Royal Love Birds – TS By AngelAshu & Zara (Part-3)

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Let’s starts Part-3 (last part) of #Royal_Love_Birds

RajaSanskar comes little close to her…
RajaSanskar: if u want something ask me.. Darne k koi jaroorat nhi hai…
He lefts a peak on her forehead..
He leaves..

RaniSwara: (in mind) what happen with me.. Am liking his company.. But why.. No Shona no… He acting like hez caring & loving.. Huhh.. Yahi sach hogi.. But he said he is my Prince.. My Prince loves me na.. Noooo he is not my Prince..

RajaSanskar went to Hall..

RajaLaksh & RaniRagini seated there..

By seeing RajaSanskar.. RaniRagini ran and hugs him..

RaniRagini: Sanskar Bhaie…. I miss u soooooooo much..

He hugs back..

RajaSanskar: I missed u too..

They broke hug..

RajaSanskar & RajaLaksh also share a hug..

They seated and talking..

RajaLaksh: waise RajaSanskar… Where is my sister..?

RaniRagini: haan Bhaie.. Where is my Bhabhi..?

He explained about her condition to them..

RajaSanskar: chalo.. Usse milwata hu..

Trio went to RaniSwara’s room..
RaniSwara seated on bed and playing with her cat and parrot..

RaniRagini: u guyzz stay here.. Let me talk with my Bhabhi alone..

RajaSanskar: okk u go..

RaniRagini went inside..

RaniSwara noticed her..

RaniSwara: who r u..? Y u came here..?

RaniRagini: am RaniRagini.. RajaSanskar’s cousin sis..

RaniSwara: (feeling huhh listening RajaSanskar name) ohh..

RaniRagini: by the way.. What’s ur name..?

RaniSwara: am shona..

RaniRagini: waooo.. Very nice..

RaniSwara: huhhh..

She playing again..

RaniRagini: awwww… Ye koun hai… Bahut pyaari hai.. (Seated on bed)

By listening taareeff of cat and parrot RaniSwara exited..

RaniSwara: ye meri cat and parrot hai..

RaniRagini: ye bahut Pyaari hai.. Names kya hai..

RaniSwara: ye Tweety hai.. (Parrot) ye Ishi hai.. (Cat)

(Ishi baby… Haha hahaha… See u are cat.. ??? )
RaniRagini: awwwww… How cute names.. Mujhe bhi khelni hai.. Tweety and Ishi k sath..

RaniSwara: sure..

RaniSwara and RaniRagini playing with Tweety and Ishi.. Both forgets a world..

At door RajaSanskar and RajaLaksh stood and talking..

RajaLaksh: see RajaSanskar.. I told u na.. Aapke biwi jaise hi hai RaniRagini bhi.. Sab ladkiya na aise hi hoti hai.. U don’t worry..

RajaSanskar laughs..

RajaSanskar: agar mera Behan sun lia to kya haal hoga aapka RajaLaksh..

RajaSanskar: chaliye Inside..

Both went inside..

RajaLaksh: Mahrani.. Ye kya baat hua.. Aap playing ki chakkar me mujhe bhul gayi..?

RaniRagini: oops.. Sorry Mahraaj.. By the way.. Meet my Bhabhi..
RaniRagini introduced RajaLaksh to RaniSwara..

Sometime passed..

RaniRagini & RajaLaksh leaves..
RaniSwara really feeling happy to see Raglak’s closeness..

RaniSwara: (in mind) how sweet they both are.. Specially RaniRagini.. I love her.. Kaash meri prince aajaye to mje bhi aisa hi treat karega na jaise RajaLaksh kar raha hai.. Ye RajaSanskar huhh.. How he shouted on me.. I hate him.. Waise y am thinking about him.. Huhhh…

After 2 dayz..

Swara still not able to forget Raglak.. Coz she just loved their bonding… The way she calling him.. The way she treating him.. She smiling while remembering..

At that time some enemy’s attacked on RajMahal..

RajaSanskar and soldiers are fighting with them..

One enemy enters into RaniSwara’s room.. Tries to injure her..

RaniSwara crying badly..
Enemy about to injure her with Kadgh (long knife).. But suddenly RajaSanskar stops him by holding Kadgh with his palm..
His palm injured..
RaniSwara shocked by seeing his reaction.. She crying more and more..
He fights with enemy’s..
Finely he puts all enemy’s in karagaar (jail)..

After sometime..
RajaVaidhy came RajMahal and wraps bandage to RajaSanskar’s palm..
He went to Their room..

RaniSwara crying while talking with cat and parrot..

RaniSwara: see na Tweety, Ishi.. Coz of me his palm injured.. (At that time he enters into room) they enemy’s are soooo dangerous.. How can they hurt anyone..
And that idiot tries to injure me.. She stop talking and start thinking about him..

RaniSwara: (in mind) he saved me… Why he saves me.. Is he loves me really..? He is really my Prince..? Yes I misunderstood him.. He loves me.. Otherwise why he saved me by injured his palm..

She suddenly remembered that sence.. His palm was bleeding badly..
She scared again by remembered this.. She start crying…
She just wanna meet him..
RaniSwara: I wanna meet him.. But he got injure by saving me.. Mujhe bhi kuch na kuch hona hai..
She took knife from fruits plate she about to cut her palm..
At that time RajaSanskar came and stops her..
RajaSanskar: shoonnaaa… (Shouts..) R u mad.. What u going to do..

She leaves knife.. She scared by see his angry again.. Start crying..

RajaSanskar noticed her crying.. He composed himself..
He seated beside her and start talking with slow tone..

RajaSanskar: amm.. Am sorry..

She weeping..

RajaSanskar: y r u going to injure ur palm..?

RaniSwara: WO.. U got injure by saving me na.. How much blood u lose.. Oh my God (her cute scary face) that’s y am also doing.. (Interrupted)

RajaSanskar: promise me.. Ki u will never repeat this..!!

RaniSwara: buttt…

RajaSanskar: (strict) u have to promise..

RaniSwara promised..

She slowly touching his palm.. While weeping..

He starring her lovingly..

RaniSwara: its paining..?

RajaSanskar: hmm.. Little..

RaniSwara: don’t worry.. It will be fine in few days..
He simply nodes as yes..
He felt more love to see her innocence..

RajaSanskar: (in mind) ur innocence attracts me more towards u angel.. I love u.. Thank God.. Time par tumko save kar paaya hu.. Otherwise tumhe kuch hojata to.. I can’t live..

RajaSanskar: u take rest..

He about to leave..

RaniSwara: Mahrraaajjjjj…

He just surprised to listing this word by her..

Coz every Rani calls her Raja as Mahraaj..

He turns..

RaniSwara: take care..

He stood like statue..

She jerks him..

He came into senses..

RaniSwara: what happen..?

RajaSanskar: y r u calling me like that..

RaniSwara: u r my husband na.. As a wife mujhe bolna chahiye na.. Waise RaniRagini also calls her husband like this.. Any problem..?

RajaSanskar: (felt 7th cloud) no Mahraniji.. U can call me by ur wish..

At night..

RaniSwara makes her cat and Parrot sleep..

She also sleeps..

RajaSanskar came and he too sleeps..
Night 1am..

She suddenly remembers that incident.. Someone trying to kill her.. She wake ups immediately..

RaniSwara: nahhhhiiiiiiiiiii…

By listening this RajaSanskar wokeup..

RajaSanskar: (with care) what happen..? R u okk..?
He noticed her scarceness in her face..

RaniSwara: woo.. Woo.. (Shivering voice) someone.. Someone.. Woo.. Someone.. Trying to kill me… (She crying)

RajaSanskar: (took her into his embrace) shhh.. Shhh.. Nothing happened.. U saw bad dream.. Thatz it..

RaniSwara shivering..

RajaSanskar: Mahrani.. Don’t scare. Am with u na.. See am with u na..
U sleep peacefully.. Nothing will happen.. See everything is alright..
She broke hug.. She saw all sides.. Felt little relaxed..
He makes her lye on bed properly..
He caressing her face..
RajaSanskar: u sleep..
RajaSanskar lyes beside her..
She still in fear..
RaniSwara: (sleeping position) Mahraaj.. Mujhe bahut dar lag rahi hai..
He worried to see her..
RajaSanskar: (opens his arms) come.. Sleep in my embrace.. U will feel better..
RaniSwara: noooo… I can’t..
RajaSanskar: am ur husband na.. U can sleep in my embrace..
RaniSwara moves little to him..
She places her head at his chest..

Her one hand holds his back.. Another hand places on his bare chest..
He holds her took her into more close..
She feeling much nervous..
RajaSanskar: now u sleep peacefully..
She nodes as yes..
She tights her grip..
RajaSanskar: (in mind) ur behavior making me more crazy towards u angel.. Be with me always like this.. I felt happy when u r in my embrace..
RaniSwara: (in mind) am really feeling secure now.. What happen with me.. I just don’t wanna move.. I forgets all world in his embrace.. May be its love..? Donno.. If its love.. Am feeling lucky to have u as my prince..

She closes her eyes and sleeping peacefully.. He too..

The night passed..

At morning..
He opens his eyes and noticed his angel in his embrace..

She sleeping peacefully in his embrace with smile..

He just lost in her beauty..
Meanwhile her hairs falling on her face due to wind..
He kept her hairs behind her ears..

She disturbed her sleep..
She opens her eyes cutely..

RajaSanskar: Good Morning Princess.. (Smiles)
RaniSwara broke hug with a jerk.. Went little far..
RajaSanskar: what happen..?
RaniSwara: nothing.. What am doing in ur embrace..?
RajaSanskar: u asking me darling..? Don’t u remembered what happened yesterday night..?? U was soooooooo scared na..
She remembered..
RaniSwara: ohh haa.. Hmm.. WO dream.. ??
She again scared..
RajaSanskar placed his palm on her shoulder..
RajaSanskar: itsss okk.. Thatz just a dream.. Not neef to scare.. U sleep sometime.. Iam going to fresh..
She nodes as yes..
He about to.. She stops him by holding his wrist..
RajaSanskar: what happen..
RaniSwara: don’t go…
RajaSanskar: (melted to see her innocent face.. Cubing her face)
Am here only na.. Just going to take bath..
RaniSwara: (start crying like a kid) noooooooooo I said u don’t go.. Be with me.. U don’t go.. Ahhaannn ahhaannn.. Don’t go..
RajaSanskar: relax.. Relax Shona.. Okk fine.. I will not go.. Okk..?
She nods as yes while wiping her tears..
RajaSanskar felt happy to see her behavior..
RaniSwara: I wanna sleep.. U don’t dare to go.. Otherwise my cat will eat u..
He laughs to see her talks..
RajaSanskar: okk I will not.. U sleep..
He makes her lye on bed properly..
He leaned beside her..
He caressing her hair..
RajaSanskar: now sleep.. Am here only..
RaniSwara: (in mind) donno y.. Am not liking each second without him.. Yesterday night I just lost in his embrace.. Am liking when he near to me.. Intact close to me..

She smiling and staring him.. Lost in thoughts..

RajaSanskar: (ups eyebrows) what happen.. U was sleepy na..

RaniSwara: (realised) WO.. WO.. Haan am sleeping na..

RajaSanskar: ankhe kholke..?

RaniSwara: hmm.. (Realized) noo.. Noo.. WO… Woo..

RajaSanskar: haha shona.. U sleep happily.. Otherwise I will leave..

He acts like he s going..
He just moved up..
She hugs him tightly..

RaniSwara: nooooo.. Don’t go.. Pleaseee..
He smiles to see her act.. Little shocked but happy too..
He likes when she is in his embrace..

RaniSwara: I will sleep… U don’t go away from me..
She start crying little..
He broke hug cubing her face..

RajaSanskar: okk.. Am here.. U don’t cry.. (Wiping her tears) see ur eyes became red.. Am with u only na.. U relax..

She nodes as yes..

He lyes on bed properly.. Opens his arms..

RajaSanskar: now come and sleep..
RaniSwara: (felt much happy) okk..
Without any argue.. She leaned to him.. She hugs him and feeling like heaven…

She start talking with him.. Still embrace..

RaniSwara: am sorry…
RajaSanskar: sorry..? Why..? What happen..?
RaniSwara: I misunderstood u.. I thought u r not my prince.. So, I did that all (WO spicy drink.. Tap karab karna.. Eggs etc etc) with u.. Fir be u saved me by hurting urself.. Bahut pareshan karti hu na my..

She asked him innocently..
He fully melted..
RajaSanskar: that’s okk.. U realized thatz enough for me..
RaniSwara: u will not leave me na..?
RajaSanskar: (tights his grip) never… I just can’t imagine too
RaniSwara: now I realized u r my prince.. I promise.. I never hurt u more..
RajaSanskar surprised..
RajaSanskar: (hugging her tightly) I love u my princess..
RaniSwara: I love u too..
He just shock by listening this from her..
He saw her.. But she fallen in sleep..
Next day..

Kiddo devil angel (RaniSwara) roaming in garden n playing hide and seek with her cat n parrot.. she wore a pinkish lehanga n open hairs …(lookinahan
Damn cute)…

RaniSwara: (pout )… Uff this ishi n Tweety Na where they hide! …

She keep finding while suddenly feels 2 strong hands on her milky belly (ovio her Prince RajaSanskar) she frightened

Swara: Aaaaaaaaaaaaakon h kon h kon h??? R u demon ?

RajaSanskar: (kidding ) yess m demon ab kha jayunga tume haha ha.. (scary laugh)

Swara: Aaaaannnn maaah demonnn… Plsss don’t eat me I don’t taste good.. But if u hungry Na then I will tell royal cook to make delicious food for u… don’t eat me ..if u eat me Na then I will cry n no one can stop me then u hv to buy me sweets and dolls to make me clam..

RajaSanskar could nt control more n starts laughing like hell n RaniSwara turns n see him with cute angry face..

RajaSanskar: Hahahahahha omggg shonaa u r too funny n cuteee….

RaniSwara: u was scaring me n now laughing.. Ahan ahan ahan

She start hitting him playfully..

RajaSanskar holds her hands and takes her into his embrace…

She little shocked but she feeling happy..
RajaSanskar: Aww m sorry my angel..

Rani Swara: its OK Ziraf….

RajaSanskar: what ziraf !!?

She broke hug..

RaniSwara: Yes… U r tall like ziraf na.. So I will call u ziraf.. haha

RajaSanskar: Awweee my kiddo devil…..(pulls her cheek) wese what u doing here ?

RaniSwara: wo m playing hide n seek with cat n parrot.. (At that time cat n parrot comes out..) Am missing MP badly.. Am not liking this place.. (Sad face)…

RajaSanskar felt bad for her..

RajaSanskar: we will go MP for Somedays.. What say..?

RaniSwara: (jumping in excitement) really…?

RajaSanskar nodes as yes..

RajaSanskar: u have surprise there..!!

RaniSwara: waaoooooo.. Yahhooooo…

At night

RaniSwara sitting on bed.. cat n parrot sleeping… n sankaar came there…

Swara: Ziraf. ..
RajaSanskaar: Ziraf Han. .. (smiles naughtily)

RaniSwara: hmm..
RajaSanskar: y didn’t u ate dinner ?
RaniSwara: u got to know !
RajaSanskaar: well ofcrs I Asked to servants she said u refused to eat.. (raising eyebrows )

RaniSwara: wo.. I dnt want to eat.. my not hungry… n it’s OK…

RajaSanskar: huhh who said it’s OK.. it’s not OK.. Rajavaidhy ji said u r having anemia u hv to tc ur health princess… come on eat something

RaniSwara: Noooo…please please…. (pout)

RajaSanskar: kk for only today.. from tmrw I will feed u by myself

RaniSwara: y

RajaSanskar: coz u always skips ur meal kiddo devil (pulls her nose) so from tmrw Ziraf will feed u ..

RaniSwara: hehe zirafff

RajaSanskar smiles n pecks her cheeks.. she blushed… then he slightly about ti kiss her lips n she get scared
RajaSanskar: kya Hua
Swara: What r u doing..?

RajaSanskar: it was kissing my love

RaniSwara: Kiss (blushed)

She is innocent.. But she is 18years old.. She start feeling for him.. She getting blush automatically when he s near to her.. By noticing her blush.. He feeling happy and going ahead in romance..

RajaSanskar : come lets sleep (takes her in embrace )

RaniSwara: Zirafff my bed time story ?

RajaSanskar: What !!!.. But I donno any story

RaniSwara starts crying

RajaSanskar: kk don’t cry.. I will tell u..

RaniSwara clams n he starts telling their loves tory

RajaSanskar: u know there was a cute Lil baby princess named Swara…

RaniSwara: where..?
RajaSanskar: in story..
RaniSwara: okk..

RajaSanskar: she used to be very innocent.. dnt know about world much… ND used to sleep most of the time.. sleeping beauty… but it was harming her health.. then one day a prince come name Sanskar

RaniSwara: Naa…. Zraf

RajaSanskar: Haha OK Ziraf.. And takes her with him n marry her… But the princess used to hate him thinking that he separate her from her dad.. but slowly slowly she understands his love n accepts him ??

RaniSwara: nice story..
RajaSanskar: ???? but..
RaniSwara: what..?
RajqSanskar: Haa baas 2 villains thy story me
RaniSwara: whoo
RajaSanskar: a cat n parrot ? they used to be with princess all time..

She start hitting him playfully..
RaniSwara: How dare u.. U said my cat & Parrot villain..???
He holds her hands.. Pulls her more close to him..
Her feeling increasing towards him..
RajaSanskar: okk sorry.. now sleep..

She slept in his embrace like a baby

The night passes..
One weak passed cutely..
Swasan coming close to each other day by day..

Finally they reached MP..

Swara feeling too much happy..
But she sad to remembered RajaShekar..
Some how Her prince managed her..
They both busy in roaming some places..
RaniSwara telling her childhood memories to her prince..
RajaSanskar feeling happy to see his princess happy..

Some time passed..

RaniSwara seated in front of mirror and start removing her jewellery..
Something Stuckked in her hairs..
RaniSwara: Aaahhhh….
RajaSanskar: what happen princess..??
RaniSwara: its paining.. Ahhann ahhann
RajaSanskar: shhh… Wait.. Let me chk..
He comes near to her.. He bended little..
He start helping her to remove hairs from jewellery..
He slowly doing.. His finger’s touching her bare back..
She start feeling tickles..
She staring him through mirror..
When he looked to her.. She turning her face..
He smirks naughtily..
He finally removes her stuckked hairs..
RaniSwara: thank u..
RajaSanskar talking to her by staring her in mirror..
He places his both palms on her shoulders from back..
RajaSanskar: u r looking soooooooo beautiful today…
(He kisses her nape)

She start blushing hard..
RajaSanskar: I like ur cheeks when u getting blush..
He kisses her both cheeks from back..
RaniSwara: (blushing) oyee ziraff.. what r u doing.. Leave me..
RajaSanskar: acha.. I married u to leave haan..?
RaniSwara: aree leave na.. Otherwise I will go..

By saying this.. She stood and going from there while smiling..
Somewhere she don’t wanna go.. But going..
He stops her.. He pulls her by her hand.. With smile…
He holds her from back.. Both stood in front of mirror..
She downed her face.. Blushing hard..
RajaSanskar: where r u going haan..?
RaniSwara: WO.. Woo.. I.. I was..

Due to his closeness.. She not able to talk properly..
He places his chin on her shoulder..
RajaSanskar: Princess… Talk to me na.. (Still back hug)
His hot breath touching her nape..
She losing sense.. In his closeness..
RaniSwara: (in mind) ohh godd.. What he doing.. His closeness.. Making me crazy towards him.. I love him more.. When he close to me..
RajaSanskar kisses her back of ear..
RaniSwara: leave me na..
She trying to free herself.. But vain due to his tight grip..

He touching her right side neck with his nose..
Her heart beat increasing..
He makes her turn..
He tights his grips..
He pulls her more close..
Both faces are much close..
Their lips leaning each other..

He kisses her.. She turns her face with a smile.. His kiss placed on her cheek.. Haha..
RajaSanskar: don’t stop me today my princess.. I full out of control today.. Today I wanna make u mine forever.. Please don’t stop me.. I waited for u long time.. Now no more.. (Husky voice)
RaniSwara: Who stops u my prince.. I just wanna say one thing..
RajaSanskar: (surprised) what..?
RaniSwara: WO.. Tweety and Ishi staring us..
RajaSanskar turns his face to them with angry glare..
They got scared and slept..
RajaSanskar: now any problem..?
RaniSwara smiles..
He places his lips on hers softly.. Both Start kissing each other..
Its became a passionate one..
After sometime they broke kiss..
She bushing more and more.. She not able to face his eyes..
He understands her uncomfortable to face him..
He slowly took her in his embrace..
She feeling good now..
She hugs him..

Her face hiding at his chest..
RajaSanskar: I love u….
RaniSwara: I love u too Mahraj..
RajaSanskar: am King for all people.. But am only Sanskar for u.. Ur husband…
RaniSwara: my husband..?
RajaSanskar: yess urs..
RaniSwara: hmm..
RajaSanskar: will u allow me to makes u mine forever..?
RaniSwara: when u r my husband.. Am ur wifey na.. Urs only..Then.. What need of permission.. Sanskarrrrrr..
He felt much happy to listening his name by her..
He broke hug and rubs his nose with hers..
When she smiling while closing her eyes..

He ups her by his arms..
He placed her on bed safely.. (She half lied on bed)
He sits beside her..
She start feeling nervous..
He about to remove her clothes..
She stopped him by holding his hand..

RaniSwara: sssaaaannnnssskkkaaarrrr..
RajaSanskar: (with care) what happened princess..?
RaniSwara: woo.. Woo..
RajaSanskar: (caressing her cheeks) bolo..
RaniSwara: WO.. Mujhe bahut dar lag rahi hai..
He smiles to see her nervousness..
RajaSanskar: am with u na..
RaniSwara: hmm..
RajaSanskar: what do u think.. Ur prince will hurt u..?
RaniSwara: nooooooo..
RajaSanskar: trust me.. (Peaks her forehead) I will never..
She smiles..
He start kissing her neck sensually..

She feeling much good..
He slowly removes her cloths..
He start kissing her whole body while caressing each and every part..
She moaning in pleasure..
He makes her lay on bed properly..
He switch off lights..
He leaned on her and covers one duvet on them..
Both hugs each other tightly..
He again start kissing.. She blushing more and more..
After that they consummate..
He know very well.. How to manage his princess..
Both slept in each other embrace Peacefully..
The memorable night passed..
The next day..
Sun rays falling on love birds..

Both opens their eyes..
RajaSanskar: Good Morning Princess..
He smiling..
RaniSwara: GM..
She suddenly realized her position..
She is in his embrace.. She fully naked..
She remembers last night and blushing hard innocently..
She covers another duvet in her fully….
He asked to remove duvet from her face.. But she not listening..
He smiles and he removed duvet from her face himself..
She looking down..
RajaSanskar: what hpn princess..?

RaniSwara: don’t u know what u did..? (Blushing tone)
RajaSanskar: (pulls her on him) ohh.. U remembering last night.. Acha.. (Winks to her) what I do darling.. When my wifey hai hi aisi.. Ki ek pal bhi usse dur nahi rah paunga..
She hits him playfully.. blushes more..
Both love birds hugs again.. With much love, care and affection..

After some dayz they went Rajasthan..?? With cat and parrot..??
In Her behavior no his care no change..??
RajaSanskar only manage his queen..? He only makes her calm down when she irritated or angry..??
Both lucky to have each other in their life..??
The both Royal Love Birds living happily together..?
The pure love existed between them..?
But both loves each other a lot..?
The TS Ends..
So, friends.. How was the epi..

Hope u all will like..
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