The Royals (Episode 8)


The Royals:
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Episode 8:

The episode starts with Sanskaar, Laksh, Bihaan and Kunj thinking.

“I need to meet Swara and talk to her.” Sanskaar says.

“I need that business deal, she going to tell Mr Menon and my deal will be cancelled.” Laksh says while making an upsetting face.

“Just talk to her and then see what happened.” Bihaan says.

“I’m not talking to Nagini.” Laksh says.

“I’m going.” Sanskaar says and leaves.

Bihaan, Kunj and Laksh look on.

“I’m going to the meeting.” Laksh sadly says and leaves.

Kunj and Bihaan look at each other and shake their heads.

Sanskaar reaches out and sees Swara playing cricket with the children.

“Yay, you’re out!” Swara shouts.

“No! That’s cheating.” A girlshouts.

“Out… Out…” The boys and Swara shout.

Sanskaar walks there.

“Didi, you chose the boys team over us?” Another girl says.

“Well you’re out.” Swara says and sticks her tongue out.

Sanskaar looks on at her changed behaviour.

“They have a member remaining.” Sanskaar says and stands near them.

Swara looks at him.

“Who?” Swara asks.

“Me.” Sanskaar says and both glare at each other.

“When?” Swara asks.

“Just now, right girls?” Sanskaar says.

The girls shout yes.

“Fine, Ho jaye Ek match.” Swara says.

Sanskaar gets irked but ignores it, he takes his blazer off and gets ready. The girls hand him the bat.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, God knows what else I have to do to gain her back.” Sanskaar thinks.

Swara throws the cricket ball and Sanskaar hits a sixer… Swara is surprised while Sanskaar smirks. The girls cheer him on.

Then they continue playing until Sanskaar is out.

“Don’t forget that you’re playing with a champion, gold medalist…” Sanskaar says proudly.

“Haa, you must be gold medalist but my sister, she is better than you… She’s a famous hockey player in Kolkata and is a gold medalist in badminton… Trained in basketball yet a professional tennis player… Cricket is her favourite sport and it’s my favourite too.” Swara says boldly and proudly.

The boys clap at her speech while Sanskaar is impressed yet surprised at her changed behaviour.

“Well I guess we will win this game because this is the last round.” Sanskaar says and is sweating.

Laksh walks past pretending he doesn’t see Sanskaar and walks inside Menon Mansion.

“Why are you sweating? Scared?” Swara says.

The boys laugh.

“No, I’m not scared, it’s too hot.” Sanskaar says.

Swara throws the ball and Sanskaar hits it, it flies inside the Menon mansion and hits someone.

Sanskaar and Swara are shocked. The children run away and Swara runs with them. Sanskaar looks on. Sanskaar drops the bat and walks away looking awkward. The gardener comes out and looks around but doesn’t see anyone.

Laksh enters Menon mansion and looks around, he’s hoping not to find Ragini. Just then he meets a servant.

“Here for a meeting?” The servant asks.

Laksh nods yes.

“Okay, take the lift to the second floor.” The servant says and points at the lift.

Laksh looks on and nods okay.

Laksh walks there and gets inside the lift and presses the number two.

Another servant meets him there and takes him to Mr Menons room. Laksh looks around and sees a picture of Ragini, him and Swara.

“When was this taken?” Laksh thinks.

“Good evening Mr Roy.” A new voice is heard.

Laksh turns around and sees a man standing there.

“Mr Menon? I heard a lot about you.” Laksh says.

The man is revealed to be Mr Menon and smiles at Laksh.

“In fact, I heard a lot about you, from the news… Magazines and my Daughter.” Mr Menon says.

Laksh looks on and thinks “Nagini must’ve poisoned him against me.”

“She said you are honest, dedicted and hardworking young lad… She said you’re perfect for this deal as you’re very trustworthy… But she gave me one complaint…” Mr Menon says.

Laksh is surprised about what Ragini had said about him.

“She said that you don’t smile.” Mr Menon says.

“Well, I do when it’s the time to.” Laksh says.

Mr Menon smiles.

“But do forgive my daughter, she’s a little out of this world… She hasn’t been staying with me much, she’s been staying with her uncle Shekhar and her Naani, Parvati.” Mr Menon says.

Laksh then nods, after a while they start talking about business.

Sanskaar manages to hide but gets lost.

“Oh God, did I come to the wrong house?” Sanskaar sighs.

Just then he feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around, he sees Swara.

“What happened? Are you lost?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“Well this was my state two days ago but now I feel like I know Kolkata.” Swara says.

“Do you live here with your sister?” Sanskaar asks.

“Yes, I live here with Nani, Nanu, Mama, Mami and Ragini.” Swara says.

“What about your Father?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara pouts.

“Ragini and him are not in good terms… But I chose my sister, Ragini… But I still love Baba… He only called us there to take a photo with him. I had to force Ragini to come with me…” Swara says.

“What do you mean?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara starts walking and so doesn Sanskaar.

“Nani told me…” Swara says and starts telling.

20 Years Ago:
Parvati and DeenDayal had a son and a daughter, they moved in to Kolkata with their son Shekhar, who was 19 years old and Daughter, Saraswati, who was 16 years old.

Parvati is a full Marwari and hates Bengalis, he hatred changed into enmity as her daughter Saraswati fell in love with Shekhars Bengali friend, Sandeep. Parvati didn’t know he was Bengali. So she accepted him and on their marriage day, Parvati found out he’s a Bengali but it was too late, by the time she reached there, they were already married. Parvati cursed herself as she thought that because of her, her daughters marriage happened with a Bengali… But she found out that Shekhar and Saraswati knew that Sandeep was Bengali. Saraswati found out that she was pregnant but Sandeep had left for a meeting, that meeting changed their whole life, they were gone rich, Parvati still hasn’t accepted Sandeep as her son-in-law and brome ties with Saraswati. Shekhar fell in love with Sharmishta who was Sandeep’s sister, so Sharmishta and Shekahr eloped and married, Parvati could bear the fact and kicked Shekhar and Sharmishta out, then Sandeep brought the opposite house for Sharmishta and Shekhar.

Sandeep was quiet overprotective and would get angry easily. So whenever he would see Saraswati talking to other men, he would scold her, Parvati then decided to accept them slowly. A woman loved Sandeep, she poisoned his mind by saying that Saraswati was cheating on you and she isn’t pregnant with your children. Sandeep didn’t believe the woman but then got suspicious as he saw Saraswati with a man and she hugs him. The woman adds mor poisonous words in his mind and he confronts Saraswati. He calls her characterless and kicks her out of the house.

Saraswati cries and goes to the Badi, Parvati shouts at her and dad I warned you and her hatred grew even more than before. Parvati then accepted Saraswati, Sharmishta and Shekhar. Parvati doesn’t hate her daughter-in-law but hates other Bengalis and now somehow grew an enmity with them.

After Swara and Ragini were born, Saraswati died, Parvati, Shekhar and Shomi decided to take care of SwaRagini. Then Sharmishta’s sister wanted to adopt one of the babies, Parvati disagreed but then later agreed and let her take Swara.

Then 15 years later, Ragini was 15 years old, she didn’t know much about her real Father. But one day Sandeep got ill and needed a bone marrow to cure the disease, the Doctors asked him if her had some children, siblings or anything. He said he has a sister but she broke ties with him.

The Doctor then come to the Badi and explain to Sharmishta. Parvati doesn’t let this happen. She wished he had died but Sharmishta disobeyed Parvati and went to meet him and refused to help him, she tells him about his daughter and how he had left her, Shekhar managed to convince Parvati and Parvati enters the room when Sharmishta was about to leave and said that she can help him but after that he should not be seen anywhere near us. Sharmishta nods and helps Sandeep.

Sandeep cures after two months, Parvati made full tries to keep Sandeep away from Ragini but Sandeep eventually meets her and discloses that he’s his real father. Ragini didn’t believe him and confronted Parvati, Parvati then tells her the truth and Ragini is shocked, Sandeep did manage to take Ragini but didn’t give her much time or attention so Ragini sometimes stays with Parvati and sometimes in the mansion but most of the time she’s at the Badi. She also finds out that her surename has been officially changed to Menon but she kept Gadodia.

Ragini felt like money doesn’t buy happiness and doesn’t live much like a rich girl as her dad always wanted her to be but she felt oppressed and just did what she found happiness in. Her father, Sandeep did object but gave up as he couldn’t win against Parvatis words. Till now he still cares about business and doesn’t give much attention. Ragini dislikes her father for doubting on her mother and doesn’t talk to him much.

End of Flashback.

Sanskaar hears this and looks on.

“Ragini believes that you can obtain happiness from family and your loved ones, not money and fake life the rich people live… She wants to establish her identity with her own hard work, not by her name and her family background and somewhere in between, I also find that true… Money is nothing compared to a loving family and people… Money buys everything but doesn’t buy Family, Happiness and Love.” Swara says.

Sanskaar looks on and remembers all the stuff he said to Ragini.

“There’s nothing wrong in living a middle class life, in fat I would say you would get more happiness as a middle class person because I’m loving it… It’s an awesome feeling, do you know why?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods no.

“Because there’s happiness everywhere, not money. Even if you have money, you don’t have happiness and sometimes if you have happiness, you often don’t have money… Being rich is boring because I’m enjoying right now… You seem like a rich person… But sorry, I forgot to ask for your name.” Swara says and smiles at him.

He is thinking about Swaras words.

“Name??” Swara asks.

“Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says and looks at her.

“Hi Sanskaar, I’m Swara and have we met before?” Swara says and asks.

Sanskaar nods no and thinks “I want to start afresh…”

“Anyways, I guess we’re here…?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar looks around and sees the Roy Mansion.

He nods and says “Thank you.”

Swara smiles and leaves, Sanskaar also leaves, he then enter his room and starts thinking about his words to Ragini and what Swara told about Ragini and what Swara said to him.

Twinkle is walking past, she sees Kunj and blocks his direction, Tanya also comes there but stops and hides and secretly looks at them. Kunj sees her reflection and looks on. Twinkle was just teasing Kunj.

“You’re so cute… I mean the Paratha is getting some taste…” Twinkle says and thinks while looking at him.

“After all you’re adding random stuff into it.” Kunj says.

“Hey…” Twinkle says in a surprised tone.

“Sometimes you’re adding spice, sometimes salt, sometimes sugar, sometimes water…” Kunj says and sees if Tanya is still looking or not.

“Aah, how can you say it so boringly? Now you remind me of Daal, you know the Daal with plain water that’s always boiling and hot!” Twinkle says.

“So bland and tasteless… At least add Makhan, Mirchi, Namak and other seasons…” Twinkle adds and looks at him.

Kunj looks at her.

“I don’t like tasteless and bland things… At least awaken some emotion.” Twinkle says and smiles at him.

He shakes his head, Tanya is continuously looking.

“Please make the Daal tasty, I can’t wait.” Twinkle jokes and walks.

Kunj then grabs Twinkles hand. Twinkle is shocked and turns, Kunj pulls her closer. Twinkle looks on, Tanya is stunned.

“Daal is getting a little too hot…” Twinkle innocently says.

“And the Paratha is getting too much taste.” Kunj says.

Both share an eye lock, Tanya gets jealous. Twinkle innocently looks at him, she then pecks his cheeks and Kunj is dazed, she then moves back and walks away. Kunj stands there and sees her leaving. Tanya fumes.

Twinkle bites her lips and taps her head.

“Kya Kiya tune Twinkle?” Twinkle says to herself.

Bebbe and Thapki were watching, Bebbe then smiles and nods, Thapki also smiles. Kunj then leaves and Tanya storms off.

“Bebbe, this Pagal Twinkle wants Kunj and her sister, Tanya together.” Thapki says.

“That Chudail will never get back with Kunj, this Pagal and Kunj’s love story with cook. Paratha and curry will cook.” Bebbe says with a smile.

“Curry?” Thapki asks.

“Haa, if he’s the Paratha then she’s the nice, milky, creamy, spicy, aaha so tasty curry.” Bebbe says and dreams about curry.

Thapki then smiles at nods.

“I’ll also prefer Curry and Paratha, not Sarahua Korele with Paratha.” Thapki says.

“Korele? It’s Korela.” Bebbe says.

“But that Chudail has many shades Na? So she’s Korele.” Thapki says.

“Haa.” Bebbe says and nods yes.

“Sorry Twinkle but you’re a better match for Kunj.” Thapki thinks.

“Now I will cook everyone’s love stories, but I will start it with my Daal Chawal.” Bebbe thinks and looks at Thapki.

Bihaan walks past and he bumps into Tanya.

“Aah!” Bihaan screams.

Tanya gets confused.

“What the hell? Couldn’t you watch and walk? You scared me.” Bihaan says.

“I scared you? How?” Tanya asks.

Bihaan ignores her and leaves, Tanya looks on.

Tanya then sees Kunj going to Twinkles room and looks on. She reaches then but sees that the window and the door shuts and looks on shockingly.

“What must be happening inside?” Tanya worriedly thinks.

Bebbe sees Bihaan walking and Thapki thinking, so she leaves, Bihaan notices Thapki and walks up to her.

“Hey Thapki.” Bihaan says.

Thapki looks at him and finds Bebbe missing, she starts searching.

“I’m here.” Bihaan says.

“I’m looking for Bebbe, she was here a minuet ago.” Thapki says and looks at him.

“You look beautiful in this.” Bihaan says and looks at Thapki.

Thapki is wearing a purple Anarkali suit.

“Bebbe forced me too and Thank You.” Thapki says and leaves.

She blushes and Bihaan smiles while looking at her leave.

“Do you want my Daal?” Bebbe says and comes out.

“Haa Bebbe, I would love you have your Daal.” Bihaan says and understands what she meant.

Bebbe laughs and says “Khotiya.”
Bihaan smiles.

“So, you have to be a little nicer and always throw your compliments, no matter what.” Bebbe says.

“Like I did to you?” Bihaan asks jokingly and Bebbe slaps his shoulders jokingly too.

Tanya is thinking and is worried about what must be going on inside.

“Aaah!” Tanya hears Twinkle shriek.

Tanya looks on.

“Please Kunj, stop it!” Twinkle says.

Tanya thinks and is getting negative thoughts and worriedly nods no and puts her ears against the door.

Inside the room:
Twinkle is pushing a suitcase but hurts her hand. Kunj is standing and watching her push it.

“Wait, I can do it.” Twinkle says pushes it.

Only a little bit moves forward.

“Harder!” Kunj says.

“No.” Twinkle says.

“Softly.” Twinkle adds.

“Get up.” Kunj says.

“No, I can do it.” Twinkle says.

Outside the room:
Tanya is shocked and moves back.

“Is Twinkle and Kunj…? Ewwww no!” Tanya says to herself.

Sanskaar walks past and sees Tanya outside the room.

“Is there any problem?” Sanskaar asks harshly.

“No…. Um…” Tanya says.

“No! Kunj!!” Sanskaar and Tanya hear Twinkle shouts.

Sanskaar knocks on the door, Twinkle opens it.

“Is everything alright?” Sanskaar asks.

“No, Kunj is being rude.” Twinkle says.

Tanya peeks in and sees Kunj lifting a suitcase and realises.

“He wouldn’t let me pick it up.” Twinkle says and pouts.

Kunj comes out.

“It looks like a treasure chest… What’s inside? Gold?” Sanskaar asks.

“Help me.” Kunj says.

Sanskaar holds the other side.

“It’s heavy too.” Sanskaar says.

“Now we have to take it to Bebbes room.” Kunj says.

Sanskaar and Kunj then take it.

“Twinkle, are you okay?” Tanya asks.

“Haa Di, while moving the suitcase, I just hurt my hand and the Kunj pushed me and took it.” Twinkle says.

“Ohh.” Tanya says and understands fully.

“But it was heavy, it’s like Bebbe hid some golds in there.” Twinkle says and chuckles.

Menon Mansion:
The meeting finishes, Laksh and Sandeep shake hands.

“I’ll meet you soon.” Sandeep says.

“Looking forward to meet you.” Laksh says and walks out.

He then reaches the main hall and bumps into Ragini, RagLak are shocked to see each other.

“Tum?” Ragini says.

Laksh just looks at her, she ignores him and walks forward.

“Ragini…” Laksh says.

She stops but doesn’t turn around.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re Mr Menons daughter?” Laksh asks.

“I don’t find it acceptable to answer you, you may leave.” Ragini says.

“Ra…” Laksh says but stops as Ragini leaves.

Laksh storms out while Swara walks inside.

Roy Mansion:
Laksh heads straight to his rooms and locks the door, he throws the file on the bed.

“Oh God! Now I have to be nicer to Ragini! If she tells Mr Menon and decides to turn the tables then my company will fall into losses… And I I can’t afford to lose that.” Laksh says to himself and sits down.

He thinks how to be a little nicer to Ragini.

Sanskaar is thinking to win Swaras heart.

“But how?” Both SanLak say in Union.

Sanskaar wakes up, he then sits up and realised he’s in India. He then sees a note and picks it up and starts reading it.

“So… I will he busy with Thahaan (Thapki and Bihaan) but if you need help then I will help you, do contact me and I know what happened with you… You want your Swara Na? Well to gain something, you have to sacrifice something… Hope you understand.

– love, Bebbe.”

Sanskaar looks on.

“So Bebbe wants to help me patch up with Swara? And what does she mean to gain something I have to sacrifice…?” Sanskaar thinks and puts the letter away.

Sanskaar then sees a gift box and opens it, he sees a t-shirt with jeans. And sees a note.

Note – “You have to sacrifice your lavish rich life to gain your Swara, as far as I know, she likes living a middle class life… Now good luck Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar looks on and looks at the clothes.

“Oh my god… Do I have to wear these cheap jeans and t-shirt to win Swaras heart?” Sanskaar says and looks on.

After a while, Sanskaar stands in front of the mirror wearing jeans with black shirt. He makes a disgusted look.

“For Swara Sanskaar… You’re doing this for your Swara. You have to win her heart.” Sanskaar says to console himself.

After a while, Sanskaar comes down feeling uncomfortable.

“Good mornings.” Bihaan says and walks past.

Bihaan then stops and moves back and is stunned to see Sanskaar without the suit and tie.

“Sanskaar?” Bihaan confusingly asks.

“Yes.” Sanskaar says.

“What happened to you?” Bihaan asks.

“Ask Bebbe.” Sanskaar says and heads out.

Bihaan walks down and meets Thapki.

“Hey, how are you?” Bihaan asks.

“I’m fine.” Thapki says.

“I love that colour.” Bihaan says and looks at Thapki’s dress.

Thapki then leaves from there and Bihaan looks on.

Thapki is walking at thinking.

“Am I starting to feel for him? I always liked him but not in this way… What feeling is this?” Thapki asks herself.

“Pyaar.” Bebbes voice is heard.

Thapki turns around and sees Bebbe there with a smile.

“What do you mean Bebbe?” Thapki asks and walks there.

“I guess you’re in love… The only way to find that out… Is that close your eyes.” Bebbe says.

Thapki looks on.

“Close your eyes.” Bebbe tells.

Thapki nods and closes her eyes.

“So who do you see?” Bebbe asks.

Thapki sees Bihaan and his images with his scenes and him annoying her.


Bebbe pretends a gasp.

“You’re in love with Bihaan?” Bebbe says while acting shocked.

Thapki opens her eyes shockingly and looks on shocked.

Twinkle is walking past, Tanya then sees her coming and acts as if she’s crying. Twinkle hears Tanya and stops, she looks inside her room.

“Twinkles happiness matter more to me than my happiness… Kunj is Twinkles.” Tanya fake cries.

“Di is so upset, I wish I could tell her that it’s a plan to unite her and Kunj.” Twinkle thinks.

Twinkle walks past and Tanya looks on, she walks outside and peeks out only to see Twinkle on top of Kunj.

Kunj and Twinkle are sharing an eye-lock.

2 Minuets ago:
Twinkle walked away and was looking down and thinking while walking. She doesn’t see Kunj and bumps into him, she loses her balance and falls onto his chest making him lose his balance which resulted Twinkle on top of Kunj.

Tanya feels jealous by seeing that and fumes, she looks around and purposely pushes the vase and it falls and breaks.

Twinj’s eyelock breaks and they compose themselves.

Episode ends.

Precap: ?… Laksh gets shocked… Bihaan proposes to Thapki… Tanya makes plans…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Do comment to tell me how you found this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

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