Royal love story…Naagin (Prologue)

Hi guys I am sure that this Naagin Ff is totally different from other Naagin ffs.

Ritik:King of Panchner.Loves Shivanya but never tells to her.

Shivanya:One of a servant of panchner haveli.She truly and deeply loves Ritik and doesn’t have greed of his money and just loves him.

This is the century when there were king and Queen.

The episode starts with a king seen talking to a soldier.It is Ritik.He is rude but cares for all who are the part of haveli.He sits on bed when a servant asks if can she come.Ritik smiles and asks her to come.

Ritik:What happened Shivanya?

Shivanya:King actually I want to tell you something.


Shivanya:King actually there is a soldier who is trying to force himself on me.

Ritik gets very much angry and goes near her and asks

Ritik:Who is that soldier?

Shivanya indicates the soldier with finger.That soldier was the same soldier with whom Ritik was talking.The soldier was going but Ritik shouted and called him so he came other Ritik.

Soldier:King what happened?

Ritik:How dare you to touch Shivanya

Soldier gets scared and says

Soldier:Sir I dint forced her.

Ritik:Don’t tell lie.Soldier catch him and put in jail.

Other soldier takes him and puts him in jail.

Ritik catches Shivanya’s hand and says

Ritik:Shivanya now you will always be with me.

Shivanya:I am a servant and you are king

Ritik:So what happened?

Shivanya:How can a servant and king stay together.

Ritik:Everything is possible and I don’t want that anyone touches you.


Ritik gets in tension

Ritik:Just like this.

He leaves from there.

Ritik goes to his room and removes his Kurta.Ritik sits on bed and thinks about Shivanya.

Shivanya unknowingly comes in his room and sees him without Kurta and shouts.

Ritik sees her and closes her mouth with his hand and takes her at a side.

Ritik:Why are you shouting?

Ritik removes his hand so that she can speak.

Shivanya:To see like you that is why I shouted.

Ritik:I thought something had happened.

Precap:Ritik gets hurt on his shoulder so Shivanya takes care of him.

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      Thanks crazy girls and do comment in Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-31

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  2. It’s great

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks shreyaa but it seems that I am the only person who is currently writing Ff on Naagin and maybe last too

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks shreyaa but it seems that I am the only person who is currently writing Ff on Naagin and maybe last too.

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        There r ppl who write combined ffs on naagin n other serials.plz update judai

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