The Royal love birds-episode 8 (mega episode)

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So here we go
Bihaan stops the car..they see the ppl…
Bihaan:arre y r u all standing in the middle of the road.move aside now…but they don’t move…bihaan tries to come out of the car but thapki holds his hand
Thapki:no bihaan plzz don’t go.these ppl r not looking nice to me..
Bihaan:thapki nothing will happen let me see once…thapki holds his hand tightly n gestures noo….bihaan touches her hand
Bihaan:ok I’m not going Iam here itself ok…he horns
they take hockey sticks n knife From a jeep..bihaan n thapki look at each other
Goon’s head:come out of the car else we will attack now
Thapki n bihaan looks at eachother they come out of the car…thapki comes out n runs towards bihaan n holds his hand…
Goon’s head:thapki did u recognize us
Thapki :I will never forget u sultan
Bihaan:who is he
Thapki:he is our enemy…our families r fighting over the rule from dad is the king.n only he can give away the kingdom..he just wants the kingdom the rule .the property..he do not care about the kingdom ppl
Bihaan:but u can’t take the rule it’s the right of the kingdom ppl to elect a king..n surely they will elect thapki’s stop this nuisance n go away from here
Sultan:no prince bihaan ur wrong.i have the strength to control the ppl.n I don’t have any issues with u or ur father so don’t interfere in it…n u thapki I already got they kingdom….bihaan n thapki r shocked
Sultan:yes now ur kidnapped n I’ll force ur father to give away the rule or ur death.he has to choose one n I know he will choose u
Bihaan:we r not kidnapped yet
All the goons start moving towards them…bihaan pushes thapki away n starts fighting with them….he beats the goons n takes the knife from one of them n starts fighting…bihaan gets cut on his hand..thapki screams..sultan notices her concerne towards bihaan n comes towards him n puts the knife on bihaan’s neck..thapki screams
Thapki:plzz plzz leave him let him go plzz
Sultan:I want the rule or i will end taking his life…he smirks
Bihaan:no thapki nothing will happen to me don’t worry..ur kingdom ppl needs u.they won’t be happy if he gets the rule
Thapki:but bihaan….bihaan throws the knife towards her thapki picks it…
Sultan:leave that knife or I will kill him now
Thapki gets worried…bihaan gestures her something..she understands it…
Thapki:ok I m throwing the knife…she slowly bends down.n takes a fist full of sand n throws on them..bihaan closes his eyes..sultan leaves bihaan n holds his eyes..all the goons holds their eyes…thapki n bihaan runs from there….they go in the forest n hides behind a big stone…thapki n bihaan were very close…they sit there without moving…the goons comes there n search them..but they don’t find them…
Sultan:were will they go they will come to their car for sure..we should wait for them near their car..thapki n bihaan hear that…the goons leave
Thapki:bihaan they r near our car what will we do now.
Bihaan:no thapki we can’t go out else they will find us n we cannot escape this we should go in the forest come..he holds her hand..but thapki stops..bihaan turns
Bihaan:what happen
Thapki:bihaan Iam scared….bihaan holds her hand tightly
Bihaan:thapki do u trust me
Thapki:yes bihaan but
Bihaan:then no but come with me we don’t have any other option left now
They go in the forest..thapki hears the bats voice n holds bihaan’s hand tightly..she starts crying
Bihaan:y r u crying
Thapki:bihaan I’m scared
Bihaan:it’s bcoz of the darkness right wait I have lighter..we have to find some wood..u stay here I’ll be back soon..before thapki says anything he leaves

After 10mins he did not return..thapki gets worried..she sees a snake on the ground..but didn’t move as it can bite her..she hears some foot steps…she gets scared
Thapki can’t see that person becoz of darkness..
Thapki:who r u
Bihaan:it’s me thapki….bihaan….he lights the wood…thapki sees him n run towards him n hugs him tightly….
Bihaan:thapki r u ok what happen…she didn’t leave him
Bihaan:r u scared …don’t worry I’m here now…thapki moves…n cries
Thapki:bihaan there was a snake..n was coming towards me..I was so scared…where were u.she again hugs him..bihaan hugs her too.
Bihaan:thapki relax Iam here now
Bihaan makes her sit…but she is still hugging him…bihaan smiles
Bihaan:I thought u r brave enough to handle a problem..
Thapki:what do u mean..I’m brave
Bihaan:accha see u were scared like a child.n ur still hugging me
Thapki sees there position n moves
Thapki:I am sorry
Bihaan:thapki I have noticed today.that u r very weak.u break soon..u cry very much..u cannot control ur emotions in a tough situation..that’s the biggest weakness of any person..u have to be strong enough to handle any situation..ur dad n the ppl needs u..ur the one who can make things better…u have to be strong for ur family..n remember I’m always with u in any situation
Thapki looks at him lovingly…she hugs him…bihaan also hugs her
Thapki:if ur with me I can handle any situation…n I promise I’ll be strong
Bihaan:n promise me u won’t cry…he forwards his hand…thapki smiles n gives her hand
Thapki:I promise
they hear foot steps…bihaan takes the burnt wood
Bihaan:don’t dare to do any thing sultan..else I’ll burn u all alive.
He sees the was a lady…she says..who r u n what r u doing in the Jungle.
Thapki:we got in a trouble.some goons r searching we came in the forest to hide
Bihaan:plzz will u help us
Lady:y r they searching u
Bihaan :we r common ppl we have lots of wealth so they want to to kill us n take the wealth..plzz help us we want some place to stay tonight
Lady:ok ok come with me….they follow her
They see light from there..they see small grass houses near the lake…they were tribes..the lady tell them about there problem
They agree to help them..but on of the ppl say:but who know they r boyfriend n girlfriend
They ask about their relation
Thapki was about to say..but bihaan says we r wife n husband…thapki looks at him confused…
The ppl say ok n shows them a small room…
Lady:u can stay here tonight
Thapki sees the cut on bihaan’s hand
Thapki:bihaan ur hand see its bleeding.oh god what to do now
Bihaan:thapki am fine

Lady takes some leaves says thapki to hold bihaan’s hand tightly..thapki holds his hand tightly…she makes the paste of it n applies…
Bihaan:ahhh it’s burning
Lady:yes it will burn for sometime..but this wound will heal soon
Bihaan :no I’m not applying’s more painful then an injection no I won’t apply it
Thapki:bihaan plzz
Bihaan:no…he continuesly says no..thapki gets angry n keeps her hand on his mouth
Thapki:bihaaan ….shhhhhh now don’t move…bihaan sees her lovingly…lady applies the paste..thapki blows it…bihaan sees her continuesly..
Thapki:what happen now u r not shouting …it’s not paining
Thapki:then y were u overreacting
Bihaan:it was paining but the moment I saw u..ur beauty….all my pains were gone…they see eachother ..they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)
Lady brings some clothes for bihaaan n thapki(she brought Gujarati garba dress for men n women-chanya choli)
Lady:see ur dress it’s full of mud..take these clothes n change it in that room. She shows the room..they go in the room…it was very small.there was a small bed..the bed itself covered the room..there was very less place to walk…
Thapki:there is no bathroom here
Bihaan:it’s ok thapki I’ll go out u change.then I’ll change…he goes near the door n hears the ppl talking
1 person:who know they lied to us they r boyfriend n girlfriend they elope from their houses n came here…we should not let them stay here..if we get in some trouble then…all the other ppl agree
Lady:that’s y I have send them in this small room..if they r really wife n husband then they will change…if not one of them will come out..then we will talk to them..just wait n watch
Bihaan goes to thapki n tells everything..thapki gets shocked
Thapki:what will we do now..n y did u told them that we r married..if we had said that we r going to marry soon..then this won’t happen
Bihaan:if we said that we r going to marry soon then they will surely think that we r girlfriend n boyfriend n we r lying .these tribes will be very doubtfull. They won’t allow us to stay so I told that
Bihaan:we cannot go out..these ppl will doubt
Thapki:we cannot change here…
Bihaan:thapki relax…see I’ll turn that side u change ok…..Thapki sees him confused
Bihaan:what don’t u trust me
Thapki:I do bihaan but…she sees the bedsheet on the bed..she picks it up n ties it on the corners…
Thapki:bihaan u change that side I will change this side..ok
Bihaan:ok…they start changing…bihaan changes first
Bihaan:thapki I changed can I turn…thapki turns n sees the bedsheet had fallen
Thapki:bihaan plzz don’t turn the bedsheet had fallen..plzz don’t turn
Bihaan:ok but quick. ….Thapki takes a long time
Bihaan:thapki what r u doing… did u changed…thapki didn’t answer…bihaan turns n sees thapki struggling with her blouse dori….bihaan slowly comes towards her n touches her hand..thapki feels his touch n moves her hand…bihaan touches her neck n slowly ties the dori..he turns her they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)bihaan n thapki were lost in eachother..bihaan started to come close…he touches her waist…thapki holds his shoulder..he comes close n whispers:ur looking very beautiful
Thapki sees him n smiles…bihaan leaves her
They come out..all the ppl smile seeing them…

Lady:come dear today is Navratri n the tribes play garba today..come n join us…
Thapki:I don’t know playing garba
Bihaan:thapki I too don’t know but lets try it will be fun
Bihaan:just match their steps
They start playings…soon they match their steps n play very well..they enjoy a lot…
Thapki remember that she didn’t informed her parents
Thapki:bihaan we did not inform our parents
Bihaan:yes I forgot about it
Thapki:we have to call them now..they may be worrying
Thapki n bihaan goes from there…bihaan calls Vasundra…
Bihaan’s family was in thapki’s home..they were worried
Vasundra sees bihaan’s call n picks it up
Vasundra:bihaan where r u n thapki..r u guys save..we’re is thapki..she is with u naa
Bihaan:mom relax Me n thapki r fine..yes thapki is with me..she is save..
Poonam:Vasundra ji is thapki with him..where r they
Bihaan:mom r u in thapki’s home
Bihaan:then keep the phone on speaker thapki will talk to them
Thapki:mom dad don’t worry I’m fine n I’m with bihaan
Poonam:y dint u told us we were worried
Thapki:Iam sorry mom
Krishnakanth:ok..where r u n when r u guys coming
Thapki:dad we r in a small village of tribes….n we cannot come today
Balwinder:y is every thing fine there
Bihaan tells the whole story…
Krishnakanth :thapki bihaan don’t go any where I am coming..n be together..sultan is very bad he can do anything with u..I’ll come there as soon as possible..ok
Thapki:ok dad
They cut the phone..the lady comes there

Lady:u may be hungry..come n eat with us..they go with her..n see the food…it was flesh of animals n some jungle fruits(as the tribal ppl eat that)…thapki n bihaan looks at each other…lady gives them food in banana leaves
Bihaan:ahh aanty we r not hungry… U all eat
Thapki:yes I’m also not hungry
Bihaan:actually we ate before coming here
Lady:but u said u were followed by some goons..then when did u ate…thapki n bihaan sees each other
Bihaan:before we were followed by goons we ate in a hotel n in the way we met the goons..
Lady:ok but if u feel hungry u can eat ok..they nod n go from there…as they reach in the room they see each other.n starts laughing
Thapki:bihaan I would never eat that food in my dreams too
Bihaan:same here
Thapki:but I’m really hungry
Bihaan:yes we dint ate the lunch too
Thapki:ahh let’s not talk about food now
Bihaan:hmmm right
They talk for a while n thapki sleeps…bihaan sees her n puts bedsheet on her..n goes out
After some time
Thapki wakes up..n sees bihaan is not there..she gets worried..n comes out of the room n search for him..she starts shouting bihaan..n cries
All the ppl come out n sees her running from here n there.they go towards her
Lady:what happen dear y r u shouting
Thapki:aanty bihaan had gone somewhere..plzz do something..plzz search him..she holds her hands infront of them.
Lady:relax all the men’s will go n search for him u don’t worry ok
Thapki cries very much..all the ppl console her..the men starts going but stops
Thapki:what happen y have u stopped plzz find bihaan plzz
The ppl move…thapki sees bihaan holding a watermelon…she runs towards him n hugs him tightly…bihaan gets shocked
Bihaan :what happen
Lady:where did u go.she was thapki he is here stop crying n sleep…all the ppl goes
Bihaan:thapki relax Iam fine..thapki moves n holds his shoulder
Thapki:where have u gone bihaan I was worried.
Bihaan:I went to take this watermelon for u.
Thapki:r u mad bihaan u scared me..she raise her hand…bihaan closes his eyes thinking she is going to slap him…but thapki caresses his cheeks…bihaan open his eyes n looks at her
Thapki:I know u care for me so much..n u were worried that I dint ate anything..but bihaan I too care for u I was worried about u…plzz never do this..never leave me alone bihaan..
Bihaan:ok I will never leave u now happy..but u broke my promise
Thapki:which promise
Bihaan:u promised me that u won’t cry
Thapki:u made me cry….I was very worried..u don’t know what kind of thoughts were coming in my mind..I thought u…bihaan puts his finger on his lips
Bihaan:ssshhhh stop thinking so much..nothing will happen to smile
Thapki:I m still very angry..I won’t smile..she turns n starts leaving…bihaan holds her n pulls her close n hugs her from back..thapki tried to free herself but bihaan holds her tightly
Bihaan:hey thapki plzz forgive me ok I won’t go anywhere without informing u now plzz forgive me…I’m sorry
Thapki turns
Thapki:only sorry haan
Bihaan:accha what do u want me to do haan….thapki widens her eyes n looks at him…bihaan comes close thapki moves back…bihaan holds her from waist n comes close to her…thapki holds his hands..he touches his cheeks with hers…thapki closes her eyes n holds his hands tightly n breaths heavily….bihaan tries to kiss her…but thapki shows her hands n gestures him to give
Thapki:watermelon…bihaan makes a sad face..thapki laughs..bihaan also smiles seeing her…they take a stick cuts the watermelon…they eat it n goes to there room
Thapki :now where will we sleep
Bihaan:hmm it’s a very small room.i don’t know how they live here….
They sit on the bed..n feel uncomfortable as they r prince n princess they can’t sleep on the small wood bed…thapki starts sleeping n lays her head on bihaan’s shoulder..bihaan looks her n smiles…he sleeps laying his head on her head

Next day
Thapki gets up n sees bihaan’s head on hers.. But she didn’t move as she didn’t want to disturb his sleep…bihaan gets up…thapki acts like sleeping…bihaan sees her
Bihaan:u look soo cute while sleeping.thapki I’m very lucky to have u in my life..he sees thapki’s eyeballs r moving..he understands that she is acting..
Bihaan:ur the most pretty,gorgeous,beautiful n s*xy lady I have seen..thapki gets nervous..
Bihaan:n ur lips r pink like pomegranate..i just want tooo…he comes close..thapki opens her eyes n moves
Thapki:want too…..what haa. U u r
Bihaan starts laughing:look at ur face thapki omg..wait I’ll show u..he takes his picture In his phone..see hahaha.u r so scared
Thapki(angrily):not so funny haa
Bihaan:it is…he comes close….acha what did u thought ha that I’m going to kiss u…
Thapki:bihaan…bihaan puts finger on her lips
Bihaan:ssshhhh..I’ll do that but
Bihaan:y should I tell haa
Thapki makes an angry face…bihaan starts laughing..thapki gets up
Thapki:bihaan stop laughing now I wil….bihaan pulls her close
Bihaan:u will what haa
Thapki:kuch Nahi..n y were u flirting with me…
Bihaan:bcoz its my right.ur r my wife
Thapki:mr bihaan pandey ur would be leave me…she pushes him..bihaan holds her close…
Bihaan:yes Would be Mrs. Thapki bihaan pandey..thapki smiles…
Bihaan:u were also acting to sleep right do u know
Bihaan:I know everything…they see eachother n smiles..they come out of the room..n sees krishnakanth n balwinder.thapki runs to krishnakanth n hugs him
Thapki:dad thank god ur here
Krishnakanth:don’t worry my child..sultan is been he won’t be a problem to us
Lady:thapki bihaan we will miss u both.ur Jodi is made by God.such a good wife n husband together always
Balwinder n krishnakanth looks at each other
Balwinder:but they r not yet..bihaan interrupts
Bihaan:yes dad want to say that we r just newly married couple
They say bye to them n starts leaving..thapki stops
Bihaan:what happen thapki
Thapki goes to his father n says something
Krishnakanth smiles n turns
Krishnakanth:u all haa ever taken good care of our children.n we r very thank full to u…plzz accept this gift from us…he gestures a servent..,he gives him a bundle of money..krishnakanth takes it n gives it to the lady
Lady:but we can’t take’s such a huge amount .we cannot return it
Thapki:there is no need of returning it..plzz keep will help u all in future..she takes it n thanks them…thapki n bihaan wave bye n goes…

Precap-not yet decided

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