The Royal Love Story Part 3

Chandra : Nandini ,Nandini get up !

Man : Ashram is here

Chandra takes Nandini in his arms and goes inside the ashram

Chandra : Vaid ji , what had happened to Nandini ?

Vaid : Its nothing to worry. I think she was given the substance to make her unconscious . When she gets up ,immediately  make her drink the juice of neem otherwise she may have symptoms of vomiting (goes away )

Chandra in his thoughts : Till Nandini wakes up , I’ll go fetch some neem leaves .


Helena was moving to and fro .

Helena : Maa, will rupa do her work ?

Apama : Be confident Helena !


Nandini is resting peacefully when someone enters with covering blanket . It was Rupa .

Rupa:Nandini ! How peacefully you are sleeping?  Let me tell you that Chandar is not yours , not Helina’s but mine . Hahahaha

Rupa was about to add something to the water near Nandini when she hears Chandra and leaves the place

Chandra : Nandini , Nandini !

Nandini opens her eyes .

Chandra : Take this and drink it

Nandini : What is this ?

Chandra : Just drink it

Nandini : Ok ( drinks it)Wak ! This is Neem

Chandra : Then what you thought?  Lemonade ? Drink it quickly  (makes her drink the whole glass )You have not given me Sharbat , so now ..(smiles)

Next Morning
Nandini was going somewhere 

Chandra : Where ar you going ?

Nandini : going to bath

Chandra : Wait ! I will also come

Nandini : What will you do there ?

Chandra : Bath with you

Nandini : What ?

Chandra : I mean I have to bath

Nandini : Ok

At the river Chandra and Nandini ,both were in the water

Chandra : Nandini

Nandini : Hmmm

Chandra : Apply this on my back (pointing to the lep )

Nandini : See I allowed you to bath with me , Now I’m not going to…

Chandra : Stop your chattering and apply this

Nandini goes behind and starts rubbing the lep on Chandra’s back .

Nandini : I’ve applied it .

Chandra : If you have applied then also wash it

Nandini goes and washes it . When she was about to go Chandra intentionally pulled her and made her sleep in water . Nandini didn’t let it go , She pulled Chandra . Now Nandini was in water with Chandra on her and her Chunri floats away in water .

Nandini covers her upperbody with her hands .

Nandini : Get up from me

Chandra : Ok ok

Nandini : Oh no !

Chandra :What happened ?

Nandini : That monkey took all my clothes

Chandra ends up laughing

Nandini : why are you laughing?Give me your shawl

Chandra : Why ?

Nandini : For you only my Chunri went away .Give it

Chandra gives his shawl to Nandini. They both go back to ashram.

Nandini : I am coming right away (went away )

Rupa watches all this from behind the bushes . She enters into the ashram

Chandra : Nandini ! You are back so early

Rupa : Yes Chandra ! (Falls suddenly ) Ouch

Chandra : What happened Nandini ?

Rupa : Chandra , when I fell in the water, I got injury on my waist .(She removes her dupatta and opens her blouse partially)

Chandra :(looks in another direction ) Nandini,  what are you doing ?

Rupa : C’mon Chandra, you are my husband . Apply lep on my waist . (Holds chandra’s hand and puts it on her waist )

Chandra : Nandini , I have some work ,I am going .

Precap : Nandini lashes out at Chandra

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  1. satya sarathi sarkar

    oh my god this story sooooo hooooootttttttt.

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      so there was lemonade also, only some cold drinks need, surroundings are too hot to handle,

  2. Nyc aditi.. i loved it n also remembered dat falls scene.. superb??.. eagerly wait fo nxt epi..

  3. Interesting story aditi. Not bad those days got Lemonade, Waiting for your next esposide

    1. Aditi_1075

      Thanks Padmini

  4. wow superbbbb we r getting wat we missed in serial

  5. Jayani

    Luv it aditi… Rocking… Waiting for d next epi

  6. I agree with Satya da u made d story very hot to handle………..i think d water of d river is cool then hahaha………………… 😉 😉

    eagerly waiting for d nxt pt….

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