The Royal Throne (Episode 1)


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Prologue & Character Sketch : Prologue

Here is Episode 1



The Royal Sabha

Everyone in the Sabha was tensed as a messenger has arrived from Taxila stating that the
new King Sahil has refused to be under Magadha rule &
the public is suffering as he is imposing higher taxes on public.

King Shekhar : Ask Adarsh to come here immediately all are here except him.

Quuen Janki : King Adarsh is not here in Magadha he left for Toshali a day back.

King Shekhar : You are telling me this now & he has gone away without even asking me
now who will go to Taxila & he wants to be a King oneday how will he become King like this.

Prince Sanskar : Father i should be the one who will leave for Taxila today itself & tackle King Sahil
and will bring him under the Magadha rule or he will die with my hands if he will not do so.

King Shekhar : I am proud of you son leave as soon as possible & I know you will win this battle.Take the Half-Army with you.

Price Sanskar : No Father i need only a few soldiers who will be handpicked by me & Senapati Rudra will be coming with me.

Senapati Rudra : Yes Prince i am always with you.

Indradutt(Monologue) : Sanskar himself is going in the mouth of death he don’t know what awaits
him there but the problem is he will be taking handpicked soldiers then how will I infiltrate his Army.
But everyone thinks Prince Adarsh is in Toshali but he is in Taxila with Sahil.

Prince Laksh hugged Sanskar.

Prince Laksh(Whispers) : Dear Brother you are going in the mouth of death & I hope you never return.

Price Sanskar : I am sorry Laksh for disappointing you but i will return soon.

Saying this he left the Sabha.


Sahil’s Chamber

King Sahil was talking to Prince Adarsh.

Sahil : So Adarsh why are you here ?

Adarsh : I have a proposal for you.

Sahil : If your Father has send you then I am not listening to your Proposal.

Adarsh : It’s my Proposal not my Father’s.

Sahil thought for a while.

Sahil : Ok tell your Proposal.

Adarsh : Sanskar is coming here just kill him & then I will be the King of Magadha.

Sahil : What is my Profit in this ?

Adarsh : yOu can rule Taxila without Magadha’s Interference as Sanskar die my dear father will die of shock as his
favourite son died & then I will be the King & you are free to rule Taxila.


Royal Palce

A Royal Chamber

A girl is sleeping peacefully someone enters the chamber & tries to wake her.

Girl : Ragini Wakeup we have to leave for City Inspection with Bhai.

Ragini : Swara Di let me sleep i don’t want to go

Yes she is our Swara.

Swara took a jug full of water & throwed on Ragini.

The episode ends on shocked face of Ragini.

Precap : Sanskar reaches Taxila.

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