

Anika: (happily) Thank you so much papaji…

Shakti: Anything for you putthar…

The next day morning in Oberoi’s Guest House,

Rudra is hiding inside the room since yesterday after coming back from the shopping mall. Everyone at home confuse and curios at Rudra’s behaviour expect dadi. Dadi found out from Anika that Rudra have seen Saumya yesterday in the shopping mall and he is confuse with his feelings.

Anika told dadi about her conversation with Rudra.

Dadi: Anika putthar, did u found Saumya putthar again when you go and search her?

Anika: Dadi, (silences for a while)(disappointed voice) hmm…. no dadi.. I couldn’t find her. She disappear like that only. I try to search her but I failed. I’m sorry dadi.

Dadi: It’s okey putthar. I have hope that we will able to find Saumya putthar again. My guts saying that this holiday will bring happiness in our life especially for Rudra’s life. (dadi tries to pacified Anika who feel disappoint in failing to find Saumya)

Anika: I hope so dadi. Dadi, I wants to tell you something.

Dadi: Ha putthar. Bolo…

Anika; Dadi, Rudra saw Saumya yesterday in shopping mall. I get to know this when I’m talking with him.

Dadi: (shocked and curious) ha, what he said? Did he angry when seeing Saumya putthar?

Anika: (smile) No dadi.. As per I know, Rudra still love Saumya and (heavily breath) he still confuse with his feeling like last time.

Dadi: We need to do something. First, we have to find Saumya putthar and bring her back home.

Anika: I agree with you dadi but I’m scared when thinking of Shivaay and other family members.

Dadi: Don’t worry putthar, I know what to do with them. I will handle them. We will bring Saumya at any cost back to her home.

Anika: (smile) we will dadi.

Both of the hug each other.

At evening,

At living area, Kalyani dadi and Anika having tea, Shakti come back from outside and searching for Anika.

Shakti: Anika putthar, I was looking for you just now.

Anika: Yes papa, Is there any important?

Shakti: I was looking for you to give this.

He show a piece of paper to Anika. Anika take the paper from Shakti’s hand.

Anika: What this papa? (She opens the paper and see, after seeing it she had a broad smile.

Anika: Thank you papa. I didn’t aspect I will get this so fast.

Shakti: Anything for you putthar. Ha, better I go now. Pinky was looking for me.

Shakti left the place after giving the paper to Anika.

Dadi: (curious) Putthar, what in that paper which make you so happy.

Anika: (happily) Dadi, we get ways to find Saumya and bring back to our house.

Dadi: (confuse) what that putthar?

Anika: Dadi, its Reyaan’s number. Saumya’s friend. I am sure that he will know about Saumya. If we ask him, surely we will get to know where Saumya is staying.

Dadi: Its really good things to hear. You called him and say that we wants to meet him.

Anika: Sure dadi. I will call him now. (Anika leave the place to make the call.)

Anika called Reyaan and ask him to meet her at restaurant. She tell dadi that they going to meet him at restaurant tomorrow.

The next day.

Anika and Kalyani dadi waiting for Reyaan at the restaurant. After waiting for 1 hour, Reyaan came to the restaurant to meet both of them.

Reyaan: Sorry, I’m late. (While sit in the chair in front of dadi and Anika)

Anika: Its okey Reyaan.

Reyaan: May I know the purpose of you calling me to meet you?

Anika: Actually, It’s about Saumya. I know that you and Saumya are friends, so I want to know where Saumya is staying now?

Reyaan: Sorry Anikaji, I won’t able to tell you where is Saumya staying. I promised to her that I won’t tell anything about her to you all. She knows that you will find me to know about her.

Anika: Please Reyaan, I really need to find Saumya and even I need to bring her back to our family. After all, she is part of our family.

Reyaan: (smirked) hmm… sorry if I being rude, is it just now only you all realize that she is part of your family? You all didn’t realize when you chase her out from Oberoi Mansion. (In disgusted look)

Dadi: Beta, I understand that you angry for what we have done to her. We also not able to control the situation and we also confuse how Saumya is involved. Everything was over and out of our hand before we can think clearly.

Reyaan: I’m sorry dadi, I never meant to hurt you but Saumya already suffered all this years. I was beside her and seeing all her suffering but I couldn’t do anything. I don’t want her to get hurt anymore.

Dadi: I understand beta, I’m here to fix everything that happen. I will promise you one thing that your friend will be happy after this.

Reyaan: How sure you are, dadi? Rudra hate Saumya so much and all other Oberoi family members also hate Saumya. Even Omkaraji that she thought as her own bhaiyaa also never understood her and hate her so much.

Anika: I agreed Reyaan but we want you to know that actually Rudra still love Saumya even though he shows his hatred outside.

Reyaan: What!!!(Confuse) Rudra still love Saumya? But he already in love with Bhavya and he married bhavya, then how come you still saying he is still in love with Saumya.

Anika: No Reyaan, Rudra called off his wedding after that incident. That why we eagerly wants to bring Saumya back.

Reyaan: (shock) what!! Rudra called off the wedding. Then why you took too much of time to find Saumya. Why you didn’t come when you know about this Anikaji?

Anika: No Reyaan, we also don’t know that Rudra still love Saumya until yesterday when he saw Saumya and you together in the shopping mall. I only get to know about this when he share about his feeling to me.

Reyaan: (doubtful) so, is that means Rudra still hiding his feeling and other Oberoi’s are still angry with Saumya?

Anika: Hmm… apparently, that is the situation in this time being. But trust me. I and dadi will do everything to make clear this misunderstanding and I promise that Saumya will be happy.

Reyaan is thinking whether can believed the promises that given by dadi and Anika. He scared of Saumya’s reaction. He is thinking whether can trust Anika and give information about Saumya or not. On the other side, Anika and Kalyani dadi hoping Reyaan will give details about Saumya. It’s really important to bring back Saumya to the Oberoi Mansion and Rudra life.

Precap: Will Reyaan give information about Saumya? Will Kalyani dadi and Anika able to convinced Saumya. What will be Oberoi’s reaction if they get to know Anika and dadi’s plan? 

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