The Royals Introduction + Character Sketch (Episode 1)


The Royals:
Introduction + Character Sketch + Episode 1:
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima, back with another FF…
This time my Sister Hasina and cousin Halina are going to help me…
But we’re not going to make another account because I’m going to upload it on mine…?

I hope you enjoy this FF…

This story is about four boys… They are extremely mega rich…
They are in They earn their own money along with their parents money… They are the richest in their college and are known as the princes… Royal Princes.

There is:
– Prince Sanskaar Balachandran (Swaragini)
– Prince Laksh Roy (Swaragini)
– Prince Kunj Sarna Lee (Tashan-e-Ishq)
– Prince Bihaan D’souza (Thapki Pyaar Ki)

Now time to meet our Princes:

– Prince Sanskaar – also known as Sanky. He is the richest and topper in his college… But at his own profession… He’s an artist and liked art… He isn’t a real prince but is named as a prince due to the richness and royalty… He is studying in the most high and richest college in Australia… He is a full South Indian… His parents are from Chennai and he speaks Tamil and English.

– Prince Laksh – Known as Lucky… He believes his precense is lucky for everyone… Isn’t a real prince but is known as a prince due to his royalty… He likes perfection and has too much pride… He earns his money… He is businessman by profession… He is Bengali and is in one of the world’s highest and expensive but good college in Australia.

– Prince Bihaan – Is fun… He doesn’t care or have too much pride… He is stylish… Player and loves everybody… He gets all the girls… He is half Japanese as his mother is and his Father is a Christian… He is known as the Prince because of the royalty… He is an musician by Profession… He is also in the same college that is high standered in Australia.

– Prince Kunj – He is known as the Prince… He is called a Robot as He doesn’t show emotions much… He is quiet and wants perfection… His Mum is white, his Dad is Chinese, his Granddad is Chinese and Grandma is Panjabi… He speaks 7 different Languages… He specialises in Maths, Science and astronomy.

Female Characters:

– Swara – She is quiet and shy and minds her her own business. She is the heiress of the banking businesses… She is Bengali.

– Ragini – She is a scholarship student and has got admitted in the richest and the most expensive college… She is Marwari.

– Thapki/Vani – She is Kunj’s sister, she has a crush on Bihaan… She is a little different… She is a mix of Chinese, White and Panjabi.

– Twinkle – A new student in college… She doesn’t behave like she’s rich and loves everybody… She is nice, caring and bubbly… She is Panjabi.

All these Princes are known as the hottest Princes… They are friends and are the richest, Smartest and talented students… The whole college dies on their fashion and looks…

We will see how they change after these ladies enter in their lives…

Episode 1:
A big college is shown in Australia, it’s revealed to be the most richest and classic college. The name of the school is shown on the board and it’s called Melbourne international college aka MIC.

Inside the college a class room is shown, students are sitting down and concentrating on what the teacher is saying..

“Class, before starting this class, I would like to introduce you to our new classmate and student, Ragini Gadodia.” The teacher says.

Ragini is shown in long black ankle length skirt with yellow blouse and red jacket/jumper. She has her hair open and smiles at everyone. She sits down and the teacher starts teaching.

“Indian?” The girl next to her says.

Ragini nods yes.

“Hi, I’m Ash.” The girl says and forwards her hand.

“Ragini.” Ragini says and shakes it.

“So class, to study art, you should be passionate.” The teacher tells.

Yes, Ragini is studying art and is in the art class. Just then a boy enters all look on and some girls smile.

“OMG, Prince Sanskaar.” Ash says and falls in Ragini.

The guy is revealed to be Sanskaar, he is shown wearing suit and a tie.

(Note, all of them have a school uniform, the girls have skirts and shirts while the boys are in suit which make them look professional.)

Ragini looks on and says “Why are everyone going crazy as soon as he came?”

“Your new, so you don’t know. Sanky is known as the most hottest guy in the college along with his friends, well other princes.” Ash explains.

“Why are you late?” The teacher asks.

Sanskaar ignores everyone and takes his seat, the teacher then continues teaching about art as the teacher is an artist. Sanskaar is listening to her words carefully.

Scene then shifts to a music studio, a guy is shown playing guitar and singing while the girls are peeking and looking inside from the window.

Guy: Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….
Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain

“OMG, he’s so hot.” The girls say and look inside.

Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again
Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again

The guy stops and everyone clap, including the girls, the guy smiles.

“Impressive Bihaan, I must say, you never fail to impress anyone.” The teacher says.

The guy is revealed to be Bihaan and is shown smiling. He then looks at those girls and they are excited and scream in excitement.

“Bihaan!” We hear the girls shout.

“Mr Peterson, why are there girls there?” A boy asks.

“You’re new so you won’t get it.” The teacher says.

Just then a guy enters and fixes his hair.

“Bi.” The guy says.

Bihaan looks there and smiles, the girls see him and one of the girl faints.

“Lucky? I thought you weren’t going to come.” Bihaan says and walks there.

The guy is revealed to be Laksh, he finishes fixing his hair and fixes his collar.

“Don’t call me Lucky, it’s Laksh! LAKSH!” Laksh says in an annoyed

“Happy birthday Bihaan.” Laksh says.

“OMG, it’s Bi’s birthday!” The girls say to each other.

“Thank you.” Bihaan says and forwards his hand to shake it.

Laksh glances there.

“Have you sanitised your hands?” Laksh asks.

Bihaan gives the annoyed look, Kunj and Sanskaar walk in.

“Lesson finished?” Sanskaar asks.

“Finished.” Bihaan says.

“Happy Birthday.” Kunj says looking serious and forwards his hand.

“At least for today leave the seriousness and hygiene.” Bihaan says and looks at them three.

“Happy Birthday Bihaan.” Sanskaar says.

“Laksh never compromises with anything.” Laksh says with his head held high and then fixes his watch.

“Call me Bi, not Bihaan.” Bihaan complains.

Bihaan shakes his head in a disagreement and shakes Kunj’s hands. Sanskaar talks to Laksh.

The bell is heard and the 4 boys head out.

While walking down the corridors, the girls give flying kisses to Bihaan and the rest, Laksh ignores them and so does Sanskaar and Kunj. Just then Ragini bumps into Sanskaar’s chest as he was in the middle, all of them stop.

“Are you blind, watch where you’re going!” Sanskaar says and fixes his suit.

Ragini looks up amazed and says “Are serious?”

Sanskaar was about to say something when Laksh puts his hand on his shoulder.

“Leave her Sanskaar, this thing doesn’t matter, let’s not waste our precious time.” Laksh says.

And they leave from there while Ragini feels hurt.

“Thing? Is he serious?!” Ragini says feeling hurt.

“Well Anyways Ragini, concentrate on your work and not these losers.” Ragini says and leaves.

“They’re so rude…” A girl says from the crowd.

“They’re princes. You don’t know Twinkle, you joined yesterday.” Another girl says.

The girl is revealed to be Twinkle and she says “Princes my foot.”

Twinkle and her friend then leave.

Ragini is annoyed and is in the girls toilet, she fixes her hair and opens it from a pony tail and leaves it open.

“Don’t worry about them, they’re always like this.” A new voice is heard.

Ragini turns and sees a girl standing.

“I’m Swara, Swara Bose.” The girl innocently says and is revealed to be Swara.

“Ragini, Ragini Gadodoia… But you can call me Rags.” Ragini introduces and tells.

Ragini and Swara then start talking.

Then it shifts to the canteen, well a restaurant more like, it has circular tables with white cloth on it and have red velvet chairs around, the waiters are seen holding napkins on their arms, the 4 boys are seen walking down and take a seat on their table.

“Aah, I wish I could go Paris.” Bihaan tells.

Laksh and Sanskaar look at him.

“No actually, I want to go Switzerland.” Bihaan says.

“Actually, I want to…” Bihaan says but gets Interrupted.

“Make up your mind.” Kunj says and looks at him.

“I want to have lunch in Brazil.” Bihaan says and looks at Kunj.

“Okay, lets go to Brazil.” Laksh says in a serious tone.

“What? Are you serious?” Bihaan asks.

Laksh and Sanskaar nod yes. Kunj just looks at him.

“So that’s a yes? But I was joking.” Bihaan says.

“But we’re serious.” Sanskaar says.

“You three are always serious.” Bihaan says.

Then Laksh, Sanskaar and Kunj give Bihaan the serious look.

Episode ends on Bihaan’s face.

Precap: The 4 boys land in Brazil in Laksh’s private jet and have Lunch… Then go Paris to have dinner and go Switzerland for breakfast…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

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