The Royals (Episode 5)


The Royals:
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Episode 5:

The episode starts with Ragini in Laksh’s arms and RagLak having an eye-lock.


“You’re so rude, your words hurt me.” Ragini says in a drunken state and sad tone,

Laksh ignores her words and makes her stand but she falls into his chest and he angrily sighs.

After college:
Thapki and Twinkle walk out, they’re talking also.

“Vani, is your brother always like that? I mean always emotionless?” Twinkle asks.

“Um… Well ages ago he was fun, loving and caring but now… I don’t know how this big transformation happened.” Thapki tells.

“Hmm.” Twinkle says and starts thinking.

“But anyways, why are you asking?” Thapki asks.

“Just, I thought to ask because I never see him smiling.” Twinkle says.

“But I wish he goes back to his old form.” Thapki wishes.

Just then a limo stops in front of Thapki and Twinkle.

“Is this yours?” Thapki asks.

“I’m not sure, but I told them I’m walking, I don’t get it why they send big cars, what’s bad in walking?” Twinkle annoyedly sighs.

Just then the window rolls down and a man is shown.

“Twinkle? Your father said to pick you up on the way.” The man says.

“I’m walking.” Twinkle says.

“Your father has ordered us and you have to.” The man says.

Twinkle sighs and Thapki looks at her.

“Twinkle, I’ll meet you tomorrow and I might come around.” Thapki says.

“But…” Twinkle says and then looks at the Limo.

She then sighs and nods okay.
Thapki then leaves and Twinkle glares at the men inside.

“Who are the extra people?!” Twinkle asks while seeing them.

“They’re you’re fathers business partners, he had asked us to pick them up on the way too.” The man says.

“But I’m not sitting in between too many men.” Twinkle tells.

Twinkle then opens the front door and sits in the front with the driver.

Thapki is shown walking and calling someone.

“Why isn’t Kunj picking up?” Thapki sighs.

She then dials another number.

“Hello, Father, where are you?” Thapki asks.

Thapki had called her father.

“I’m in Dubai.” Thapki’s father says.

“In Dubai? Is Mother there?” Thapki asks.

“Yes, is everything alright Vani?” Thapki’s father asks.

“Yes Father, don’t worry, take care and enjoy.” Thapki says and disconnects the call.

She then walks forward and doesn’t see a long and trips. She falls down and hurts her leg.

“Ouch!” Thapki says in pain.

Her phone is broken as it had fallen and cracked on the floor.

Thapki then manages to stand up and looks at her phone, she sees a well and manages to walk there and sits on the edge. Tears fal out of her eyes. She tries to see her knee but falls back and eventually into the well.

“Aah!” Thapki screams.

We could hear the water splash and Thapki crying.

“Help!” We hear Thapki shout.

Swara is shown walking out, she looks around and doesn’t see her driver and car and waits for a bit.
Some men look at her and she notices but looks away and down.

They talk among each other and are holding liquor bottles, they slowly approach her with a devilish smirk. Swara is feeling insecure and is looking down. She then feels a pair of hands wrap around her waist and a chin resting on her shoulder. Swara didn’t jerk as she felt like she knew that person. The men stopped approaching. She was shocked but not angry.

“Swara, I was waiting for you, you took a long time to come.” A familiar voice was heard.

A faint smile appeared on Swaras face as she knew who that person was, his voice and people gasping while walking past made it clear that it was her fiancé, Sanskaar.

Sanskaar breaks the hug and turns Swara towards him. She then all of a sudden hugs him and slowly places her head on his chest while closing her eyes. She feels comfortable in his embrace, Sanskaar was shocked at her move but hugs her back as people were watching.

He then fake smiles and asks “Are you okay Swara?”

Swara nods yes and breaks the hug, she then looks down. Sanskaar then grabs her hand and takes her near his car and looks at her.

“You…” Sanskaar utters but before he could complete, he sees Swara fainting and she falls into his chest.

Sanskaar is shocked.

“Swara…?” Sanskaar asks but gets no response.

He then puts her inside the car in the back and sits down and starts driving.

Ragini walks to a shop to buy a water bottle as she got thirsty. She then goes to the counter and places her water bottle but sees something else and starts thinking wether to buy it or not. Another man comes and places his bottle on the counter.

“Make sure this bottle is hidden, it has our special one.” The man says.

The counter person nods and keeps it on the side where Raginis bottle is. The other man leaves and starts exploring the shop. The counter man starts attending the costumers, Ragini then comes back with a packet of crisps and waits in the line, she then places the packet of Crisps.

“I also had a water bottle.” Ragini says.

The man then accidentally gives her then other one and she pays and leaves with her water bottle and crisps.

Ragini then steps out with the water bottle and opens it, she takes a sip and makes a face.

“What type of water is this?” She says while making a disgusted face.

She takes another sip but spits it out.

“Lagta hai Ki this is the shop waters tastes.” Ragini says and drinks it.

But she does not drink fully and puts it in her bag. After a while, she starts feeling dizzy and drowsy.

Scene shifts to Twinkle, the men behind and talking.

“She’s so hot.” One of the man whispers.

“You don’t know how long I have controlled myself.” the man who rolled the window said.

“I must say, his daughter is one good gem.” The men whisper.

Twinkle is shown at the front with closed eyes, the men in the back ask the driver to stop the car and the driver does.

“I’m thirsty, get me water.” One of the man says.

“But Sir…” The driver says but they give him the death glares and the driver nods yes, he parks on the side and steps out but looks around, he sees an petrol station in a distance and walks there. The men then smirk evilly.

Scene shifts to that well, Thapki is sitting down and floating in the water. She is crying and touching her knees.

Just then Bihaan drives past in his car and feels as if he crushed something and stops his car. He steps out and looks down and sees that while driving, he had crushed a phone and let’s out a sigh.

“I thought I killed something.” Bihaan says.

Thapki hears him and manages to stand.

“Bihaan!” Thapki shouts as loudest as she ever can.

Bihaan hears her and looks around.

“Bihaan!” Thapki shouts again.

First Bihaan thought it was his imagination but now he’s sure he could hear her.

“Thapki?” Bihaan says.

“Bihaan, I’m in this w…well!” Thapki says and feels out of breath.

Bihaan hears well and walks there. He peeks down and points his flashlight on it. He then sees Thapki and looks on shocked.

“Thapki, what are you doing there? If you were so fond of bathing, then you could’ve went home!” Bihaan says.

“There’s no time to joke! Get me out of here!” Thapki pleads.

“What are you even doing here? You know this place is isolated.” Bihaan asks with a little bit of concern.

“I’ll tell you but get me out.” Thapki says.

Bihaan then leaves and Thapki is shocked. She makes a sad face. Just then she feels something before her and screams.

“It’s a rope not a snake!” Bihaan says.

Thapki hears his voice and feels relaxed, she holds on to the rope and Bihaan pulls her out.

“Don’t let go at any cost.” Bihaan says while pulling.

Thapki reaches the top and Bihaan lets go of the rope but before she could fall, he holds onto her hand on time. Both share and eye-lock.

Scene shifts to the hospital, the doctor comes out after checking Swara.

“What happened to her?” Sanskaar asks looking less worried.

“There’s nothing to worry about, she’s feeling a little weak as she didn’t have much food to eat. But as she wakes up, we will make her eat something and see how she goes.” The doctor says.

The doctor then tells the nurses to admit her to the ward.
Sanskaar is surprised but doesn’t show it, he then remembers what he had said to Swara and feels a little guilty.

As the breakfast was over in the college, Sanskaar met Swara on the way. He stops and her and takes her to the side.

“What is wrong with you? What is this?! Maintain your figure and eat healthy! You should stop hanging out with that girl because you’re growing fat!” Sanskaar angrily whispers and leaves.

Swara looks on sadly and touches her belly.

End of flashback.

“This is all my fault, I only said that so that she could get rid of that girl.” Sanskaar thinks.

Scene shifts to Ragini, she’s walking on the road and people look at her and look on.

“That Laksh Roy is a kamina! He’s more than that, he’s a Kutta!” Ragini says in a drunken state.

Just then she falls on someone’s car that had stopped with a jerk. She slowly looks up and sees Laksh in the car, Laksh angrily comes out and sees her.

“What the hell?! Are you blind?! Why are you getting my car dirty?” Laksh angrily yet calmly says.

“Haw, you’re so rude!” Ragini says and makes an upsetting face.

“Is she drunk?” Laksh thinks.

“Even those boys are nicer than you.” Ragini says and points at a few bunch of boys that are looking at her lustfully.

“This isn’t safe for you, you should go home.” Laksh calmly with no expressions says.

“So? What’s it to you? Are you jealous that they’re better than you?” Ragini asks.

Laksh looks on, he then grabs her arm and makes her sit in the back of his car forcefully. He also sits in and starts driving.

“Where do you live?” Laksh asks.

“None of your business!” Ragini says and makes a face.

Laksh sighs and calls Swara but her phone is unreachable.

Ragini then looks out from the window and smiles.

Scene shifts to Twinkle, the men open the limo door and hold her hand, she feels it and opens her eyes, the man then shoved her inside the back of the limo and she falls, all the men are looking at her and she looks on uncomfortably.

“What the hell?!” Twinkle angrily asks.

“Till how long will you tempt us? Till how long do we have to wait?” The man who pushed her in said.

Twinkle is shocked and looks on.
She tries to get out but he pushes her back in. She then moves forward and smiles at him, she then pushes him and walks over him. Just then she sees a Lamborghini coming and runs forward and stands in front of it, the men come out and pull her towards them. The Lamborghini stops. Twinkle tries freeing herself from the men but in vain. The man that she stepped on stands up and walks up to her, he then angrily eyes her and was about to slap her when someone holds his hand. All look there and see a man and Twinkle smiles. The man takes his raybans off and is revealed to be Kunj.

“What’s going on here?” Kunj asks.

“What’s it to you?!” The man says.

“You’re here harassing your business partners daughter, if he finds out then he’s not going to do deals with you.” Kunj tells.

“But who’s going to believe her? Anyways her Father doesn’t believe what she says.” The man says.

Twinkle then looks down sadly.

“But she’s also my Fathers business partners daughter and he would believe me.” Kunj says in a serious and expressionless face and tone.

The men think and let go of her.

“I’ll drop her home.” Kunj says.

Twinkle then walks with Kunj and sits in his Lamborghini, Kunj also sits in and starts driving. Twinkle is upset and gets teary eyed. Kunj notices this. He then gives her a tissue and she takes it.

“My Father never loved me and never will, for him, his son will always hold more importance than me, even my older sister gets more importance and he trusts her more than me… I was only 3 when he left my mother and married another woman. That woman already had my fathers daughter and was pregnant with his son. My mother left me when I turned 4 years old and I had to live with him forcefully…” Twinkle says and wipes her tears.

Kunj just looks at her while driving.

“Then he always started blaming me for everything because of that woman.” Twinkle says and looks at Kunj.

Kunj then looks forward.

“What’s your ethnicity?” Kunj asks.

“My Father and Mother were both Punjabis.” Twinkle says.

“So you’re Panjabi?” Kunj asks.

“Haa.” Twinkle says.

Then there was a silence for a minuet.

“You?” Twinkle asks and breaks the silence.

“My Dad and Granddad are Chinese, My Grandma is a Panjabi and my Mum is white.” Kunj says.

“Oh, so you have Bebbe?” Twinkle asks.

“Bebbe?” Kunj asks confusingly.

“Grandma?” Twinkle asks.

Kunj nods yes.

“But we call her Daadi.” Kunj says.

“My Bebbe left me, I never got to see my Bebbe.” Twinkle sadly says.

“If you want, you can meet my Daadi.” Kunj asks.

“Really? But… I have a question, why are you always serious?” Twinkle asks and thinks.

Kunj then gives her and serious look and she looks away.

“I’ll meet your Bebbe.” Twinkle says.

Kunj then continues driving.

Bihaan manages to take Thapki out and he falls back and she falls on top of him.

“Dhoop se nikal ke
Chhaanv se phisal ke
Hum mile jahaan par
Lamha tham gaya
Aasmaan pighal ke
Sheeshe mein dhal ke
Jam gaya to tera
Chehra ban gaya” Bihaan and Thapki are having an eye lock, Bihaan then breaks it and song ends.

“It feels awkward, it’s like what happens in those Bollywood movies and serials, it reminds me of gerua.” Bihaan says.

Thapki then stands up and so does Bihaan, they compose themselves.

“You watch Bollywood?” Thapki asks.

“No, my Granddad does and sometimes my Dad.” Bihaan says.

Thapki looks at him and he steals eye contact.

“And I do too but sometimes.” Bihaan says.

Thapki laughs and says “I do too and so does my Daadi.” Thapki says.

“At least we have one thing in common.” Bihaan asks.

Thapki nods.

“Okay, I’ll see you later.” Bihaan says and walks towards his car.

Thapki looks on.

“He didn’t even offer me if I needed lift.” Thapki thinks.

Bihaan stops and smirks.

“Thapki, do you want a lift?” Bihaan asks.

“No, I’m fine.” Thapki annoyedly says.

“Okay.” Bihaan says and sits inside his Lamborghini and starts driving, Thapki looks on.

“How rude is he?” Thapki says to herself.

Just then Kunj’s Lamborghini goes past but stops, he reverses it and sees Thapki. Thapki sees Twinkle.

“What are you doing here?” Kunj asks.

“I was walking home.” Thapki says.

“But didn’t you get a lift?” Kunj asks.

“My lift is coming.” Thapki says.

“Vani, are you okay? What happened?” Twinkle asks.

“I’m okay, I’ll tell you when I get home.” Thapki says

“Come with us.” Twinkle says.

“But it’s only two seater.” Thapki says.

“Oh well, we can fit.” Twinkle says.

Twinkle opens the door and Kunj looks on. He shows no expressions.

“Are you sure?” Thapki asks.

Twinkle nods yes and Thapki sits in, she then sits on Twinkles lap.

“This isn’t India.” Kunj says in a serious tone.

“But koi ni, we will manage.” Twinkle says.

“Yes, we will manage.” Thapki says and smiles at Twinkle.

Kunj shakes his head and starts driving.

Swara is admitted in the ward, Sanskaar enters and sees Swara lying down and sleeping.

“Will she be okay?” Sanskaar asks the nurse

“Yes, her blood pressure is low so we need to keep her under observation for tonight.” The nurse says.

Sanskaar nods okay and sees the food still there.

“She won’t eat.” The nurse adds.

“I’ll make her eat.” Sanskaar says.

The nurse nods and leaves with Swaras notes.

Sanskaar sits besides Swara on the chair and faces her.

“Swara.” Sanskaar says in a serious tone.

Swara hears him and slowly opens her eyes, she sees him sitting besides her.

“What is this? Why didn’t you eat anything?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara is not fully awake and Sanskaar makes her sit up, she widens her eyes and looks on.

“How immature? You’re starving yourself? That is not good!” Sanskaar says.

Swara doesn’t respond and only looks at him.

“Now eat.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at the food and nods okay slowly. Sanskaar gets a phone call and goes to attend it.

Swara looks at the food and around, she finds her self in the hospital and stands up, she shuts the curtains and sits back on the bed and starts crying. She then touches her face and covers her eyes. She takes deep breaths and wipes her tears. She continues wiping her tears and looks at the food. Sanskaar happens to witness all of this through the corner of the curtains that wasn’t closed properly. He looks on with a sad yet surprised expression.

Laksh brings Ragini to his apartment, he opens the door and Ragini sees it.

“This is what you be proud of? What is this? You’re rich and that’s your luck but why so much arrogance?” Ragini asks.

Lakshs apartment is bigger than a house. It has a built in swimming pool room and an upstairs.
Laksh gets annoyed with her words.

“No Laksh, why be annoyed of her? Who is she? Just ignore her.” Laksh says to himself.

“You’re so rude.” Ragini says to Laksh.

“I’m rude? You’re rude!” Laksh says calmly.

Ragini faces him and points at him.

“You’re rude!” Ragini says.

She was about to fall when Laksh catches her, they share a few second eye-lock.

“You’re so rude, your words hurt me.” Ragini says in a drunken state and sad tone.

Laksh ignores her words and makes her stand but she falls into his chest and he angrily sighs.

“Your words make me cry… Is money and status really everything a person needs?” Ragini sadly asks.

“Yes, without money a person will die and without status, no one would know he existed!” Laksh sighs.

“But why show everyone you exist?” Ragini asks sadly.

“Unbelievable.” Laksh sighs.

“For you it must be so easy to waste money? First I thought you were cute but now… You hurt my feelings… It hurts when you call me a thing! I’m also a Human.” Ragini complains.

Laksh is shocked.

“What did you just say?” Laksh asks and makes her face him.

“I said it hurts when you call me a thing…” Ragini says but gets interrupted.

“No, before that.” Laksh asks.

“I said… Haa, I said I thought you were cute.” Ragini pouts.

Laksh doesn’t know how to respond to that.

“You and Sanskaar are ruthless, you don’t value anyone’s feelings! He hurts Swaras feelings a lot but for him, his status and attitude is important!” Ragini says with tears in her eyes.

“No one cares about feelings!” Ragini adds.

Laksh then sees her tears and looks away.

Twinkle, Thapki and Kunj reach Thapki and Kunj’s bungalow. They get out free Kunj parks his car and enter the bungalow.

“Chetti Bhag!” They hear a woman shout.

“That’s my…” Thapki says but Twinkle completes it for her.

“Bebbe?” Twinkle asks.

She then goes forward and sees a woman facing the Tv and is watching Bhag Milka Bhag while sitting on the Sofa. Twinkle goes in front of her and the woman looks up.

“Peri Pona Bebbe.” Twinkle says and takes her blessings.

The woman blesses Twinkle and is revealed to be Kunj and Thapki’s Daadi.

“Puttar Ji, yeh kaun hai?” Kunj’s Daadi asks.

“Daadi, this is my friend.” Thapki says.

“Kinni baar kahun, speak Panjabi.” Daadi says.

Twinkle stands up and Kunj’s Daadi looks at her and smile.

“Beta, it feels good to hear the word Bebbe out of someone’s mouth after a long time… Aaj se everyone call me Bebbe.” Bebbe says and declares.

“Bebbe?” Thapki asks.

“You made my day Beta, what’s your name?” Bebbe asks.

“Wow Bebbe, you speak English too and your English is on point.” Twinkle says.

“My name is Twinkle.” Twinkle adds.

“Twinkle? It’s such a nice name.” Bebbe says.

“Hey everyone…” A familiar voice is heard.

Thapki turns around and so does Kunj, Twinkle looks there.

“Lo, aagaya Sab ka so called heartthrob… Bihaan.” Bebbe says and turns around.

They see Bihaan smiling and standing near the door.

Scene shifts to Ragini and Laksh.
Laksh makes Ragini sit on the couch.

“You know money… Money doesn’t buy happiness always… I don’t like money…” Ragini says and pouts.

“Well that’s not my problem…” Laksh sighs.

“You know my real name… It isn’t Ragini Gadodia… It’s Ragini Me…” Ragini says but faints leaving her words incomplete.

Laksh looks at her suspiciously.

“Ragini Me?” Laksh thinks but brushes the thoughts aside.

Swara hears her phone buzz and picks it up.

“Hello?” Swara faintly asks.

Sanskaar comes in but Swara doesn’t see him.

“I’m… I’m not coming.” Swara says.

“You have to!” The caller says angrily.

Sanskaar then takes the phone and Swara looks on.

“Hello? It’s me Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says.

Sanskaar is shocked and looks at Swara who looks down with an upsetting face.

“I’ll see…” Sanskaar says and disconnects the call.

Sanskaar looks at Swara who is shown avoiding eye contact.

“You’re father is getting married again?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods yes and controls her tears.

Sanskaar then sees the food still in its position.

“Why isn’t your food finished?” Sanskaar calmly asks.

“I…I’m not h…hungry.” Swara says.

Sanskaar then sighs and sits in front of her.

“You have to eat or else you won’t be able to get discharged soon.” Sanskaar says and forwards the tray.

Swara then picks up the spoon but puts it back down and Sanskaar looks on.

“I…I don’t feel like drinking tomatoes soup.” Swara says worriedly.

“What?” Sanskaar asks.

“Where’s Ragini?” Swara asks.

“Not again, that girl isn’t good for you… And I don’t know where she is.” Sanskaar says and looks away.

Sanskaar picks the spoon up with soup in it and forwards to feed Swara.

Swara looks on and Sanskaar looks away, Swara then drinks the soup from his hand. The nurse comes in and smiles.

“Aww, this is cute… You two actually suit.” The nurse says and walks forward with the blood pressure machine.

Sanskaar stops feeding her and stands up.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sanskaar to hear Swara talking in her sleep… He also finds out something which is disturbing her… Twinkle to stay the night around Thapki’s and finds out about Kunj… Thapki and Bihaan scenes…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Do comment to tell me how you found this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

I think I will be able to upload the 6th episode on 30th of August… Till then keep smiling and take care and stay blessed ?

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