The Royal Love Birds – episode 3

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Here we go
Thapki reached the palace.she wipes her tears as she don’t want her parents to see them
A maid was cleaning the sofa she goes to her
Thapki:where is mom and dad
Maid:they r in the study room ur highness
Thapki goes to study room.krishnakanth was doing some paper work nd Poonam was reading a book.

Thapki:mom dad I want to talk to u
Poonam nd krishnakanth (in mind):ahhh she would be saying no to this marriage
Thapki:I have took a decision I am going to marry the person u choosed
Poonam nd krishnakanth were surprised
Poonam:really dear
Thapki smiles and says yes
Krishnakanth:that’s really gud beta.iam very happy that u took a decision.poonam ji get thapki ready till evening
Thapki smiles and starts to go.but krishnakanth stops her
Krishnakanth:thapki we r not forcing u dear its ur life.marriage is an imp decision for a girl Nd also for a boy.they have to be together for the life if u still need time we r ready dear.
Poonam:don’t hesitate to tell us dear.we r with u.nd we will be with u always
Thapki turns the other side and says ‘there is nothing like that dad mom Iam happy with this alliance’.she gets teary eyes.poonam makes her turn
Poonam:then y r u crying
Thapki:I I am not crying
Krishnakanth:don’t lie to us dear we can see the tears.if if there is any problem u can tell u we r with u dear
Thapki wipes her tears and holds there hands
Thapki:these tears r of happiness.sometimes ppl are blindfolded nd cheated.but Iam not from those ppl bcoz I have my parents with me.dont think so much dad mom Iam really happy.i know that u will not choose a wrong guy for me.and these tears r for u
Poonam:for us
Thapki:yes soon Iam going to leave u leave this house nd everything.nd u know very well that I can’t stay without u guys
Krinakanth:we also cannot stay without u after all u were the only reason for us to smile
Thapki hugs Poonam and krishnakanth and cries alot.later she goes to her room and closes the door nd starts crying
Thapki:y God y this happens with me always.i really loved John but he betrayed me.he don’t love me but my money.she starts messing the bed.he always acted like he loves me but…..she cries for a long time and curses herself for trusting John

Bihaan’s palace
Everyone is getting ready to go to thapki’s home.bihaan comes in the hall
Vasundra:maa ji now the time have came for me to take out this khandani kade from my hands and give them to my would be daughter in law.
Dadi:yes Vasu Bahu Iam very happy nd excited to see my grandchild marriage.i wish i could see my great grandchildrens before I die
Balwinder:maa y r u saying like this
Vasundra:yes maa ji u r the guide for all of us .plzz don’t tell like this
Dadi:hahaha are I won’t die before seeing my bihaan’s children right bihaan
Bihaan:yes dadi(in mind:look at there expectations.yet the marriage didn’t happen and they r thinking of my children,maa u don’t have to take out those kada still because Iam not yet ready to marry)
Balwinder:are bihaan what r u thinking go nd get ready else we ll get late
Bihaan:yes dad.he goes to his room nd gets ready

In evening pandey’s reach thapki’s palace
Krishnakanth and balwinder hug each other ,Vasundra and poonam also hug each other
Poonam:welcome vasundra ji pleased to meet u after a long time
They started talking.bihaan comes holding dadi’s hand
Dadi : arre I too came with them no one is paying attension to me
Poonam:no no maa ji nothing like that
Krishnakanth and Poonam takes her blessings.they all sit
Bihaan (in mind):ahh I feel very bored here.the moment I entered the hall I started getting headache…ahhh I don’t how much time we r going to stay here
(Thapki’s cousin sisters comes there and goes to bihaan)
Cousin 1:hi jiju
Bihaan:what what did u just said???jiju???
Cousin 2:yes soon u and thapki di will get married so we will be ur sali’s and u will be air jiju
Krishnakanth:Balwinder meet them they are my close friends daughters.but I treat them as My daughters.nd thapki also treats them as her sisters
Balwinder:oh ok that means thapki is very generous I always wished a Bahu like her
Poonam goes to take thapki
After a while thapki comes in a dark blue frock with all floral work on it and a blue dupatta with small border of blue colour was pinned on one shoulder and also a pallu taken.bihaan was busy in his phone.dadi tells her to see there
Bihaan:what dadi….saying dis he looks at thapki and opened his mouth.he was completely mesmerized by her appearance.without a blink of eyes he continued looking at her
Vasundra and balwinder saw that and smiled at each other.vasundra goes to thapki nd introduces her to every one.she takes their blessings.vasundra makes her to sit beside thapki sat beside him he felt like his heart is beating very fast he touch his heart and smiled.poonam asks thapki to take bihaan with her and talk about each other.they go out to the garden.
Thapki:would u like to have something
Bihaan:ahhh noo no (in mind-y Iam feeling so weird.iam feeling shy to talk to her.i used to talk to other girls but never had this kind of feeling)
Bihaan:so what have u studied
Thapki:i Have done arts and computers.but after completing my studies I helped my dad in his work
Bihaan:oh ok that’s great
Thapki:and you
Bihaan:I am a engineer.recently i applied for a job and training in London .bt I don’t think that I can continue nd Iam thinking to be here with my family and help dad
Thapki:ok that’s really gud that u want to help ur dad in his work
Bihaan felt very nice hearing that.they continued there conversation
In the hall
Vasundra:Poonam ji we like ur daughter for our Bihaan
Balwinder:yes she is perfect match for our bihaan
Krishnakanth :ahh balwinder if u don’t mind first we would ask the decision of our children
Balwinder:oh yes yes.they have to be together for the life time so they shoul only take the decision
Bihaan nd thapki comes in the hall.everyone gets up.they ask them to tell their decision
Krishnakanth:thapki dear do y agree for this marriage
Poonam:yes tell beta
Thapki remember John and his words but she tells “yess”
Balwinder:so my son do u agree with dis marriage
Bihaan without a sec thought he said yesss
Vasundra Poonam,balwinder and krishnakanth hugged eachother,bihaan stared at thapki.thapki was looking down.they took blessing of elders.

Precap:not yet decided

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