The Royals (Episode 2)


The Royals:
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Episode 2:

The episode starts at the canteen,

“I’m not serious.” Bihaan says and was about to order something when Sanskaar interrupts.

“But we’re going.” Sanskaar says.

Laksh stands up and fixes his suit. Kunj nods yes and stands along with Sanskaar. Bihaan then stands up and the 4 boys start walking.

“Where are they going?” Ragini whispers to Swara.

“I don’t know.” Swara says.

As the four boys step out of their college gates, a black long limo comes and stops in front of them. A driver comes out and opens the door. Kunj, Laksh and Bihaan get confused.

“Let’s take a seat.” Sanskaar says.

“Oh, so your limo?” Bihaan asks.

Sanskaar nods yes and Bihaan gets inside followed by Laksh, Sanskaar and finally Kunj.

“But how are we going to reach there? Are we going to fly there?” Bihaan jokes.

Laksh looks at him.

“Don’t tell me we are, but my chopper is not with me at the moment.” Bihaan says.

“Bihaan, you worry too much.” Kunj says in a serious tone and gives a serious look.

“I’m not worrying, just asking.” Bihaan justifies.

Laksh then sees a mirror in between Kunj and Bihaan and sees his hair. He then fixes his one strand that was sticking out.

“Lol, his and his perfection are always on point.” Bihaan says.

“What is that language?” Sanskaar asks in a serious tone.

“What do you mean?” Bihaan asks.

Laksh fixes his hair and says “Lol”

Bihaan, Sanskaar and Kunj look at him. He then looks at them too.

“What?” Laksh asks.

Bihaan start laughing while Kunj looks on serious. Sanskaar chuckles for 2 seconds.

“What’s so funny?” Laksh asks with his head held high.

“You said Lol so we were just doing that.” Bihaan justifies and stops laughing.

Laksh raises his right eyebrow and looks at Bihaan.

“That means Laugh Out Loud.” Sanskaar tells.

Laksh then looks at Bihaan while Bihaan stops smiling. There was an awkward silence until Laksh smiles.

“OMG!” Bihaan says shockingly.

All look at him.

“Laksh Roy, the LAKSH Roy smiled?! I should’ve taken a snap.” Bihaan says and regrets.

Laksh then glares at Bihaan. Sanskaar then smiles and Kunj doesn’t show any emotions. Kunj then fixes his suit and Sanskaar fixes his watch while Bihaan is looking at them.

“Wow, what kind of friends are you? No joke or Masti, it’s Perfectionist and serious Laksh, Robot and serious Kunj and finally, serious and angry Sanskaar.” Bihaan says and leans back.

The trio look at him.

“Bihaan, may I ask you a question.” Laksh asks.

Bihaan nods yes.

“Who named you?” Laksh simply asks.

“Me? Well my grandma named me because she is an Indian, so I’m quarter Indian and quarter Christian and my mother is Japanese, so I’m quarter Japanese too. So my grandma must’ve named me.” Bihaan explains.

Laksh then nods and looks at Sanskaar.

“My Mother named me.” Sanskaar tells.

Laksh looks at Kunj.

“My Grandma.” Kunj tells.

“Okay.” Laksh says.

“Who named you?” Sanskaar asks.

“My aunt.” Laksh tells.

“If that was a joke then it’s very… Emotionless and bad.” Bihaan tells.

The limo stops and the driver comes out and opens the door for our princes. Sanskaar steps out first followed by Kunj, Laksh and Bihaan.

“I want to ask you all a question.” Bihaan asks.

They don’t nod nor say anything.

“Why are you all so perfectionists?” Bihaan asks.

“Because Perfection is the key to smartness.” Kunj tells.

“Perfection is needed to maintain standards.” Laksh tells while walking forward.

“Perfection is wanted to stay in the top.” Sanskaar tells.

“You three are too much, I know perfection is important but…” Bihaan says and is shocked.

They see a private jet and stop.

“You’re jet came?” Bihaan asks

“Yes, shall we?” Laksh asks.

Then the 4 princes start walking with their black ray-bands on. A tune also plays.

They enter the private jet and take their seats.

“Only if my jet was here.” Bihaan says and relaxes.

“In you’re one there’s a swimming pool right?” Sanskaar asks.

Bihaan nods yes and Sanskaar nods okay.

The private jet lands in Brazil and the doors open, Laksh, Sanskaar, Bihaan and Kunj walk out. Then two Lamborghini come in front of them, one is green and black while the other one is red and black.

The two drives come out and hand the keys to Kunj, Kunj gives one key to Sanskaar. Sanskaar gives it to Laksh.

“I love your Lamborghini.” Bihaan says to Kunj.

“Let’s leave.” Kunj says and hands Bihaan the keys.

“Are you serious?” Bihaan asks excitedly.

Kunj looks at him.

“I mean you’re always serious.” Bihaan says and enters with a smile. He starts it and Kunj sits besides him as its two seater.

Laksh sits in the other one and Sanskaar sits with him. Both drive off.

After a while they reach a restaurant, they park their cars and enter. The waiter sees them and takes them upstairs in the terrace where they see only one table decorated and a sign which has Happy Birthday Bihaan written on it and they take their seats.

“Happy Birthday.” The waiter says.

“Thank you.” Bihaan says with a smile.

“Shall we order?” Sanskaar says.

The boys the order their food the waiter takes their order and goes down.

“It’s good your Dad had opened a restaurant in Brazil.” Laksh says to Kunj.

“I love this one, I remember when I came here 3 days ago.” Bihaan says.

The food then arrives.

Kunj just nods and starts eating.

“The Pastas are the best thing about this restaurant.” Sanskaar says while enjoying his meal.

“Their time and punctuality is the amazing part.” Laksh says and takes his food.

“Sanskaar, are you allowed to eat meat?” Bihaan asks.

Sanskaar nods no and says “It’s against our religion, well culture.” Sanskaar says.

“Oh.” Bihaan expresses.

After a while Laksh sees the time.

“In exactly two minuets we have to leave.” Laksh says.

They nod yes and finish eating.
Laksh stands up and washes his hands and takes the napkin. Sanskaar, Kunj and Bihaan do the same.

Then they leave to the private jet.

After a while they enter the private jet and the jet takes off.

“That was fun.” Bihaan expresses.

“Be ready at sharp 5:00pm because we have to leave for Paris.” Laksh tells.

“Why is that?” Bihaan asks.

“Because we will have our Dinner there.” Sanskaar tells and fixes his tie.

“I might not be able to come today.” Kunj says.

“You are.” Bihaan tells.

After few hours the private jet lands back in Australia.

The boys then reach the college in the Limo and enter, they head to their classes.

It’s the end of their college time, the boys meet up and walk out, Ragini bumps into Sanskaar again. Swara also comes there and looks on.

“Look where you’re going! Oh, you again!” Sanskaar sighs.

Ragini rolls her eyes and says “Why didn’t you use your eyes?! Instead of too much pride and ‘I’m the best’ attitude look at reality! Stupid Asshole!”

Sanskaar gets angry and glares at her.

“Don’t you dare raise that attitude!” Sanskaar says angrily.

“Ragini, just don’t talk to them.” Swara quietly and innocently says.

“You know this a*sh*le?” Ragini asks Swara.

“I’m right here.” Sanskaar says.

“It’s hard to explain.” Swara says.

“Leave this thing!” Laksh says and fixes his suit.

“I’m a Human too.” Ragini says and gives an irritated smile.

Laksh puts his ray bans on after glaring at her.

“Behave like one!” Sanskaar says.

“Actually, you should. Kadoos!” Ragini says.

“Kadoos? What kind of language is that?!” Laksh angrily says.

“We’re wasting our precious time on stupid and low class people!” Laksh adds while looking professional.

“You’re right, if we talk to her more longer, she would give us a disease.” Sanskaar says.

Ragini feels hurt by Lakshs words, Bihaan gets surprised and smiles a little.

The 4 boys then head out and Ragini angrily yet upsettingly looks on.

“Ragini, you should just ignore them.” Swara says.

Ragini nods yes and both Swara and Ragini head out.


Four cars stop at the same destination, Laksh, Bihaan, Sanskaar and Kunj step out of their perspective cars and meet up.

“Let’s leave, Mother wanted to meet me so we will give a visit to them.” Laksh says.

They enter the private jet and take their seats, the private jet takes off.

After few hours, they reach Paris and eventually in Laksh’s mansion.

“Laksh, you came back? What happened to you?” A new voice is heard.

All look up and see a Woman walking down the stairs in a pink elegant saree with her hair tied professionally and is adorned with diamond necklace and diamond earrings and is revealed to be AP.

“Mother, how have you been?” Laksh asks looking least interested.

“Mother? Call me Maa.” The AP.

Laksh doesn’t look at her, the servant then comes.

“Sir, you’re table is ready along with your dinner.” The servant says.

Laksh nods and the servant leaves. Bihaan gets surprised to see his Father their.

“Dad?” Bihaan says.

“Bihaan, my son, what brings you here?” Bihaans father says.

“Actually, we were here for dinner.” Bihaan says and fixes his suit.

“Dinner? Well I was here for business.” Bihaans father says.

“Mr D’souza, please join us.” AP says and smiles.

“Please excuse us.” Laksh says.

The 4 boys then leave.

“Mr D’souza, stay for a bit.” A new voice is heard.

“Okay, since you insist Mr Maheshwari.” Bihaan’s father says.

The man that comes in and stands next to AP is revealed to be DP in a professional suit.

Laksh, Sanskaar, Kunj and Bihaan sit down at their special and organised table.

“Dad didn’t even wish me.” Bihaan tells.

“Don’t worry about that.” Sanskaar says.

“You’re right.” Bihaan says and smiles.

The waiters bring the food in and place it down.

“What is this?” Laksh asks with anger.

“Sir, this is Roti.” The waiter tells.

“Did I ask for Roti?!” Laksh angrily says.

The waiter gets scared and nods no.

“What is a Roti?” Bihaan and Sanskaar ask.

“Sorry S…Sir, B…Bade M..Malik said to f…feed you t…the taste of I…India.” The waiter says and looks down.

“So you’re an Indian?!” Laksh angrily asks.

“Dude, we don’t eat Indian food.” Bihaan says.

“If he wants it then FEED HIM!! Don’t bring it here!” Laksh says in an angry mood and holds his fist.

“Calm down Laksh.” Kunj says.

Laksh then looks away and sighs, he fixes his hair and suit.

“Listen, they won’t eat Roti, take it away.” Kunj tells in serious tone/look

“You know what Roti is?” Bihaan asks.

“Well my Daadi used to make it.” Kunj says in a serious tone/look

“Tell Mr Maheshwari to keep his pathetic Indian food to himself!” Laksh says calmly yet in a serious tone.

The waiter takes the Roti’s and leaves sadly. DP was standing near the door and looks on.

“That one day would come Laksh, you would be eating Indian food.” DP thinks and leaves.

On the other hand, Ragini is seen having Dinner with Swara in Ragini’s hostel room.

“What is this?” Swara asks.

“This is Sarson ka Saag with Roti.” Ragini tells.

“Oh.” Swara says and looks on.

“Don’t tell me you never ate Sarson ka Saag and Roti before?” Ragini says and sits opposite Swara.

Swara makes a face and nods no and Ragini gets surprised.

“You haven’t?!” Ragini asks.

Swara nods no.

“Well you have to try this.” Ragini says and puts it in Swaras plate.

Ragini then starts eating and Swara looks on. Ragini then looks at Swara.

“What happened?” Ragini asks

“Where the spoon and the fork?” Swara asks.

Ragini is stunned and says “You never ate with your hands?”

Swara nods no again.

“You rich people are so weird, I mean you haven’t tasted Indian food and never ate with your hand?” Ragini says.

Ragini then forwards her hand to feed Swara, Swara looks on.

“Kao…” Ragini says.

Swara then eats it from Raginis hand and looks down to hide her tears but Ragini notices.

“What happened Swara?” Ragini asks.

“Nothing.” Swara says and wipes her tears.

“Something happened, tell me.” Ragini says and Swara looks up.

“Nothing… It’s just that no one ever fed me by their hands after my mother left.” Swara says with a faint smile.

Ragini then looks at Swara with faint smile.

“You have me…” Ragini says.

Swara and Ragini then smile at each other.

“The food will get cold, let’s eat it.” Ragini says.

Swara then tries to eat with her hand but couldn’t. Ragini then starts feeding her, Swaragini title tune starts playing…

Scene shifts to Paris, the boys have finished their dinner.

“The pasta was amazing.” Bihaan says.

“The dinner was amazing.” Sanskaar says.

Laksh then gives a faint smile.

“Ah, I missed it again.” Bihaan says.

The boys the stand up and walk out, they see DP, AP and Mr D’souza eating Indian food.

“Wow, I must say, I haven’t had this type of food in ages, it’s amazing.” Bihaan’s Father says.

“After all this has an Indian taste.” DP says.

“Indeed Mr Maheshwari.” Bihaans father says.

Laksh ignores them and turns to Bihaan, Sanskaar and Kunj.

“Why don’t we stay here tonight?” Laksh asks.

“Well, I need to…” Kunj says but gets interrupted.

“It’s late and we might as well.” Laksh says.

Kunj then nods okay and so does Bihaan and Sanskaar.

“I’ll be right back.” Bihaan says and walks towards his father.

“Dad, where’s Mum?” Bihaan asks.

“Oh Bihaan, well you’re mothers in London.” Mr D’souza says.

“Oh and I guess you’re forgetting today’s date.” Bihaan says.

“Today’s date? Oh, Happy birthday Bihaan.” Bihaans father says.

Bihaan fake smiles and says “Thank you.”

Bihaan turns and leaves, just then he gets a phone call.

“Hello?” Bihaan says and answers it.

“Otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu” The caller says.

“Arigatōgozaimashita” Bihaan says.

“I’ll talk to you later.” The caller says.

Bihaan then disconnects the call.

“Who was it?” Sanskaar asks while they start walking.

“It was my Mum.” Bihaan says.

“She wished him happy birthday and he said thank you.” Kunj explains in a serious look.

“Yes and I forgot that he speaks 7 different languages, how? I can only speak 2, Japanese and English and I struggle to speak Hindi.” Bihaan says.

“I speak English but I’m a little weak in Tamil.” Sanskaar says with a tiny smile.

“I speak English and Bengali.” Laksh says with a proud smile.

“But K, tell me, what languages do you speak?” Bihaan asks.

“My name is Kunj.” Kunj says and looks at Bihaan.

“And I speak Japanese, Chinese, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, English, Arabic and I’m learning Korean.”

“Oh, then wish me happy birthday in these 7 languages and if possible 8.” Bihaan says and smirks.

Kunj then sighs and says “Piṟantanāḷ vāḻttukkaḷ… eyd mawlid saeid… Śubha Janmadina… Shēngrì kuàilè… Happy Birthday… Otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu… saeng-il chugha… Bihaan.”

“You’re missing one.” Bihaan complains.

Kunj looks at him.

“Panjabi… You didn’t say it to me in Panjabi.” Bihaan realises and says.

“No, that’s embarrassing.” Kunj says in a serious tone and looks away.

“So you don’t know Panjabi?” Bihaan asks.

“I do but you won’t understand, where is my resting room?” Kunj says and asks.

“Just take a right from here.” Laksh says.

Kunj then leaves, Bihaan takes a left and leaves, Sanskaar and Laksh walk forward, Sanskaar then goes straight while Laksh takes a left.

Laksh reaches his room and looks around. He then sees a picture hanging on the wall and turns the lights on. He keeps on staring at that picture.

“Father, I promise you that your son, Laksh Roy will make you’re name proud… Your son Laksh Roy would never give your place to anyone else, I’m your son and will always remain your son… Laksh Roy, the son of Arnab Roy.” Laksh says while looking at the photo and it happens to be Lakshs biological father, Arnab.

Morning, 3:00am:
All wake up and get dressed in their suits and polished shoes. Then put their blazer on top of their white shirt, Laksh, Sanskaar and Kunj then wear tie while Bihaan has his black sweatshirt underneath with the colleges logo printed out on it in red. Laksh fixes his hair in front of the mirror while Sanskaar fixes his watch while Kunj fixes his blazer. Bihaan smiles and walks out with his Ray-bans on.

They walk out and meet up with each other and continue walking.

“Breakfast not in Paris.” Laksh says.

“Breakfast in Switzerland.” Sanskaar says.

“Serious?” Bihaan asks.

Laksh and Sanskaar nod.

They board the private jet and head to Switzerland.

Ragini gets up and looks at the time.

“Oh no, I’m going to get late.” Ragini says and stands up.

She gets her clothes out and places them on her bed.

“But they’re going to have breakfast first, so I’m not going to be late and my classes also start at 2:00pm.” Ragini says and smiles.

The boys then land in Switzerland in Zurich and go to have breakfast.

“Our classes start at 2:30pm.” Sanskaar says and looks at the time on his watch.

“We should’ve left earlier.” Bihaan says.

“It’s 12:40pm in Australia.” Laksh says.

“And 4:40am here.” Sanskaar says.

“Yes and we will leave in 15 minuets.” Laksh says and calls the waiter.

All nod.

They order their breakfast, their breakfast also arrives and they start eating.

“Australia’s 9 hours ahead of Switzerland.” Bihaan says.

“So I have called my Chopper.” Bihaan adds.

Laksh, Sanskaar and Kunj nod okay.

Laksh feels a strand of his hair on his forehead and stops eating, he then fixes it and makes himself look professional again.

After 15 minuets, the boys finish eating and walk up to the terrace only to see Bihaans chopper. They enter and the chopper flies off.

Ragini is ready and looks at the time.

“1:20pm? Time flies by so quick.” Ragini says and ties her shoelaces.

She then wears white tight underneath her skirt as she’s not comfortable in wearing short skirt. Ragini then leave her hair open and wears her lose and oversized blazer underneath her lose and oversize t- shirt.

Ragini then makes a sad face while looking at the blazer, she hears a doorbell and opens it.

“Swara?” Ragini asks.

Swara is revealed to be at the door.

“I thought to pick you up while going to college.” Swara says.

“Oh, but don’t worry I’ll manage.” Ragini says.

“Please come with me.” Swara says with a worried look.

“Okay, I’ll come with you.” Ragini says.

“And why are you worried?” Ragini asks.

Swara nods no.

On the other hand, Twinkle is shown talking on the phone.

“Vani, are you really coming?” Twinkle says.

After a pause, Twinkle happily jumps up.

“Wow, that’s great, you’re back from Hong Kong and can’t wait to meet you in college.” Twinkle excitedly says.

Twinkle disconnects the call and leaves after picking her bag up.

Episode ends.

Precap: Vani/Thapki’s entry… Bihaan to annoy Thapki and Ragini to get shocked to know something…
Sanskaar from Swaragini
Laksh from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini
Swara from Swaragini

Kunj from Tashan-e-Ishq
Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq

Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki/Vani from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Now time for the pairs to be disclosed…
The pairs are:

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And we were inspired by Boys over Flowers ?

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