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Hi guys, Prathi again to disturb you!! Surbhi I have kept my word updating today (24/9/2016) at 11 pm.. Surbhi, Riya, Kavi, Ani,Di, Maha, Madhura, Shobana, Varshavenkat, Reshma ,Haritha, Pinky, Princesskrisha, Rithu, Monesha, Saranya, Abhigaya (Aliza), Nirmal ,Mukund Raj thanks a lot for the comments guys!! And Roli aka Shobana yes I am from Tamilnadu Chennai. Thanks a lot for the concern guys love you all a lot! Special thanks to my silent readers.. No more bak baks here it goes!! Happy Reading…

Purab and Abhigaya
Somewhere near a village…
Purab is seen with our cute baby Abhigaya and was wondering how to take care of her. Just then he remembered something which he discussed with Bulbul
FB Begins…
Purab sees Bulbul with his kid caressing his head with love. Purab goes near her and asked, Have you fed my kid or keeping him hungry? Bulbul replied, Offo! Ab aap bhi shuru hogaye (Now you too started) ? Purab asked, What do you mean? Bulbul replied, Just now Jahanpana mere bhai came and asked me the same question with little difference. (Imitating Abhi’s Voice) Have you fed my Damad or keeping him hungry? He has to be strong to rule this kingdom ok? Purab laughed hearing his wife imitating the Great ruler Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo. Bulbul who understood what he was thinking said, For you he is Jahanpana for me he is my brother first and then only he became the king. Purab said, Arrey see I forgot what I was about to ask you. Bulbul said, Yes please you have the permission to question me. Purab asked, You gave him milk right!? And then asked if a child is away from his/her mother how to feed that child (Infant). Bulbul said, Actually br*ast feeding is a must for an infant but if his/her mother is not around or due to some other reason cow’s milk can be diluted in the ratio (1:6) One portion milk and 6portion of water (Just my imagination, actually Infants shouldn’t be fed with Cow’s or buffalo’s milk it is hard for the infant to digest it).

FB Ends…
Purab was pulled back to reality when he heard Abhigaya’s cry, she was hungry and she was fed only twice after she was given birth. Purab thought of giving her the diluted milk since he dint have any other option. He took Abhigaya and tied her again to his back using the cloth and walked towards a village nearby. He walked for around 15 minutes and reached a market place, he bought some milk with the money he had. Took Abhigaya to a place near a stream and fed her milk using a leaf (Rolling the leaf like a spoon). After sometime she started smiling with a sleepy face.

Same time in the Palace
Abhi (I mean Junior Abhi) is seen playing with Bulbul who was least interested in playing with him. Abhi starts to cry again ( Poor boy doesn’t know why his mom is always sad). Bulbul again took him close to her heart and said, Sorry mere bacha I am lost in thoughts of your father, your uncle, aunt and your soul mate (Tears rolled down her cheeks when she said the last word). Tanu came just then and said, Princess you need to spend time with Prince, please forget about them and take care of our sorry your Prince. Bulbul felt the pain of Tanu and gave Abhi to her to hold him. Tanu was very happy holding him in her hands, He started crying making weird faces (If you have seen one cry you can imagine). So Bulbul took him back and said, He will get used to you very soon don’t worry. Tanu smiled hearing her words and said, He may but he is your son that can’t be changed ever.
A month passed…

Now Abhi (Junior Abhi) was exploring his surrounding by crawling at greater speed suddenly he felt an urge to get up and stand on his own. He tried to get up using the support of furniture next to him Bulbul who saw this was more than happy and tears started to roll on her cheeks (Such a senti – wenti girl Uff!) Tanu was also there with her and said, Come on smile now don’t cry this is his first step towards greater heights cheer up Princess.
Purab and Abhigaya

Here Purab was working tying Abhigaya on his back and sporting a small beard in a field. She started to cry feeling bored, People working around advised him to cheer her up. So Purab went out of the field and tried cheering her up by playing with her. She was gurgling and making noises responding to Purab’s talks. Purab kept her close to his chest and said, One day you will marry my son and I want him to be ready to face you because I am the one who is going to train you to be a warrior! (Scene ends with Purab’s determined face)

20 Years later…
A Girl is seen running in warrior dress with a sword in her belt (Tied to her waist) and a man is following her (Actually chasing her). She suddenly throws the rope she has in her hand to a nearby tree it gets tied to the tree. She reaches on top of the tree and said, Baba you lost this time too ( Her face is covered with a cloth). That man said, This is not fair Abhigaya Singh Deo come down now. (That is our Abhigaya). She came down and removed her veil which covered her face, her face is shown she is an exact replica of our Pragya but has fearless and Powerful eyes. Abhigaya said, Everything is fair in love and war baba and winked at him. Purab thought she looks exactly like Rani Saheba ( Pragya) and behaves exactly like Jahanpana only they can create a miracle like this Beautifully menacing Miracle. Purab came back to his senses when Abhigaya touched his shoulders and said, Baba I want to go and live in the village please I am bored of living in trees now. Feeling like an ape come baba lets go and live in that village pointing towards the direction of the village (It is actually way to the Palace). Purab said, Why can’t you understand it is not safe for you to go there! (In the most thundering voice). Abhigaya said, I want to go that’s it are you coming or not I am not afraid of your voice now I am not a kid anymore I am grown up and can take care of myself without anyone’s intervention (Purab forgot that he is speaking to his future Daughter – in – law and most importantly The future Queen). Purab understood that he can’t terrify her anymore now he has to either tell her the truth or lie his way out. Purab said, So you are going to leave this old man and go live in that village? I am the one who brought you up with so many difficulties and you are telling like this. Abhigaya said, Uff! Kithna drama karengi aap? (How long will you act?) I am fed up of this terrifying or emotional blackmailing drama (She Is definitely Abhi and Pragya’s Daughter). Purab was about to say something.

Scene shifts to the palace…
A young and dashing guy is seen fully dressed like a prince
(Only his back is seen) and was calling Ma… Ma… Ma… where are you? He heard two voices responding to his call. Ha beta mein yahan hoon (Yes Son I am here). He said, Sorry meri Maa’s I should have mentioned which ma I was calling now. Both Tanu and Bulbul smiled. ( Yes you guys are right he is our junior Abhi). That guy’s face is shown he looks like a replica of our Abhi (My imagination). Bulbul said, You look exactly like my brother. Abhi asked, What did you say ma? Bulbul said, Nothing you look exactly like the previous King after whom we named you.
Scene shifts to Purab and Abhigaya

Purab said, There is no use in hiding the truth now I have to tell you everything from the beginning. Before that you remember we were living in a village before we shifted to this jungle, you know why we shifted? Abhigaya gave a reaction meaning no clue there (Just like a princess proud and adamant one). Purab said, That is because you started resembling your mother the former Queen of this Dynasty Pragya Chaitra Devi! (He said it in such a way that even our bold Princess had Goosebumps). Abhigaya said, Come on baba stop giving me Goosebumps and tell me the rest of the story or should I say your other new drama? Purab said, This is not a drama you’re the true heir of this dynasty Abhigaya Singh Deo don’t you feel like you have heard this Singh Deo somewhere? Everything came back to our Abhigaya how she was teased saying, She acts so Proud as if she is the princess of this dynasty see even her name matches Abhigaya Singh Deo (Kids Laughing). Abhigaya asked Purab holding his collars, Whatever you say is that true? If so why am I here? Who are you? What happened to my Parents?

Scene ends with confused and enraged face of Abhigaya…

Precap : Story of how Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo and Pragya Chaitra Devi fell in love…

Its a short update too tired to type hope to give a long one next time!!

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