The Royals (Episode 7)


The Royals:
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Episode 7:

The episode starts with Swara sitting down on the hospital bed and looking around at Ragini, Sanskaar and Laksh confusingly.

“Who are you all?” Swara asks.

“Swara, I’m Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says.

“Sanskaar? I really don’t remember you… Is… Is my name Swara?” Swara asks and touches her forehead.

RagLakSan are shocked.

Few Hours Earlier:
Ragini is in the car with Swara, the man reaches the hospital and Ragini rushed Swara inside. The nurses come and take her to the operation theatre and call the doctors. Ragini is worried while that man is sitting down worriedly.

The police come there and see Ragini and the man.

“What happened?” The police ask.

“Actually, it was an accident, Swara wasn’t looking where she was going and accidentally collided with his car.” Ragini says.

The police see the man and start talking to him.

Ragini picks Swaras phone and calls Sanskaar.

“Hello?!” Sanskaar says in a rude tone.

“Hello, Swara met with an accident and now is inside the ICU.” Ragini says.

Sanskaar is shocked and says “I’m coming.”

Ragini puts the phone down and sits down.

Twinkle come to her apartment and Tanya looks at her.

“Is he really your boyfriend?” Tanya asks

Twinkle nods yes.

“Oh, but excuse me.” Tanya says and leaves.

Twinkle follows and sees Tanya in her room and peeks in.

“Hello? Sheila? Guess what, my sister Twinkle is dating Kunj Lee.” Tanya says on a video call.

“Yes, I know but I regret dumping him now… Oh god, I was so stupid, I thought he didn’t have any money because they were nearly gone bankrupt but he… He turned out to be a multi millionaire and I really regret it…” Tanya says and lies down while holding her phone up above her.

“Well, you should’ve kept him but now enjoy his and your sisters wedding.” Tanya’s friend says.

“I guess Kunj is happy with Twinkle.” Tanya says.

Twinkle moves back and walks away.

“So Di dumped him and now regrets it? If I make Kunj and Di patch up then Kunj will be normal because he still loves Di.” Twinkle says.

Twinkle nods and takes her phone out.

“Actually, you know what, Kunj was once mine and will always be mine and Twinkle can’t snatch him away because he’s mine!” Tanya says and evilly smirks.

Kunj’s bedroom:
“So you’re ex and your girlfriend are sisters… Wow, but what if our ex wants to patch up with you again?” Bihaan asks and sits up.

“I will never patch up with that selfish and cunning woman… And me and Twinkle are not in a relationship, it just came out.” Kunj says and starts thinking.

“But you said it to make your ex jealous… So you still love her?” Bihaan asks.

“No! I don’t love Twinkle or that woman!” Kunj says and lies back.

“Then why are you trying to make your ex jealous? It’s bad to use twinkle because she truly loves you.” Bihaan says.

Kunj continues thinking.

“Are you sure Twinkle? I mean I don’t want to push my brother into the same hole again…” Thapki says while talking on the phone.

“Yes… Anyways my sister regrets it, she said she still loves him so if we patch them up then Kunj’s feelings will awaken and he will learn to love again.” Twinkle explains.

“Okay… But I’m doing this for Kunj but if your sister tries playing games with us again then this time I will not spare her.” Thapki warns.

“You’re not going to be alone, I’ll support you.” Twinkle says

“Okay Done.” Thapki says.

“Done.” Twinkle says.

Thapki disconnects the call and turns around, she sees Bihaan there and gets surprised and looks on. Bihaan gives her the suspicious looks and Thapki looks down.

Sanskaar and Laksh rush to the hospital. They ask the policeman about what happened and the policeman tells them.

“Punish him and make him go behind the bars!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“It wasn’t his fault.” Ragini says.

Laksh and Sanskaar turn and see Ragini.

“Wow, Fattu Roy and Akdu Balachandran stepped inside a middle class hospital?!” Ragini asks looking surprised and claps.

“This is all your fault, you must’ve planned to kill Swara!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“I would never think about harming Swara! You must’ve planned this by fake loving her!” Ragini says.

“I would never even think about that!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“She just wants attention.” Laksh says.

Laksh then remembers her words while she was drunk.

“She doesn’t have any money and status… So that’s why she’s doing all this, she clings onto us to gain attention! She’s jealous of our success!” Laksh says and gives Ragini the dirty look.

“You’re right.” Sanskaar says and glares at Ragini.

Ragini shakes her head in disgust and looks away, the doctor comes out and tells them that Swara is out of danger and that they can meet her after she’s been shifted to the ward.

After a while she has been shifted to the ward and is lying down.

Swara the slowly opens her eyes, she looks around and sees the nurse, doctor, Sanskaar, Ragini and Laksh and confusingly looks at them.

“Who are you all?” Swara asks.

“Swara, I’m Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says.

“Sanskaar? I really don’t remember you… Is… Is my name Swara?” Swara asks and touches her forehead.

RagLakSan are shocked.

“Swara, don’t you remember your name?” The doctor asks.

Swara nods no and makes a disturbed face.

“Oh, okay… But your name is Swara.” The doctor tells.

“Swara?” Swara asks confusingly.

All nod yes.

“I think she forgot her memory? Yes!! This is great.” Ragini thinks and gets happy from the inside.

“Swara lost her memory?” Sanskaar confusingly thinks.

“Take care, we will be back.” The doctor says.

Swara nods and RagLakSan go out.

“She has forgotten her memory, I guess during the accident, he brain was damaged and due to that, her memory has been lost but I guess that if you force her to remember anything then she could put pressure and that pressure would damage her mental disability.” The Doctor says.

RagLakSan get shocked and look on.

“This is great, now it will make it easier for me to gain my sister…” Ragini thinks and thanks god.

She goes inside while Sanskaar and Laksh follow on and the Doctor does too.

“Swara, thank god you’re fine… You made me cry…” Ragini says and sits besides her.

Swara confusingly looks at her.

“You didn’t recognise me?” Ragini asks.

Swara nods no.

“I’m Ragini, you’re sister.” Ragini says.

Laksh and Sanskaar are shocked.

“No you’re not.” Sanskaar says.

“Yes I am and who are you two again? Wait… You study in the same college as us… Well thank you for bringing Swara to the hospital… You can leave now.” Ragini says.

Sanskaar and Laksh look on.

“See how she changed her colours?” Laksh shockingly says.

“What else do you expect from girls… Well low class girl like her?!” Sanskaar insults.

“She’s doing this for money… She’s taking advantage of Swara to gain her purpose!” Laksh says.

“You’re such a selfish woman!” Sanskaar says.

“You’re disturbing me and my sister… Can you leave?!” Ragini says.

“How much money do you need?!” Laksh asks angrily.

Ragini stands up and faces him.

“Stop taking advantage of Swaras memory loss.” Sanskaar angrily says.

“You didn’t even love her, so what are you on about?! I’m not doing this for money!” Ragini says and moves back.

“For me… My family, my sister and my self respect matters more than money!” Ragini says and holds Swaras hand.

“For god sake, Swara isn’t a low class girls sister! She isn’t related to you!” Sanskaar says.

“What’s going on?” The doctor asks.

“And which self respect are you talking about?” Laksh asks.

Ragini looks at him.

“Swaras accident was purposely done by you because of your insecurity and jealously!” Laksh angrily tells.

Ragini looks on.

“Enough!” Swara says and touches her head.

“You can’t insult my sister like this… And who are you two?!” Swara says and asks.

Sanskaar and Laksh look on while Ragini looks at Swara.

“She’s not your sister.” Sanskaar says.

“I trust her more than you two…
I don’t know if she’s taking the advantage of my memory loss or not but I find her honest… And if she says she’s my sister then she is… You two seem like the people who are proud at their name, status, money and self?!” Swara angrily says.

“Swara, don’t stress yourself.”
Ragini says.

Laksh starts clapping.

“What else have you planned?” Laksh angrily asks.

Sanskaar looks at Swara while she’s giving him the disgusted looks.

“Enough and leave!” Swara angrily shouts.

“You haven’t done the right thing Ragini!” Sanskaar angrily says and looks at her.

“This is not done Nagini! Don’t think you won with your games!” Laksh angrily says.

Both Sanskaar and Laksh leave from their, Ragini then hugs Swara and Swaragini tune plays.

“I’m sorry Swara… I couldn’t protect you but now… I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” Ragini says and caresses Swaras hair.

Swara feels safe with Ragini and holds her hand.

“Even if I forgot my memory, my heart believes Ragini… If she said she’s my sister… She is… My heart is also telling me she’s telling the truth…” Swara thinks.

Swaragini tune plays.

“How dare that low class Nagani warn us?!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Calm down… That Nagini wants reasons to talk to us… I hope she hasn’t called the media there.” Laksh says while driving.

“Could you please drop me at the art exhibition?” Sanskaar asks.

“Why don’t you join me?” Laksh says.

“Actually, I have a meeting there and after that it’s college so I’ll meet you there.” Sanskaar says.

Laksh nods okay.

Bihaan gets ready in his uniform and looks smart, Kunj also comes out in his uniform looking smart.

“Ugh, why can’t we have another day off?” Bihaan complains.

Just then Thapki also comes out wearing her uniform.

“Shall we leave?” Kunj asks.

Bihaan nods okay, then the trio leave after taking Bebbe’s blessing.

“I’m walking and I’ll meet Twinkle on the way.” Thapki says and walks forward.

“I hope she doesn’t create a scene in college.” Kunj wishes.

“I wish I don’t see that witch… She’s annoying… I would probably murder her… Anyways I can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed Laksh and Sanskaar.” Bihaan says and looks at Kunj.

“You missed their scolding.” Kunj says and heads towards his car.

Bihaan starts thinking.

“Did I miss them or their scolding?” Bihaan says to himself.

Kunj presses the horn and Bihaan turns around, Bihaan then walks there and gets into his car.

Twinkle and Thapki meet, they start talking.

“Are you sure this plan will work?” Thapki asks.

“Haa baba, I’m 100% sure it would.” Twinkle says.

“Just hope for the best.” Thapki says and crosses her fingers.

Bihaan takes his phone out and calls Laksh and puts it on speaker. Laksh answers it via Bluetooth.

“Yes Bihaan?” Laksh asks.

“You guessed?” Bihaan asks.

“At this time, it’s most likely to be your call…” Laksh says.

“Oh yes, Logic… Anyways tell me how you and Sanskaar been?” Bihaan asks.

“Good but our whole mood is spoilt by that Nagini!” Laksh says.

“Nagini?” Bihaan asks confused.

“Ragini.” Laksh says in an irked tone.

“Again Ragini? Hmm, started developing feelings?” Bihaan teasingly says.

“Eewwe no! Her and me? Never ever in your whole life time!” Laksh says in a disgusted tone.

“We will see, but I’m serious this time, she’s a nice girl… You two are bent after her.” Bihaan defends.

“Nice my foot! Swara had an accident and lost her memory, then she lied that she was Swaras sister… She separated Swara and Sanskaar because of her jealousy… She’s and attention seeker, she’s doing it for attention.” Laksh says.

“Is she actually? There must be a reason why she’s doing it.” Bihaan says.

“Oh please, if you’re defending her then don’t talk to me.” Laksh says and disconnects the call.

Bihaan and Kunj shake their heads in a disagreement.

2 Hours Later:
Sanskaar, Laksh, Bihaan and Kunj meet up on their table in the canteen.

“I don’t believe that Laksh hasn’t developed any feelings for her.” Bihaan says and breaks the silence.

Laksh looks on and Sanskaar looks at Laksh and Kunj does too.

“I already told you, never ever in your whole life time!” Laksh says.

“And she doesn’t match my standard… She’s not even a Royal… Have you seen what she wears? It proves how low she is… Her way of talking… It’s like I’m talking to a begged on the streets of India… She’s nothing but a selfish woman!” Laksh adds and sighs.

“We’re rich but not a Royal family member… We are named princes by our college.” Bihaan says.

“Don’t get me started on her, but the main and import and thing is that she doesn’t match our standard!” Laksh explains clearly.

“I’m sure she did this on purpose, she got Swara’s accident done.” Sanskaar says as she his sure.

“You two had a bad holiday, I had an amazing one.” Bihaan chuckles.

Sanskaar and Laksh glare at him.

“But guess who’s back, that ruined it all for me.” Bihaan says and his mood changed into a bad one.

“Who?” Laksh asks.

Bihaan looks at Kunj.

“Tanya.” Kunj says.

“Yes, that witch.” Bihaan sighs.

Sanskaar and Laksh are surprised.

“The same girl 2 years ago?” Sanskaar asks.

Kunj nods yes.

“And his life is a total Siyaapa.” Bihaan says.

Kunj, Laksh and Sanskaar look at him.

“Oh, Siyaapa means trouble I think.” Bihaan says and thinks.

Kunj glares at Bihaan, while Sanskaar and Laksh are confused.

“So basically, that Witch has a sister, her sister comes to same college and has fallen in love with our prince Kunj.” Bihaan says and controls his laugh.

Sanskaar and Laksh look at Kunj and he sighs and nods yes.

“That’s why I was thinking, there are some changes happening in you…” Laksh says.

“Obviously, yesterday he got so angry that he broke everything.” Bihaan says.

Laksh and Sanskaar are surprised and look at each other.

“Angry and Kunj?” Both Sanskaar and Laksh ask.

Bihaan nods yes.

“Who’s the girl?” Sanskaar asks.

Bihaan then randomly starts laughing.

“What happened?” Kunj asks.

“I just remembered something… Nanga Roy.” Bihaan says and continues laughing.

Laksh gets disappointed.

All the girl see Bihaan laughing and smile at him. He sees them and gives them a flying kiss. Thapki stands in front and acts to hold it and breaks it and let’s it fall. Bihaan acts to get heart broken and touches his heart. Thapki acts to hold a knife and stabs it. Bihaan acts to feel the pain and Thapki leaves. Kunj, Laksh and Sanskaar look at Bihaan and give him the are you okay looks.

“Someone call the mental asylum, Bihaan is gone mental.” Kunj says.

Bihaan looks at him.

“If that was a joke then it was a bad one.” Bihaan says.

Sanskaar then gets a call and attends it, his expressions Change into shocked ones. He disconnects the call.

“What happened?” Bihaan, Laksh and Kunj ask.

“That Nagini took Swara with her to India!” Sanskaar says shockingly.

Bihaan, Kunj and Laksh get shocked.

“How did she get the money to pay for both of their tickets?!” Laksh asks.

“She went in a chopper.” Sanskaar says shockingly and looks at Laksh.

Laksh is stunned along with Bihaan and Kunj.

“Chopper? But where did she get the money from? And I don’t believe that… She must’ve stole someone’s.” Laksh says.

“The Police called me to meet them.” Sanskaar says.

“We’re coming with you.” Laksh, Kunj and Bihaan say in Union.

Sanskaar nods and they stand up and leave.

At the Police Station:
Sanskaar, Laksh, Bihaan and Kunj come inside. The policeman sees them and walks up to them.

“Sorry Mr Roy and Mr Balachandran… We cannot arrest Ms Ragini in the charges for Kidnapping Ms Swara…” The policeman says.

“But why?” Laksh asks.

“It has been proved that Ms Swara and Ms Ragini are biological sisters.” The policeman says.

Bihaan, Kunj, Sanskaar and Laksh are stunned.

“What? Are you sure?” Sanskaar asks.

“Yes Mr Balachandran, in fact we got their DNA done and it matched, that’s why we gave Ms Ragini the permission to take Ms Swara.” The policeman says.

“You don’t know, she’s a cunning woman, she must’ve done something.” Laksh says.

“No Mr Roy… We were with Ms Ragini during the DNA procedure.” The policeman says.

The 4 boys look at each other and look on.

“Here are the results and we are sorry… We can’t do anything.” The policeman says and hands Sanskaar the reports.

The 4 boys walk out feeling disappointed and sit in the car. Bihaan takes the report and opens it.

“It actually matched.” Bihaan says while reading it.

“I can’t believe Swara is that Low Class Naginis sister…” Laksh says.

Sanskaar looks on.

“Now what are you going to do Sanskaar? Swara also belongs to a middle class family like Ragini does.” Bihaan says.

Sanskaar is thinking.

“I’m going India… To get Swara.” Sanskaar finally says.

Laksh, Bihaan and Kunj are stunned.

“Are you serious?” Bihaan asks.

“Yes, I am… I don’t care if Swaras from a low class family, she’s still my fiancé…” Sanskaar says.

“Then why do you not like Ragini?” Bihaan asks.

“That Nagini tricked Swara… Swara didn’t know she was Naginis sister so it’s not Swaras fault!” Sanskaar says.

“And that Nagini behaves like low class people, Swara behaves like an elegant princess… I can already imagine her creating a scene in the streets.” Laksh says.

“You two are so tight to her.” Bihaan says.

“Anyways I’m going India.” Sanskaar says.

“But where would you find them? How would you know where they went? India has different cities and villages… So where are you landing?” Kunj asks and tells.

Sanskaar thinks.

“Well, I’m going to Kolkata in two days for my business meeting with Mr Menon, you can come with me if you want.” Laksh says.

“I’m coming too.” Bihaan happily says.

“I’ll come too.” Kunj gives in.

“Okay.” Sanksaar says and nods okay.

“Ohh, you need a break?” Bihaan teases.

Kunj glares at him.

Thapki calls Bihaan and he answers.

“Hello? Bihaan… Is Kunj there?” Thapki asks.

“Yes, he’s sitting right next to me.” Bihaan says.

“Oh, but ask him if I can go India…” Thapki asks and hopes he would agree.

“India?” Bihaan asks.

Kunj and Sanskaar looks at Bihaan.
Laksh looks at him through the mirror.

“If she also comes India then there’s a chance of my Love story to be super duper hit.” Bihaan thinks and smiles.

“Hello?” Thapki says.

Kunj takes the phone as he hears Thapki.

“Hello?” Kunj says.

“Kunj? I was wondering if I can go India with Twinkle, Bebbe said yes but she said you have to make the final decision.” Thapki says.

“But why do you want to go to India?” Kunj asks.

“Because Twinkles Naani wants to see her for the last time and I thought to go with her to give her support.” Thapki says.

“No, you’re not going.” Kunj says.

“That’s not fair, why can’t I go?” Thapki asks.

“Because I’m going and one of us needs to stay there.” Kunj says.

“Haw… Not fair… But Bebbe is coming with me and Twinkle.” Thapki says.

“Hmm, then it’s okay, you can come with us.” Kunj says.

“No… I mean I want to go in the normal airlines with normal people.” Thapki says.

“No, either you’re coming with me or you’re not going at all.” Kunj says.

“Fine!” Thapki sighs.

“But where you landing?” Kunj asks.

“In Kolkata I guess because there’s a village near there and that’s where Twinkles Naani lives.” Thapki tells.

“Okay, we will be leaving in two days.” Kunj says.

Kunj disconnects the call and hands Bihaan his phone.

“T… My sisters friends Naani wants to meet her for the last time so they’re going India and I asked then to join us.” Kunj says.

“Yeah, that’s okay.” Laksh says.

All get ready and pack their suitcases, they meet outside Laksh’s private Jet.

“I can’t believe I’m about to risk my life.” Sanskaar says.

Twinkle them comes with her sister Tanya, Bihaan and Kunj look on. Thapki and Bebbe come too.

“My Grandmas joining us.” Kunj says.

“Shall we?” Laksh asks.

They nod and enter the private jet one by one.

After a while it takes off. Bebbe starts talking to the girls, Bebbe doesn’t realise it’s Tanya.
Bihaan gives Tanya the death glares. Kunj looks at Tanya but looks away, Sanskaar is thinking about Swara while Laksh is relaxing.

“What is this witch doing here?” Bihaan whisper.

“I don’t know.” Kunj whispers.

Tanya looks at Kunj.

“If you don’t mind me asking then where did you two meet?” Tanya asks and looks at Twinkle and Kunj.

Sanskaar and Laksh get confused.

“On top of you house in the terrace… He brought a board which said I love you in Punjabi and then held it up with a rose, she said yes and took the rose and that’s when their love story started.” Bihaan says rudely and gives an irritated look to Tanya.

“Ohh.” Tanya says and looks at Twinkle.

Twinkle smiles and nods yes.

Sanskaar and Laksh are now fully confused.

“What’s going on?” Sanskaar says.

“Witch!” Bihaan loudly says.

Laksh and Sanskaar understand that Tanya is the witch.

“Which one are you on about?” Bihaan lies to save himself.

“Nothing.” Sanskaar says.

After few hours the flight lands in Kolkata. They come out with their luggage.

“I have a mansion in Kolkata, well it’s my fathers but we can stay there.” Laksh says.

Sanskaar nods okay.

“We will go to meet my Naani tomorrow.” Twinkle says.

Bebbe, Thapki and Tanya nod okay.

“Thank you Laksh.” Bebbe says.

“You don’t need to… I’m glad you enjoyed the ride.” Laksh says.

Bebbe smiles and nods.

“Your grandmas English is on point.” Laksh whispers.

Sanskaar and Bihaan nod yes.

After a while a limo comes, they all sit inside and the driver starts driving. The boys sit in one section while girls sit in the other.

“Driver, do you know where Ragini lives?” Laksh asks as a joke.

“Ragini? Yes am janta hai.” The driver says.

Bihaan, Laksh, Sanskaar and Kunj ft surprised.

“Oh, so take us to meet her… Anyways there are more than one Raginis in this world but one Nagini.” Laksh says and sighs.

After a while the Limo stops, they see a small one bedroom and one room house.

“That has to be Naginis house.” Laksh says.

“It’s so cheap and low class.” Sanskaar says.

“No sir, peechay Nahi… Look forward and to your side.” The driver says.

They look there and are stunned to see a mansion, Laksh sees the name plate and it says ‘Menon Mansion’

“Oh, this is Mr Menons mansion…” Bihaan says.

“And my Mansion is right there.” Laksh says and looks at it.

It is opposite of Menon Mansion as Menon mansion takes up two mansions.

“That must be some other Ragini, not that low class Nagini.” Sanskaar says.

Laksh nods and Bihaan sighs.

“Driver, take me my mansion.” Laksh says.

The driver nods and moves forward but the Menon mansion ends opposite Lakshs mansion. The gate opens and the limo enters.

Just then Ragini walks past with Swara. Ragini is wearing a yellow Anarkali (the one in the cover picture) Swara is wearing a jumpsuit (The ones she wore after she forgot her memory)

“Swara, are you enjoying Kolkata?” Ragini asks.

“Bahot…” Swara says.

Swara then sees the children setting out the cricket ramp and goes to help them. Ragini smiles, she then turns to the side and sees Lakshs mansion and it says ‘Roy Mansion.’

“Is this Nanga Roy’s Mansion?” Ragini thinks.

Swara then starts playing cricket with the children and Ragini smiles at them.

Thapki looks outside and sees Swara and Ragini.

“Twinkle! Twinkle!” Thapki calls.

Twinkle comes there and Thapki points out, Twinkle sees Swara and Ragini and looks on.

“Swara? Ragini?” Twinkle says.

Bihaan walks past and hears and comes inside, he also looks out and is stunned to see Swaragini.

“Achcha Swara Bas, come later, now we need to rest.” Ragini says.

“But Ragini… I want to play.” Swara says.

“Later.” Ragini says.

“Fine.” Swara says.

Swara and Ragini then wave bye to the children and start walking. Bihaans mouth opens as he sees them entering Menon mansion.
Thapki and Twinkle look on.

After a while, Laksh is ready in his professional suit.

“Sanskaar, thank you for coming with me.” Laksh says.

“You’re forcing me.” Sanskaar says and fixes his suit.

Both get ready and head out.

“You know he’s a very rich, multi millionaire and has been ranked as the world’s best and richest business tycoon and in 1st position… I came 2nd but he is really amazing.” Laksh compliments.

“And why are you nervous?” Sanskaar asks.

“He has been coming 1st from the past 4 years, I only came once… But no one can match his standard because he’s truly amazing.” Laksh says and reaches his gates, the gates open, Laksh and Sanskaar walk with proudness.

Swara is playing with the water and is watering the plants in the garden and her back is faces towards Sanskaar and Laksh.

Swara starts humming, Sanskaar and Laksh stop and look there.

Swara: Chanda Chinu Cham Cham…

Swara gets stuck and thinks.

“Chanda Chamke Cham Cham Chiknen Chaukanna Chor…” Ragini says and comes out.

SanLak are stunned.

Swara remembers and turns around “Chiti Chaate Chini Chatori Chinikhor…” Swara says and smiles.

SanLak are stunned to see Swara and her look.

Roy Mansion (is MM):
Bihaan comes down and looks around.

“Where is Laksh?” Bihaan asks.

“He’s gone to his meeting.” Kunj says.

“Come with me..” Bihaan says.

“Where?” Kunj asks.

Bihaan grabs his hand and runs to Menon Mansion, the gates open and they stand behind SanLak.

“We have to take them two to the hospital.” Bihaan whispers and SanLak turn around.

“Don’t worry, we will take you…” Bihaan assures.

They get confused.

Laksh calls the guard near him.

“Who are those to girls?” Laksh asks.

“They’re Swara and Ragini.” Bihaan says.

“Shh…” Laksh says.

“They’re Mr Menons daughters.” The guard says.

Sanskaar, Laksh, Kunj and Bihaan are shocked.

Laksh and Sanskaar hear thunder and lightening.

“Are you sure?” Bihaan asks.

“Haa, this is Ragini Menon and that is Swara Menon, both Mr Menons daughters.” The guard says.

Laksh and Sanskaar hear the lighting with a glass break.

“But Gadodia?” Kunj asks.

“That’s her Mums brothers name, Shekhar Gadodia.” The guard says.

“She treats her Mama Mamu as her Maa and Baba.” The guard adds.

Laksh and Sanskaar touch their hearts.

“Choti Malkin…” The maid shouts.

Ragini turns around and that makes Laksh faint but Bihaan catches him.

“Ragini Malkin and Swara Malkin are the only heirs of Mr Menons property… I thing he’s going to give them his whole property… Then there would be loads of proposals.” The guard says.

Sanskaar touches his head and feels dizzy, he then falls back and Kunj catches him. The guard gets confused while Kunj and Bihaan are shocked. Kunj and Bihaan take Laksh and Sanskaar before Ragini or Swara could see them.

Roy Mansion:
Laksh wakes up and touches his head. He looks around and sees that he’s in his room and Sanskaar is lying on the couch while Kunj and Bihaan are standing.

“Swara and Ragini are in Kolkata and Ragini is rich?” Laksh shockingly says.

Sanskaar sits up and looks on.

“What has she done to my Swara? She changed her… And Nagini is Mr Menons daughter?!” Sanskaar shockingly says.

“No, I must’ve had a dream.” Laksh says.

“We heard too.” Bihaan says.

Kunj nods yes and SanLak look on, they hear crackers bursting and fall back while making a sad and shocked face.

Laksh then remembers Ragini saying my real name is Ragini Me… And thinks it was Menon and closes his eyes with a regretting face.

“Now this deal is gone out of my hands!” Laksh sadly says.

“I still can’t believe that low class Nagini is the Malkin… That word killed me…!” Sanskaar says and thinks.

“Get jealous!” Bihaan says.

Laksh opens his eyes and all give him the death glares but Kunj gives him the serious look.

Twinkle and Thapki are sitting down and talking.

“So do you remember the plan?” Twinkle asks.

Thapki nods yes.

“Kunj made it easier for us by inviting us with him… Now I hope Di and him get back together and stay happy.” Twinkle says.

“Hmm.” Thapki says and nods yes.

Twinkle and Thapki then discuss.

Episode ends.

Precap: Laksh tries to talk to Ragini… Sanskaar to talk to Swara and sets out to win her heart… Twinkle and Kunj scenes to make Tanya jealous… Thapki starts feeling for Bihaan but hides it… Bebbe to help Twinj, Thahaan, SwaSan and RagLak to realise their love for each other and with their love stories during her stay in Kolkata but she would start off with Thanaan…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Do comment to tell me how you found this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

Keep smiling, take care and stay blessed ?

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