The Royal love birds -episode 7(mega episode)

Hey guys thank u for the comments.i actually thought of quitting but now I ll continue after reading ur comments.i wont quit till I get this story to end…n sorry for not uploading soon bcoz of my exams….but now they have ended so here goes a mega episode

Here we go
Bihaan:I think she is very angry. I have to talk to her now
He goes upstairs.but he don’t know her room.he sees a servent n asks her room.he shows him n goes.bihaan goes to thapki’s room n knocks the door….but no response..he opens the door n sees thapki sitting on the bed facing the other side..he goes towards her n calls thapkiii
Thapki hears him n gets up quickly but one of her hand is back..
Bihaan sees tears in her eyes
Bihaan(in mind):I think she is crying bcoz of me….he starts crying
Bihaan(in a crying voice):thapki Iam really sorry for that.i know what I did was wrong.but did that for u..I can’t see u in pain..u were not gaining consciousness n I was getting worried..thapki I respect u
n ur feeling.i know how u felt that time.thapki I did u give me my punishment thapki there is still time.we r not engaged yet.take ur decision n trust me no one will force u i…I I respect u I’ll respect ur decision.thapki I wrote all this in a letter to u but I think u don’t got it.its ok its of no use now….
Thapki takes her hand front n she has the letter…bihaan gets shocked
Bihaan:thapki this
Thapki:yes bihaan I got this letter n I read it too…bihaan was silent
Thapki:u know what bihaan ..I alway used to think that all boys r same they cheat girls,use them and then leave them abandoned(she remembers john)but ur unique bihaan.. Ur not like other boys….n yes I remember my mother used to tell that she will find one from lakhs groom for me.n I think I got him…
Thapki:yes I forgave u at that moment when u were changing..she stopsss n sees him
Thapki:yes bihaan at that time once I opened my eyes n I saw ur eyes were closed…at that moment I realized how innocent ur
Bihaan cries n suddenly hugs her..thapki gets shocked
Bihaan:oh thapki u don’t know how scared I was…thank u thapki…thapki smiles n hugs him…(ranjha naa plays)
Thapki:bihaan stop crying like a kid..u don’t look nice..u look nice when u smile n laugh
Thapki’s cousins comes there n sees them hugging
Cousin:arre what’s happening here
Bihaan n thapki part away….
Cousin:arre jiju thapki romance before marriage haan..wo bhi chup chup kar…they laugh
Cousin:jiju thapki control haan there are still few days left for the wedding.then u can do all this.haan…
Thapki:shut up nothing like that…u y r u guys here
Cousin:Oho thapki u never scold us when we came to ur room n now
Cousin2:I think we have disturbed them so she is’s ok we r really sorry u guys continue we will leave(to tease them)
Bihaan:arre no plzz don’t be angry I am sorry
Cousin:ok…oh thapki badi maa is calling u n jiju r ring exchange come down
Thapki:ok u goo we r coming
Cousin:no no we will take jiju with us who know after we leave u guys again start romancing
Thapki n bihaan widen there eyes n looks at each other
Thapki n bihaan goes down

In the hall
Dadi:arre thapki bihaan were where u till now
Thapki’s cousin were about to say but thapki interrupts
Thapki:da..dadi bihaan wanted to see my music instruments so I took him to the misic room
Dadi:accha ok
Thapki’s cousin giggle
Vasundra:ok now let’s do the rituals…..thapki bihaan goes on the stage
Vasundra gives ring to bihaan…bihaan takes it(it was a ring with two hearts closely attached.they were diamonds.n shining like stars)
bihaan sees everyone n no one was seeing them he comes close to thapki’s ears n whispers:now ur heart is closely attached to my heart.n shows the ring…thapki smiles
Vasundra :chalo bihaan make her wear it beta.
Dadi:yes n bihaan remember in a prince style haan
Bihaan nods…n kneels down he forwards his hand..thapki smiles n gives her hand…he puts the ring n slightly kisses her hand.n gets up.they see each other n smiles.all the ppl claps n throws rose petals on them….
Dadi:thapki now ur turn beta…thapki nods
Thapki forwards her hand..but bihaan(to tease her)takes his hands back…thapki gets sad
All the ppl laugh.n support bihaan
Thapki(in mind)arre whaattttt is he doing I want to see his reaction when he will see this ring with my name but he..oh god I can’t wait now
Vasundra :arre bihaan enough give ur hand she is waiting..
Bihaan didn’t gave
Dadi:now thapki u only asks him lovingly beta..see he will give his hand…
Thapki:bihaan plzz give ur hand….bihaan act like ignoring her n sees here n there
thapki gets angry n she makes angry face…she herself takes his hand from back with a jerk.bihaan gets surprised. But happy too..all the ppl laugh..thapki puts the ring n smiles…they see each other lovingly n smiles..all the ppl claps n throws rose petals..
They start greeting eachother….thapki sees bihaan.they were still holding hands…thapki gestures
him to see the ring..bihaan sees it
Bihaan:it’s very nice
Thapki makes a sad face
Thapki:only nice
Bihaan:ah it’s very beautiful
Bihaan:yes yes very beautiful
Thapki:ohfff bihaan see it properly…bihaan sees
Bihaan :oh oh the diamonds r shining like stars…thapki gets angry n leaves his hand n goes from there
Bihaan:arre thapki whaattttt happen..,he follows her

In the garden
Thapki is standing near a water fountain n watching stars…but she is angry bihaan comes there
Bihaan:thapki what happen… Why r u angry plzzz tell me..
Thapki doesn’t say anything..bihaan holds her hand n pulls her close to him…they have an eyelock(na na na plays) thapki turns her face…bihaan leaves her
Bihaan:plzzz thapki tell me y r u angry I’m worrying plzz tell
Thapki:bihaan do u have specks
Bihaan:no y
Thapki:then y can’t u see something special in this ring…..bihaan sees it again
Bihaan:what is it thapki,it’s just a normal diamond ring
Thapki:normal haaa….she makes a pout angry face n turns
Bihaan hugs her from back…thapki gets shocked
Bihaan:a normal diamond ring with ur name which made it more special…..thapki smile
Thapki:so u were teasing me haan
Bihaan hugs her tightly
Bihaan:yes…he plucks a rose from the garden n gives her…she turns her head n sees him..he gestures her to take…thapki takes it n smile
Thapki:thank u
Thapki realizes there position n sees here n there….Bihaan hold her hand n keeps beside his hand(the ring hand)
Bihaan:did u noticed something in this rings
Bihaan:see in ur ring mine n ur hearts are closely attached…n slowly ur heart came in my heart?..He shows his ring….thapki sees that n smiles…they look eachother (ranjha naa plays) thapki sees a falling star in the sky..she gets excited
Thapki:bihaan look a falling star…make a wish quickly
Bihaan sees her excitement n smiles..thapki holds her hands n prays…bihaan keeps his hands on her hands
Thapki(in mind):oh god I think I got the right life partner..plzz give me strength to be a honest wife n Bahu..I want to fulfill all his wishes n dreams
Bihaan(in mind):I don’t know what happens to me when she is near me.god she is my responsibility now n I wish that I give her all the happiness that she deserves.n that we both live a happy married life together
They open there eyes n sees eachother(na na na plays)bihaan leaves her n moves
Bihaan:so what did u wished
Thapki:bihaan wishes are not told to anyone except God.else the wish will not fulfill
Bihaan: accha then I will not tell what I wished.bcoz I want it to be fulfilled
Thapki:accha what is that special wish that u want it to get fulfill haan
Bihaan:I want …he stops
Bihaan:very smart haan…thapki laughs
Thapki: ok now come lets go in or else my sisters will come n say that we were romancing
Bihaan(in mind):y can’t we
Bihaan is lost in his thoughts…thapki stops n sees that bihaan is not coming she goes towards him n moves him…bihaan comes back in senses…
Thapki:what happen r u ok
Bihaan:yes I’m alright
thapki:than come in….she holds his hand n takes him with her…bihaan sees her lovingly
In the hall
Vasundra:arre bihaan thapki were r u guy going always…thapki n bihaan dint say any thing
Dadi:ok ok leave it.thapki bihaan now it’s time for a dance…
Thapki n bihaan looks at eachother..n goes on the stage
Music plays-itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Bihaan forwards his hand.thapki gives her hand…bihaan holds her waist n thapki holds his shoulder.they see eachother lovingly n dance romantically n passionately
The dances end all the guest starts leaving..bihaan n his family also leaves
Thapki goes in her room n changes her dress..she comes n stand infront of the mirror.n she sees herself…she slowly touches her sloulder then waist..n remember how bihaan hugged her n there moments..she smiles widely….
Thapki(in mind):what’s happening to me.i never had this kind of feelings….arre i think Iam thinking so much about him…she sees the ring n smiles n goes to sleep

Next day
bihaan was alone at home.he thinks to call thapki.he calls her
Thapki sees bihaan’s call n picks it
Thapki:hi bihaan
Bihaan:hi what r u doin
Thapki:nothing.iam just bored n my sis went for shopping n dad went for some official work.
Bihaan:same can we go out
Thapki:what no…what will all think we r not married n we r going to places together
Bihaan:oh come on thapki our families won’t tell anything.n mom told me to take u for outings to know more n more about eachother
Thapki:but bihaan I never went anywhere without my parents permission..they will worry
Bihaan:thapki we will come early before they come.
Thapki:hmm ok if ur saying I’ll come with u
Bihaan:great then get ready i’ll pick u
Thapki:ok..they cut the call n start getting ready
Bihaan comes to thapki’s palace
Thapki:hi bihaan
Bihaan:hi come we will leave now
They sit in the car..bihaan drives…
Bihaan:so where do u want to go
Thapki:bihaan I already told u that I don’t know about places u only tell where can we go
bihaan:ok then let’s go shopping
Thapki:but bihaan our families r doing shopping then y should we do it
Bihaan:arre we will not do wedding shopping we will get general thinks
Bihaan n thapki reach a VIP mall.(only for famous or rich people like actors.royal families)….they get in
Bihaan:ok so what do u want to buy
Thapki:hmmm nothing bihaan I just want earring only
Bihaan:ok let’s go to jwellery section
Thapki:ok….while walking bihaan holds thapki’s hands n walks…thapki sees him
thapki(in mind):how protective he is towards me
They see some diamond earring.thapki didn’t like them..they were very rough.she takes earring n tries it n sees in the mirror.see doesn’t like it..bihaan comes from back n put one pearl jhumka she sees him in the mirror…thapki loved the earring…she smiles..
Bihaan whispers in her ear:how is it
Thapki:very beautiful ur choice is very good.
Bihaan: haha yes it is..that’s y I choosed u….thapki sees him in the mirror…bihaan takes out her earring m puts the pearl earring n gestures her to see…she sees it n smiles shyly
Bihaan:ok then we will take it..n he takes a diamond bracelet n shows to thapki..
Thapki:no bihaan it’s enough now come
Bihaan:plzz it will look nice on ur hand see
Thapki:bihaan after marriage I’ll loot u so much so don’t waste money now…she realizes what she said n turns …bihaan smiles he comes close n whispers
Bihaan:ok my would be wife…thapki smiles
Bihaan pays the bill n they come out of the jwellery section
Thapki:bihaan now come we will go to men’s clothes centre
Bihaan:but y
Thapki:to buy some clothes for u
Bihaan:no I don’t want.come we will go to ladies section
Thapki:bihaan u came in this t-shirt when u came to my house for the first time.i know u came from London that’s y u don’t have proper clothes…now come we will buy them now
Bihaan:ok I’ll buy later but first we will go to ladies section to buy ur clothes.ok
Thapki holds his hands:no bihaan plzz come with me…she pulls him
Bihaan:arre thapki wait…but he is enjoying it
Thapki takes a t-shirt n puts on him…but she didn’t like it…bihaan puts some more T-shirts n shows her but thapki didn’t like them nor Bihaan.she sees the whole shop n sees some t shirts at a corner..she holds bihaan’s hand n takes him there..she takes one t shirt n put on bihaan she smiles.n sees bihaan..bihaan also sees the t shirt
Bihaan:these tshirts r very nice. Ur choice is also very good
Thapki sees bihaan they have an eyelock(na na na plays)she smiles n turns
Thapki(in mind):I know bihaan u want me to say that my choice is good as I choosed u
bihaan:ok I ll try these t shirts n come
Thapki nods…bihaan comes after a while
Bihaan:these t shirts r perfect on me
Thapki:have u tried them all
Thapki:ok Bhaiya pack all these shirts…
Bihaan:what all thapki they r 50 shirts.
Thapki:bihaan so what… u don’t have nice clothes this time.n we need not to do shopping again
Bihaan:hmmm ok
They take the packets n comes out…they start there way thapki sees a small cart of ice cream

Thapki:bihaan I want to eat ice cream..plzz stop the car
Bihaan:hmm I ll get u from a ice cream parlor
Thapki:no bihaan see if we eat his ice cream he will get money.then he can also get something for his children….
Bihaan:hmm ok I’ll get it
Bihaan goes..after sometime he comes…
Bihaan:thapki there was only one ice cream I brought it for myself
Thapki:but me…she makes a sad face
Bihaan laughs n says:hahaha see ur face ur looking like a small child..take I brought this ice cream for u
thapki:but u
Bihaan:it’s ok I don’t want u eat
He starts driving..suddenly he sees a spoon full of ice-cream hold by thapki…he looks at thapki
Thapki:we will share the ice cream….bihaan smiles n eats it…thapki also eats the ice cream.n at the same time she feed ice cream to bihaan as he is driving…ice cream finishes
Bihaan:thank u
Thapki:no thank u bihaan for…she was about to say but she sees some ppl standing on the road
Thapki:bihaan see there…bihaan sees them n stops the car fast
They see some ppl infront of there car they were many goons they were holding hockey sticks n knifes……bihaan n thapki looks at each other

Precap-not yet decided

Thank u for the comments.need ur views for this too .

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