The Royal love birds episode 5(mega episode)

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So here we go

The party ends bihaan nd family returns home

Bihaan gets freshed and sits on the bed thinking about thapki.he took out his phone n started seeing thapki’s pics nd smiled.while seeing thapki’s pic he fell asleep

At thapki’s room
Thapki was looking at the gift that bihaan gave her.her cousins comes there n says ooohooo ur looking so romantically to jiju’ gift.then just think what ll you do when he comes infront of u
Thapki:oh shut up I was just looking at the gift
Cousin:u were looking at the gift or jiju.they laugh
Thapki:shut up nothing like that.nd u what u guys r doing here
Cousin:ahh thapki we came here to say sorry for our behavior
Thapki:it’s ok,
Cousin:did u really forgive us
Thapki:yes. they hugged

In the morning
Thapki gets ready n goes down
At the dining table
Krishnakanth:come dear have ur breakfast
Thapki:good morning papa.good morning maa
Poonam:good morning beta.
Krishnakanth:Poonam ji I wanted to talk to u n thapki
Poonam:yes what is it
Krishnakanth:I was thinking to call the pandit n fix the wedding date
Poonam:I was also thinking the I’ll talk to vasundra ji about it then I’ll call pandit ji
Krishnakanth:yes that’s better.iam leaving I have some work
After krishnakanth leaves
Thapki:ma why r u guys u want me to leave this house soon
Poonam:no dear.we just want to do the marriage with all the it takes a lot time
Thapki:but mom
Poonam interrupts ahh I have to call vasundra ji now
Thapki goes to her room
Poonam on phone
Poonam:hi vasundra ji .how r u all
Vasundra :we r good

Poonam:vasundra ji have called u to tell that we were thinking to call a pandit ji n fix the marriage date
Vasundra:yes sure even we were thinking of that
Poonam:ahh ok so we will talk to pandit ji and let u know the dates
Vasundra:ok Poonam ji
In evening Vasundra comes to thapki’s palace with bihaan’s kundli
Poonam calls a pandit gives the kundlis to him
He says the marriage should happen in 15 days else the next right time is after 3years
Poonam:in only 15 ll we do the preparation in 15 days
Krishnakanth :Poonam ji u don’t worry about it every thing ll happen very easily
Vasundra:yes Poonam ji don’t worry so we should start the preparation for engagement from today itself
Poonam:yes Vasundra ji
Vasundra:Poonam ji we have a rasam that thapki will were what we choose for her on the we will do the clothes work And also thapki’s ring
Poonam:yes sure vasundra ji and bihaan’s ring ll come from our side
Later vasundra leaves.
At bihaan’s palace
Balwinder: so vasundra ji u have gone to fix the marriage date na.what did pandit ji said
Vasundra:wait let my son come.i want to tell it to bihaan first
Bihaan:Iam here mom now tell why did u call me
Vasundra:today I went to thapki’s home to fix the marriage date.n ur marriage is in only 15 days
Bihaan smiles
Vasundra:we have to start doing preparation from today itself balwinder ji
Balwinder:yes Vasundra ji.u n maa ji go for shopping n I will go for other works
Bihaan:is there any work for me
Vasundra:no bihaan ur the groom u should not do any work.
Balwinder:yes I have one work u should take care of thapki after marriage.ur my son but from now on thapki is my daughter so I want to see her happy
Bihaan: don’t worry dad.they hugged
Vasundra:bihaan I want u n thapki to spent some time together before marriage to know about eachother.Bihaan smiles widely
So get ready to go.i ll talk to Poonam ji about that
Bihaan run to his room n gets ready

Later bihaan goes to thapki’s palace
Poonam:arre bihaan u came.come beta thapki is coming in a while.come sit with us
Bihaan sits.krishnakanth n bihaan talk for a while
Thapki comes down she is wearing a baby pink frock with white stones on it and a dupatta tied around neck.
Krishnakanth:so u guys go n enjoy ur first date
Poonam n Krishnakanth laugh
Thapki n bihaan leaves
In car
Bihaan:so where u wanna go
Thapki:where do u go
Bihaan:to movies,malls,or restaurants .nd u
Thapki:hmmm I don’t know much about the places.i have only been to parks n restaurants
Bihaan:hmmm lets go to a park then we’ll go to a restaurant
Thapki remember John when she met him in park
Thapki:no no we ll go for a movie.i always been to parks so I wanna try some thing new.plllzzz don’t mind
Bihaan:ohhh no problem we will go for a movie
After the movie they go to a 7 star restaurant
They get seated.bihaan looks at thapki looking some where.he turns to see what it is
He sees the music instruments there
Bihaan:do u know playing them
Thapki: ahh I know playing piano. I learned it in my school times.i used to be the best piano player of my school
Bihaan:oh that’s do u wanna try once
Thapki:what now
Thapki:no bihaan it’s been many years since I stopped playing it I don’t think I can do well
Bihaan gets up n takes her hand n takes her to the piano n makes her sit.n gestures her to play
Thapki takes a deep breath n starts playing it but she is not doing it correct.her fingers start shaking
Thapki:ohh I can’t
Bihaan:u can if u believe in urself.i know thapki ur very confident n I don’t have to say that.just close ur eyes n remember the best moments of ur life.nd see u ll do well .he gives her a thapki.
Thapki smiles at him
Thapki close her eyes n Remember the moments with her parents n friends n at last she remembers when she was dancing with Bihaan .she plays the piano very well dis time.bihaan smiles n takes a guitar n plays it.thapki smiles n sings tum hi ho ab tum hi ho
After the dinner they come out of the restaurant.they sit in the car and start to leave.
Thapki:u played guitar very well.when did u learn to play it
Bihaan:hmmm thank u.when I was In college my friend teached me to play it
Thapki:that great.n thank u

Bihaan:for what
Thapki:for dis amazing day n for ur advice
Bihaan:any time
Suddenly there car stops.bihaan gets out of the car n see the puncture
Thapki:what happened bihaan
Bihaan:the tier is puncture…..thapki gets out of car
Thapki:what will we do now.
Bihaan takes his phone but the battery is low.
Bihaan:oh no my phone is dead
Thapki:here take my phone
Bihaan takes It n dials a numder but cannot connect bcoz network problem
Bihaan:there is no network here
thapki:oh no what to do now
Bihaan:we should keep walking as this place is not save come with me
Thapki nods.they start starts raining slowly.bihaan sees a shed made of dry grass
Bihaan:come their is a seem like raining heavily we can stay there tonight
They run to the shed.the rain starts heavily.bihaan turns to see thapki but she was not there.he gets worried n looks here n there.he hears some laughing voice from our side n goes to check
He sees thapki dancing in the rain.she was playing like a child in rain.he opened her arms nd started spinning around.bihaan sees her n smiles.thapki sees him and gestures him to come
He says no .thapki runs towards him but she steps on a stone and was about to fall but bihaan holds her they both fall on grass.bihaan was on thapki.thapki clutched his jacket tightly.bihaan looked at her.thapki also looks at her.just then they hear a lightening voice.thapki gets scared and hugs him.bihaan also hugs her.thapki starts shivering due to cold.bihaan sees that n takes his jacket and makes her wear.they hug each other n sleep

Precap:not yet decided

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