Royal Love (KKB) Few Shots Shot 5

Hey Guys I know I am taking a lot of time in updating every episode what to do I am struck. So I have decided something which will be at the end of the epi!! Now enjoy Reading.

Scene starts with Abhigaya asking Purab, Whatever you say is that true? If so why am I here? Who are you? What happened to my Parents?
FB Begins
A beautiful girl with long and flowing hair is shown running towards a garden filled with roses. She calls, Pragya… Another girl turn towards that voice and says, Bulbul Seiya Devi I am Pragya Chaitra Devi for your information. Bulbul said, Offo!! Shuru hogayi tum, mein wo hoon ye hoon (You started your rant? Like I am this ,that). Pragya said, Okie calm down Bulbul but I loved to be called so that’s why (With a pout). Bulbul said, Okie I forgive you now, come let me introduce you to my brother. Pragya said, What he came here with you and why?? Bulbul said, Come on today is your birthday everyone has been invited. Pragya said, ok and went with her. Whole of Chaitra Dynasty was fully decorated and the Palace was looking like a garden full of flowers. Pragya went inside the Palace everyone greeted her and wished her. Tanuntra Devi came to her and said, Looking gorgeous Princess and Janam din ki shubkamana (Happy Birthday). Pragya replied, You too look Gorgeous and thank you for coming. Pragya asked Bulbul, Hey what about your Prince did he come? Bulbul said, Haan he came without him I won’t go anywhere and you know that very well (Blushing). Pragya said, Okie now stop blushing my Princess. Bulbul immediately said, I am not your Princess, I am only his princess and turned her face away. Pragya thought, Don’t know how her husband is going to tolerate all this stupid behaviour of hers, and she is very sentimental too. God please help her husband it’s my request. Then she turned Bulbul to her side and said, Sorry meri ma (My Mom), I won’t say so hereafter ab kush? (Happy now) Bulbul happily agreed with her and both started walking towards a decorated balcony. Tanuntra Devi joined them. All three beautiful ladies took their seat in the balcony of their Palace. Pragya was seated in a beautifully decorated chair.
Three men are seen walking towards the balcony (their back is shown) All the three ladies smiled widely seeing them. Pragya said, Your Prince looks amazing today and You are the most luckiest girl here and thought, He is the most un luckiest guy here. Bulbul said, Your Prince is also looking amazing today. Pragya was taken aback by that comment. Meantime Tanuntra Devi was staring at one of the men and smiling like an idiot. Both Pragya and Bulbul noticed this and said, I think someone is so lost into someone here. It fell on Tanuntra’s deaf ears, Both Pragya and Bulbul shifted themselves to either side of her and shouted into her ears Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Tanuntra came back to her senses and said, What happened to both of you? Why do you do this to me?? Ahh!! My ear hurts. Both Pragya and Bulbul said, We were speaking to you, you weren’t responding so we did this! (Winking at her).
The other side three men were standing, out of those three two were looking at Bulbul and said, Waah!! Kithney Hoobsurat hai wo (She is very beautiful). And Abhi said, What are you guys doing? Ogling at those ladies?? And do remember one of them is my sister (Showing his sword) and said, I am kidding but still remember this. He went off saying that and both were left terrified (That guy is an angry young men).
Now back to the ladies, Bulbul said, You can’t escape Pragya Chaitra Devi you have to answer my question now. Pragya said, Wo wo wo wo and then said why do you have such doubts? I am really not interested in your brother (trying not to blush). Bulbul said, Did you notice something Tanu I never said anything about my brother here. Pragya thought, You are gone today for sure, she won’t leave you without knowing about it. Bulbul was about to say something but an announcement interrupted her.

Ba-adab, ba-mulahiza hoshiyar, Shiv Sen ki putra, shahanshaho ke shahanshah, praja ke rakhwaley Raja Raja Shri Vikrama Tilak(Sundar from Baade Acchey Lagte hain) Padhar rahe hai (With Sounds of Drums and Trumpet Blows). Bulbul said, Now you managed to escape but this can’t happen forever. Pragya slightly Blushed hearing that. Vikrama Tilak started to speak saying, My daughter means world to me today she is turning 18 and I want her to get married very soon. I hope I will find a suitable person very soon turning towards Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo ( Who was lost in some thoughts dint notice all this). Celebration started everyone were singing and dancing except for our Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo (Kadoos hai wo). Bulbul noticed her brother standing alone, So she went slowly near him and said, You are the only one not enjoying here may I know why? Abhisheik said, Because I am not interested in all these stuffs. Bulbul, Come on Bhai it’s my friends birthday. Abhisheik said, No choti I am not interested sorry and left the place. Bulbul said, Kadoos. Pragya came and twisted her ears saying, I heard what you said! (With a Glare). Bulbul said, Sorry Bhabhi oh I am sorry, Sorry Future Rani Saheba (Laughing). Pragya said, Come on will you stop kidding me? Bulbul said, No way Pragya Chaitra Devi (went away winking at her). Pragya ran behind her, suddenly Bulbul moved aside. Pragya was about to fall someone held her by her waist and they had an eye lock (Roshini se bare bare song in bgm). (Yes you guessed it right that someone is obviously Abhisheik) . Abhisheik said, (In the most soft and mesmerising voice) Princess please be careful while you walk I hope my naughty sister troubled you a lot, I am sorry for that and called Bulbul (Loudly). Bulbul came running to the spot and said, Yes tell me Bhai (Bit terrified). Abhisheik said, Why do you trouble her!? Apologize to her right now. Bulbul said, Oh Sorry Bhabhi for troubling you and went away. Abhisheik dint notice what she said, Later he realised and ran behind her and thought, Now I understood why Pragya ran behind her. He ran behind her shouting, Mein tumhey chodunga nahin ( I won’t spare you) (Not in a terrifying manner). The day ended with their sweet brother – Sister fights.

The very next day in Chaitanya Dynasty family Durbar everyone were discussing about Bulbul’s marriage to whom should she get married and was thinking of all Prospect Prince around their kingdom. Bulbul was least interested in listening to them since she got her prince long back. Raja Ruthra Singh Deo said, I don’t want my daughter to stay away from me I want her within my eye sight any suggestions? Mantri ji (Vikram from Bade Achey Lagte hain) said, My son is interested in your daughter and he is your sister’s son I don’t think there will be a problem in this matter. Abhisheik also said, Yes, I will have my sister within my eye sight and Dekh Bhai meri behen ki aakhon mein aasoon aayi tho samjho tum gayi iss duniye se , mein ye bhi nahi sochunga ki tum meri behen ki Pathi ho. (Listen bro, If I see tears from my sister’s eye you are a dead man, I won’t even think that you are my sister’s husband at that point of time). Nikhil was surprised and said, So you guys are happy with this decision? Everyone said, Yes Nikhil Ruthra Singh Deo we want you to marry our princess. Bulbul ran away from there with tears in her eyes. Everyone said, See how our Princess is Blushing, the one who talks non-stop is now running away from here without even saying a word (Laughing). Bulbul cried her heart out in her room (Girls were never allowed to speak against their elders in those days). She wrote a letter to Pragya and sent it through a dove. She wrote few more letters and sent them to her father, Brother, Purab and Nikhil through a maid, She left the palace and reached a waterfall where she used to spend time with Purab all alone. She was about to jump from there when someone held her and pulled her back. She was shocked to see her and said, I am sorry I have no other option and was about to hug her but she slapped her hard across her face and said, When your friend is Pragya Chaitra Devi how can you think of doing something like this? Abhisheik came there and saw what happened and said, Pragya Chaitra Devi (First time he is calling her by name) you saved my Jaan (My life) today, My sister means the world to me. I Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo surrender myself to you do whatever you want to do with me (He knelt down keeping his sword near Pragya’s legs). Pragya asked him to get up and said, No don’t do this I just saved my friend. Abhisheik said, No I have given my word and I am not going to take it back. Bulbul who was sad all this while said, Don’t worry Bhai anyhow you are going to be with her if you marry her (Winked at him). Abhisheik said, That’s a great idea and asked Pragya are you interested in marrying me? Before Pragya could say anything Bulbul interrupted and said, Bhai she is already interested in you. Pragya turned and glared at Bulbul. Bulbul said (Terrified), She will be the perfect Queen you know? See how she is glaring at me. Abhisheik took Pragya in his arms and started walking while Pragya saying, Please let me down what will others think? We are not married yet. Bulbul who saw this said, Oh ab Dono mujhey bhool gayi, Bhai aap Mujhey apni haath mein uthana hai Bhabhi ko nahin. ( Oh now both forgot me, Bro you have to take me in your arms right now not my sister – in – Law). Abhisheik let Pragya down and took Bulbul in his arms and said, Ab kush meri Jaan ( Are you happy now my Life?) Bulbul nodded her head and said, Yes yes. All the three reached the Palace and saw everyone sobbing. Abhisheik let Bulbul down and asked, What happened? Mantri ji said, You father Raja Ruthra Singh Deo passed away in a heart attack. Bulbul knelt down and started to cry. Pragya tried hard to pacify her but in vain and she too started to cry along with Bulbul. Abhisheik was completely broken now. Mantri ji went near him and said, Jahanpana be ready for your crowning ceremony tomorrow.

Precap: Bulbul and Pragya’s Marriage.

Coming back to the decision I am going to give you guys back to back epi and finish this off. I will be taking a break for 3 months and will be back for sure, in between I may post one or two not sure it depends upon time. Suhani you gave me a shock like finishing it off very fast? What is this choti!? Same goes for Moni too be back guys I will definitely be reading I am not sure whether I will be able to comment or not. Ani ( Beauty and the Beast) I think Purab has got the “What” disorder Syndrome 😉 Adhya I am falling ofr your ff Love leads life its very good. Anjalay k I read your love letter Shots awesome dear keep writing different thought!!
roli aka Shobana I think you are missing nowadays. Surbhi only u can give different kinds of names like Plasma TV seriously!?? Now Kaustu and Yash Partner in crime 😀 😀 Rithu your You cant escape is interesting day by day I feel the interest grow in me! Keep Rocking! Maya, So it was Purvi anyway I dint expect that blood scene!! Waiting for your update impatiently. Aditi Roy waiting for Yeh hai Aashique and Forced Marriage, your contract marriage seems interesting too… Shriti yours also going good dear! Harisha when wil I get to read the next epi?? Reji you are also missing nowadays, Krishnani, Naudhini, Hateera you guys also fall under the same category And Ms.X You write romantic parts so well.. Saranya I am sorry I don’t even remember when I read your last update! Aastha Destiny of Prabul something different keep writing dear. Hari, Nafrath ki love story, One day changed my Life and Some beautiful Os in between those enjoy reading your ideas dear keep writing. Aju no problem I understand you are tired. Post after reaching home dear! I dint expect Pragya to be paralysed. My Princess (Krisha) loved your epi I dint expect that twist where Pragya will be there in place of Tanu in that Naladhamayanthi Drama keep Writing dear. Aytac Life is too Short loved it!! Madhu birthday nightmare what is Pragya going to do now?? After locking Abhi inside?? If I have left out anyone I am sorry guys! New ones I am not reading them I am just reading whichever I was following. Suhani, Nursrya, Princess, Achu, Hari, Saranya, Ani,di, Reshma, Abhigya (Aliza), Surbhi, Moni, Mukund raj Thanks for the comments guys.. And Thank you so much for spending your time to read my story my dear Silent readers.. Riya!!! I know you will be reading thank you in advance 😉
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