The Royal love birds – episode 22 (super mega episode)


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Bihaan fells on his knees n cries..he shouts thapki..everyone consoles him..he was all broken..
Bihaan:where would he took my thapki..what will they do with my thapki..vasundra hugs him
Vasundra:no my child..u cannot breakdown..ur our power now..thapki had sacrificed herself for us..for protecting us..she sacrificed her life to save our life..bihaan sees her..balwinder puts his hand on his shoulder..
Balwinder:go my son I trust u.. U will bring her back goo..bihaan sees them..he gets up n wipes his tears.
Bihaan:I’ll bring her back..everyone smiles..bihaan sees the gang members at the gate..bihaan runs up to his room..he goes to the cupboard n opens it..he sees thapki’s clothes n cries(ranjha mera ranjha song plays)he takes her duppata’s n ties them at each end..he ties 4 to 5 duppata’s n goes to the balcony..he ties it to the balcony n gets down holding it..bihaan takes his bike n goes to search thapki..

On the other hand
Thapki was tied with ropes on a chair in a dark n small room..there was a water pot kept In the room..thapki was very thirsty..the room was full of mosquitos which were irritating her..but what she could think of was only bihaan n her family..she wanted to escape but how..she was getting weaker..thapki shouts water..water..water..sehzan hears her voice n runs to sultan..he holds his hand n gets him to thapki’s room..sehzan gestures sultan to give her water
Sehzan:painnn..painn..painn (pani)sultan nods n ask a gang member to give her water..he takes water in a glass n gives it to thapki..she holds it n drinks it quickly in a breath..she keeps the glass on the table nearby..the person ties the rope again n goes out..thapki acts like sleeping.after sometime thapki opens her eyes n sees their is no one in the room nor she can hear any voices from outside..she slowly pushes the table with her leg..the glass falls down..thapki takes a piece of broken glass with her leg to her hand and then takes it in her mouth..she cuts the rope..she opens it n gets up..she runs to the door n peeps through it..there was no one.
Thapki:there is no one’s the correct time to escape..she opens the door n comes out..she runs to the main door n sees some goons there..she hides behind the pillar..she sees here n there she sees a stone..she picks it up n throws it in other direction..the goons hear the voice n goes to check out..thapki runs out..she was running on the road..her body was paining but she was running..

Thapki:I..I have to contact bihaan..she was running..she sees a car coming towards her..she gets happy n waves her hand to stop the car..the car stops..she runs to the door..the person opens the window..thapki sees the persons in the car n gets shocked..they were the other goon which were in bihaan’s palace..they smile wickedly..thapki runs from there..they comes out of the car n holds her..they take her to the car forcefully n makes her sit..they take her to sultan again n throws her in his legs..sultan smiles..he holds thapki’s hairs tightly..thapki shouts..
Sultan:u tried to escape from me..
Thapki:I will try sultan..I will try until my last breath but I will never do what u want..ur not a human sultan u don’t even know how to behave with a women..ur not a man sultan..she splits on him..sultan gets shocked n angry..he pushes her..he wipes his faces..
Sultan:I’m not a man..ill show u now..he raises his hand but stops seeing sehzan infront of her..thapki sees him.sehzaan holds his hands n pleads..sultan gets angry seeing his son is protecting her but he stops for his son..
Sultan:take her away from me..two persons holds her..
Sultan:tie her with chain this time n don’t give her anything to eat or drink..sehzan gets sad..they ties thapki with chain in her leg..the chain was very strong..sultan gestures something to a member..he nods..he takes out an injection..thapki sees that n gets scared..he goes to her..thapki shouts noo..he gives injection to her..sultan smiles..
Sultan:give this injection to her twice a day..n increase the dose..soon she will be weaker n we will make her marry sehzaan..n my son will get better…sehzan smiles hearing he will be married to her..he jumps in joy..sultan smiles seeing him..
Thapki heard all this she was very weak to stand..she holds her mangalsutra
Thapki:bihaan plzzz save me..she cries n gets into a deep sleep..

After fifteen days
Bihaan was searching for her everywhere..he appoints many secret agents to find her…a big team of police was appointed..bihaan was very impatient now only in these 15 days..he was in his garden..a agent comes to him
Bihaan:so do u got any information
Agent:no sir..bihaan gets angry n beats him..balwinder comes there n stops him..
Balwinder:go from here..the agent runs out..
Balwinder:bihaan relax beta we will soon find thapki..
Bihaan:but how dad its 15 days today n we dint even got a clue about her..where would she which state would she be..
Balwinder:relax..come in with me..bihaan goes with him..balwinder makes him sit on his bed..bihaan was still in anger..balwinder goes to the table n brings first aid box..he takes bihaan’s hands which he was hiding from him..bihaan sees that..
Balwinder:what have u thought haan..u will hide it n I will not get to know that u got hurt..I’m ur father son..I know when ur hurt when ur happy..I know u better then u do urself..the day thapki had gone u became a heartless person but u were not like that before thapki had come I ur life..bihaan sees him..balwinder was treating his wound while saying this
Balwinder:we want our bihaan back son..n trust me thapki will get back to u soon..bihaan sees the family picture on the wall..
Bihaan(in mind):am I going away from the family..but I loved thapki a lot n I cannot life without her..I have to find her soon..but I will change myself for the family..for their happiness..
Balwinder:we r going to mata rani’s Mandir today to pray for thapki..if u r free u can come..he starts going
Bihaan:I’ll will come with u..balwinder gets happy..
Bihaan goes out..he again starts searching thapki..he goes to random places n meets random people to get the information about thapki..time passes it was evening..the sun was setting..bihaan sits on a rock on the road..he puts his hand in his pocket n takes out the chain which he had gifted thapki on her birthday..he opens it n sees her picture..he cries a lot..
Bihaan:thapki where r u..plzz come back I cannot live with out u..he gets a call from balwinder..he picks the call
Balwinder:bihaan were r u we r about to leave..
Bihaan:dad u guys go to the temple..ill join u guys there..he nods n cuts the call.bihaan sits in the car n goes to the temple..all the family members pray for thapki’s return there..Poonam n Krishnakant were also present there..bihaan gets a call..he goes out of the temple..he sees that his agent is calling him..he picks the call
Agent:hello sir
Agent:sir we got a information…..the call cutss..bihaan sees that there is no network there..
Bihaan:he said something like information..did he got any information about thapki..he gets curious..he keeps calling the agent n walking to catch the network..he reach near a house..the network catches there..bihaan calls the agent n talks to him..he cuts the call
Bihaan:this information was not necessary for me..he sees the place..
Bihaan:I think I came a long way searching for the network..he sees the house n goes near the gate..
Bihaan:who will live here in such a dirty place..there are no facilities here..he was about to go from there..he hears some voice coming from inside..bihaan goes close to the door n hears carefully…water..water…water..water..this is what he heard..
Bihaan:some one is pleading for water there..he was about to go in but stops…
Bihaan:y am I worrying..I have to go back to the temple n think of a plan to find thapki..he starts going..but again he hears the same sound a bit loud..
Bihaan:I think she is an old women..I should help her..he goes in..the house was full dark..he sees the bulb open n a lady under it..her hairs were on her face..bihaan couldn’t see her..he sees the chain tied to her leg
Bihaan:omg who the hell are treating her like that..who is she..he runs to her n holds her..
Bihaan:excuse me..who r u..r u alright..

The lady was only saying water n water n water..bihaan sees the room he sees the pot n goes to it..he takes water n gives it to her..she was very weak that she was not able to hold it n drink..bihaan sees that n makes her drink water..the lady holds his hand..bihaan feels her touch was similar to someone very special to him..he keeps the glass on the floor..
Bihaan:who r u..the lady puts her head on his shoulder..bihaan moves her hairs from her face..he sees her..he gets shocked..he shouts thapkiiii..he gets a big smile at his face but at the same time he was very angry to see her beloved in that condition..he hugs her..he holds her face n tries to wake her up..thapki opens her eyes it was all blurred to her..bihaan was gently slapping her cheeks..thapki opens her eyes n sees him..she could not believe it was bihaan..she smiles..
Thapki(slowly):thapki’s bihaan came to save her..bihaan cries..thapki closes her eyes n goes in a deep sleep on his shoulder..bihaan hugs her n cries..
Bihaan:thapki nothing will happen now..I’m here..don’t worry..the tries to open the chain..he sees an axe in the room n breaks the chain with it..he takes thapki in his arms n goes out of the house..he takes her to his car n puts her in it..the family had finished there praying n went home..bihaan takes thapki with her to the palace..
Thapki was very weak that she was not able to open her eyes..bihaan takes her in the palace..everyone was sitting in the hall..bihaan comes in the hall..everyone sees him holding thapki..they gets shocked..bihaan comes n puts her on the sofa..he rubs her hands..thapki was unconscious..everyone gets happy seeing her
Vasundra:bihaan u found her..but where did u found her n how is she in this condition .
Bihaan:I’ll tell everything first call a doctor..Arnav nods n calls a doctor..bihaan takes her to the room n puts her on the bed..he holds her hands..Thapki gets consciousness..she sees bihaan n everyone..Poonam sits beside her n hugs her..thapki was still weak..bihaan smiles..Doctor comes there n checks her..she says everyone to go out..but bihaan didnot want to go he holds her hand more tightly..thapki also holds his hand like she don’t want him to go..everyone sees that
Vasundra:Doctor he is her husband let her be with her..she needs him..Doctor nods n they goes out..Doctor checks thapki she gives some tablets to bihaan n ask him to her time to time..he nods..Doctor takes out an injection thapki sees that she holds bihaan’s hands n shouts.
Thapki:injection noo noo injection..bihaan they give me injection I don’t want it I don’t want that injection save me bihaan plzzz I don’t want to go with them..she cries n was not stopping.bihaan tries to console her but she was not stopping she started to push the Doctor..
Thapki:go away u came here to take me away from bihaan I will not come with u bihaan will not allow u to take me..gooo..bihaan pulls her close n hugs her..thapki stops shouting n hugs him too(ranjha naa plays)thapki closes her eyes n hugs him
Bihaan:nothing will happen to u thapki..I’m here with u don’t worry..he gestures the Doctor not to give that injection she nods n keep it inside..thapki sleeps while hugging bihaan…bihaan seperates her n makes her lie on the bed properly..
They comes out of the sees them n goes to them
Doctor:I think she have been with a very tough time..that’s the reason she is behaving like that..don’t worry she will be fine..u only need is ur love.. take care of her..they nods..
Doctor:she is very weak so take care of the food she eats..n give the medicines on time..bihaan nods n asks a driver to drop her..Doctor goes from there..bihaan sits on the sofa n recalls how thapki was kept tied with the chains..everyone sees him..
Vasundra:bihaan what r u thinking..beta tell us where did u find her..bihaan tells them everything..they gets shocked..Poonam cries hearing the fact that she was kept tied with chains..bihaan consoles her n thinks something
Bihaan:mom plzzz ask the chef to make something healthy for her..vasundra nods..n starts going bihaan stops her..
Bihaan:mom ask him to make a coup n bhindi roti(fried ladies finger)thapki loves it..she nods n goes..
After sometime bihaan n the family goes to her taking food for her..thapki was sleeping.bihaan sits beside her n keeps his hand on her head..thapki wakes up she sees everyone.thapki sits n sees the plate of food in Vasundra’s hand..thapki was looking at it.bihaan sees that n takes the plate n gives it to thapki..thapki gets happy n takes it quickly..she eats the foods quickly like she had not ate from days..she gets hiccups but she was very hungry she did not stop eating..bihaan holds her hands..he makes her drink water n feeds her slowly..thapki eats it..after finishing food thapki sees everyone..she sees Poonam n calls her maa..she sees Krishnakant n calls him papa..she sees Vasundra n calls her mom..she sees balwinder n calls him dad..she calls every one there..they gets happy hearing there names through her mouth..Vasundra sits beside her n hugs her
Vasundra:mera baccha..she cries..Poonam sits beside her..thapki sees her..she cries..thapki puts her head on poonam’s lap n sleeps..bihaan caresses her cheeks..poonam n Vasundra gives her thapki..thapki sleep soon..bihaan gets angry..he keeps his hand on thapki’s head
Bihaan:today I oath that I will not leave the people who did this to my thapki..everyone sees him..he takes his phone n calls the police
Bihaan (on phone):inspector I found thapki..he narrates every thing..
Bihaan:I want sultan alive..because I will be killing whatever u can but find him n his gang members..inspector nods n cuts the call..everyone goes out..bihaan makes her sleeps properly on the bed..he lies beside her n sleeps..

Thapki wakes up n shouts..bihaan also wakes up n holds her
Bihaan:thapki what happen
Thapki:bihaan he will not leave me..he is very bad..he beats me..he will not leave me..she shouts again n again.bihaan ties to console her but she doesn’t listen to him..suddenly bihaan kisses her on lips.thapki holds him..she remembers when bihaan kisses her when she was scared of dark..bihaan seperates n sees her..thapki sees him..she comes close n holds him she closes her eyes n kisses him on lips..bihaan was surprised but happy..she hugs him..they seperate n sees eachother..they smile with tears in their eyes..bihaan wipes her tears..thapki also wipes his tears..bihaan makes her lie down n gives her thapki..
Thapki:I’m not able to sleep..bihaan gets over her
Bihaan:so what do u want me to do..thapki sees the naughty glint on his face
Thapki:sing a song for me na plzzz…bihaan gets up
Bihaan:what song n no I cannot sing good..thapki gets up
Thapki:bihaan plzz for me
Bihaan:no..thapki gets angry n turns..bihaan sees her..he keeps his hand on her shoulder n sing a Lori for her..thapki smiles..bihaan makes her lie..he lies beside her n sings..he pats her shoulder..thapki smiles n sleeps bihaan smiles n kisses her on forehead n sleeps beside her..

Next day
Bihaan wakes up n sees her sleeping peacefully..after many days she slept peacefully..
Bihaan gets up n gets ready.he goes to wake her but stop seeing her cute while sleeping..
Bihaan:I’ll wake her when the breakfast will be ready..he goes down..everyone was in the hall
Vasundra:arre bihaan come we were going for the breakfast come n eat with us..then feed thapki too..
Bihaan:mom can I eat my breakfast in the room with thapki..everyone smiles..bihaan sees that..
Vasundra:yes yes y not..wait I’ll get ur breakfast..she goes in the kitchen..she comes out with a plate n give it to bihaan..bihaan takes it..
Bihaan:mom one more plate..vasundra smiles
Vasundra:y u want another..will u eat this much food alone..bihaan sees the plate..the plate was full of food which can be easily sufficient for 3 members..
Vasundra:u r husband n wife n u should eat in one plate..
Dadi:hmmm yes Vasu Bahu is right..eating in one plate increases love between two people..bihaan smiles n goes up..he opens the door n comes in..he keeps the plate on the table near the bed b sits beside thapki..her hairs comes on her face..bihaan tucks them behind her ear..thapki wakes up n sees him ..bihaan caresses her cheeks..thapki smiles she gets up n sees the was 10..
Thapki:bihaan y did u not woke me up..
Bihaan:because u were looking very cute while sleeping..he kisses her cheeks..thapki smiles..they have an eyelock(na nan naa plays)
Bihaan:ok now go n get fresh then we will eat food together..thapki nods n gets up..she was not able to stand..bihaan sees that..thapki feels dizzy she quickly sits on the bed..bihaan holds her..
Bihaan:Thapki what happen..
Thapki:bihaan I’m feeling very weak..bihaan makes her sit comfortably on the bed n makes her drink water..
Bihaan:close ur eyes for some time u ll feel better..thapki does n feels better..she opens her eyes n smiles looking at him..
Thapki:thank u bihaan for saving..I always had hope that u will come n take me..if u would not save me then they would..bihaan stops her by putting finger on her lips
Bihaan:thapki stop thinking about that now..nothing will happen to u until I’m alive..thapki gets teary eyed
(To make her smile)Bihaan:actually I have taken bath but I was thinking to take bath again..thapki looks at him confused
Bihaan:i was thinking to take bath with u this time..thapki widens her eyes..
Bihaan:yes see ur feeling weak so I can help u..thapki stands up
Thapki:no need..she starts going..bihaan holds her hand.thapki gets nervous.bihaan gets up n takes her in arms..thapki tries to free herself..bihaan takes her to the bathroom n puts her under the shower..he opens the shower..thapki hugs him as the water falls on her..bihaan sees her..thapki seperates n sees him they have an intense eyelock(ranjha naa plays)bihaan holds her face in his hands n comes close to her he rubs her face with his hands..he goes close to her ear n kisses her on her ear..thapki holds his t-shirt..bihaan sees her like he was feeling sorry as he came late to save her..thapki understands him..she comes close to him n kisses him on lips..bihaan smiles n kisses her too..he wraps his hands around her waist dragging her closer..bihaan n thapki were lost in eachother..thapki seperates..bihaan closes the shower..
Thapki:bihaan u go out
Bihaan:y do u want to take shower again..
Thapki:no I have to change..bihaan smirks naughtily
Bihaan:let me help u..thapki wides her eyes..bihaan holds the plates of her saree which she was wearing n pulls them out..thapki gets nervous..he hugs her n opens her blouse buttons..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan seperates n sees her..he starts laughing..thapki opens her eyes n sees him..
Bihaan:don’t get nervous darling..I just helped u in the part which u would feel hard to open like ur blouse buttons n this plates..thapki sees herself..
Bihaan:u change ur clothes I’ll change outside.n if u have any problem call me ok..he touches her cheeks n goes out..thapki smiles..
Bihaan n thapki changes their clothes n eats together
Poonam n Krishnakant were leaving..they hug thapki..Poonam goes to Vasundra n hugs her
Poonam:thank u for treating us well in these days..
Vasundra:what we have done is nothing Poonam ji..I wish u both could stay here for some more time..thapki also came now..
Poonam:we wished to spend some time with our daughter but we have some imp work there..we will try to come soon..they nods n goes..
Bihaan:thapki go in the room n take rest I’m coming it’s time for ur medicines..thapki nods n goes up..police comes there with some men..bihaan sees them
Police:sir we were searching for the clue to find sultan n his gang..we could find these..if u recognize them then it will be easier for us to find sultan
Bihaan:I don’t remember there faces..
Inspector:but u told u saw them
Bihaan:yes but it was a long time..I remember is only sultan n his sons faces..the gang members smile secretly
Inspector:so sir plzz call thapki maam maybe she can recognize them..
Bihaan:but she is not in the condition now..she is slowly coming out from the trauma..
Inspector:don’t worry sir we will just ask her few’s very imp now..bihaan nods n goes up..he sees thapki sitting on the bed..he goes to her
Bihaan:thapki..thapki sees him
Bihaan:inspector have came here with some goons likely to be sultans gang members thapki gets scared..she gets up n holds bihaan’s hand..
Thapki:he..came to take I’ll not go..bihaan holds her hands..
Bihaan:no one will take u anywhere me..I’m with u .u only have to answer the questions which will be asked u down..thapki nods..
Bihaan:remember I’m with u..thapki holds his hands. ..he brings thapki down..thapki was holding his hands she saw the goons she hides behind bihaan n shouts..
Thapki:they r the members from sultans gang..goons get angry..
Bihaan:put them in jail n keep an eye on the..n find sultan n more gang members..
Inspector nods..he gets a call..he picks it..
Inspector:whattt…bihaan sees him
Inspector:ok get them to the palace..he cuts the call
Bihaan:what happen

Inspector:sir sultan have surrendered him self before us in the police station..they r getting sultan n his gang members here..bihaan nods..they sits on the sofa..after some time police brings sultan n his gang members there..thapki sees them n gets scared..
Bihaan:so u surrendered urself haan..but y do I feel like it’s just ur new plan
Sultan:yes I surrender my self as I did very bad..he tell everything which he did with thapki..he goes to thapki n holds his hands..he quickly takes out a knife n puts it on her neck..thapki gets scared..bihaan shouts..sultan laughs
Sultan:what have u thought haan ..sultan knows only to win..he never was all a plan to get her back for my son..the gang members fights with bihaan n the police..bihaan punches them hardly..sultan shouts..stopppp
Sultan:it will take me a sec to cut her neck..bihaan gets scared..n leaves the goons..dadi comes from back beats sultan with her walker stick..
Dadi:u will kill my daughter..ill kill u first..bihaan holds him n they fight..thapki runs to dadi n hugs her..police catches the gang members but sultan n bihaan were fighting..sultan punches him..bihaan falls on the sofa..thapki shouts bihaaan..he takes a rod n was about to hit bihaan..someone holds the rod..bihaan sees the was sehzan..sehzan takes the rod n throws it on the floor..
Sehzaan:bat papa bat(enough dad enough)he started speaking like a small bay of about 4 to 5 years..
Sultan:my son u r talking
Sehzan:haan papa Mai bol Laha Hun..Bohot pehle bolta pal agal app mujhe maa jaisi pyaal dete..muthe ye lalai Nani chahiye(yes I’m speaking..I would have spoken earlier if u would have gives me love like a mother..I don’t want this fights)sultan sees him.
Sehzan:muthe pyaal chahiye app te..jaisi maa kalti thi(I want love from u from mom used to do)he cries..thapki n bihaan sees eachother
Sehzan:mujhe dekh kar tab haste hai..tyuki Mai padal Hun(every one laughs seeing me because I’m mad)
Sehzan:pal maa kehte thi Mai nahi ye Dunya padal hai jo mujhe dekh kar hasti hai(but mom used to say that the world is mad who laughs at u thinking I’m mad)
Sehzaan:pal maa ke jane te baad kisi ne bhi aisa nahi kaha(no one ever told me like this since mom have left me)
Sehzan:muthe maa cahiye..ladai ni..he shouts maaaa.(I want my mom not this fights)sultan cries n hugs him..
Sultan:forgive me son..ill never fight again in my life..he goes to thapki n holds his hand
Sultan:plzz forgive me if u can..he goes to the police n asks him to take her along..they take him with them..sehzan cries..he starts going..bihaan stops him
Bihaan:where will u go..
Sehzaan:maa te paas(to my mom)he smiles..bihaan gets confused..but let’s him go..sehzan goes out..everyone turns to the Mandir n thanks god..
At night
Thapki n bihaan were on sitting on the bed thinking about sehzaan..bihaan sees her n holds her hand..thapki sees him
Bihaan:I know what ur thinking but don’t worry he will be fine I saw the love for his mother in his eyes..thapki smiles..she remembers something she gets up n goes to the cupboard..she takes out the watch which she took for him in Dubai..she goes to him..bihaan sees it
Thapki:bihaan I took this watch for u in Dubai..I thought to give u soon when we reach here but situations were not good..bihaan smiles n takes it..
Thapki:did u liked it
Bihaan:I loved it..thapki smiles..bihaan keeps it on the table nearby n turns to her
Bihaan:but more then this I love u..thapki smiles..bihaan holds her n comes close..thapki closes her eyes..he kisses her on cheeks..thapki opens her eyes n smiles..bihaan opens her hair band..he slowly opens her dress front button..thapki hugs him..
Thapki:I love u bihaan..bihaan smiles he makes her lie down..he takes out his shirt n gets over her..he kisses her on her neck thapki smiles..he kisses her passionately..bihaan sees her lips n kisses her.thapki closes her eyes n kisses him too..they were smiling..bihaan takes out her top..he holds her hands n they consummate
Few days later
Thapki was not feeling well..she was getting vomits..bihaan gets worried..she comes out of the bathroom n sees bihaan..bihaan gives her towel
Bihaan:thapki r u ok..u r getting vomits from the morning..
Thapki:yes bihaan..I don’t know y..I think we should consult a doctor..
Bihaan:ok I’ll call a doctor….the Doctor comes n checks thapki..the doctor asks bihaan n family to go out..he goes out..she asks Vasundra to stay there..vasundra nods..n stays..Doctor checks thapki after some time come out of the room..bihaan sees her n goes to her
Bihaan:Doctor what happen is she fine..y is she getting vomits..
Doctor:everything is fine sir don’t worry..actually Mrs pandey wants to talk to u..bihaan runs in the room..vasundra sees him n smiles..thapki also smiles..bihaan sits beside her..
Vasundra:u both talk I’ll go down..she goes
Bihaan:thapki what happen what did the Doctor told she just told me that u want to talk to me so I came here..tell me what she told is every thing fine..thapki smiles..
Bihaan:ur smiling I’m worried here n ur smiling..thapki puts her hand on her mouth..
Thapki:ahhh mr bihaan pandey..will u listen to me..the Doctor told that ur going to become papa..bihaan gets shocked..he wides his eyes..thapki smiles..he moves her hand
Bihaan:really..thapki nods..she holds his hands n puts it on her belly
Thapki:soon a small prince is going to rule u..bihaan laughs..they hug eachother..

After few months..
Thapki was know 7months pregnant..vasundra bring laddoo for her..she searches her in the whole palace but could not find..she sees bihaan sitting in the hall with family
Vasundra:bihaan this thapki again hide somewhere for not eating this laddo..everyone smiles..
Vasundra:arre its very imp for the baby n her health..she should eat it..
Bihaan:don’t worry mom I know where she is I’ll make her eat..
Vasundra:plzzz.he smiles n takes the plate n goes out in the garden..thapki was hiding near the trees..holding her baby bump..bihaan comes from back n pats her.she turns n sees him..
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing here
Bihaan:I came here while searching u..she sees the laddos in his hand
Thapki:how do u know I’m here.
Bihaan:because when my darling gets angry she come here to spend some time with these ducks..thapki sees them..
Bihaan:but now u have to eat this laddo
Thapki:no bihaan they r really not good..plzz..bihaan gestures her strictly.thapki makes a sad face n eats it
Bihaan:thats my wife..bihaan smiles..thapki was still angry..bihaan kisses her on cheeks..thapki sees him..he bends down n touches her belly
Bihaan:papa made ur mamma angry but it’s very imp for her n also for u..because papa love u both more then anything..thapki smiles..he kisses on her belly..
After 1 months
Thapki n bihaan were sleeping..thapki wakes up suddenly n holds her belly..he takes bihaan’s hand n put it on her belly.bihaan wakes up he feels like the baby is kicking..bihaan smiles they smiles holding thapki’s belly..
After a month
It was the last month n the pandey family was were excited for the baby..n also Julia n Arnav declared that Julia is pregnant..everyone was happy..everyone was sitting in the hall..Arnav brings many thing for the baby..Julia shows many names to thapki n Vasundra..bihaan smiles seeing them..everyone was busy talking about the baby..thapki starts getting labour pains..she holds her belly..bihaan sees her..he runs to her..
Bihaan:thapki what happen..
Thapki:bihaan I think it’s time ..everyone sees them..
Bihaan:but there are few weeks left..
Thapki:bihaan its paining a lot..
Vasundra:we should take her to the hospital
Arnav:I’ll bring the car ..bhai u get Bhabi to the car..he goes out..bihaan takes thapki to the car n they takes her to the hospital..thapki was takes in the ward..thapki was struggling inside where bihaan was worried on roaming outside..he was very disturbed..after sometime the Doctor comes out..bihaan runs to her
Doctor:congratulations it’s a boy..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:n how is thapki
Doctor:she is fine..bihaan runs inside..he sits beside her n holds her hand..the nurse brings the baby boy n gives it to thapki..thapki takes him n smiles..bihaan touches his cheeks..
Bihaan:welcome kabir..thapki smiles..
Thapki:so u have already decided..
Bihaan:in the first month itself..thapki n bihaan smiles..
Next day
Thapki was discharged..they comes back to the palace..thapki n bihaan goes to there room with Kabir..Kabir starts crying..thapki caresses him..he stops crying
Bihaan:u know very well to handle babies..
Thapki:but I don’t think u know anything about babies..
Thapki:yes..reform yesterday I’m seeing that u didnot took Kabir n ur arms once..everyone took him but u didnot..r u scared mr bihaan pandey
Bihaan:no nothing like that..I’m not at all’s very easy to carry babies..I can handle them alone..
Thapki:acha..then hold Kabir..he gives Kabir to him..bihaan gets nervous
Bihaan:but he is very small
Thapki:it means ur scared
Bihaan:no I’m not give me..thapki gives Kabir..bihaan takes him n holds him carefully..soon he understand to take babies..Kabir smiles coming in his dad’s arms..thapki n bihaan smiles seeing him..
At night
there was a big party kept for Kabir..vasundra n thapki makes Kabir ready n Vasundra takes Kabir down..
Thapki gets ready..she wears a red saree..she stands infront of the mirror n gets ready..bihaan comes from back n hugs her.thapki sees him in the mirror
bihaan ties the blouse Dori n hugs her again..he kisses her neck.thapki sees him
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..
Bihaan:I want a baby girl..n I will name her vaani..he kisses her again..thapki turns..bihaan holds her n comes close..thapki moves back..
Thapki:bihaan everyone would be waiting down..bihaan comes close thapki runs bihaan catches her..he pulls her close..thapki holds him..they smile at eachother..Julia comes there n sees them..she turns..bihaan n thapki sees her n seperates
Julia:sorry I came to call u both down everyone is calling u..but take ur time haan I will make any excuse..she starts going..thapki stops her
Thapki:Julia wait we r coming..bihaan makes a sad face..they goes down..they celebrate n cuts the cake..Poonam n Krishnakant come there n blesses them. They take a family photo..thapki holds Kabir bihaan holds her n they click pictures..thapki n bihaan sees each other n smiles..
They lived happily ever after

Hey guys it’s the last episode..honestly I was very bored writing this story..sometime I used to get good comments n sometimes bad..I thought my ff is a boring one..but as u all I’m a big fan of thahaan..ill come again if I get a good story which will not not make u bore..sorry if I hurt
someone.n thank u for ur support good wishes ur compliments thank u each n every reader n specially the people who commented..haan actually saying good bye is a tough job but as a student I have to give much time to my studies..ill come back with a nice story if I get one soon u all..take care..

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    1. Juveria.ghalib

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