The Royal love birds-episode 9

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Here we go
Thapki,bihaan,krishnakanth n balwinder sit in the car
Balwinder:bihaan y were they saying u both wife n husband..u still r not married
Bihaan:dad i knew that tribes will be very doubtfull..if we have said we r fiancées then they will think we r I told that we r married
Balwinder n krishnakanth laughs Thapki n bihaan sees eachother n smiles
They reach home..Poonam runs to thapki
Poonam:thapki r u ok beta
Thapki:yes mom I’m fine what will happen to me..bihaan was with me..,bihaan smiles
Vasundra:yes Poonam ji stop worrying so much..thapki we were saying her that bihaan is with u nothing will happen..but she was worrying so she is a mom…every mom loves her child…but still Poonam ji I know she is a princess but she have to be strong so that she can face any problem.n u should encourage her Poonam ji….Poonam nods n smiles
Poonam:thapki bihaan go n get freshed..u guys may be hungry…i ll serve u food
Thapki n bihaan nods n goes
They eat food together n pandey’s say bye to to them n goes

Next day
It’s Sangeet function today…n thapki is getting ready
Bihaan’s family comes to thapki’s palace n sits…bihaan was in a black Kurti with a brown printed waist coat….thapki’s sisters made bihaan sit on a bride groom chair which was on stage…it was decorated with flowers…bihaan sat there…bihaan was looking here n there
Cousin:what r u looking jiju
Bihaan:tha…..he stops
Cousins(teasing):tha what jiju tha for thapki
All the ppl laugh..bihaan feels embarrassed
Bihaan:no I was saying thank u for this beautiful will be always memorable…
Cousin:acha that means u don’t want thapki …ok we won’t bring her down
Bihaan:no i…I dint mean that
Poonam:offo stop teasing him.n go bring thapki down
Cousin:no badi mom we will not bring thapki down until jiju says us to bring
Cousin:so jiju should we bring thapki here
Bihaan(in mind):how can I tell yes infront of all
Dadi:arre bihaan tell yes beta we all know how eagerly ur waiting to see thapki
Cousin:Oho shyness haan
Poonam:now stop teasing him.n go n bring thapki down
Cousin:ji badi mom. ….they laugh.n go
After sometime thapki’s sisters brings her down…she was was wearing a white gown.with red borders…n a dupatta pinned on one side..she comes down…bihaan continuesly stares at her…she takes blessing from elders n comes towards stage…she sees bihaan n smiles….bihaan comes towards her n gives his hand to come on stage..she holds his hand n climbs the stage…they get seated….bihaan was about to say something…thapki sisters comes n sits beside her…Poonam calls them but they dint go
Thapki:ah I know ur here for teasing us..but stop this childishness n go to mom she may need something
Cousin:acha so u want to spend time with jiju haan..ok ok continue we r going
Bihaan:so I was saying that ur looking very pretty today
Thapki:thanks bihaan n u r looking very handsome
Bihaan:thank u
Thapki’s cousins announce the performances..all the ppl cheer…
Cousins:so first from jiju’s side balwinder uncle n vasundra aanty is going to ppl cheer up for them..all the ppl shouts..they dance on pyaar hua ikraar hua…all the ppl praise them
Cousins:that was actually amazing performance uncle n aanty..thank u soo much..n we pray that ur love increase every day..n u live a long life together
Cousin 2:so now from brides side my sweet badi maa n thapki’s super hero that is my bade papa is going to give an amazing performance but.but .but…
Cousin 2:it’s a very special performance they r dedicating to thapki…they r sharing their happiness when thapki was born
Thapki smiles..bihaan sees her n smiles…thapki’s father comes singing laado tu Jaan hai hamari song(search on YouTube)Poonam comes with a small baby doll they sing the song together..then they sing jinko hai betiyaa wo ye kehte hai….thapki gets emotional..bihaan holds her hand..she looks at him..he wipes his tears n gestures smile…thapki sees him n smiles…then they sing pyaar se Pali badi vo pari(bidai song)at last they come n Hugs thapki..thapki cries alot..
Krishnakanth :no thapki beta now u should not cry ur life will be full of happiness as bihaan is there back of u..n I trust him that he will keep u happy….bihaan smiles

Krishnakanth:bihaan plzz promise us beta that u will always be with thapki..u will keep her happy..promise me….
Bihaan:dad I have already given this promise to myself..u plzz don’t worry
Vasundra:yes Poonam ji she will be happy n comfortable with us..I’m giving words to u..that we will take care of her….bihaan holds thapki’s hands
Bihaan:I promise that I will be with u always in every situation n I will always trust u..thapki smiles at him
All get emotional…thapki’s cousins to change the topic says
Cousin:haan haan jiju u just want a reason to hold thapki’s hand..thapki sees her hand n takes it with a jerk..thapki n bihaan feels embarrassed all the ppl laugh
Cousins:so now let’s it’s grooms turn to dance…bihaan smiles. N goes
He dances on mehendi lagake the end he turns to thapki…thapki comes there n dances on bole chudiyaan….bihaan join her…then they comes down n the family members joins them…bihaan holds thapki’s hands they see eachother n smiles…after the party all the ppl starts going
Balwinder:so krishnakanth ji we will take ur leave now.
Krishnakanth:ji balwinder ji
Vasundra:come bihaan beta
Bihaan makes a sad face n sees thapki..thapki hides behind Poonam n smiles…bihaan also smiles n goes

At night..thapki calls bihaan.bihaan sees that n pick the call
Bihaan:so ur missing me
Thapki:nothing like that mom told me to call u n ask have u reached safely
Bihaan:ok then tell sasu mom that we have reached home safely
Bihaan:ok then bye
Thapki:y r u busy
Bihaan:no I thought u called me only for the topic is closed here….
Thapki:very funny
Bihaan:ok ok now tell me y did u call
Thapki:just to ask u all have reached safely or not
Bihaan:only this
Thapki:yes bihaan ji
Bihaan:haaa what what did u said “bihaan ji”
Thapki:yes mom told me to call u bihaan ji
Bihaan:no thapki it sounds very awkward
Bihaan:see it sound very unromantic
Bihaan:yes none of these formalities…u can call me bihaan n only bihaan
Bihaan gets lost in an imagination
*Bihaan comes close to thapki n she says no bihaan ji plzz let me go….
*thapki saying bihaan ji I love u
He laughs(imagination ends)
Thapki:y r u laughing
Bihaan :hmm nothing just imagining u calling me bihaan ji..n trust me it’s so funny
Thapki:accha what have u imagined
Bihaan:do u really want to know
Bihaan:ur saying me I love u…thapki shys
Thapki:bihaan u n ur imaginations….now stop imagining n sleep…she cuts the call
Thapki:he is very smart….oh god what kind of feelings r this…
She sees the locket which bihaan gifted her n smiles..she holds it tightly n sleeps
On the other hand in bihaan’s room
Bihaan:I’m waiting for the day when u will say me the three magical words….he sees her pic in his phone n smiles n sleeps…

Next day
It’s mehndi function thapki is sitting on the bride groom chair she is wearing a simple lehenga of mehndi colour colour with heavy jwellery …bihaan’s family comes n greets everyone….thapki takes their blessing…bihaan sits beside thapki…he was in a dark green Shermani with a white muffler…..they smile seeing eachother…thapki’s sisters n her friend were dancing on dhol…they take thapki n bihaan with them n asks them to dance..they dance together n later bihaan takes thapki to a corner but no one notices them…..he takes her to the wall n holds her….
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing…leave me
Bihaan:u remember I said something yesterday
Thapki :what
Bihaan:the three magical word..thapki sees down n smiles
Thapki:bihaan leave me…if some one will see us like this
Bihaan:let them see..he comes close…his nose was touching her cheeks…thapki holds him tightly
Thapki:bihaan mom will come….bihaan comes more close..n holds her waist
Bihaan:let her come…thapki tries to go but bihaan blocks her way…he holds her hands on the wall n comes close…thapki closes her eyes…bihaan kisses her on cheeks…thapki feels it n she hugs him tightly….bihaan smiles n hugs her..they separate …thapki tries to go…but bihaan holds her again
Bihaan:I did not leave u to go….now I will never leave u so that n can never go anywhere…
Thapki:acha but if anyone sees then what will they think
Bihaan:let them think what they want..I don’t care about them…only n only I care about u n I will never leave u…he hold her from waist n pulls her close….he puts his head on her shoulder…she holds him n smiles…
Thapki:bihaan mom is coming…bihaan moves n sees no one
Thapki: acha what did u said u don’t care about anyone haan …,she laughs…
Bihaan:you…..he tries to catch her but she run….he smiles n rubs his hairs
Mehndi designers comes n starts applying mehendi on thapki’s hands..vasundra comes there
Vasundra :arre wah…thapki write bihaan’s name also haan…she whispers something in her ears…thapki nods…she goes from there
Thapki:write bihaan on my hand n it should not be revealed easily
Mehendi designers nods n writes bihaan in the middle but it is not revealed
Thapki’s sisters dances on mehndi hai rachne wali…they take thapki with them n she dances along with them..they take bihaan also but he says no..they forcefully takes him on the dance floor n pushes on thapki…thapki was about to fall bihaan holds her…they had an eyelock ….(ranjha naa plays)they smile n dance together…later bihaan goes in a corner n sees thapki dancing…thapki sees him standing in a corner..n gestures him to come…thapki’s dress Dori had open..he sees that n gestures her to come…thapki comes there…bihaan holds her hand n takes in
Thapki:bihaan where r u taking me
Bihaan takes her to a room n makes her stand near a mirror n asks her to see..thapki sees herself
Thapki:what it’s perfect….bihaan turns her…
Bihaan:now see..she turns her head n sees her dori is open…she tries to tie it…but bihaan stops
Bihaan:how can u tie u have mehndi in ur hands it ll spoil…he turns her n slowly ties the dori..thapki can feel his breath on her neck…she holds the chair tightly n closes her eyes….bihaan sees her in the mirror..
Bihaan:open ur ur eyes thapki….thapki opens her eyes n sees him in the mirror…
Thapki:thank u
Bihaan:ur looking like an angel…my angel
Thapki smiles n gets shy she runs from there…bihaan smiles n comes in the hall
After the mehndi the guest leave n bihaan’s family too leaves

Next day it’s karwa chouth
Thapki comes down
Poonam:thapki today u got up so soon beta…have u slept in the night
Thapki:yes mom..I slept yesterday….
Poonam:ok first go n eat breakfast
Thapki:y u r not eating
Poonam:ah no beta today is karwa chouth all the ladies keep fast for their husbands long life….so I’m keeping fast…
Thapki:acha can a unmarried women keep this fast
Poonam:yes some girls keep this fast for their boyfriends n for their future husbands
Poonam:y r u asking
Thapki:no mom just generally
Poonam:acha…now go n eat breakfast…n yes today bihaan’s family is coming for karwa chout get ready
Thapki nods n goes..she sits on the table…n thinks
Thapki:Iam not a married girl but. As mom said one can keep this fast for their future can I keep this fast….but mom will not allow me to keep this fast as I have never kept a fast in my life…she was about to eat….she stops…
Thapki:no I will keep this fast for bihaan..I will not tell about it to anyone…she goes to her room…

In the afternoon
Thapki:ji mom
Poonam:go n eat the lunch with ur dad beta
Thapki:ah mom no I’m not hungry..ill eat later..she runs to her room
At night….bihaan’s family comes to thapki’s palace
Vasundra n Poonam start preparing their puja thali..thapki comes down in a red churi…she takes their blessings…
Krishnakanth:come beta sit with us..she sits beside bihaan..they see eachother n smile…thapki sees vasundra n poonam n some other ladies preparing for the puja ..she gets up
Bihaan:where r u going
Thapki:bihaan I ll come in a min
Thapki goes to them
Thapki:mom what r u all doing…she takes vasundra’s blessings n sits beside Poonam
Poonam:we r preparing for the puja thapki beta…we will do a puja then when the moon comes we will break our fast
Thapki:acha can I see it
Vasundra:yes yes come I’ll show u ….she Shows everything…
One lady:come Poonam ji we will do the puja
Poonam:ji come…they stand in circle n starts passing the thali’s….thapki was watching them…

After the puja
One lady:now puja is finished now let’s go to our home n wait for the moon to come…they nod n goes…
Poonam(to a servent):bring this thali’s in the garden
Vasundra n Poonam sit on the sofa with everyone…thapki takes a thali n puts every thing which is needed for the puja..she tells the servent to take this thali too….
A servent comes n tells that the moon has come…
Vasundra:come we will do the puja Poonam ji…they all goes out…
Vasundra n balwinder ,Poonam n krishnakanth does the puja thapki was watching them…bihaan comes n stands beside Thapki
Bihaan:today the moon is looking very beautiful na
Thapki:yes…she feels dizzy…bihaan sees that
Bihaan:thapki r u ok….what happen…she fells down..bihaan holds her…n rubs her hands
Bihaan: thapki what happened to look thapki has fainted
Vasundra n Poonam sees her n runs towards her
Balwinder:what happen to her…bihaan sprinkle some water on her face
Bihaan sprinkles..thapki opens her eyes
Poonam:thapki what happen dear r u ok
Thapki:yes mom.
Vasundra:then y did u fainted
Poonam:vasundra ji she did not ate the lunch.i think that’s y she fainted
Bihaan:y did u not ate u should take care of ur self thapki
Vasundra :thapki u were not fasting then y did u not ate anything
Thapki:mom actually I’m fasting
Thapki:yes mom I did not ate anything from morning..
Bihaan:but y did u kept this fast
Thapki:for u

Everyone smiles..but bihaan was very angry…he holds her
Bihaan:come first do this puja..then we will talk…he holds her hand tightly….thapki takes her thali n they start doing the puja…thapki n bihaan does the rituals…bihaan was very angry…after the puja vasundra comes to thapki
Vasundra :y u dint told us about ur fast..
Poonam:thapki u dint told about it to me too
Thapki :mom I thought u won’t allow me to keep this fast so I dint told it to anyone
Vasundra:but thapki u could keep this fast from the next year.n me n Poonam ji ate our sargi that y we could complete our fast..but u dint ate anything beta…thapki sees bihaan …bihaan was looking at her angrily
Thapki:mom I wanted to keep this fast for bihaan
Vasundra :this shows ur care for bihaan…may god bless ur Jodi.everyone gives blessing to them n goes in
Thapki:bihaan…bihaan goes from there…thapki follows him
Thapki:bihaan listen to me once plzzz
He stood in front of his car
Thapki:bihaan what happen y r u angry…bihaan hold her hand tightly n pushed her to the car…he was very close
Bihaan:y am I angry…who told u to keep that fast
Thapki:bihaan it was my choice.i wanted to keep it
Bihaan:but y did u kept it…for my….thapki interrupts
Thapki:for ur long life…I can’t stay without u nor I can see u in pain bihaan…she shouts….ur the person who changed my life…n yes this is the fact I can’t stay without u…I don’t want to stay without u bihaan…bihaan was shocked..he left her…thapki realizes what she said…
Bihaan:but I don’t want u to starve for a day only for me…so no fast in future
Thapki:no bihaan u can’t say like this…n u know what I felt very good keeping the fast today
Bihaan:accha u just fainted
Thapki:that happened later….but this fast shows how much a husband n wife care for they pray for eachothers long life…the rituals r very fun to do..right
Bihaan:yes I enjoyed doing it…
Thapki:oh now u understood…they laugh n goes in

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