The Royals (Episode 6)


The Royals:
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Episode 6:

The episode starts at Thapki’s house.

“Bebbe, it was fun talking to you… I’ll leave now.” Twinkle says.

“But it’s so late at night, how can you go alone?” Bebbe says.

“Bebbe, if Bihaan is not busy then he can drop me.” Twinkle says.

“That Khota isn’t leaving until tomorrow, shayad he’ll be back here again.” Bebbe says.

“Oh… But don’t worry, I’ll leave.” Twinkle says.

“Stay the night here.” Bebbe says.

“But…” Twinkle says and Bebbe makes a puppy face.

Twinkle melts down and nods yes.

“I’ll text my sister that I’m staying.” Twinkle says.

“Yay.” Thapki happily says and joins them.

Bebbe smiles. Bihaan comes down in jeans and sweatshirt. Kunj is shown sleeping in his room.

“Hey Bebbe?” Bihaan says and gives the confused look.

“Yes, from now and onwards, you’re calling me Bebbe.” Bebbe says and turns around.

“Half of his clothes are in our house.” Bebbe tells.

“Haa and he treats this as if it’s his house and he brought it.” Thapki says and crosses her arms.

“It is my house.” Bihaan says and glares at Thapki.

“Haa, it is his house and he can do anything he wants!” Bebbe tells Thapki.

Bihaan comes forward and hugs Bebbe from behind.

“Bebbe, you’re the sweetest Bebbe in the whole world.” Bihaan says.

Thapki makes a face at him and he makes a face as an answer back.

“Bebbe, someone’s jealous of our bond.” Bihaan says and looks at Thapki.

“That someone wouldn’t be mad to be jealous of you.” Thapki says.

“Achcha Bas, what happened?” Bebbe asks looking at Thapki and Bihaan.

“What happened?” Bihaan asks acting lost.

“I messaged my sister and she said okay.” Twinkle says and keeps her phone in her bag.

“Changa hua.” Bebbe says.

Bihaan and Thapki get confused.

“Good.” Bebbe says.

Both of them then say oh and nod okay.

“But you two, tell me one thing, what happened this time?” Bebbe asks.

“How do you know?” Thapki asks.

“One minuet you’re fine and the next minute you two are like Tom and Jerry… You two only turn into Tom and Jerry if one of you done something.” Daadi explains and looks at both of them suspiciously.

Bihaan and Thapki look at each other.

“Bebbe, Thapki done it.” Bihaan says.

“No Bebbe, it was Bihaan.” Thapki says.

“But at least tell us what happened.” Twinkle asks.

Thapki then tells them everything that has happened and how Bihaan left her.

“But Bebbe, I did offer but she was like no thank you.” Bihaan says.

Bebbe then looks at Thapki and Thapki looks away.

“So Bihu wasn’t at mistake.” Bebbe says and sides Bihaan.

“You and your Bihu!” An annoyed Thapki says and crosses her arms.

Bihaan sticks his tongue at Thapki.

“But Bebbe, tell me one thing… If you do not mind me asking… What happened to Kunj?” Twinkle asks.

Bebbe and Bihaan look on and then at each other.

“Haa Bebbe, please tell me about Kunj, what happened to him? How did he change?” Thapki asks.

Scene shifts to the hospital.

“I have to leave, I’ll come back tomorrow.” Sanskaar says.

“Please stay with her until the Doctor comes back.” The nurse requests.

Sanskaar nods yes and the nurse leaves after checking Swaras Blood Pressure and temperature. Sanskaar sits on the chairs and goes on his phone, Swara then lies down and thinks about something. While thinking, she falls asleep.

“Swara, will you be able to stay alone?” Sanskaar asks.

He doesn’t get Swaras respond and looks there only to find her asleep. He then looks on. Swara then gets disturbed, Sanskaar sees this.

“No… Please, don’t… I know but…” Swara says in her sleep.

Sanskaar comes closer to hear her properly.

She mummers “No… Break my alliance off with Sanskaar… I’m not a perfect girl for him… Uncle please…”

Sanskaar is stunned.

“Uncle… Please tell him the truth… You’re not my biological father… He… Has rights to know… No! Please.” Swara says in her sleep and makes a disturbed face.

Sanskaar looks on and thinks “So Swaras father isn’t her real father?”

“No… Please don’t hit me! Please!” Swara screams and wakes up in a shock.

She’s sweating and taking heavy breaths. She then sees Sanskaar near her and hugs him and starts crying. Sanskaar is amazed and shook after what he had heard and at her sudden move.

“That man who is her father abuses her?” Sanskaar thinks.

Swara is crying and the nurse comes inside.

“Is everything okay?” The nurse worriedly asks.

“Could you please give us a private room to discuss about this…?” Sanskaar asks.

The nurse nods. Sanskaar breaks the hug and makes Swara stand and Swara is frightened. Swara holds onto Sanskaars shoulder and both SwaSan follow the nurse. The nurse then makes them enter a private room and closes the door after switching the lights on.

“Sorry.” Swara says and wipes her tears.

“You don’t look okay.” Sanskaar says.

“I h…had a bad dream.” Swara says while looking down.

“Are you sure? Tell the truth.” Sanskaar says.

“No… It was a bad dream.” Swara lies.

Sanskaar gets angry and holds his fist.

“Tell me!” Sanskaar says in an angry tone.

Swara starts crying and Sanskaar looks on angrily.

“M…my father isn’t my biological father… H…he abuses me every time… He blackmails me and… And tried to… To rape me.” Swara says and cries her heart out.

Sanskaar is shocked and looks at her. He then comes forward and pulls her into a hug and she hugs him back and cries.

“She suffered from a lot.” Sanskaar thinks.

“R…Ragini took care of me after that and I…it has been 2 days… And… I’ve b…been living with her.” Swara says while crying.

Sanskaar places his hand on her hair and caresses it and consoles her.

Scene shifts to Thapki’s place.
Bihaan and Bebbe decide to tell Twinkle and Thapki.

“He suffered from a lot… Only me and Bihu know this.” Bebbe says.

Bihaan nods yes.

“He loved a girl, that girl betrayed him and left him emotionless… She only used him because he was rich. But when her use was over, she dumped him and went to someone else. Because of her, he doesn’t believe in Love and has no emotion… He truly loved her.” Bihaan says.

“I swear if I meet that girl somewhere, I would give her a tight slap!” Bebbe expresses.

Thapki and Twinkle look on.

“What’s that girls name?” Thapki asks.

Twinkle gets a call and stands up and goes to the side.

“Tanya.” Bihaan tells.

Thapki looks on.

“Don’t say her name in front of me… My blood boils.” Bebbe warns.

Twinkle is talking to the called.

“Hello Tanya Di?” Twinkle asks.

A girl is shown in a red short knee length dress and is wearing bright red lipstick and is holding a class of wine.

“Hey Twinkle… Where are you? I know you sent a message but we’re in New York.” Tanya, Twinkles sister says.

“When did you leave?” Twinkle asks.

“We were waiting for you but you didn’t turn up… So I just called to inform you, anyways I’ll talk to you later.” Tanya says and disconnects the call.

Twinkle puts her phone in her bag and turns around and walks there.

“Sorry, my sister called.” Twinkle says and takes her seat.

“Chalo, it’s late now… We will talk in the morning.” Bebbe says.

Bihaan, Twinkle and Thapki nod yes. Bebbe stands up and Bihaan walks with her.

“Come, I’ll give you one of my dress to wear.” Thapki says.

Twinkle nods yes and stands up. They then start walking. While walking past, Twinkle thinks about Kunj.

“Whatever happened to him was bad…” Twinkle thinks.

Just then she turns to the side and sees him sleeping. She looks on sadly.

Sanskaar breaks the hug and wipes Swaras tears.

“Shh, you don’t look professional while crying.” Sanskaar says and continues wiping her tears.

Sanskaar then pecks her forehead which shocks Swara.

“Take rest, I’ll be back.” Sanskaar says and leaves.

Swara looks on, she then walks out of her room and walks back to her ward room.

Sanskaar is shown driving and is looking angrily, he remembers Swaras words and feels a little bad for her.

“She has been going through all this and I didn’t even try to find out!” Sanskaar angrily says to himself.

“No, not anymore Swara… I promise you.” Sanskaar says and calls Laksh.

Laksh picks up.

“I want you to cancel a deal… I’ll cancel mine.” Sanskaar says.

“For what?” Laksh asks.

Sanskaar then tells him something which is muted.

“Okay, I’ll do it but the reason?” Laksh asks.

“I’ll tell you later.” Sanskaar says and disconnects the call.

Ragini opens her eyes slowly and closes them, she then opens them fully and sits up while looking around. She sees that she is in a big bedroom.

“Am I in my house?” Ragini asks and rubs her eyes.

“Aaah!” Ragini hears Laksh scream and gets shocked.

Ragini rushes there and sees Lakshs shocked and scared face. She slowly moves there.

“What happened?” Ragini asks in a frightened tone.

Laksh doesn’t say anything and Ragini slowly and worriedly turns around and is shocked. She then turns around and looks at him.

“Nanga Roy will always be Nanga Roy!” Ragini says to herself and hits her forehead with her palm.

Laksh is shown only in a towel with half of his shaving cream on the razor in his hand.

“Nanga Roy! It’s only a cockroach!” Ragini says angrily and in an annoyed tone.

Then a cockroach is shown in the sink.

“Yes! You don’t know how many diseases it has!” Laksh says finally getting out of the shock.

Ragini laughs and Laksh angrily looks at her.

“Nanga Roy is scared of cockroaches?” Ragini says and laughs.

Laksh angrily looks away.

“I’m not scared of it, I was simply shocked because it was a different creature.” Laksh makes up.

“Haa but don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Ragini says.

Laksh looks at her.

“Achcha, I wouldn’t tell anyone but only Swara.” Ragini says.

Laksh continues looking at her.

“And Thapki and Twinkle and Bihaan…” Ragini says and makes an innocent face.

“Oh, wow, why don’t you do one thing… Tell the whole college!” Laksh sighs.

“Really? Then it would be fun… I’ll just go and tell them.” Ragini happily says and turns.

Laksh holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. Ragini looks on.

“You’re not telling anyone.” Laksh says in a strict tone.

“What if your towel drops? Let me go.” Ragini says and Laksh lets go. He then holds his towel and Ragini walks out while giggling.

Laksh shakes his head and looks at the cockroach and gives it the dirty look.

Swara opens her eyes and looks around, she sees a flower basket and smiles.

“My favourite flowers…” Swara says and sees a note.

She picks it up and opens it and starts reading it.

“I’m sorry for not being a part of your life… I know you must’ve guessed who I am… Even tho our relationship is a deal… I want to give it a chance… I know a lot of wrong things happened with you so would you forget your past and start a new future with me? If your answer is a yes then do wear the ring that I have placed in the basket.” Swara gets teary eyed while reading and smiles.

She looks around in the basket and sees a box. She opens it and sees a ring inside it and smiles.

Kunj’s house:

Kunj is walking past and Twinkle is coming out from her room. Twinkle bumps into Kunj and loses her balance. He holds her on time and both share an eye-lock.

Kunj then breaks the eye-lock and makes Twinkle stand.

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking.” Twinkle says.

Kunj then walks forward and Twinkle follows.

“Anyways, what type of music do you like?” Twinkle asks but Kunj ignores her.

“Kunj… I have a confession to make…” Twinkle adds and stops.

Kunj continues walking.

“Kunj, I love you.” Twinkle says.

Kunj stops and is shocked, Thapki, Bebbe and Bihaan gasp.

Twinkle hears them and looks at them and nods yes. Bebbe faints in Bihaans arms. Kunj turns around and looks at Twinkle.

“I really love you.” Twinkle says and looks at him.

Bihaan also faints, Kunj, Thapki and Twinkle look at Bebbe and Bihaan who have fainted.

Laksh’s Apartment:
Laksh comes out dressed in a suit and looks at Ragini. She is trying to call someone.

“Offo, why wouldn’t Swara pick up?” Ragini says to herself.

Ragini then sees Laksh and walks up to him.

“Can I borrow your phone?” Ragini asks.

“Why?” Laksh asks.

“Have you got Sanskaars number?” Ragini asks.

“No.” Laksh lies.

“What? What type of friend are you? You don’t have his number?” Ragini says in an annoyed tone.

“But why do you want it?” Laksh asks.

“Because I’m worried for Swara and he must know why she isn’t picking my phone up.” Ragini tells.

“I’ll check.” Laksh says and gets his phone out.

He then nods no but gets a call, Ragini sees Sanskaars name flashing on his screen and then looks at him with crosses arms.

He looks for excuses.

“Well, I…” But before Laksh could complete, Ragini takes his phone and Laksh looks on. But before she could attend it, the call disconnects.

“Give me my phone.” Laksh tells.

“Nahi, not until he calls again.” Ragini says.

Laksh tries snatching his phone but she keeps moving with it and eventually, by doing that… Laksh is chasing Ragini around the room.

“Give it!” Laksh shouts.

“No!” Ragini shouts back.

“How dare you!” Laksh says.

“Hang on a second, what am I doing here?” Ragini says and stops.

Laksh catches up to her and grabs her hand angrily. Ragini loses her balance and falls on the side making Laksh fall too and both fall on the bed resulting Laksh on top of Ragini. The phone falls out of her hand and lands on the pillow.

Laksh and Ragini share an eye- lock.

Thapki sprinkles water on Bebbe and Bihaan, both open their eyes and widen them. They see Kunj and Twinkle standing opposite each other. Twinkle then looks at Kunj and walks up to him.

“Kunj, I don’t know when but I fell in love with you and it’s not a joke.” Twinkle says and hugs him.

Kunj doesn’t know how to respond to that.

“But why?” Kunj asks.

“What do you mean why? Can’t I fall in love?” Twinkle asks.

Kunj pushes Twinkle away.

“I’m sorry I…” Kunj says but stops as he sees tears in Twinkles eyes.

“Kunj, please don’t break my heart… I really love you…” Twinkle says.

Kunj turns around and Twinkle holds on to his arm.

“Twinkle please!” Kunj angrily says and leaves.

Twinkle them wipes her tears and looks at Bebbe.

“Tell me what’s happening…” Bebbe asks.

“Bebbe, I’m only saying this so he could get his inner feelings out.” Twinkle shares.

“And jab his inner feeling comes out then Kunj might be back too.” Bebbe understands and says.

Twinkle nods yes. Bihaan and Thapki understand too.

Sanskaar walks in but doesn’t see Swara there, he turns around and sees Swara walking in in a red dress (the one she wore when she went on a date with Sanskaar) Sanskaar then looks down and doesn’t see the ring on her finger and looks on.

“Shall we leave?” Sanskaar asks and looks away.

Swara nods yes and both head out. After a while, they sit in the car and Sanskaar drives off.

“Where do you want to go?” Sanskaar asks.

“To St Mary’s Girls Hostel.” Swara says.

Swara then takes the ring box out and looks at Sanskaar, he reaches the hostel and stops his car. Swara forwards the ring box and Sanskaar sees it. He then assumes she’s returning it and takes it but doesn’t look at her.

“Won’t you put it on me?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar hears her and looks at her, she forwards her left hand and looks at him. He looks on. He opens the box and sees a note with it. He takes the ring out and places it on her left finger. Swara smiles and leaves while taking her bag. Sanskaar opens the note and reads it with a smile on his face.

“Thank you for understanding me… I’m ready to forget the past and start a new future with you.”

Sanskaars smile widens and he shuts then box and drives off.
Swara also smiles and looks at the ring.

Laksh stands up and composed himself, Ragini also stands up and looks down.

“What am I doing here?” Ragini asks.

“You were drunk and I brought you here.” Laksh says.

“Drunk?” A shocked Ragini asks.

Laksh nods yes.

“Are you sure? I mean I never touched a liquor bottle before.” Ragini says.

“Well I don’t know about that and don’t care… Now give me my phone.” Laksh says.

“Okay Nanga Roy… Calm down.” Ragini says and looks around on the bed.

Laksh gets irked.

“Stop calling me Nanga Roy!” Laksh says.

“Fattu Roy sounds much better…” Ragini says.

Laksh glares at her.

“What does Fattu mean?” Laksh asks.

Ragini sees his phone and picks it up.

“It means coward.” Ragini says with a smile.

“Coward? I’m not a coward… You can call me the awesome Roy.” Laksh says with proud smile.

“Oh my god… You smiled?” Ragini shockingly asks.

He then makes a serious look.

“But I’m not saying that!” Ragini says and gives him the serious look.

Thapki is in the garden planting the flowers, Bihaan hugs her from behind.

“Why are you always ignoring me?” Bihaan fake pouts.

Thapki jerks him off and turns around while putting the water basket down.

“What is wrong with you?” Thapki says.

“I’m in Love Thapki… I really am… I’m telling the truth.” Bihaan says.

“Who’s the girl?” Thapki asks in an annoyed tone.

“You and I realised yesterday… I realised how I could’ve lost you and how my life would’ve went upside down if you were gone.” Bihaan says.

Thapki is shocked and Bihaan pecks her cheeks. Which shocks Thapki even more. Bihaan then walks away while smilingly cheekily. Thapki touches her cheeks and looks on.

“Is his feelings true?” Thapki confusingly asks and looks on.

Swara is shown sitting down and smiling. She remembers Sanskaar pecking her forehead and his words in the letter.

Swara the turns the radio on and a song starts playing. Swara smiles.

“Meri… Meri…” Swara smiles and scene shifts to Kunj’s house.

“Meri neendein hain faraar
Tere sang mere yaar
Tune ki jo mere saath shararat ve” Swara dances shyly.

“Ho.. kaajal ki siyahi leke
Aankhon ke chiraag se
Kaise main bataaun tujhko
Sau sau ratiyaan jaag ke” Bihaan mouths while looking at Thapki.

“Ankhiyon ne likhe love letter ve
O meri ankhiyon ne likhe Luv Letter ve” Bihaan mouths and Twinkle joins him.

”Sajna tu chaand se better ve
Sajna ve… (x2)” Swara, Twinkle and Bihaan dance.

“Chitthiyan saadi chitthiyan padh le re
Re chaton waton pe chadh ke
Padh ke bado bado se lad ke
Meet’on ki chithiyan (x2)” Bihaan dances and Kunj walks.

“Haye kariyo na mujhse
Tu jhuthe moothe waade
Reh jayenge hum toh” Thapki mouths and walks forward.

”Tere bin aadhe aadhe
Tere liye hi bani hoon
Main teri destiny hoon
Le maine clear kar diye
Hain apne iraade” Twinkle says and looks at Kunj. Kunj looks away.

“Ho.. raahein maine dekhi teri
Jugnuon ki aag pe
Kaise main bataun tujhko
Sau sau ratiya jaag ke” Bihaan and Twinkle mouth and dance.

Twinkle walks there and Kunj tries to leave but she holds his hand.

“Akhiyon ne likhe luv letter ve
O meri akhiyon ne likhe luv letter ve” Swara mouths and dances.

”Sajna tu chand se better ve
Sajna Ve! Yeah.. (x2)” Bihaan and Twinkle mouth.

“Baby my heart flutter flutters your way
How much you love me you better say
Golden words in your letter babes
Takes my soul away (x2)”

“Ho.. rakh liya apne liye
Rabb se tujhko maang ke
Kaise main bataun tujhko
Sau sau ratiya jaag ke” Swara and Twinkle mouth.

“Akhiyon ne likhe luv letter ve
O meri akhiyon ne likhe luv letter ve
Sajna tu chand se better ve
Sajna Ve! Yeah.. (x2)” Bihaan, Thapki, Swara and Twinkle mouth and dance. Kunj shakes his head and heads up.

The song ends and Twinkle looks on, Swara blushes.

Swara hears a knock on the door and opens it, she sees Ragini standing there and hugs her.

“Arey… What happened? What did I miss?” Ragini says while hugging her back.

“Where were you and who dropped you here?” Swara says and breaks the hug.

“Fattu Roy dropped me… Since when did he become so generous? And Kal raat I was around his.” Ragini says and enters and puts her bag on the sofa.

“Laksh? What were you doing there?” Swara asks.

“Pata Nahi what happened Kal raat ko… But you tell me… Why are you blushing so much?” Ragini asks and looks at Swara.

Swara looks down and smiles.

Thapki and Bebbe clap for Bihaan and Twinkle. Kunj grabs Twinkles hand and takes her to his room.
He then shuts the door and turns to her.

“I can’t love you Twinkle… And not only you, no one.” Kunj tells.

“But why Kunj? Don’t I deserve a chance?” Twinkle asks.

“I don’t deserve anyone.” Kunj explains.

“But why? And you do.” Twinkle says.

“Twinkle… No.” Kunj says.

Twinkle pouts and walks towards him.

“I need to make him a human again.” Twinkle thinks.

Twinkle then starts crying, she sits down. Kunj looks on, he then goes near her and sits besides her.

“I loved a girl once but she betrayed me.” Kunj tells.

“Then why are you punishing me?” Twinkle asks.

“I can’t love again, for me, love is nothing.” Kunj tells.

“But you have to move on… If she betrayed you then why are you punishing yourself and others?” Twinkle says and sniffs.

Kunj sighs and looks at her.

“No, don’t give me that look… I’m not going to fall into your seriousness again.” Twinkle says and innocently pouts.

“Your serious face reminds me of a Plain Paratha with no filling or taste! You hate me and I can clearly see that.” Twinkle says and looks at him.

“I don’t hate you and Paratha?” Kunj says and gives the confused look.

Twinkle smiles a little and thinks “It’s working, that’s only part of it but I will fully awaken those emotions.”

“Don’t ever talk to me.” Twinkle says and stands up, she starts crying and opens the door and runs out.

Kunj looks on.

Swara tells Ragini everything and Ragini is shocked.

“Don’t lie? He said he wants to give your relationship another chance?” Ragini asks shockingly.

Swara nods yes.

“But add you feeling better now? I still can’t believe he fed you.” Ragini says.

“Haa, I’m feeling much better.” Swara says.

“All I can see is a Sadu and gusse wala Sanskaar… Loving is too much for me… By hearing I nearly got a heart attack but imagine if I see it…” Ragini says and falls on the sofa.

“He’s taking you out?” Ragini asks.

Swara smiles.

“Don’t lie, I think I’m about to faint.” Ragini says and drinks water.

“But it’s good he had a little change in him.” Ragini adds with a faint smile.

Swara then gets a call and she attends it.

“I’m sorry Swara… Please forgive me.” The caller says.

“What happened?” Swara asks.

“Please beta… Tell Sanskaar to tell Laksh not to cancel our deal and tell him to tell his dad not to leave our bank’s group.” The caller worriedly says.

“What? When did this happen?” Swara asks.

“Yesterday… Please do something.” The caller says.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Swara says and disconnects the call.

Swara then looks at Ragini.

“Sanskaar did this? But why?” Swara thinks.

After a while Sanskaar comes in his car, he then steps out and heads in. He reaches there and stands in front of the door and starts ringing the bell.

Ragini opens the door and looks at him.

“Where’s Swara?” Sanskaar asks without looking at her.

“She left from here 10 minuets ago.” Ragini tells.

“Stop lying and call her.” Sanskaar says rudely.

“Arey, I’m telling Na, she isn’t here.” Ragini says.

“She is, why are you hiding her? Feeling insecure?” Sanskaar asks and looks at her.

“Insecure and me? Listen Mr Akdu Balachandran… I’m not insecure of you two and she left 12 minuets ago.” Ragini says.

“But you said 10!” Sanskaar says and glares at her.

“Haa and it has been 2 minuets since you started the argument.” Ragini says.

“Ragini!” Sanskaar and Ragini hear Swara shout.

Sanskaar looks at Ragini, Ragini signals him to turn and Sanskaar turns and sees Swara.

Twinkle is sitting down and Thapki is consoling her.

“Don’t worry, this will work.” Thapki says.

“Shh, console me on the other matter.” Twinkle whispers.

Twinkle the starts crying.

“Twinkle… I’ll make Kunj understand.” Bihaan says.

“He’s not going to listen to anyone…” Twinkle says and sees him.

“How can he not? He has to listen to his Bebbe.” Bebbe says.

“There’s no point, he doesn’t love me and he’s finding excuses to get rid of me.” Twinkle cries, but some of her tears were genuine.

“There’s no point in this, I know what you all are trying to do… Bihaan, you told her about me didn’t you?” Kunj asks.

“Uh…buh…” Bihaan says and looks down.

Thapki and Bebbe also look down and Twinkle stands up.

“Yes, this was a drama but it was to help you but you don’t seem to care about other people’s feelings… You’re a robot! A ruthless one! You love someone truly from your heart, not with your mind!” Twinkle says and leaves from there.

Kunj also goes to his room and closes the door. He angrily breaks a vase and thinks about Twinkles words. Twinkle is walking down the road and pouts.

“Have I really started to love him? Why?” Twinkle says and starts thinking.

Kunj sits down and closes his eyes, he remembers how he saw Tanya cheating on him and saying that she isn’t the right girl for him. He then remembers Twinkles words and her saying you’re a robot, you should love someone with your heart and so on…

“Why am I getting angry? Why am I thinking about that girl? And Twinkle? What is this emotion that’s awaken?!” Kunj asks him self but falls back.

“No Kunj… Emotions are evil… They ruin you… You can’t let your emotions over take you!” Kunj says to himself.

Thapki is walking here and there, Bihaan sits down and starts eating ice cream.

“We’re tensed here and he’s eating ice cream?” Thapki angrily sighs:

“Let Bihu eat, you’re always after his food.” Bebbe says worriedly.

“You always support him.” Thapki says and sighs.

She then sees Bihaan enjoying while eating ice cream and stands in front of him, she takes the plate and runs far and starts eating.

“Bebbe, my ice cream.” Bihaan fake pouts.

Thapki tastes it and likes it.

“Wow, it’s actually really amazing.” Thapki says.

Bihaan glares at Thapki.

“You’re gone fat, how much more would you eat? Moti!” Bihaan says.

“Haw… Me and fat? You’re fat!” Thapki says.

“You stole my ice cream, fatty!” Bihaan sighs.

“Chup!” Bebbe shouts.

Bihaan and Thapki look at her.

“Give me the ice cream!” Bebbe says and forwards her hand.

Thapki moves forward and hands Bebbe the plate, Bebbe takes it and starts eating.

“Bebbe!” Both Bihaan and Thapki say in a union.

Bebbe smirks.

Twinkle is walking and doesn’t see the car coming, she was about to get hit when someone pulls her back and onto the side.

“Are you crazy? What were you going to do?!” An angry and worried Kunj says.

Twinkle thinks to take an advantage of this situation.

“What’s wrong with this? I never got love in my life… Not from my family so there’s no point in living with them, they don’t care and no one does, even if I die.” Twinkle say and sounds depressed.

“Thapki and Bebbe do!” Kunj says.

“Twinkle…” A new voice is heard.

Kunj looks there and is shocked, Twinkle turns around and looks on.

Sanskaar sees Swara with her suitcase. Sanskaar turns around and glares at Ragini.

“Now what do you have to say?” Ragini asks.

“You’re jealous.” Sanskaar calmly says.

“Me and jealous? Are you mad, why will I be jealous of you?” Ragini says.

“They will never change.” Swara thinks and moves forward.

“Ragini.” Swara says and nods no.

“What do you mean no? Look at him, he’s still the same… Rude and Arrogant…” Ragini sighs.

“You low class things just need a reason to fight with us… For what? Attention? Money? Huh? What’s going on in your mind?!” Sanskaar angrily spits out.

Ragini looks on.

“For you Money is everything Na? Live a day without money, status and attention! Then come and talk to me!” Ragini huffs.

“How would you know how it is, oh yeah, I forgot, you low class low minded people!” Sanskaar taunts.

“And? What’s wrong with being low class? At least you have freedom to enjoy your life!” Ragini says.

“You’re a scholar student? That’s why you got into our college, otherwise no other college would’ve accepted you!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Haa, I came with my own hard work, not with my parents money, like you did!” Ragini taunts.

“I’m an artist… I get paid and I use that money but you? You don’t even have a job!” Sanskaar taunts.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, at least live your life with Swara like a normal human being!” Ragini says.

“Ragini, Sanskaar, please stop it.” Swara says.

“You stay out of it.” Sanskaar angrily says.

Swaragini look on.

“See this Swara… And you wanted to live with this Akdu?!” Ragini tells.

“Don’t poison her mind!” Sanskaar angrily says.

Sanskaar then gets a call and Lakshs name flashes. He picks it up.

“I’m coming!” Sanskaar says in an annoyed tone.

“Why do you sound so annoyed? Let me guess Nagini?” Laksh asks.

“Nagini?” Sanskaar confusingly asks.

“The crazy girl that ruined your mood!” Laksh says.

“Yes.” Sanskaar says and glares at Ragini.

Ragini glares at him too.

“Put the phone on speaker.” Laksh says.

Sanskaar then puts the phone on speaker.

“So Ms Fake Nagini Gadodia… Stay in your limits and don’t worry, I sold that car and changed my apartment!” Laksh says.

Ragini looks on.

“Nagini?” Ragini asks.

“Yes, if you can make name for us then why can we for you? NAGini… Anyways Sanskaar, you’re wasting your precious time over that mannerless Nagini!” Laksh says.

“Mr Fattu Roy, I learnt to forget your words! So you stay in your limits!” Ragini warns.

“Oh wow, now low class people will give Laksh Roy a warning? You can’t match my standard so don’t even open your mouth… Anyways Sanskaar, I’ll text you my new address and meet you there for dinner. I messaged Bihaan and Kunj too.” Laksh says and disconnects the call.

Swara feels bad for Ragini and Sanskaar storms off. Swara remembered that she wanted to ask him a question and follows him. Ragini goes inside and angrily closes the door. Tears escape her eyes.

“Why does Fattu Roy’s words hurt… Why does he always make me cry?!” Ragini asks and wipes her tears.

Sanskaar already drove off and Swara reaches outside, she then turns around and doesn’t see a car coming, the car person is also focusing on turning the music on and hits Swara. Swara falls on to the floor and starts bleeding from the head, the car driver is shocked and stops his car with a jerk.

All the people crowd around Swara and the car driver rushes to her. Ragini sees the crowd from upstairs and decides to go outside.

She sees a man carrying Swara and putting her in his car.

“Swara!” Ragini says and runs there.

“You know her?” The man asks.

“Yes, she’s my sister.” Ragini says and sits besides Swara while hugging her.

The man drives off and Ragini cries, Swaragini Sad title tune starts playing…

“Swara, hum tumhe Kuch Nahi hone denge…” Ragini says and continues hugging Swara and the tune continues playing.

Ragini then remembers promising Sharmishta and Shekhar.

Ragini, Sharmishta and Shekhar are standing facing each other.

“You have a sister Ragini…” Sharmishta says with tears in her eyes.

Ragini is shocked and tears fall out of her eyes.

“Haa Ragini, her name is Swara… And she is 2 minuets older than you…” Shekhar says with his head down.

“B…but where is she?” Ragini asks with tears in her eyes.

“She’s in Australia… My sister, Radikha couldn’t conceive and she wanted one child so your mother decided to give Swara to Radikha.” Shekhar says.

Ragini looks at Sharmishta and Sharmishta nods yes and looks down with teary eyes.

Ragini is stunned and cries while hugging Sumi and Shekhar.

“Maa, Baba, I promise I will get Swara back here with me… I’m going Australia.” Ragini says.

“But beta…” Sharmishta says but stops.

“Please Maa, I want to meet my sister…” Ragini says.

Shekar and Sumi nod yes and give Ragini Swara’s address in Austrailia.

End of Flashback.

Ragini hugs Swara tight and caresses her hair.

Twinkle get surprised seeing that person while Kunj is shocked.

“Tanya Di?” Twinkle asks confused.

Kunj looks at Twinkle, the person is revealed to be Tanya, Kunj’s ex lover and she is also surprised seeing Twinkle with Kunj.

“Twinkle, who is he?” Tanya asks.

“Di, he’s my…” Twinkle says but Kunj speaks.

“I’m her boyfriend.” Kunj says.

Tanya and Twinkle get shocked, Kunj then takes Twinkles arm and puts it around his.

“Haa, he’s my boyfriend.” Twinkle says looking confused but fakes a smile.

Tanya is stunned at looks at Kunj.

“But you’re back early?” Twinkle asks.

“Haa, actually, Dad is coming back tomorrow so I thought to come back early for you.” Tanya says while looking at Kunj.

“Well, if I got someone caring and loving like Kunj then I don’t need anyone else.” Kunj fake smiles and rests her head on Kunj’s shoulder.

Kunj looks at Tanya and Tanya feels insecure and looks down.

“Is Tanya Di the same girl that broke Kunj’s heart?” Twinkle thinks.

She then messages Thapki saying, what’s the girls name who broke RK’s (Robot Kunj) heart. Thapki respond back with Tanya and Twinkle looks on.

“That’s why he lied I was his girlfriend.” Twinkle thinks.

“Kunj, I’ll meet you today at Dinner around yours…” Twinkle says.

Kunj nods and Tanya looks on, Twinkle then walks up to Tanya and fake smiles. Kunj waves bye and walks away.

“Di, what happened?” Twinkle asks acting like she doesn’t know anything.

“Nothing.” Tanya says.

Twinkle and Tanya sit in the car and Tanya drives off thinking about Twinjs relationship.

Kunj’s place:
“What?! That witch is back?!” Bihaan shockingly says and stands up.

Kunj is sitting down and nod, Bihaan and Kunj are revealed to be in Kunj’s room. Bihaan walks here and there.

“How can that witch be back? blo*dy Gold Digger.” Bihaan sighs.

“She’s Twinkles Sister.” Kunj says and looks at Bihaan.

“What????” Bihaan shockingly asks and sits down.

Kunj nods yes and Bihaan lies back while looking shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap: Swara forgets her memory… Twinkle finds out why Tanya dumped Kunj… Sanskaar to blame Ragini… Secret to unfold which gives the princes a heart attack…

Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Do comment to tell me how you found this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

Keep smiling, take care and stay blessed ?

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