The Royals (Episode 9)


The Royals:
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Episode 9:

The episode starts with Twinj composing themselves. Kunj feels that Tanya is getting jealous.

“Twinkle, do you want to go out?” Kunj says to make Tanya more jealous.

“Sure, it would be fun roaming around Kolkata.” Twinkle says.

Tanya looks on, she then leaves and Kunj looks on with a tiny smile.

“You smiled?” Twinkle shockingly asks.

Kunj looks at her and leaves, Twinkle smiles.

Scene shifts to SwaSan, Sanskaar gets irked as he walks past people.

“I don’t even know how to do all this?” Sanskaar worriedly says.

Just then he bumps into Swara, she sees him and looks on.

“Sanskaar?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar smiles seeing her.

“Finally, I met you.” Sanskaar says.

“Hmm, Tum Hindi bolte Ho??” Swara asks.

“Huh?” Sanskaar confusingly asks.

“So that’s a no?” Swara asks.

“Well I can understand but my speaking is weak, I speak Tamil cause I’m South Indian.” Sanskaar says.

“Oh… You’re South Indian?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“What happened?” Swara asks.

“What do you mean?” Sanskaar asks.

“Nothing, but you were wearing a suit yesterday and now t-shirt and jeans? Aren’t you rich?” Swara asks.

“Should I say yes or no?” Sanskaar thinks and then remembers Bebbes words.

“No, that was just a party I had to attend. I’m not rich.” Sanskaar lies.

Swara gives him the suspision looks.

Scene shift to the Menon Mansion.
Laksh walks in with a shocked expression, the servants the rush him to Mr Menons room, Laksh enters and sees Ragini next to Mr Menon while he’s lying on the bed.

“Ms Menon, he suffered from a mild heart attack.” The doctor says.

“Will he be okay?” Ragini worriedly asks.

“Yes, but do not give him too much stress and I wrote the medications and give it them once a day.” The Doctor says.

Ragini nods okay and the doctor leaves, Laksh walks forward.

“Wh…what happened?” Laksh asks.

“He suffered from heart attack, so I will be doing the business deal with you.” Ragini says in a serious tone.

“You?” Laksh coughs.

“Yes me, don’t underestimate me.” Ragini says and faces him boldly.

Both look at each other.

“Either agree or deal is cancelled.” Ragini says.

“You can’t do this.” Laksh warns.

“I can.” Ragini says.

Ragini then turns and asks him to leave, he gets angry and holds her arm and takes her out.

“All I want to say is that I’m… I’m… I… I’m…” Laksh is struggling to says.

Ragini looks at him co fusing my.

“I’m sorry.” Laksh says.

Ragini is surprised.

“I’m sorry Ragini.” Laksh finally utters with his head down.

“Is this because of the deal?” Ragini asks.

“No, I actually mean it.” Laksh lies while looking at her.

“Yeah sure, I know it’s because of this deal.” Ragini tells.

She walks forward and trips but lands in Laksh’s chest. Laksh feels different with her touch. He also let his anger flow out. Ragini composes herself.

“S…sorry” Ragini says and leaves.

Laksh looks on.

Thapki is shown walking towards Bihaan, he sees her and stops.

“Thapki, come with me.” Bihaan says.

Bihaan then takes Thapki upstairs on the terrace, Thapki sees the decoration and gets surprised.

“You decorated this?” Thapki asks sounding confused.

Bihaan nods yes.

“Thapki, I… I fell in love with you when I first saw you, but I never told you and always used to tease you but now I felt it, I feel that I can’t live without you. You stole my heart, my peace and my breathing.” Bihaan says with his head down.

Thapki is shocked but happy, Bihaan then hands her a dress in a packet.

“If your answer is yes then do come wearing this.” Bihaan says and takes her out.

Thapki looks at the dress and looks on.

Swara and Sanskaar are talking, Sanskaar seems to enjoy the talking but is very concerned and disturbed by Kolkata and its people and weather.

They stop at a coffee shop, Sanskaar unwillingly sat down. Swara ordered a coffee for her with whipped cream while Sanskaar ordered a cappuccino.

Scene shifts to Laksh, he is shocked and doesn’t want to work with Ragini but unwillingly says yes. He then starts discussing about the project with Ragini. Ragini nods okay and explains stuff to him. He rolls his eyes while Ragini explains. But he also gets surprised seeing the way she presents stuff. Ragini looks at him and finds him staring at her.

“Mr Roy, is there any problem?” Ragini asks.

Laksh looks at the presentation on the Laptop and says “You made a mistake.”

“What mistake?” Ragini asks.

“The amount of money, we will need 5 crore.” Laksh said professionally.

Ragini checks the file and the slide, she then sighs and changes the amount of money from 10 Crore to 5.

“Thank you.” Ragini says in a harsh tone.

“She’s showing me attitude? Laksh Roy?!” He thinks.

Twinkle is ready in a red and white Anarkali suit Bebbe gave, she smiles and compliments herself.

“Arey Wah Twinkle, you look amazing.” Twinkle says but realises and her smile disappears.

“Kya kar rahi hai Tu Twinkle? It’s meant to be Tanya Di and Kunj.” Twinkle says with a sad expression.

Just then Tanya walks in and looks at Twinkle.

“Twinkle? Are you going somewhere?” Tanya asks.

“Nahi Di, you’re going.” Twinkle says.

Tanya looks on.

“Di, actually, my stomach is hurting, so I won’t be able to.” Twinkle makes up a lie and sits down while holding her stomach.

Kunj comes inside while fixing his watch.

“Twinkle, are you ready?” Kunj asks but doesn’t look up.

He finishes fixing his watch and looks up, he sees Tanya and then looks at Twinkle.

“Sorry Kunj, I won’t be able to make it, I have an upset stomach.” Twinkle lies.

Kunj looks at her, she pretends to be in pain.

“Take… Di… With you.” Twinkle adds and makes a face.

Kunj looks at Tanya, Tanya looks down.

“No, I can’t leave you alone Twinkle” Kunj says while looking at Twinkle.

Twinkle and Tanya look on. Kunj then walks up to Twinkle and sits besides her, Tanya fumes and stomps out.

“Are you lying or do you actually have an upset stomach?” Kunj asks.

“Um… I do.” Twinkle lies.

Kunj then looks at her while she avoids eye contact, Kunj understands that she’s lying.

“Okay, in that case you should be in bed only.” Kunj says.

Twinkle looks on.

“No, I feel a bit better.” Twinkle smiles and lies.

Kunj doesn’t listen to her and tucks her in bed.

“Don’t worry Siyaapa Queen, I’ll take care of you.” Kunj says and turns with a little smirk.

Twinkle makes the worried face and looks on.

Bihaan is shown waiting at the terrace, Thapki still hadn’t come. Just then Bihaan hears foot prints and turns, he gets surprised to see Thapki in the dress he gave. She is nervously looking down. A smile appears on Bihaans face. He walks up to her.

“So you came? And shall I take that as a Yes?” Bihaan asks.

Thapki then looks at him and a smile appears on her face, she nods yes and places her hand in his hand. They share a dance on a song as Bihaan clicks his fingers.

Mera Mann starts playing… (From Laal Ishq)

Sanskaar and Swara are shown playing cricket at the field after that had coffee. They are enjoying and for the first time Sanskaar had laughed. Swara then smiled.

“Cheaters!” Swara alleges.

Sanskaar nods no. Swara then walks up to him.

“We don’t cheat, we play with honesty.” Sanskaar says.

“Achcha?” Swara asks.

“Yes, we do, us Royals do everything with honesty and dedication.” Sanskaar tells with pride but realises what he had said.

“Royal? Is that your club name?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar lies as he nods yes.

“Hmm, they must be cheaters too.” Swara teases.

The children run away to play another game, SwaSan are looking at each other.

“We are not cheaters.” Sanskaar says.

“Cheater cheater cheater cheatersss!” Swara teases.

Sanskaar drops the bat and looks at Swara, he then goes closes while Swara moves back.

“I’m a cheater?” Sanskaar questions

Swara struggles to say something as Sanskaar grabs Swara buy the waist. Both share an eye lock. And pulls her closer.

Kunj wouldn’t even let Twinkle out of the bed and is sitting besides her while she’s lying down. He is on his phone.

“Kunj, I need a toilet.” Twinkle lies.

“Hmm.” Kunj says but is lost in his phone.

Twinkle looks on and snatches his phone, he immediately looks at her as she hides it besides her and under the blanket.

“Why’d you take my phone?” Kunj asks.

“You’re not listening to me.” Twinkle says.

“Give me my phone back.” Kunj says.

She nods no, he then tries to get it but she changes sides and doesn’t agree to give it. Twinkle hides inside the blanket and slides the phone under her pillow. He pulls the blanket off her face and demands for his phone. She nods no and changes sides. He takes his shoes off and searches under the blanket. She then turns and gets surprised to see Kunj on top of her and is searching for his phone. She then sees half of the blanket on his shoulder and pulls it up.

Now it’s covering both Twinkle and Kunj, Kunj then looks at her and she laughs, he sighs and puts his hand on either sides to hold himself up.

“Where’s my phone?!” Kunj sighs

“I don’t know.” Twinkle says.

Kunj asks again and Twinkle says she doesn’t know. Tanya then walks in and looks on. Kunj thinks of something.

“You won’t give it?” Kunj whispers, close to her ears.

“No.” Twinkle whispers back.

Kunj then starts tickling Twinkle.

“Aaah! Stop!” Twinkle shouts and sighs.

“It hurts…” Twinkle says and breathes heavy.

Twinkle then pecks his cheeks to stop him and he does stop, twinkle then starts tickling Kunj.

“What the hell?! Stop!” Kunj says as she tickles.

He couldn’t hold up and falls down and on top of Twinkle. They have no gap in between them and their foreheads are touching and noses, their lips are close enough to meet and will meet if one of them talks. Twinkle has her eyes closed.

The presentation is made, Ragini and Laksh stand up, Ragini was about to leave when Laksh grabs her hand, Ragini turns and looks at him. Laksh then leaves her hand

“When are we submitting it?” Laksh asks.

“Today.” Ragini says.

Laksh nods okay and Ragini leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap: 1 WEEK later…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

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