The Royal love birds – episode 21 (mega episode)


Hey guys I’m really sorry for not uploading soon..I was not well..n was not in a mood to write..but I’m totally fine now sorry for taking time hope u guys u all

Here we go

Thapki n bihaan wakes up.they see eachother hugging n wrapped under a blanket..thapki gets up n holds her head bihaan sees her..
Thapki:ahhh bihaan my head is paining a lot..she holds her head..bihaan gets up with a jerk n shouts ahhhh..he holds his head too ..thapki sees him
Bihaaan:thapki my head is also paining..
Thapki:by y r we getting headache..
Bihaan:I don’t u remember what happened yesterday..
Thapki:bihaan we were in the restaurant eating dinner..she looks at him angrily..
Thapki:bihaan how dare u dance with some other girls haaan..don’t u know ur married..
Bihaan:I was dancing..but I thought u were dancing with Kabir…thapki tries to remember..bihaan screams in pain..thapki gets worried..someone knocks the door..
Thapki:bihaan someone is on the door
Bihaan:thapki plzzz u go n check na I can’t even sit head is paining a lot..thapki nods n goes to was Kabir

Kabir:good morning maam
Thapki:good morning..he was holding a tray with lemon juice..thapki sees it..
Kabir:maam this is for u both..he gives it to thapki..thapki’s hands were shaking..Kabir sees that n takes the tray in keeps it in the room..
Bihaan:but y this lemon juice early in the morning..
Kabir:becoz it’s very imp for u two to get back in this world..bihaan holds his head n sees him
Bihaan:Kabir we both r having headache so stop ur puzzling words n tell us what’s the matter
Kabir:u guys were drunk yesterday so that’s y ur having headache..thapki n bihaan gets shocked.kabir gives a glass to thapki..thapki holds it..Kabir goes from there..thapki was very shocked..she was not believing in the fact that she drank yesterday..suddenly she leaves the glass..bihaan sees her..she starts crying.
Bihaan:what happen thapki

Thapki:I..I cannot believe that I drank..
Bihaan:thapki it’s ok it happens sometimes..
Thapki:but bihaan I never drank wine in my life..if anyone gets to know that I drank wine then..if Vasu mom gets to know them what would she think about me..bihaan holds her hand n makes her sit
Bihaan:thapki ur thinking a lot..we r on our honeymoon n mom is not here so calm down she won’t get to know about it..thapki sees him
Thapki:really..bihaan nods..
Bihaan:now drink the lemon juice u will fell better..saying this he took his glass n started drinking..thapki sees him..he see her..
Bihaan:what now..he remembers that her glass had fallen down..he smiles n comes close..thapki sees him..
Bihaan(slowly in her ears):so u want my lemon juice..thapki moves n sees him.she sees the naughty glint in his eyes n looks down

Bihaan:come let’s drink it together..bihaan takes a sip with the straw n give her the glass..thapki sees him n holds the glass she starts drinking..bihaan sees her n comes close..bihaan kisses her on neck bihaan holds her arms..(nana naa plays)thapki smiles n move..he sees her..thapki gesture him to drink..bihaan holds the straw n drinks the half of it n looks at her..thapki drinks the other half..bihaan holds her n comes close he was about to kiss her thapki takes the ice from the glass n puts it in his mouth..bihaan takes out the ice quickly..he sees her laughing..
Bihaan:thapki…thapki gets up n runs bihaan chases her..thapki jumps on the bed..bihaan also jumps..bihaan was about to catch her but she escapes n gets down..bihaan chases her thapki runs to the balcony n sees there is no way to go..she stands in the balcony..bihaan comes there..n sees her..she moves back bihaan comes close to her.she stops n sees the wall behind..bihaan comes closer..thapki sees him..she tries to go but bihaan blocks her way with his hands..thapki sees him coming close..bihaan holds her face in his hands..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan comes close..suddenly thapki bends down n comes out from under his hands..she sees him n smiles naughtily..bihaan sees her..she runs to the room..bihaan runs after her..thapki was laughing..he holds her near bed n they both fall on bed together..thapki n bihaan both laugh embarrassing eachother..later thapki n bihaan gets ready n goes down..
They goes to Kabir

Bihaan:so were r we going today.
Kabir:sir I’m not going u guys r going alone
Bihaan:y r u not well
Kabir:no sir I’m perfect… it is ur last day u guys r going alone to enjoy..n sorry sir for always disturbing u..bihaan sees her..thapki widens her eyes n sees him..Kabir turns n laughs..bihaan n thapki fells embarraced..
Bihaan:ok we r leaving..bye..he holds thapki’s hands n runs out from the hotel..Kabir sees them n laughs holding his stomach
Kabir:oh godddd they r made for eachother..may god bless u both..
Scene shifts to thapki n bihaan
They were walking on the road holding hands but not talking to eachother..they were remembering Kabir’s word n feeling shy..thapki starts taking
Thapki:bihaan this happened becoz of u..bihaan sees her
Thapki:I think he understood everything..that y he said like that..what he would be thinking about us..
Bihaan:what becoz of me..actually u know what he understood his mistake..thapki sees him..bihaan takes her in a corner where no one was there..he holds her around neck

Thapki:what r u doing
Bihaan:he understood that he is disturbing us..n what would he think of us..after all we r wife n husband..thapki sees him..bihaan comes close
Thapki:bihaan we r on the road..bihaan sees her n gestures her to give a kiss..thapki pushes him n starts going..
Thapki:bihaaan enough of this naughtiness..come now..she stop n sees bihaan is not coming..he was standing there facing the other side..she goes to him..
Thapki:bihaan what happen y r u not coming..bihaan folds his hand like a stubborn child..thapki gets irritated
Thapki:bihaan I’m talking to u..she turns him..bihaan forwards his cheeks n gestures her to kiss..thapki sees him like she was saying no..bihaan sees her n turns again n acts like ignoring her..thapki has no option she sees here n there… there was no one except them..thapki quickly comes close n kisses him on cheeks bihaan smiles widely n turns to her..thapki sees him shyly..she holds her hand
Thapki:now come lets go..bihaan goes with her..they spend some time together n have their lunch then They goes to a shopping mall..thapki buys gifts for everyone..she sees a watch n takes it for bihaan but didn’t tell him..they buy many thing for every one in the family..then they goes to a hotel for dinner..after the dinner they return hotel..they were very tired..bihaan goes to change n thapki takes her bags n starts packing..she keeps everything n starts packing her’s n bihaan’s clothes..bihaan comes out of the bathrooms in a vest n pants he sees her n goes to her..he hugs her from back..thapki sees him..

Thapki:what bihaan let me do work..thapki tries to free herself but bihaan holds her tightly..thapki holds his hands..bihaan kisses her on neck..thapki smiles..they hear some voice from outside the something had fallen..thapki n bihaan goes to was a servant holding many things n some had fallen..he sees bihaan n gets shocked..he holds his hands n pleads
Servant:sir plzzz don’t tell it two anyone..they will expel me sir..they will throw he out..I have small kids plzz forgive me sir..

Bihaan:it’s ok I won’t tell come I’ll help u ..thapki smiles..bihaan holds some things n goes with him..
Thapki goes inside n packs her bags..she sees the nightie which bihaan asked her to wear in their honeymoon for him..she holds it n remember their moments..she smiles n goes to the bathroom..bihaan comes in the room n searches for thapki..he makes a muffed faced
Bihaan:I think she had gone to bathroom..oh god y everyone disturbed me while romancing…he cries like a baby n sits on the couch..
After a while thapki comes out wearing the nightie…she peeps through the door n sees bihaan sitting on the couch reading a book..she feels shy n goes in..bihaan thinks she is taking a long time n gets worried..he knocks the door
Bihaan:thapki r u ok..
Thapki(hesitatingly):yes..yes bihaan everything is fine..
Bihaan:then y r u taking a long time come out quick..
Thapki:I’m coming in a minute..bihaan goes to their bags n starts checking everything..

Thapki inside the bathroom..
Thapki:what should I do..I think I should change to normals clothes..she starts changing but stops..
Thapki:but it was bihaan’s wish…she goes to the door n slowly opens it..she comes out bihaan was busy checking the thing in the bags..thapki sees him..suddenly a cool breeze hits bihaan’s face he turns his face towards thapki..bihaan sees him n was lost..thapki sees that n gets shy..she started adjusting her nightie..she comes towards bihaan..bihaan sees that n goes to her they were standing infront of the bed..thapki was looking down bihaan was seeing her smilingly..
Bihaan:u wore this..thapki sees him..bihaan holds her hands n comes close to her..thapki closes her eyes n holds his hands..bihaan also closes his eyes n was about to kiss her..thapki moves back..bihaan sees her
Bihaan:what happen
Thapki:ahh the door is open..she points towards the door..bihaan sees that n smiles
Bihaan:I’ll close it..he goes to the door n closes it seeing this thapki gets nervous n she turns the other side..bihaan sees that n smiles he goes to her..he hugs her from back..thapki holds his hands..bihaan moves her hairs n kisses her all round her neck…he moves his hands on her belly dragging her closer..thapki turns n hugs him tightly..bihaan smiles n hugs her(ajj phir tum pe pyaar aya hai playing in bg)

Bihaan seperates her he holds her chin n makes her to see in his eyes..thapki sees him..bihaan comes close n tries to kiss her thapki smiles n runs from there..she stands near the cupboard..bihaan comes to her n holds her..thapki smiles she sees him n starts to run bihaan holds her hands n pushes her to the cupboard n holds her against the cupboard..bihaan comes close n kisses her on cheeks..thapki smiles.he kisses her on her neck..thapki gets shy n tries to go..bihaan holds her hands on the cupboard..he comes closer n sees her thapki sees him he places his lips on hers..thapki also kisses him..bihaan kisses her very gently n patiently.they were closing their eyes n enjoying the moment..thapki hugs him bihaan also hugs her n kisses her..bihaan slowly takes out the upper part of the falls down..thapki sees him..bihaan takes her in arms n takes her to the bed..he places her on the bed..he gets over her..bihaan holds her hand..he kisses her on forehead n cheeks..he kisses her on her nose n goes down to her neck n kisses her…thapki smiles..he sees her he takes out the sleeve of her inner from her shoulder n kisses her on neck..thapki sees him n holds his face in her hands..he looks at her innocently..thapki goes close n kisses him on lips..bihaan smiles n kisses her too..thapki kisses him on cheeks n chin..bihaan smiles..bihaan gets up n takes out his tshirt ..thapki sees him..he takes the blanket n gets over her..he hugs her..thapki switches off the lights n they cunsummate..

Next morning
Bihaan wakes up n sees him hugging her around her waist n thapki’s soft hands on his shoulder..they were under a blanket..he sees her n smiles remembering the last night..thapki wakes up n sees his loving gaze on her..thapki smiles..bihaan holds her
Bihaan:good morning darling..he cuddles her more tightly
Thapki:good morning..bihaan sees her..he tucks her hairs behind her ears n holds her face thapki keeps her hand on his chest..bihaan moves his finger all around her face romantically..thapki smiles..he keeps his finger on her pink lips gesturing her to kiss more..thapki understands him n holds his hand n nods noo..bihaan pleads..thapki gives him a strict look n get up..bihaan pulls her she fells on the bed bihaan holds her n kisses her quickly..thapki gets shocked..she holds him khan seperates n sees her..thapki sees him n smiles..bihaan also smiles n puts his head on her head they both hug each other n smiles
Later thapki n bihaan gets ready n takes their bags n comes down..Kabir sees them n goes to them..thapki n bihaan sees him

Bihaan:thank u Kabir for guiding us n making each of our day special
Kabir:it was my job sir..n I must say u guys were the best couple I have ever guided..thapki n bihaan smiles.,later they reach the airport n sits in the takes off n after few hours they reach India..they take their luggage n comes out..they were waiting for the driver..bihaan calls the family but no one picks up the call..
Bihaan:y r they not picking up the call..
Thapki:bihaan did u inform them that we r coming today
Bihaan:yes thapki I informed them..I don’t know y they r late..
Thapki:bihaan is everything alright there..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan its already very late we should go home now..thapki was behaving very anxiously..bihaan holds her hand
Bihaan:thapki what happen to u know..
Thapki:I don’t know bihaan I’m feeling like something bad had happened..
Bihaan:then ur thinking soo much..

Thapki:but still we should go home now come..she holds his hands n takes her..they take a cab n goes to the palace..they reach the palace n comes in..they see their is no servant or watchman near the gate..
Bihaan:there is no one here..thapki feels something fishy..bihaan opens the gate himself n they goes in..the palace door was also closed..bihaan was about to knock but sees the door is open a bit..he pushes the door n goes in..they sees all the family n gets shocked..vasundra shouts bihaaaaann.everyone sees them..all the family members n servants were tied on the chairs..their was thapki’s family n Arnav n Julia also tied on the chair..they get happy..
Bihaan:mom who did this to u..thapki n bihaan started opening their ropes..
Vasundra cries a lot..thapki consoles her

Thapki:mom dad plzz tell us who did this to u all.
Bihaan:yes mom I won’t leave them..
Some people comes from back clapping…they see them..all the servants gets up n hides behind thapki n bihaan
One servant:sir plzz save us they r very bad they will kiss us..bihaan gets angry by seeing the kidnappers he folds his hands in anger..thapki sees that n gestures him not to do anything..bihaan listens her n keeps calm
Thapki:y r u here..n first of all how did u come out from the much money did u paid for coming out..she shouts..
(It was sultan n his gang of about 40 members..sultan who wanted krishnakanth’s rule..)
Sultan:look who is here the one n only heir of Krishnakant business..I can kill her n get every thing in my hand..bihaan takes thapki behind him..Sultan laughs loudly

Krishnakant:don’t behave like a fool sultan..u will never daughter is not alone anymore..he sees bihaan..bihaan was burning in anger n was asking permission from thapki to fight with them..but she always said noo..
Sultan:I already won krishnakanth..they gets confused..suddenly sultan throws something like a ball which had some gas which was releasing through it..everyone gets unconscious..sultan laughs like a mad..he ties them again on the chairs he ties bihaan too..he takes thapki n ties her to the pillars..after few hours the family n the servants get consciousness..bihaan sees thapki n couldn’t find him..they get worried.
Vasundra sees her tied to the pillars n is still unconscious..he show her to bihaan they sees her..bihaan gets worried he tries to gets up from the chair but he was tied..bihaan shouts thapki
Bihaan:thapki plzzz get up..plzz thapki nothing will happen to u plzzz get up for my sake thapki…thapki slowly gets consciousness..she sees bihaan n smiles..bihaan gets happy..sultan n his gang comes there..
Sultan:arre one love bird had called n the other woke up..but not for a lon time
He gestures something to his gang members..he nods n one of them goes to her..
Bihaan gets worried..thapki sees him..the person takes a lathi (rope tied to a rod)bihaan sees that..he starts beating her with that rod..thapki shouts..bihaan tries to open the ropes but fails..he gets teary eyes..everyone shouts thapki..
Poonam:plzzz leave my child plzz
Everyone pleads

Balwinder:plzzz leave her..we will give u much u want u can take but plzz leave my Bahu..sultan ignores him
Bihaan:sultan leave her..if u want to do something do with me but leave her..the person beats her more..she gets all marks all around her body..bihaan gets angry..thapki was not able to stand..sultan goes n opens the rope..thapki falls down she was not able to stand..bihaan shouts thapki..thapki sees him
Bihaan:thapki get up get up thapki..come here to me..thapki slowly tries getting up n she gets up..two man holds her hands..sultan beats her again..bihaan shouts thapki..
Krishnakant:plzz leave my child I give away the rule to u now plzz leave my child..everyone gets shocked..sultan leaves the lathi..he turns to him

Sultan:nice decision Krishnakant..but I’m not here for the rule..they gets confused..
Sultan gestures a man n he goes out of the palace..after a while he comes with a man..he was behaving very strangely..rubbing his hair,moving his head n not walking properly..everyone sees him..he was tightly holded by the person..he was biting his nails..he sees thapki
Krishnakanth:who is he..
Sultan:he is my son “sehzan”..everyone looks at him(u can imagine dhruv here)
Sultan:he is mentally disordered from birth..he used to speak but as his mother passed away he stopped speaking at the age of 10..then on the day when we were kidnapping thapki n bihaan on the road..he saw thapki n spoke for the first time..everyone sees him

Sultan:yes he was there in the car.n as he saw thapki he started speaking..but again stopped now..
Krishnakanth:so what do u want now..see if u want money for his treatment then we r ready..leave my child now..
Sultan:yes I want something for his treatment but not money I want thapki to come with us..
Bihaan:sultan don’t ever dare to do this..thapki will not come with u..
Sultan:then I have other methods..I can take her forcefully but my child won’t like it..sehzan frees himself n runs to thapki n hugs her..thapki pushes him..he stands beside her biting his nails..
Sultan:thapki r u coming with me
Thapki:I’ll prefer dying sultan..bihaan gets happy..
Sultan:then there is no option left..he goes to Krishnakant ..some other person goes to Poonam balwinder n vasundra..they start beating them with the lathi..bihaan shouts..
Bihaan:sultan stop it now..I won’t Leave u

Everyone was crying..thapki shouts stooop..they stops n sees her.
Thapki:I’m coming with u but leave my family now..sultan nods n opens their ropes..bihaan tries to go to thapki but sultans gang members stop them …
Sultan:say it again to clear the doubt of ur husband..thapki gets teary eyes
Thapki:I’m ….I’m coming with u
Sehzan gets happy n holds her hand..sultan smiles..bihaan gets angry..
Bihaan:no thapki don’t listen to him nothing will happen to us..they takes her with them she turns n sees bihaan..bihaan n family tries to go but the persons stops him..
Sultan:u all stay here after we reach our place then u come from here..n keep the eye on them..they goes out with thapki..bihaan falls on his knees n cries everyone consoles him..(chadarya jeene re jeene song plays)

Precap:not yet decided…

Thahaan will soon get together guys don’t worry need ur comments…

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