The Royal Throne (Character Sketch & Prologue)


Hi guys My New FF. Sorry for disappointing you for the last FFs but
this time I will not disappoint you guys.

Please read this one.

I will be using name of states from ancient history.

Magadha Kingdom

King Shekhar : King of Magadha has won many wars & almost whole of India
excluding Kalinga and its nearby Kingdoms.

Queen Janaki : 1st Wife of Shekhar

Queen Sharmishtha : 2nd Wife of Shekhar

Queen Urvashi : 3rd Wife of Shekhar

Prince Adarsh(Eldest) : Son of Janaki-Shekhar, 24 years old is fearless &
is not so popular in the eyes of Public.

Prince Sanskar : Son of Sharmistha-Shekhar,22 years old is fearless,kind,
always ready to die for motherland & is favourite of Public
& loves her sister very much.

Prince Lakshya : Son of Urvashi-Shekhar, 21 years old Spoiled brat & a womaniser

Princess Uttara : Daughter of Sharmishta-Shekhar, 18 years oldsweet & bubbly,naughty,
loves Sanskar above all.

Kalinga Kindom

King Durga : King of Kalinga & is very strict.

Queen Annapurna : Kind hearted & love her Daughter & Son immenseley.

Deputy King Ram

Deputy Queen Sujata

Pricess Swara : Daughter of Annapurna-Durga ,22 years old,KindHearted & Sweet.The Public Loves her.

Princess Ragini :Daughter of Sujata-Ram ,20 years old, Shy Girl.

Prince Akshay : Son of Annapurna-Durga ,19 years old, Fearless & loves his sisters very much.

Shekhar loves Sharmistha the most of the 3 queens & the other 2 are jealous of her.
Shekhar loves all his Children equally & want to choose the best
Crown Prince before he dies.

These are the important characters others will appear at the time I want them to.



It was Dusk in the most prospereous Kingdom of India,Magadha.

Prince Adarsh’s Chamber

Adarsh was talking to his trusted Minister Indradutt & planning to send
Prince Sanskar to Taxila to supress the riots so that he can get him killed
without coming in the scene.

Adarsh : Indradutt ji send Sanskar to Taxila anyhow & get him killed there.

Indradutt : But Prince its not possible the Army is with Sanskar.

Adarsh : So infiltrate the Army & get him killed i don’t care.

Indradutt : As you wish Prince.

Indradutt leaves.

Adarsh(Monologue) : You will not come back Sanskar Then I will be the king.

To be continued…………….

So this is Character Sketch & Intro.

Please read & do comment.

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