Royal Love (KKB) Few Shots Shot 6 Final Shot

Hello Guys, You all must be knowing by now that my last shot will be longer than usual so no bak bak only thanking session. Di, Moni, Princess (Krisha), Maya, Hari, Saranya, Abhigaya(Aliza), Shreeya, Vaishu, Suhani, Surbhi, Rithu, Ani, Ellinor and my dear silent readers thanks a lot for spending you time reading this!! And advance thanks to those who will read this and the former one later. Back to the story, Happy reading…

After a month…
Chaitanya Palace was fully decorated, A Girl is seen running around with a large plate full of flowers in it. A guy came and said, Be careful Future Rani Saheba. Girl turned towards that guy and said, Ji Jahanpana. Abhisheik said, How many times to tell you not to call me so? I am your to be husband. Pragya said, Ok but till I get married to you I will definitely call you so (Went off running). Purab came there and said, Sorry for interrupting Jahanpana but your sister is calling you. Abhisheik said, Oh my God what is her problem now ? Don’t know how Purab is going to manage her and smiled at him. Purab said, I am used to all those stuffs for a long time now so I don’t have any problem with that. Abhisheik asked, How did you know what I thought just now? Purab said, Jahanpana You were saying it so loudly I heard it. Abhisheik gave a grin and left from there. Bulbul was shouting at someone so badly and Pragya was trying to console her saying, You should adorn it come on Bulbul please listen to me.

Bulbul was not at all ready to listen to her. Abhisheik came just then, Bulbul ran towards him and hugged him tightly saying these people want me to adorn myself with Jasmine flowers. Aap ko patha hain na mujhey unki sugandh aachi nahi lagti (Making faces) (You know right I hate the smell of Jasmine flowers). Abhisheik said, Koi baat nahi choti, Kaun hai wahan pe? Isse sirf aur sirf Gulabon se sajadho. (No problem sister, Anybody there? Decorate her with Roses only). Bulbul felt very happy and was jumping like a little kid. Pragya thought, I thought he would convince her but… Wow what a Jodi iss Bhai aur Behen ki! Abhisheik went towards her and said, She is my everything Pragya I can’t let her get tensed for simple things like this. Everyone became very busy in decorating the Palace, The Bride and The Groom. Mandap is situated in the middle of Palace, Bride and the Groom will come down from either side of it through Staircase.

Mandap when seen from the top of the stair resembles Rose Flower ( Bulbul’s Favourite). First The Groom came down through one side of the stair and was sitting in the Mandap impatiently , wearing Red and sandal mixed dress with a Pagdi decorated with flowers covering his face. After sometime the Bride came down along with Pragya, Tanuntra and few more girls wearing a Bright Maroon colour Saree covering her face with the Pallu adorned fully with Diamond and Gold jewellery from top to toe. Her hair was tied and decorated beautifully with roses and some jewellery made of Precious gems. She was seated next to the Groom.

Rituals began, They both took Pheras and Purab adorned her neck with Mangalsutra and head partition with Kumkum completing their marriage. Palace was filled with Royal people and commoners blessing them to begin their new life.
Suddenly there was chaos in the Palace, A wounded soldier came and said, Jahanpana Nikhil…. Nikhil…Nikhil… and fell down and died on the spot. The crowd in the Mandap panicked and cleared off quickly. Only Abhisheik, Pragya, Bulbul, Purab, Tanuntra , Mantri ji were left there. Someone came walking towards them with a sword in his hands and said, Bhai do you remember someone said that he will give his sister’s hand to me in marriage. Looks like someone changed his mind. Mantri ji shouted, Nikhil do not speak anything before Jahanpana like this go away from here. Nikhil said, Father you too? You know very well how much I loved Bulbul. Mantri ji again shouted, Mainey Kaha Chup Raho (I said shut up).

Abhisheik said, Mantri ji ussey apni man ki baat karney dho wo bhi mera Bhai hain. (Let him speak his heart out, he is also my brother). Nikhil continued, I was very interested in taking up Senapathi’s Position you gave that to him (Pointing towards Purab), I dint say a word against you but I can never tolerate this Bhai. Kyun ki Bulbul meri Jaan hai, Bachpan se mein ussey Pyaar kartha hoon. Aap log kyun nahi samajh saktey hain meri dard? (Because Bulbul is my life, I love her from the time when we were kids. Why don’t you understand my pain?). When he saw Bulbul holding hands with Purab he lost his cool took out his sword and rushed towards Purab (Son of Abhisheik’s Dad’s Sister) and was about to slash him.

Abhisheik came in between and raised his sword and stopped Nikhil and said, Wo bhi mera Bhai hai ( He is also my brother). Nikhil was unstoppable he again and again tried to slash Purab with his sword but Abhisheik stopped it every time and finally Abhisheik lost his cool and said, You are banned from this Dynasty you can go and live wherever you want to don’t show your face to me. Mantri ji was heartbroken but said, Yes, this is the right decision Jahanpana and called the soldiers to throw him out of the Chaitanya Dynasty. Nikhil was pulled away by two soldiers away from the Palace shouting, I will come back again. Abhisheik realized what he said and knelt down.

After 6 months…

Now Chaitra dynasty was fully decorated and every soul was singing and dancing happily. A Pregnant Women is seen walking wearing a yellow saree covering her head with a Pallu carrying a plate full of flowers. Purab came and said, Bulbul I told you not to do any work, If your brother sees this I am dead and gone. Bulbul said, Ok ok cool down here take it (Handed over the plate to him) and went off. Purab thought, I shouldn’t have asked her (Smiling). Bulbul went to see Pragya. She was decorated from head to toe with Gold ornaments and diamonds on her hair in between the pleats of her hair. She was wearing a blue saree with silver décor all over it. Bulbul went near her and asked, Pragya every girl either wears Maroon or Red for her wedding but you are wearing Blue, Why is it so?

Pragya said, I hope there is no rule that a women has to wear those colours only and blue is my favourite colour. Bulbul was nodding her head in disappointment and went to see her Bhai. After seeing him she understood why Pragya was wearing Blue coloured saree, Her bhai, Jahanpana was wearing Blue and white mixed dress. Bulbul started kidding her brother for some time. A maid came and informed that it is time for him to go to the mandap. Here Mandap was situated outside the Palace . Whole Mandap was illuminated and Abhisheik was waiting for his bride to come. Pragya came along with Bulbul and Tanuntra and some other girls. Abhisheik was admiring his love and went into flashback.

FB Begins…
During her 18th Birthday both Purab and Nikhil were ogling at Bulbul. Abhisheik was left dumbstruck seeing Pragya for the first time, He has heard about Pragya but that was the first time he saw her and was shocked to the core and said to himself, How can a girl be so beautiful? He noticed both Nikhil and Purab were looking in that direction and warned them (Scene from Shot 5) saying one of them is his sister. Actually he was thinking that both were ogling at Pragya.
FB ends…

Pragya was seated next to Abhisheik but still he was looking at the direction through which she came. Everyone present there started laughing (Only Royal People). Abhisheik glared at them and everything became back to normal. All the rituals took place, they both took pheras. Abhisheik adorned her neck with Mangalsutra and head partition with Kumkum completing their marriage. They fell on Pragya’s Dad’s feet and Mantri ji’s feet and got blessings from them.

Pragya was taken to Chaitanya kingdom weeping and sobbing all her way. After reaching there Abhisheik’s room was decorated beautifully for their first night. Abhisheik was waiting for his love. Pragya entered while girls were giggling behind her and she locked the door of their room. Both were bit nervous, Pragya went and fell at his feet to get blessing from him. Abhisheik nervously lifted her up, that touch lit up some kind of fire between them. They were looking at each other, Abhisheik suddenly went closer to her. Pragya ran away shyly (Roshni se bare bare plays in the Background). Both were playing hide and seek for some time in their room and ended up sleeping peacefully.

Purab stopped narrating, Abhigaya asked, What happened then?? Seems like they were happy. So you are my uncle? Tell me what happened to them. Purab continued with what all happened to them like when Nikhil came back to the palace with enemy soldiers support and how she lost both her mother and father. He also said, Now Nikhil’s son is going to be crowned as the Prince tomorrow. Abhigaya lost her cool and left from there towards the direction of the palace. Before Purab could say anything she crossed half the way so Purab also went behind her thinking, Bilkul Apni Baap ki tharah hai ye kisi ke bhi nahi sunnega ( She is exactly like her father never listens to anyone).
Abhisheik (Junior) is seen walking in forest, he saw someone going past him hanging onto the trees with the help of rope. He doubted that it may be some spy from another dynasty and went behind that person and pulled him down. His face was covered with a cloth, he removed it and was shocked to see a beautiful girl. That girl freed herself from his grip and took her sword to slash him. (But our junior was ready enough). Abhisheik took out his sword at the right time and avoided that. Both kept on fighting for some time. Abhigaya asked him, How dare you get hold of a girl like this? Abhisheik replied, I dint know that you were a girl I am sorry( Still fighting) by the way why are you dressed up like a warrior? Abhigaya said, None of your business. Abhisheik said, Of course it is my business. Abhigaya said How long will you be fighting with a girl like this?(Yeah the sword fight continues) Abhisheik said, Fine I will stop it. (The moment he stopped she took her rope ties to another tree and flew from there everything happened within fraction of seconds). Abhisheik was boggled seeing this, He again ran behind her.

Abhigaya noticed this and thought, I almost reached near the palace let me see what he wants now and got down from one of the tree and came in front of him. Abhisheik asked her, who are you?? Abhigaya replies, I am Abhigaya Singh Deo Princess of Chaitanya Dynasty and has come here to get my rights back as the real heir of this dynasty and asked, who are you? That guy replied I am Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo ( Dressed like a prince) and I am named after the king of this dynasty who ruled earlier. I think I can help you in getting your rights back in this palace my Princess and held his hands out for her. Abhigaya thought once and accepted his offer. A women is seen coming towards both yelling, Abhi beta where were you all this while? What are you doing here in this jungle come on answer me and stopped in her tracks after seeing Abhigaya and said, Pragya it’s been a long while you don’t even know how much I missed you but wait you look much younger so are you my Bhai and Bhabhi’s daughter? Meantime Purab reached the spot and saw Bulbul speaking to Abhigaya.

He called Bulbul… Abhisheik was confused as he dint understand what is going on here. Abhigaya pulled him aside and explained him whatever happened. Abhisheik asked, How can I believe you? I don’t even know that you are the real heir or not. Abhigaya said, Ok come on now explain me why is that happening (Pointing towards Bulbul and Purab hugging each other). Abhisheik was again shocked and said, I demand an explanation right now. Abhigaya asked, Who are you the next king? Why should we explain all these to you? Abhisheik said, Of course I am the next king now explain yourself .

Abhigaya lost her cool and took her sword to slash him again. Purab said, Don’t kill your to be husband Abhigaya and Abhisheik don’t kill her, if you do you can’t be the next king. Abhigaya and Abhisheik both were confused now. Purab explained them and both were happy and hugged each other. Purab said, I am so sorry for interrupting Jahanpana but there are people here. Both Abhigaya and Abhisheik blushed. They heard a voice saying, Come on you come in between romantic moments of my daughter too? Not fair Purab Vikram Rathod. Hearing that Purab turned back and was shocked to see his Jahanpana (Senior Abhisheik ) alive and fell at his feet and said, Jahanpana ki jai ho! Always your slave! Bulbul who saw Abhisheik alive knelt down and burst into tears. Another voice came saying, Offo! Still you are the same person Bulbul!? I thought you would have changed with time. Everyone looked towards that direction shocked except for Abhisheik (Senior Abhisheik). Bulbul got up ran towards that voice and hugged her tightly and asked, What happened to your hair? I loved it so much you fool! Why did you cut it off? Pragya said, For survival Bulbul survival.
FB begins…
Scene from Shot 2
After Pragya fell down saying, I told you I am incomplete without you and closed her eyes. Actually she dint die she acted as if she was dying. She wore an arms proof armour beneath her dress before she left from Janaki’s place. She was thinking how to escape just then a soldier came and said, Rani Saheba I know you are acting I have brought another dead body here dressed like you, You can leave the place. Pragya looked around to check whether he is telling the truth or lying. She found that nobody was there in the premises. Pragya said, Thank you Bhaiyya I will never forget this help (Robin is that soldier). She was about to leave, she turned back and asked, Can I borrow your sword for a while? She took the sword from him cropped her long hair and gave it back to him. She ran deep into the jungle and changed her dress (She picked up one of Purab’s dress before leaving Janaki’s hut). She went back to Janaki’s hut saw her crying and asked, Why are you crying ? May I know the reason ? Janaki was shell shocked to see her like that and hugged her tightly crying her heart out.
FB ends…
Everyone were boggled and they asked Abhisheik how you survived? How you both met? Abhisheik (Senior) said, Give me a gap to speak.
FB Begins…

Scene from Shot 2
After Abhisheik fell in that pit he was able to hear both Pragya’s and Purab’s voice calling out for him but he wasn’t able to see anything. He tried to speak but fell unconscious in that pit. After sometime he was discovered by Rajveer Sher (Soldier then, Mantri ji now I mean he is Ronnie guys). Rajveer Sher took him to a doctor and treated him secretly. Abhisheik gained both his conscious and eye sight and thanked Rajveer Sher. He informed Abhisheik what all happened in the meantime. Abhisheik said, I have some plans and told Rajveer Sher to take few of the soldiers to your side and our Game begins… (Scene from Shot 3) Rajveer Sher heard Nikhil telling his men to search Pragya and kill her. Rajveer Sher sent Ranveer Sher (Robin kind of out of names adjust please 😀 :D) his brother to save Pragya.

Ranveer Sher informed Purab about Nikhil’s move after that helped Pragya in escaping before Nikhil arrived there. Pragya after reaching Janaki’s hut and Janaki being shocked and crying her heart out. They both heard a sound coming from outside and Janaki was terrified. Pragya said, I will see who is that. A familiar Voice said, Oh you will see who is that? My Pragya became more brave now? Pragya knelt down and tears were rolling down her cheeks and said, Kaha they aap? (Where were you?). (Yes it is our Senior Abhisheik) Abhisheik said, Just now I said you became more brave and now you are crying not fair Pragya. Pragya wiped her tears and said (Like a Proud Queen), Ok for leaving me you deserve a punishment. Abhisheik said, This is not fair I am the King how can you Punish me? Pragya said, So what? I am the Queen I can punish you. Abhisheik accepting defeat said, Ok what is my Punishment? Pragya said, Go and search for our Daughter. Abhisheik said, So I won!! It was a girl jumping like a kid. Pragya saw Janaki laughing, Pulled Abhisheik aside and said, Why are you behaving like a kid now? See Maa is laughing… (Looking at Janaki). Janaki understood what was going on and said, Rani Saheba every men will become a kid when they come to know about their child, Being a King is not an exception. Pragya said, Call me beti or Pragya but for now call me Prabha. Abhisheik asked, By the way you named our daughter right? What’s her name? Pragya said, I gave that right to Purab now. Abhisheik said, Oh I don’t know what kind of name he will keep for our princess, why did you do this Pragya tell me. He noticed that Pragya was laughing and asked her, How dare you laugh?

That idiot will keep weird names. Pragya said, Don’t worry I named her before they left and told him to call her so. Abhisheik eagerly asked, What is our Princess name?? Pragya replied, As discussed I named her Abhigaya Singh Deo. Abhisheik said, Sounds like a boy’s name but nice and you left out Ruthra how dare you? Pragya said, Oh my God help me out of this mess please. Both were fighting like kids (Guys, are they really King and Queen of a dynasty!? I doubt it! What about you?) After sometime Abhisheik headed towards the door saying, Pragya I will be back with our Princess. He returned back after a month and said, Purab, He will be a great Spy I have to snatch his post of Senapathi and make him a spy. Pragya said, So you weren’t able to find them right? Abhisheik, Exactly where is he!?
FB ends…

Purab said, Oh shall I become a spy then from now on? Bulbul said, First become a good husband and a dad then think about becoming a Spy. Everyone laughed at him, Purab gave a grin and went towards Abhisheik (Junior) and said, See Bulbul he looks exactly like my Jahanpana. Bulbul said, Not only by looks but he behaves like him too. Another voice is heard now, Oh come on now everybody forgot about me? Everyone turned towards that voice and said in chorus, Aayiye Mantri ji Aayiye…!! Rajveer Sher said, Ok ok don’t embarrass me like this.
FB begins…

Scene from Shot 1
When Bulbul , Pragya , Purab and baby was about to escape from the palace Nikhil stopped them from going and said, Leave Bulbul and the baby I will leave Pragya alive otherwise I will kill Pragya. Bulbul went back inside with the baby and Purab was about to leave when Nikhil said, Why so fast? You people really believed in what I said. He was about to harm Purab at that time Rajveer Sher appeared there and attacked Nikhil from behind.

Scene from Shot 3
When Nikhil ordered every Soldier to search every nook and corner to find Abhisheik and Pragya. While searching Rajveer Sher found Abhisheik and treated him after he gained conscious he made a plan and told Rajveer Sher to become Mantri and act rest of the Fool – Proof! Plan. Through Rajveer Sher Abhisheik was actually ruling the dynasty.
FB ends…

Another voice is heard saying, So you guys forgot me? I am the villain how can you forget me? Everyone knew whose voice was that, so they were ready to attack but surprisingly that person fell at the feet of Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo (Senior, I hope I am not confusing you guys). Abhisheik said, Get up Bhai enough of being at my feet. Nikhil stood up and said, I knew you were alive that’s why I was searching for you frantically. I love you Bhai and I am sorry Bhabhi! I never meant to hurt you people I wanted to hurt Purab you guys came in between. And as time passed I realised Tanuntra was the love of my Life! So again I started searching you but I wasn’t able to find you Bhai. Tanuntra came and said, Jahanpana (Both Abhisheik and Nikhil turned) you can come to the Palace now everyone is waiting for you. Nikhil said, Bhai she meant you and not me. Welcome Bhai, Bhabhi Sorry Jahanpana and Rani Saheba. Both Abhisheik and Pragya held their hands together and walked towards the castle.

After 2 years…

Again Chaitanya Palace was decorated this time it was Abhigaya and Abhisheik’s wedding.
After all rituals were completed, they heard a trumpet sound and an announcement saying Ajay Singh Deo is coming to attack our palace very soon.
Abhigaya and Abhisheik took off their garlands, dressed themselves as warriors and went out to fight their enemy together.

Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo, Pragya Chaitra Devi, Bulbul Seiya Devi, Purab Vikram Rathod, Nikhil Ruthra Singh Deo, Tanuntra Devi, Rajveer Sher and Ranveer Sher were seen watching this from the balcony of the Palace.


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