The Royals (Episode 4)


The Royals:
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Episode 4:

Police Station:
Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan, Kunj and Ragini are shown in the same cell. Laksh and Sanskaar are irritated and angry.

“What the hell am I doing in this low class jump suit?!” Laksh angrily shouts.

Some of the police men laugh.

“Why? Are you some sort of prince?!” The police man jokes.

Laksh looks at him and stands up.

“I do not remember what happened last night but I know it was this girl!” Laksh says and aims at Ragini.

“I didn’t do anything!” Ragini defends herself.

“Shut up!” Sanskaar angrily says and starts thinking.

“What happened to Swara?” Sanskaar thinks.

Laksh looks at the policemen, just then Swara and Thapki enter.

“Sir, please release them.” Swara says.

Sanskaar hears her voice and stands up, he is surprised to see her.

“Thapki came here to save me?” Bihaan happily thinks.

“Sir, my brother is innocent, he didn’t do anything.” Thapki says.

Bihaans smile disappears and he sits down upsettingly.

Kunj looks on.

“Sorry Ma’am, we can’t do anything, they were caught having alcohol in the party.” The policeman says.

“It was a ball.” Laksh irritatedly says.

After college was finished, everyone were getting ready for the ball. Ragini took out her dresses and starts deciding. Swara comes and gives Ragini an elegant gown.

“Wear this to the ball, please.” Swara requests.

“No, I’m okay.” Ragini says.

“Please.” Swara pleads.

Ragini then nods and Swara smiles.


All were ready for the ball, Laksh is ready in his black tuxedo but with tie. Bihaan, Kunj and Sanskaar are in a black suit with white shirt looking like Royal Princes. Swara gets changed into her peach and elegant gown while Ragini wears what Swara gave her, a royal blue less heavy gown as Ragini doesn’t like too much decky clothes. Twinkle wears a Maroon elegant chiffon gown while Thapki wears a elegant purple gown. All of them get ready and are looking dashing as well as stunning.

They reach the ball and Sanskaar is mesmerised to see Swara, she faint smiles and walks up to him. Bihaan smiles at Thapki.

“Hey Ragini? You’re looking stunning.” Bihaan compliments.

“Thank you.” Ragini happily says.

“But you, nah, you’re not looking appealing.” Bihaan teases.

Thapki narrows her eyes and gives him the death glares but Ragini notices she’s hurt.

“Vani is actually looking dashing.” Ragini says.

“But not better than me.” Bihaan proudly says.

Ragini smiles and says “Excuse me.”

Thapki tries going behind her when Bihaan blocks her way.

“Princess, do you want a dance?” Bihaan politely asks.

Thapki gets happy as he called her princess and nods yes. She places her hand in his hand and Bihaan takes her to the floor.

All of the people are shocked and are gossiping.

“Omg, what is Swara doing with Sanskaar?” They ask.

“Are they couples?” A girl shockingly asks.

Sanskaar whispers in Swaras ears.

“Stand straight, don’t tell anyone this is a business deal, make it look like we’re couples, get that smile and laugh but a little bit!” Sanskaar whispers.

Swara widens her smile and laughs a little.

“Not too much!” Sanskaar whispers.

Swara then smiles at him. Ragini sees Swara and walks up to her.

“Swara, why don’t you dance with your date?” Ragini asks.

“I don’t want to.” Swara says.

“Are you couples for namesake? Don’t tell me you’re just standing here to show them you’re couples?” Ragini questions.

“What’s it to you? And we’re not standing…” Sanskaar says.

“Really? Then show me.” Ragini says.

Sanskaar forwards his hand and Swara places her hand in his and Sanskaar takes Swara to the floor while looking at Ragini. Ragini gives the irritated and fake smile.

Thahaan and SwaSan dance on a tune…

Ragini then goes up to the DJ/Music player.

“Hey, sorry to disturb you but I have a song that I was meant to turn on in this functions, could you turn it on?” Ragini says.

“Sure.” The man says.

Ragini gives him her iPod.

“The 1st song.” Ragini says and turns.

“Alright lady and gentlemen, get ready for the dance.” The DJ/ Man says.

He then connects Raginis eye pod and turns the first song on. All get confused after the first tune plays.

“What type of song is this?” Sanskaar questions.

Ragini then thinks “Oh no, this is not the ball song.” Ragini then closes her eyes and bites her tongue.

Swara, Thapki and all get confused at the tune. Twinkle is seen standing near Kunj and she looks on.

Aashiyaan starts playing…

Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi

Sanskaar and all the couples on the dance floor are confused.

Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwabon ke tinkon se

They do the moves they’re meant to do.

Chal banayeinn aashiyaan (x2)

Sanskaar twirls Swara and Bihaan twirls Thapki.

Dabe dabe paaon se

“Oh, this song?” Bihaan says.

Aaye haule haule zindagi
Hothon pe kundi chadha ke
Hum taale laga ke chal

Kunj is confused.

Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein

“What the hell is this?!” Sanskaar angrily asks while dancing.

Aadhi aadhi baant le
Aaja dil ki ye zameen

All the students are confused.

Thoda sa tera sa hoga

Laksh walks in while fixing his collar but stops as he listens to the music.

Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye aashiyan

Ragini smiles and starts enjoying, Thapki feels awkward but later gets used to the dance and the song.

Itti si hansi

“This must be that Crazy and idiotic girl!” Laksh huffs.

Itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka

SwaSan and Thahaan continue doing their moves on that song.

Khwabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyan
Naa ho chaar deewarein

The DJ/ Man tries turning it off but it got stuck.

Phir bhi jharokhe khule
Baadalon ke ho parde

“You ruined everyone’s ball…” Ragini says with the guilt.

Shaakhi hari pankha jhale
Naa ho koi takraarein

Laksh shakes his head and takes a drink, he then drinks it and puts the glass back.

Are masti thahaake chale
Pyaar ke sikkon se mahine ka kharcha chale

Ragini mouths while clapping and Laksh sees her.

Dabe dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi

Swara smiles and Sanskaar sees her.

Hothon pe kundi chadha ke
Hum taale laga ke cha

“You think this is funny?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara smiles and nods no.

Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein

Bihaan enjoys the music.

Aadhi aadhi baant le
Aaja dil ki ye zameen
Thoda sa tera sa hoga

“Who put this on?” Twinkle says.

Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye Aashiyan
Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn Aashiyan (x2)

They finish the dance and Sanskaar sighs.

“be charming, be loved, be chaalu, be crazy, be happy, be in love be barfi!” Ragini says at the end and all glare at her.

Laksh feels dizzy. Ragini worriedly smiles.

“This song is good.” Twinkle says.

“It’s not too good.” Kunj says.

“It’s amazing.” Twinkle says.

“Somethings are not too amazing, if you’re too attached then you’ll end up breaking.” Kunj says and turns.

“Hey Kunj right? Hi, I’m Twinkle.” Twinkle introduces.

Kunj doesn’t turn.

“Getting attached to that thing won’t alway break you, it will make you realise not to repeat the same mistake again, it will teach you how you should live.” Twinkle tells.

Kunj leaves and Twinkle looks on.

After a while, Swara doesn’t feel well, Sanskaar takes a drink and takes a sip.

Sanskaar then notices Swara.

“Are you okay?” Sanskaar asks.

“Yes…” Swara lies.

“You don’t look okay and don’t you dare lie to me!” Sanskaar rudely says.

“Actually, I have a stomachache.” Swara tells.

“It must be your dinner, what did you eat?” Sanskaar asks with a concern but tells rudely.

“I ate Daal Chawal.” Swara says.

“Da… What?!” Sanskaar says and looks at her.

Swara has her head down while touching her stomach.

“Lentil and rice.” Swara says.

“You must be handing around with that girl, what’s her name again…” Sanskaar says and tries remembering.

“Ragini.” Swara says.

“Yes her! How can you? She’s not good for you.” Sanskaar says but feels a little dizzy.

Laksh holds onto the wall, Ragini then walks past.

“Hey, you!” Laksh says while feeling dizzy.

Ragini stops and looks at him.

“What the hell were you doing?” Laksh says and sounds drunk.

“He’s drunk?” Ragini thinks.

“Answer me!” Laksh angrily orders.

“Even in drunk state he has his attitude.” Ragini thinks.

Laksh then falls on the floor and Ragini looks on.

“You…” Laksh says and feels drowsy.

“You wait here, I’ll get one of your friend.” Ragini says and leaves.

Sanskaar then touches his head and says “You can go but take care and make sure you eat medication.”

Swara is surprised, she then nods and leaves.

“Swara.” Sanskaar says.

Swara stops and turns around.

“You’re looking beautiful today.” Sanskaar compliments.

Swara smiles and blushes at the same time, she then leaves from there. Sanskaar feels drowsy and sees everyone and everything going blurry. Sanskaar was about to fall but Kunj catches him.

“Are you okay?” Kunj asks.

“S…Swara is a nice girl.” Sanskaar says.

“We know that.” Kunj says.

Ragini comes back with Bihaan and is shocked to see Lakshs state. Bihaans eyes also widen.

“Omg, he had clothes and now… Chi!” Ragini says and turns.

Laksh is lying down with only his pants/boxers. His shoes, socks tuxedo and tie was missing.

“I think somebody stole his clothes.” Bihaan says.

“But why?” Ragini asks.

“Because they’re expensive and Prince Laksh’s clothes.” Bihaan says.

Kunj comes there with drowsy Sanskaar.

“Someone mixed something in his drink.” Kunj says.

Thapki and Twinkle leave as the ball is gone boring.

“Oh, so that’s why he’s like that.” Ragini says.

Kunj looks down and looks on.

“See, still his expression hasn’t changed, even when he’s shocked, then serious, happy, serious like come on.” Bihaan says and complains.

Just the the police come raid the party, all are shocked. They arrest Ragini, Bihaan, Kunj and Laksh.

“Listen, you can’t do this.” Bihaan says.

“We have proof against you.” The policeman says.

They arrest Sanskaar too and take them to the police station. They made Laksh wear an orange jumpsuit. Ragini, Bihaan and Kunj request them to release them.

“You are under 21 and have been drinking, you are arrested for this crime! You have to stay here for a night or more!” The policewoman says and leaves.

“But…” Bihaan says but stops.

“Aah! Just 1 week left till Sanskaar turns 21…” Bihaan complains.

Morning, Laksh wakes up and finds himself in a jumpsuit. And in a police station.

“What the hell am I doing in this low class jump suit?!” Laksh angrily shouts.

Some of the police men laugh.

“Why? Are you some sort of prince?!” The police man jokes.

Laksh looks at him and stands up.

“I do not remember what happened last night but I know it was this girl!” Laksh says and aims at Ragini.

“I didn’t do anything!” Ragini defends herself.

“Shut up!” Sanskaar angrily says and starts thinking.

“What happened to Swara?” Sanskaar thinks.

Laksh looks at the policemen, just then Swara and Thapki enter.

“Sir, please release them.” Swara says.

Sanskaar hears her voice and stands up, he is surprised to see her.

“Thapki came here to save me?” Bihaan happily thinks.

“Sir, my brother is innocent, he didn’t do anything.” Thapki says.

Bihaans smile disappears and he sits down upsettingly.

Kunj looks on.

“Sorry Ma’am, we can’t do anything, they were caught having alcohol in the party.” The policeman says.

“It was a ball.” Laksh irritatedly says.

“When did we have alcohol? It was forbidden.” Laksh adds and thinks.

“We have caught you red handed.” The policeman says.

“Laksh Roy does not drink low calls alcohol.” Laksh justifies.

“Forget drinking, he wouldn’t even look at it.” Ragini tells.

Laksh stands with his heald high.

“L…Laksh Roy?” The policemen asked looking shocked.

Laksh nods yes, the other police man checks on his computer and nods yes shockingly.

“Arnab Roy’s son?” The police man asks.

“Yes.” Laksh says.

“We didn’t know it was you, sorry sir.” The policemen apologise.

“Do you know who I am?” Bihaan asks.

The policemen look at him.

“Bihaan, Bihaan D’souza.” Bihaan says with pride.

The policemen are shocked and one of the cops searches and nods yes. The policemen gulp.

“Then you two must be Kunj Lee and Sanskaar Balachandran?” The policeman says.

Kunj and Sanskaar nod yes, Swara also shows the evidence.

“Sorry Sir, we didn’t know.” The policeman says.

Laksh just nods.

“But who is that lady?” The policeman says while looking at Ragini.

“I’m Ragini Gadodia.” Ragini says.

The policemen get confused and one of the searches but nods no.

“Normal Citizen.” Laksh says.

“Oh…” The policemen say.

“You 4 are released and sorry for false convictions.” The policeman says.

Laksh nods okay and the police opens the cell door.

“What? Why keep me in? I didn’t do anything.” Ragini complains.

Laksh turns around and glares at her, he then turns back and looks at the policemen.

“Just leave her too…” Laksh says and walks.

The policemen nod and let Ragini out.

“Where are my clothes?” Laksh asks.

“Someone stole it.” Bihaan says.

“How dare they steal my clothes?! Sue that place!” Laksh angrily says.

Finally, they reach outside the police station.

“I can’t believe him…” Ragini says.

Ragini then goes in front of Laksh and he stops seeing her.

“Don’t think that you have brought me down by doing this favour on me! I didn’t ask for it!” Ragini angrily says.

“What the…” Laksh angrily says.

“Nanga Roy! You can’t even handle yourself so how do you manage to do business? Do you also bribe them with money?” Ragini says and questions.

“Don’t you dare okay! Why are you even talking to me?! I don’t talk to things like you!” Laksh says rudely.

“Don’t think you won by doing this favour on me!” Ragini warns and leaves.

“Someone get that thing arrested again!” Laksh sighs.

“Let’s leave.” Sanskaar says.

Then the 4 boys leave. Ragini reaches her hostel room and starts crying.

“Today, for the 1st time I got arrested and now that Nanga Roy thinks he done a favour on me, I don’t want his favours! They hurt.” Ragini cries.

“I’m an honest and khudgarz woman, I don’t want to be dependant on anyone, especially people like him!” Ragini says and starts crying.

Laksh finally gets out of the jumpsuit and changes to his suit.

“That’s much better.” Laksh says and makes himself look like a professional again.

Raginis words then echo in his head.

“Nanga Roy!” That’s all that echoes in his head.

“That girl needs to shut her mouth, but what price would she take?” Laksh says and starts thinking.

After a while Laksh gets ready and reaches the college, he sees Sanskaar, Kunj and Bihaan sitting at their table.

He walks there but bumps into somebody. That somebody is revealed to be Ragini, she looks down and leaves. Laksh is surprised but ignores her. He sits down on his chair/space.

“That Crazy thing didn’t say anything to me.” Laksh says.

“I scolded her but she didn’t say anything back to me.” Sanskaar tells.

“She talks to me, in fact I’m her friend.” Bihaan says.

Sanskaar and Laksh look at him, Kunj is thinking about Twinkles words.

“How can you make that your friend?” Laksh asks while looking disgusted.

“Bihaan, are you serious?” Sanskaar asks.

“Yes.” Bihaan happily says.

“He’s lost it.” Sanksaar says.

“She’s a nice girl.” Bihaan tells.

“Nice? She’s not even worth my foot!” Laksh says.

“I warned Swara to stay away from her, she’s turning Swara into one of her.” Sanskaar says.

“Guys, Rags is gone so famous in our group.” Bihaan says.

Sanskaar, Kunj and Laksh look at Bihaan.

“Who’s Rags?” Laksh asks.

“Ragini, that girl.” Bihaan says.

“No, you just did not Bihaan.” Sanskaar says.

Bihaan gets confused.

“Ragini? She already sounds like an evil old witch.” Laksh says and sighs.

“You’re a little too harsh on her.” Bihaan says.

“We’re harsh? She’s harsh.” Sanskaar says.

Bihaan then shakes his head and stands up.

“I’ll meet you three later after class.” Bihaan says and leaves.

Laksh, Sanskaar and Kunj look on.
Episode ends on their faces.

Precap: Ragini meets Laksh in a drunken state… Kunj to help Twinkle after she had been attacked…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

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I think I will be able to upload the 5th episode on 28th of August… Till then keep smiling and take care and stay blessed ?

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