The Royal love birds – episode 20


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Here we go
Thapki n bihaan gets up n gets ready..they goes to Kabir n sits in the car..they eat their breakfast in an hotel..the royal family invites them for the lunch..bihaan was not willing to go but thapki insists him..he agrees n they goes to meet the royal family of Dubai..the Royal welcomes them in the palace..they sit together n talk…they do there lunch with them n takes their leave..
Bihaan was very bored..

Kabir:sir actually was planned to go to an amusement park but as there is very little time left.then we have to go there tomorrow
Bihaan:no actually I’m very bored..I want to go there..
Kabir:but sir we cannot enjoy in such a less time..bihaan insists..Kabir agrees n they goes to the amusement park..

Kabir:sir it is legoland park..come sir lets go in..they goes in n takes the tickets..bihaan sees the rides n gets excited..thapki was scared..bihaan forcefully takes her in a roller coster..
Thapki:bihaan plzzz I don’t want to go plzz I’m scared..she tries to free herself..bihaan holds her hand tightly…they sit in it n the ride starts..thapki was very scared..bihaan holds her its speed slowly increases bihaan also gets scared.but thapki was enjoying the ride..bihaan started shouting..thapki looks at him
Bihaan:plzz I don’t want to die stop the ride..thapki started laughing..he started crying like a last the ride stops..thapki n bihaan comes out..bihaan’s legs were still shivering..thapki looks at him n starts laughing..bihaan sees her..
Thapki(while laughing):bihaan u had only took me forcefully n now u r only scared..
Bihaan:thapki stop laughing..I dint know that this ride is this much danger n scary..if I knew it I would never go in my life..thapki laughs.
Bihaan:thapki stop laughing..thapki was laughing loudly n making fun of her..bihaan tries to catch her but her runs from there bihaan chases her..thapki sees Kabir n runs to him..bihaan sees him n stops..

Kabir:sir what happen..y r u chasing thapki maam..
Thapki:Kabir u know what happen there..she was about to say but bihaan cuts her n pulls her close n puts his hand on her mouth tightly..thapki tries to free herself
Bihaan:kuch Nani Kabir..Kabir sees him confused.bihaan sees that
Bihaan:what r u looking at me like that..there will be some private talks between wife and husband we cannot say anything..
Kabir:ok sir lets go for another ride..he goes from there..bihaan signs in relief n takes his hand off thapki..thapki sees him n laughs..bihaan sees her n laughs..they goes to another ride it was a gain wheel..thapki was again scared..bihaan takes her..the ride starts..thapki holds bihaan’s Hands..bihaan sees her..

Thapki:bihaan u know na I’m scared of heights..
Bihaan:thapki I’m with u don’t get’s speed increases n the cabin also starts moving..thapki gets scared n hugs bihaan bihaan sees her..he hugs her too…thapki sees him..they have an eyelock(na na naa plays)thapki hairs comes on her face bihaan sees that n moves her hairs from her face n tucks them behind her ears..thapki smiles..bihaan holds her hand n comes close..thapki sees him n nods no..bihaan smiles n hugs her..thapki also hugs him the ride stops the comes out n enjoys in all the ride..then they goes to a five star hotel to eat dinner..

The hotel host sees them n declares as the best couple tonight..thapki n bihaan smiles..he invites them for a romantic dance..bihaan stands n gives his hand to her..thapki smiles n puts her hand in his hand..they goes on stage n the song plays..(boldo naa Zara)thapki was feeling very shy..bihaan holds her hand n pulls her close..thapki holds him..bihaan n thapki dances very romantically n last thapki keeps her head on his chest n bihaan wraps his hands tightly around her waist.they close there eyes n smile..everyone claps..bihaan n thapki seperates bihaan sees her..he goes to a person who was holding guitar..he takes the guitar n plays it..thapki smiles..bihaan sees thapki n sing the song(Sab Tera)thapki smiles widely..suddenly thapki notices that the music tune n bihaan’s lips movement are not matching..she sees here n there n sees the music system is on..she looks at him n goes there..she pulls out the wire..all the staff gets tensed..she sees she can listen bihaan’s real voice n the guitar voice..bihaan was unaware that thapki had closed the music system n he was singing the song while closing his eyes..thapki smiles..thapki goes to him n puts her hand on his shoulder..bihaan opens his eyes n sees the wire in her hand..he gets shocked..he gets up n sees her tensed..

Bihaan:tha..tha thapki..wo I was..nai wo..he had nothing to say..thapki smiles she takes the mike n sings the same song..bihaan sees her..she was singing very nicely..bihaan seems that thapki was conveying her feeling for bihaan through the song..bihaan smiles n plays the the end he takes out the guitar n give it to a person..thapki was still singing he goes behind her n hugs her.thapki stops singing.thapki sees him n gestures him that everyone is seeing..bihaan takes the mike n kneels down..thapki sees him..he takes out a box from his pocket n opens was diamond ring..thapki gets surprised
Bihaan:thapki thank u for being an imp person in my life..thank u for colouring my life with ur n everything which u have given me till date..thapki I’m very lucky to have u in my life..thapki sees him

Bihaan:thapki today we have completed 1 month together..thapki sees him
Bihaan:but I want u in all my life’s by my side to support me.i want to stay with u I cannot live without u..thapki smiles
Bihaan:I want u to wear this ring to celebrate our 1month anniversary..n I wish we celebrate it every month every year..n every life together..thapki gets teary eyes she smiles..bihaan shows the ring
Bihaan:may I..thapki nods n gives her hand..bihaan puts the ring n gets up..they hug eachother..(ranjha naa plays)bihaan seperates n sees her..tears rolled from her eyes..bihaan sees that n nods noo..he wipes her tears
Bihaan:no more tears thapki..he gestures her to smile..thapki smiles..thapki hugs him..Kabir sees them n smiles..he claps..everyone in the hall claps..bihaan sees Kabir..n gestures him saying thank u for all this..Kabir shows thumbs up to him n smiles..later they goes to the room

Thapki:bihaan thank u for everything..bihaan u say that ur lucky but no bihaan I’m lucky..bihaan sees her..
Thapki:I’m lucky to have such an understanding life partner..bihaan ur the one who complete me..thapki is only because of her bihaan.i love u bihaan..bihaan smiles n hugs her..thapki also hugs him(ranjha naa plays)
Bihaan:I love u too..thapki smiles..bihaan seperates n holds her.thapki sees him
Bihaan:thapki we will always be together..thapki smiles n nods..bihaan touches her cheek
Bihaan:thapki I..i..thapki sees him
Bihaan:I want a baby..thapki gets shocked..
Bihaan:yes thapki i want us to complete eachother..he holds her hand..thapki sees him
Bihaan:n the only way is a baby..thapki sees him

Bihaan:but as I said I will not force u for any thing..take ur time thapki..bihaan turns n starts going..thapki hugs him from back..bihaan holds her hands..thapki turns him..she sees him n nods yes..bihaan smiles..n hugs her..thapki also hugs him.bihaan turns her..he opens her dress button..thapki closes her eyes..he comes close from back n kisses her on her neck..thapki smiles n turns her face..bihaan comes front n holds her hands.he holds her chin n makes her to see in his eyes.thapki sees him..bihaan removes her sleeves from her shoulder..he comes close n kisses her shoulder..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan takes her in arms n takes her to bed..he places her on the bed n gets over her..thapki sees him.bihaan sees her like he was asking permission..thapki holds his hands n looks at him..thapki comes close..bihaan sees that n comes close too..thapki n bihaan kiss eachother..their kiss lasts for about 10min..bihaan seperates n sees her..thapki sees him(ranjha naa plays)they smile at eachother..thapki gets up bihaan sees her she runs to the bathroom..she was about to lock the door bihaan holds the door n comes in..thapki sees him n smiles she turns the other side..bihaan smiles n makes her turn..bihaan sees her n get close..

thapki moves back.she stops n sees the wall behind..bihaan smiles n gets close to her..thapki tries to go but bihaan blocks her way..bihaan comes close thapki turns her face…she sees that he is standing under the shower she gets an idea n opens the shower..water falls on bihaan..
Bihaan:thapki what r u doing close the shower..thapki laughs n runs from there..but she slips n was about to fall bihaan holds her from her belly n pulls her back..thapki holds him..they have an bihaan n thapki were under the shower..they have an intense eyelock(ranjha naa plays)thapki turns her face..bihaan also turns his face n closes the shower..they were fully wet..thapki was feeling uncomfortable as her body was revealing..she covers herself with her hands..bihaan notices that n takes out his blazer..he makes her wear it..thapki sees him..bihaan was not seeing her as she may fell uncomfortable..she smiles at his innocence…she hugs him tightly bihaan gets confused but hugs her..
Thapki:I love u bihaan..bihaan smiles..she seperates n sees him..thapki comes close n kisses him.bihaan was shocked but happy too..bihaan also kisses her..bihaan takes her hairs front n unzips her dress..thapki holds him..he takes her to bed n they take their relation to another level..
Next morning..
Thapki wakes up n sees herself on bihaan..she sees him n smiles..she gets up n gets ready ..she goes to bihaan
Thapki:bihaan get up..bihaan opens his eyes n sees her..he was mesmerized by her she was wearing a green cape top with some multicolor border on it her hairs were curled n open.she was without any makeup..she shakes him
Thapki:bihaan get up..we have to go out..Kabir would come anytime..bihaan what happen to u..bihaan come back in senses..
Bihaan:haaan haan haaan nothing I’m fine..
Thapki:ok get up..thapki starts going bihaan holds her hand..thapki turns bihaan sits on the bed n slowly pulls her close n makes her sit..thapki sits on the bed..bihaan holds her n comes close..
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..bihaan puts finger in her lips.
Bihaan:shhhh…he closes his eyes n comes close.thapki also holds him n closes her eyes..bihaan was about to kiss her..someone knocks the door..thapki turns..bihaan gets irritated.thapki sees him n smiles..she goes to open the door..
Kabir:good morning maam
Thapki:good morning..he peeps in the room n sees bihaan on the bed looking angrily at him..he gets confused
Arnav:good morning sir..bihaan didn’t answer n goes to the bathroom..he gets confused..thapki sees him
Thapki:wo actually bihaan is not in the mood to talk to anyone now..
Kabir:it’s ok maam I understand..maam get ready today we r going to palm island..thapki nods..Kabir goes from there.thapki locks the door..she smiles remembering bihaan’s irritation..they gets ready n comes down..they have their breakfast kabir ask thapki to pack a pair of clothes as they r going to stay there tonight thapki nods n packs some clothes..they goes to the palm island..they goes to the hotel room..they gets the best room in the hotel..thapki goes to the balcony n sees the island..everyone was enjoying..she sees the small waves coming..she gets excited
Thapki:bihaan lets go n play in the water
Bihaan:but thapki..
Thapki:no but bihaan ur coming with me..she pulls him out..bihaan n thapki goes down..Kabir was not with them..thapki n bihaan goes in a corner there was no one there..thapki runs toward the water n starts playing..bihaan sees her n smiles..she takes water in her hands n throws it high in the air which again falls on her..she was playing like a small child..bihaan smiles at her..thapki sees him n gesture him to come..bihaan nods noo.thapki runs to him n takes him to the water..n starts playing..bihaan was lost in her beauty..he goes to her n holds her hands..thapki sees him..he tucks her hairs behind her ears..bihaan comes close..thapki sees him n sees the water..she quickly bends down n takes some water in hands n throws it on him..bihaan leaves her n sees her..thapki laughs n runs from ther..bihaan chases her..he holds her picks her in arms n spins around..thapki n bihaan laughs..they were lost in eachother..then they goes to the hotel..they have their lunch now Kabir takes them to some random places in the palm island while explaining everything..thapki was hearing him carefully n bihaan was bored.
At night
Kabir:sir it’s said that Palm islands nights r the best..they goes to the hotel bar..bihaan sees thapki..thapki sees him..he gestures her to come in the room..thapki nods no..
Soon the party begin..some girls comes on the stage n dances..bihaan n thapki eat their dinner..the girls comes n takes bihaan with them..bihaan sees thapki n thinks of teasing her..he dances with them..thapki gets jealous n she unknowingly drinks the bear kept beside her.bihaan comes to her n gives his hand to her..
Bihaan:dance..she sees him n ignores..she gets up n goes to Kabir..n asks him for dance..bihaan was shocked..Kabir hesitatingly goes with her thapki dances with him..bihaan gets angry n drinks the bear to..the bear was very strong which made them fully drunk in few sips..bihaan goes to thapki n pulls her
Bihaan:u r only mine n u will dance with me only(in a drunk voice)
Thapki:then how can u dance with some other girls haan(also in drunk voice)
Bihaan:sorry..he holds his ears..thapki smiles n dances with him..they smiles n goes to the room they fall on the bed.. bihaan hugs her..thapki also hugs him they share some cozy moments bihaan switches off the lights…

Tell me ur view guys..n it’s a 20th episode I don’t how many more episode I’m going to take but i need ur support guys thank u all

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