The Royal love birds -episode 6(super mega episode)

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Here we go
Thapki n bihaan r sleeping while hugging eachother…..bihaan wakes up n sees thapki on his shoulder.he smiles n seperates her slowly.he gets up n sees thapki who was sleeping like a baby
Bihaan:u look soo cute while sleeping.just like a baby…..he turns n goes out
After sometime thapki wakes up nd looks for bihaan
Thapki:where did he go.she remembers there moments last night
Bihaan comes there
Bihaan:u woke up.good morning
Thapki:good morning.but where did u go
Bihaan:ahhh I went out to call the driver.
Thapki:ohh when is he coming
Bihaan:ahhh thapki it may take few hours
Thapki:what but y

Bihaan:bcoz he don’t know the exact location.i too don’t know this he have to search us
Thapki:ohhh ok
They sit on the grass.after some time thapki starts shivering.bihaan sees that
Bihaan:thapki u r shivering.r u ok
Thapki:yes….bihaan touches her hands
Bihaan:ohhh ur hands r soo cold.n ur dress is still wet.if u stay in this cloths u ll surely get ill
Thapki: no bihaan it’s ok.iam fine
Bihaan look around in the shed.he sees a small iron box there.he goes to it.the box was locked with a small lock.he takes a stone n breaks it n opens it.he finds one patiala suit was very
simple n plane.bihaan takes that n goes to thapki
Bihaan:thapki see I got this dress from that box.wear it or else u ll get ill.
Thapki: ahh no thank u bihaan.i m ok….bihaan didn’t force her n kept the dress beside her n sat on the grass.after sometime thapki was feeling uncomfortable.she gets up but feels dizzy n she faints.bihaan sees her n rushes towards her.
Bihaan:thapki what happen get up.he rubs her hands
Bihaan:ohh ur body had become so cold like ice.oh god what will I do know….he sees here n there.he sees the patiala dress.he again looks at thapki.with out a second thought he takes thapki in his arms n places her in one corner…thapki was unconscious
Bihaan:oh god I don’t know what I’m going to do is correct or not but I have to do this for thapki.or else she will get ill..
Bihaan takes a deep breath.he takes out thapki’s dupatta..he closes his eyes.thapki opens her eyes n sees him.his eyes were closed.bihaan turns thapki.nd unzips the dress.he make her wear the other clothes.he puts his jacket on her.thapki feels warm n sleeps…
After sometime bihaan wakes thapki
Bihaan:thapki get up the driver had come.we have to go get up..thapki wakes up but she can’t look in his she was feeling shy.thapki stands but her legs were shaking.n she is not able to walk.bihaan sees that n holds her from waist.n her hand in other hand.thapki sees bihaan.they had an eye lock (tum hi ho plays)
Bihaan:come ill help u

They reach the car thapki sit in the car n they go from there
In the car
Thapki give bihaan his jacket
Thapki:here ur jacket.thank u
Bihaan takes that.thapki was feeling uncomfortable bcoz her dress didn’t had a dupatta.bihaan notices that n gives his jacket
Bihaan:take it u will fell better
Thapki smiles n takes it n wears it
Bihaan:thapki I had to talk to u something very imp
Thapki(in mind)what he want to tell…oh I don’t know what he will say now…she look at her dress
Thapki:yes say what is it
Bihaan was about to say but he gets a call.he attends the call
Thapki(in mind)oh thank god he got busy on a phone call
They reach the palace
Thapki:bihaan we have reached home.
Bihaan to the phone person: I’m busy in some work I ll call u later.bye
He cuts the call n gets out of the car.he goes near thapki’s door.thapki gets out.bihaan holds her and takes her in….seeing bihaan n thapki Poonam n krishnakanth runs towards them but stop seeing them n smile at each other
Poonam:what happened to u thapki dear
Thapki:mom it’s a very long story.we r very tired first we ll get freshed n tell u
Krishnakanth:ok dear u go to ur room n get freshed n come down for the lunch
Thapki starts going bihaan holds her.they see each other.(tum hi ho plays)
Thapki:oh bihaan it’s ok Iam fine now I can go myself.thank u…bihaan leaves her.thapki goes
Poonam:thank u bihaan for taking care of our daughter.ok u may be tired go n get freshed in the guest room.then we ll eat food together
Krishnakanth call’s a servent n asks him to take him to the guest room..bihaan get freshed n comes down.
Krishnakanth:arre bihaan come beta sit with us n eats some food come
Bihaan gets seated on the dining table.servent serves him food.he looks for thapki
Poonam:what r u thinking the food.bihaan starts eating
Thapki comes n sits beside Poonam

Thapki:sorry mom dad I’m late
Poonam:it’s ok beta
Thapki eats food n starts cuoghing.bihaan stands up n gives her water.thapki looks at him (na na na plays)she takes the glass n drinks water
Bihaan:r u ok
Thapki:yes thank u
Poonam n krishnakanth smiles
Poonam:so thapki what happened yesterday why were u late dear
Thapki:mom we were coming home n the tier got we thought of walking as that place was not good to stay.but soon it started raining.bihaan saw a shed there so we stayed the last night.we tried calling u all but there was no network.
Poonam :but u dint go in those cloths which u were wearing….bihaan n thapki looks at each other
Thapki:yes mom I was fully drenched.I found those clothes in that shed so I wore it
Poonam:good or else u would get ill
Thapki n bihaan looks at each other(na na na plays)
After the lunch thapki gets a call n she goes upstairs
Bihaan:ok uncle aanty a take ur leave now mom would be waiting for me
He takes there blessings in starts leaving.he sees back
Bihaan(in mind):oh I had to talk to her n say sorry for what I did today but I dint got a chance.what will I do know…
He goes from there

In evening at thapki’s palace
Poonam calls thapki.thapki comes down
Thapki:yes mom y did u call me
Poonam:haan thapki come dear we have to go to a jwellery shop to buy bihaan’s engagement ring
Thapki:mom I don’t know about these things u go n get one
Poonam:arre no u r going to choose the ring for ur future husband come with me
Thapki:ok mom
They leave
At the jwellery shop
The shop person shows them many rings they were very costliest.but thapki was not satisfied.she was looking for something different n the best for her husband
Thapki looks around n sees a ring
Thapki:mom see there is a ring which I like for bihaan.lets see it come…they go there
Thapki to the shopperson:Bhaiya plzzz take this ring out..he takes it out n gives it to thapki
It was in a ring with a heart shape in that heart there was a small heart.n between that hearts there were diamonds.the small heart did not had anything inside
Thapki:Bhaiya is this ring damaged.was there any diamond in it
Shopperson:no ma’am it’s a new design.we will write the name what u want on a diamond n place it there.when ever u wear it u can see the name but once u take it out u can’t see the name.its only one in the stock.its the best one from our shop ma’am.
Thapki:ok I want dis

Shopperson:ok ma’am u ll get it till tonight.ill send it to ur palace.maam what name do u want me to put.but it should be of 6 letters
Thapki (in mind):I should write bihaan but it’s a engagement ring n his fianc√© name should be written on it
Thapki:write thapki on it
Shopperson:ok ma’am thank u .visit again
They leave from there

At night thapki gets the ring n krishnakanth pays the bill.they see the ring n praise thapki’s choice
Thapki goes in her room with the ring she lays on the bed n sees the ring.
Thapki:what will be his reaction when he will see this ring with my name.ohh y Iam thinking so much…she sleeps

Next day in morning Vasundra sends thapki’s engagement dress Poonam receives it
Poonam:thapki thapki
Thapki:yes mom
Poonam:look ur dress had arrived take it to ur room n keep all the things ready.u should not get late dear the guest will arrive soon u should be ready till afternoon
Thapki:mom don’t worry I ll be ready.n u calm down.every thing will go easily
Poonam:I want every thing to go better
Thapki:it will mom don’t worry.thapki asks a maid to bring orange juice
She brings it
Thapki: here have some juice u ll feel better.poonam takes it..thapki smiles
She goes in her room and was about to take the dress out her phone rings
It was an unknown number..she picks up
Thapki:how did u got my number???
Bihaan:from mom.
Thapki:hmmm y did. U call me
Bihaan:to tell that u something very imp
Thapki(in mind):he may be talking about yesterday’s incident .ohh god I don’t want to talk about it
Poonam calls her down
Thapki:ahhh bihaan mom is calling me.its urgent I’ll talk to u later bye.she goes from there

Later she starts getting ready.she opens the bag n sees the was a pink n golden colour mastani dress.the top was of pink colour n the lehenga was in golden colour.with stone work on was very was about a weight of 10kgs.
Thapki took it and was imagining herself in it.the bag had a letter in it which was written by bihaan it flew by air n had fell on the bed.thapki didn’t see it.she gets ready.poonam comes in her room n sees her
Poonam:ohh thapki ur looking so pretty.she puts kajal behind her ears.god save u from evil eyes.come with me the guest had arrived n also bihaan.
She goes with poonam

Thapki comes in the hall n bihaan sees her he opened his mouth n stared at her lovingly.vasundra comes near him n closes his mouth.
Vasundra :control bihaan she will come to u only soon
They smile.thapki comes n stands near bihaan.she sees him..he was wearing a black jodhpuri suit.
Thapki(in mind):he is looking very handsome today
Bihaan:u r looking very pretty
Thapki:thank u .n same to u
Bihaan:what pretty
Thapki:ahhh no handsome.ur looking very handsome
Bihaan smile:thank u
Bihaan:thapki I have to talk to u
Thapki :(not again)no bihaan I don’t want to talk any thing about that plzz
Thapki goes with her friends
After sometime she goes towards her room
Bihaan(in mind): i think she is very angry.i have to talk to her now.but did she read that letter

Precap-not yet decided

Comments plzzz.guys r u really liking my story. plzz tell me in the comments .if ur not liking it I’ll stop writing.plzzz do comment n let me know about ur I have to add something.or Iam going very fast.plzzzz comment????

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