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Guys Prathi here again with a new story it will take some time to cook it up ! I am just leaving a teaser for now, will be back with the real deal for sure!! There are few new comers who are writing so well I am not able to stop myself from reading them! Yes I read everyone’s story! I love reading that’s how I ended up here and love writing more than that , that’s how I ended up writing here. I really dint expect so much of love from you guys! I have got friend’s Choti’s here and they write so lovely just want to etch every word in my mind and forget the rest. Enough of my bak bak heading to the Teaser!

A Girl is seen swinging from a Rope tied on top of tree and landing right next to a handsome guy. The guy asked her, who are you?? The girl who is dressed completely like a warrior with a sword on her belt replies, I am Abhigaya Singh Deo Princess of Chaitanya Dynasty and has come here to get my rights back as the real heir of this dynasty and asked, who are you? That guy replied I am Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo ( Dressed like a prince) and I am named after the king of this dynasty who ruled earlier. I think I can help you in getting your rights back in this palace my Princess and held his hands out for her. Abhigaya thought once and accepted his offer. A women is seen coming towards both yelling, Abhi beta where were you all this while? What are you doing here in this jungle come on answer me and stopped in her tracks after seeing Abhigaya and said….

So who was that Women? How come Abhigaya the Real princess not in the Palace? What happened to her parents? Have patience and wait for the real deal! Now come on start guessing what could be the possible answers for all these questions 😉

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Prathi

      Thank you Reshma! 🙂 🙂 Keep reading!

  2. Superrrrr….

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Maha 🙂 🙂


    again excited yr ????

    1. Prathi

      Thank you so much Narrator ??? for supporting me and giving me lots of awesomeness to read!!

  4. Fine Now I deserve punishment from my favourite Chef who cooks Stories!
    I am Really Veryyyyyy Veryyyyyy Sorry for the Sudden disappearance!
    Sorryyyyyy Sorryyyyyy Soo Soooo SORRY!
    Your this new start is Just Superbbbb and I already started to love this Story of yours…. Teaser is Too Good!
    I am basically a person who loves fantasy….and lives in fairytale and this New warrior princess and Princess story is making me eager to know the whole story… But kya karoon My Prathi Chef has Now only started Cooking and it would take time to put salt…sugar…masala…vegetables… Etc.
    He..he..I meant Twists… Turns…suspense…. Mystery and others. Finally I am waiting for the Royal Love to proceed further And I am expecting the Amazing Talent of yours in this too..
    Once again very sorry.. And and I read All your 4 SHOTS OF your pre KILLER story… Kya writing yaar….It killed me! It was Toooooooo Amazingly Amazing!
    I loved it. Yeah I know u missed me…. And I missed u soon much Dear! I am really very sorry.
    Now itself I will inform u… I am still busy with my works and it would still take time for me to be back as An active commenter. but I will make sure I read all your updated regularly!
    Sorry once again. HOPE u forgive your fndssy.
    Hope u r Fine. Take care buddy! Love u!

    1. Prathi

      No way!! No way!! I am not going to Punish my Doll ok!? She is very sweet even though she is very busy she does reads my updates! Warrior princess on the way!! Thank you so much for understanding me my Doll! Exactly it takes time for adding all the ingredients 😉 😉 I know you are busy don’t worry I am not at all angry just missing you and our sweet comments! I am fine, please do take care doll. Love you!

  5. Saranya24

    Omg superb yaar waiting fr nxt part????

    1. Prathi

      Thank you so much Saranya! 🙂 🙂

  6. Asmithaa

    superb… is abhigaya… Pragya???

    1. Prathi

      Achu could you wait a bit longer it will be revealed very soon! Have patience

      1. Asmithaa

        Hahaa…. Sure…. I blurt out just becoz of curiosity…

  7. Asmithaa

    no.. i think it would not be…

  8. Interesting! Waiting for the next part!

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Aliza 🙂 🙂

  9. Stupidstarakshaya

    Sweet episode babe
    Try to give a long epi

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Akshaya 🙂 Definitely will give a longer one


    so prathi your are coming again with royal story…thats sound so good …we all are eagerly waiting for this…new plot…new style with new get up….

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Hari 🙂 But you gotta wait you know that right? 😀

      1. HARITHA

        I will wait for you dear… I have no problem how long it will be

  11. Princesskrisha

    Superb episode di I read allyour updates but didn’t comment as I didn’t have an account but hereafter I will because my sis writes such stories that nobody can’t resist its charm pls update soon

    1. Prathi

      Thank you So much Princess ??

  12. Monesha

    Wow awesome my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari……. princess di. I loved it to the core. Sorry for my late comment. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Choti. Thank you for the love ??? Love you too???

  13. Nice yaar

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Durga ??

  14. Mukundraj

    nice intro start ff soon

    1. Prathi

      Thank you So much Mukund!! Sorry the late reply!

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