The Royals (Episode 3)


The Royals:
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Episode 3:

The Episode starts at the college, Twinkle is seen waiting at the gate.

“Where is she?” Twinkle says and looks at the time.

Just then Twinkle feels a tap on her shoulder, Twinkle turns around and a bright smile appears on her face.

“Vani?” Twinkle says and hugs her.

The girl is revealed to be Vani, she is shown smiling. Twinkle then breaks the hug. Vani is shown in a skirt, opened hair with hair band and blazer with white shirt.

“Finally you’re here, a week without you was boring.” Twinkle says.

“I know I’m sweet.” Vani says.

Twinkle smiles.

“I missed you too Twinkle.” Vani says.

Both start walking.

After a while the 4 boys enter the college, all look at them walk past. Ragini and Swara walks past and see everyone’s reaction and stop. They turns around and see them 4 boys walking.

“It’s them, stupid losers!” Ragini says and leaves with Swara.

“Okay, meet me outside my class.” Bihaan says and leaves.

Kunj, Sanskaar and Laksh leave to their perspective classes too.

Bihaan enters his class room and is surprised to see Thapki.

“Thapki? What is she doing here? When did she come back!” Bihaan says to himself.

“Thank you sir, I would join the classes from tomorrow.” Vani says and leaves but stops as she sees Bihaan.

“Hey, Thapki, long time no see?” Bihaan says.

Vani just smiles at him and leaves,
Bihaan confusingly looks on.

Scene shifts to business class, Laksh is sitting down and concentrating. He then sees some boys messing around and gets irritated. He decides to ignore them. Laksh looks down and sees the bottom of his trousers messy and fixes it.

“Could you stop behaving like children?” Laksh finally says after having enough.

All hear him.

“I cannot concentrate in this type of environment, either remove them or shift me to another class!” Laksh sighs.

“Boys?!” The teacher says.

“Sorry ma’am.” Both of the boys that were not behaving say.

Then art class is shown, Sanskaar is shown drawing and listening at the same time. Ragini doesn’t even look at him and even if she does by mistake, she gives him the death glares.

Sanskaar finishes drawing.

Kunj is shown learning maths, he marks his test papers and gets a tick each time the teacher reads out the answers.

The classes then finish and Bihaan finishes off with singing the few lines.

“Is it to late now to say sorry? And I’m missing more than just your body…” Bihaan sings and stops.

All clap for him, Bihaan then leaves with a smile, he sees Vani/Thapki and goes there.

“Hey Thapki, why are you blanking me?” Bihaan asks.

“I’m not.” Vani/Thapki says.

“You are.” Bihaan says.

“I’m not!” Thapki says and gives him the serious look.

“Not again! First your brother and now you?” Bihaan says.

“Why are you here?” Thapki says and starts walking.

“To tell you that I never missed you.” Bihaan says.

“Good for you.” Vani says.

“Not just good, it’s amazing for me because I didn’t get to see your face for a week.” Bihaan happily says.

Vani/Thapki glares at him.

Kunj is shown coming out of his classroom while fixing his watch and bumps into Twinkle who was in a hurry, she looses her balance and was about to slip when Kunj holds her by her waist on time. Twinkles hands are around her neck.

A tune starts playing…

All look on and gasp.

Both share an eye-lock for a few second and was broken by Kunj himself. He makes Twinkle stand and fixes himself and leaves from there. Twinkle looks on.

“Why are his eyes telling me something? It seems like they have too much pain in them and he’s trying to hide it. He’s Kunj Na? The robot…” Twinkle thinks.

She brushes the thoughts off and walks away while increasing the speed.

On the announcement board, there’s a poster. People are crowded and Ragini wonders why. Bihaan and Thapki see this too.

“Why are their people crowded there?” Bihaan asks.

“I’m not too sure.” Thapki/Vani says.

“I’m going to check.” Bihaan says.

“Like they would move.” Thapki says.

“They would, you’re just jealous.” Bihaan says and smirks.

“Me and Jealous?” Thapki says.

“Watch me.” Bihaan says.

Bihaan smiles and walks there, the girls turn and see him coming and smile, they move out of the way while adding touches to their looks. Twinkle also walks there.

They clear the way out as Bihaan walks past, Ragini takes the advantage and walks in too. Bihaan looks on as she walks in front of him.

“Dance?” Ragini says while looking there.

“It’s called Ball, not dance.” Bihaan explains.

“Same thing, but why? Is it something special?” Ragini asks.

“No, it’s what we have every month.” Bihaan tells.

“Oh, so you need a date?” Ragini asks.

Bihaan nods yes.

“It’s a Royal Ball.” Bihaan says with proud smile.

“Oh.” Ragini says.

“By the way I’m Bihaan.” Bihaan says with a friendly smile.

The girls look on and some get upset.

“I’m Ragini but you can call me Rags.” Ragini says.

“Okay Rags, I’ll meet you later some day.” Bihaan says.

Ragini nods okay and Bihaan leaves and smirks while looking at Vani/Thapki. She crosses her arms and gives the whatever look.

Twinkle walks up to Thapki.

“Thapki, I’ll meet you later.” Bihaan says

“Actually, don’t meet me, I don’t want my day to get jinxed.” Bihaan jokes and walks away.

Thapki/Vani huffs.

“He’s so rude.” Thapki sighs.

“Actually, I find him better than the rest.” Twinkle tells.

Ragini walks near Swara and tells her about the ball.

“You know, Bihaan is the nicest out of all of them.” Ragini tells.

Swara nods.

“Anyways we don’t have any dates so do you want to stay around my house?” Ragini says.

“Um… Ragini, actually… Um…” Swara says while looking down.

“You have a date? Who?” Ragini asks.

Just then Sanskaar, Laksh and Kunj walk there. Ragini glares at them and finds Bihaan missing.

“What are you doing here?!” Ragini asks.

“Ragini, meet my date, Sanskaar.” Swara says innocently.

Ragini is shocked.

“Him?!” Ragini asks shockingly.

“Swara, how many times do I have to tell you not to hang around with her!” Sanskaar angrily says and gives Ragini the dirty look.

“How can he be your date? Couldn’t you find anyone better than this chalti phirti Rude and Kadoos Machine gun?!” Ragini says.

“What’s that language?!” Sanskaar gets irked and angrily asks.

“Listen, if you don’t know how to speak English then don’t speak at all!” Laksh says.

“You’re no less! Chalta Phirta Kadoos Billa!” Ragini insults.

Laksh is shocked at her words.

“Stay in your limits?! What’s your standard to talk to us?! And what language is that? If you don’t know how to speak then it’s better if you shut your mouth!!” Laksh insults.

“I’m not also so fond of talking to you! Stone hearted freak!” Ragini says and walks away.

“These type of girls only know how to trap people!” Sanskaar says.

“But she’s…” Swara says but gets stopped.

“Stay away from her!” Sanskaar says and leaves from there.

Ragini is sitting down and is angry and is thinking.

“How can they be so rude?” Ragini asks herself.

Vani/Thapki and Twinkle sit down on the same table.

“Hi, I’m Vani.” Thapki introduces.

“And I’m Twinkle.” Twinkle introduces.

Both Thapki and Twinkle smile at her.

“Twinkle told me how rude those 4 boys are being to you.” Thapki says.

Ragini nods yes and looks down.

“Actually, I have a confession to make.

Twinkle and Ragini look at Thapki, Swara joins Ragini and sits down. Ragini ignores her.

“One of them is my brother.” Thapki says.

“What?!” Twinkle and Ragini shockingly.

Thapki nods yes.

“Don’t tell me it’s that Kadoos that has too much pride.” Ragini says.

Thapki gets confused.

“Sanskaar.” Swara says

Thapki then nods no.

“No? Then don’t tell me it’s that Billa! Who thinks he’s the only human on earth and he’s the best?!” Ragini says in an annoyed tone.

“Nope, it’s not Laksh.”

Ragini and Twinkle release a breath of relief.

“Bihaan?” Ragini asks.

Thapki nods no.

“Kunj?” Twinkle asks.

Thapki then nods yes.

“Kunj? Haa, he’s alright too..” Ragini says.

“Tomorrow is the Royal ball, so I’ll meet you there.” Thapki says.

“I’m not coming.” Ragini says.

“Same here.” Twinkle says.

“How can you two not? Please, Swaras going to be there, you two have to come.” Thapki request.

“But I have an assignment to do.” Twinkle says.

“Please…” Thapki requests with puppy eyes.

Twinkle and Ragini give in and say okay. Thapki smiles.

“So meet you tomorrow, good bye.” Thapki says and stands up.

“Bye.” Twinkle says and also stands up.

Thapki and Twinkle then leave from there. Ragini then ignores Swara.

“Sorry Ragini, I was going to tell you that were engaged but…” Swara says but stops as Ragini turns to her.

“You’re already engaged?!” Ragini shockingly asks.

Swara nods yes.

“Actually, my Father and Sanskaar’s Father are partner in business, so they got me and Sanskaar engaged to turn this partnership into a relationship.” Swara tells.

“Oh, so there’s no love in this? I seen that he’s rude to you too.” Ragini says.

“I like him but I don’t think he has the same feelings for me.” Swara says.

“Hmm, don’t worry, you’re so sweet… He would fall for you.” Ragini assures.

Swara gives a faint smile.

“Is he also Bengali?” Ragini asks.

Swara nods no.

“Oh, but I’m not allowed to have a Bengali husband, you don’t know my Daadi, she hates Bengalis so much, she can tell if someone’s Bengali or not by smelling them, she even hates the looks of Bengali people… She would never get me married to a Bengali. Forget talking to them, she doesn’t even look at them.” Ragini tells.

“Why does she hate Bengalis?” Swara asks.

“I tried asking her but she said they’re smelly… I don’t know.” Ragini says and looks on.

Episode ends on Ragini and Swaras face.

Precap: The College Ball… Ragini and Laksh to have a fight… Sanskaar to feel something for Swara but hides it… Bihaan and Thapki have a dance… Twinkle to talk to Kunj…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Do comment to tell me how you found this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

Sorry for disappointing some of you…

I think I will be able to upload the 4th episode on 26th of August… Till then keep smiling and take care and stay blessed ?

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