The Royal Love Birds – episode 2

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Here we go
Thapki goes in her room and starts crying
Thapki: I can’t marry anyone .i love and dad always force me to do what they want but dis time I won’t listen to dad if u r stubborn then Iam ur daughter.its my life and I can take my own decisions.i love John and I will marry only him.i know mom and dad won’t accept mine and John relation.but that doesn’t mean that I ll marry anyone.she stands up and wipes her tears
Thapki:yes I have to elope with John tomorrow before those ppl come to see me

Next day,in morning
In an other palace a man is in his room.he is in trac pants and blue vest
He is doing exercise and listening to songs with a loud volume.he is listening dhoom machale and doing push-ups.someone is banging the door continuesly but he can’t hear Becoz of loud voice
After 15mins he closes the music and takes a towel.he hears the door bangs and says oh nooooo
He opens the door and his face is shown its bihaan.the person comes inside(he is balwinder’s assistant and his best friend.his name is ashwin.he always gives lecture to bihaan
Ashwin:bihaan I was banging on the door since past one hour nd ur opening now.what were u doing
Bihaan:I was listening to song while doing exercise.i dini heard the door sound.i know u came here to call me for puja.u go I’ll come in few mins
Ashwin turns the other side and says ur a prince and starts giving lecture.bihaan says in a low voice “not again”…
He puts his hands in his pocket and takes out cotton and puts it in his ears nd starts making funny faces at his back,he starts imitating him.just then someone comes from back and keeps hand on bihaan’ s shoulder.bihaan stops making faces and opens his eyes widely.he makes an innocent face and turns to see that person
Balwinder:yes me
Ashwin turns and says ur highness I was telling prince about the rules that he should
Balwinder interrupts ahh ashwin thank u there is a problem in hall will u see that plzz
Ashwin:yes ur highness he goes from there
Balwinder sees bihaan.bihaan make an innocent face and look down.on seeing him balwinder starts laughing.bihaan also starts laughing.bihaan shows him imitating Ashwin they laugh for a long time
Balwinder:ahh I missed these moments a lot when u were in London
Bihaan:I know dad that’s y I came here .now I won’t go anywhere
Balwinder:ok now go and get ready for puja.he started to go
Bihaan :dad. balwinder stops.he hugs him and says I missed u and I love u dad .he goes to the bathroom
Later pandey’s start doing puja
Bihaan comes late he stands in a corner.after the puja vasundra give prasad to all.but she dint gave prasad to bihaan
Bihaan :mom y u dint gave me prasad
Vasundra :Becoz u were late for puja
Bihaan:how do u know
Vasundra:I am ur mom I know everythin
Bihaan goes to her and hugs her from back and starts talking.while talking he takes many laddos from the thal.balwindar nd dadi sees that and starts laughing
Vasundra:y r u laughing
They say her about bihaan s act.vasundra pull bihaan’s ears
Bihaan:ahhh mom it’s paining .all starts laughing
Balwinder:ahh ahhh bihaan we want to take some thing very imp to u
Bihaan:yes what is it dad
Vasundra:we r planning to get u married
Dadi:we say a girl for u today we r going to see her
Bihaan:gajaaab u r planing of my murder by making me married
Vasundra :bihaan what is this
Bihaan:nooo mom Iam. not going to marry now .iam not ready.i came from London to spent some time with u all
Balwinder :I gave words to mr krishnakanth ji that we are coming today to see her daughter .so u r coming with us today
Bihaan:but dad
Balwinder :it is said that she is one of the most beautiful first meet her
All goes from there
Bihaan (in a child voice):most beautiful princess huhhh.anyways I’ll go and say no for this marriage

On the other hand
at john’s home.john of blowing a chew gum
Naman:John do something our lottery ticket is going away from our hands.and ur blowing chew gum stop dis Nd think of something to control the princess
John:don’t worry dad she will not marry anyone except me she is a dumb princess all this time I emotionally blackmailed her.i acted that I love her a lot but no she love me I don’t love her.i only love her money.
Just then they hear a flower pot voice and runs to see.they see thapki there with teary eyes and mouth open.she is holding a side bag with all the stuff that John gave her
John:thapki u here.he touches his shoulder.what happen baby
Thapki removes his hands with jerk and says don’t touch me and throws the bag on his
Thapki:I thought of eloping with u today but I dint know that u r so cheap John.i dint brought any of my stuff with me Becoz I thought that u ll keep me as a princess in ur small house.i brought only the stuff which u gave.becoz that was more imp to me.but u no John I don’t love u I hate u John I hate u and now I’ll marry the person whom mom and dad choosed for me
She goes from there

Precap: not yet decided

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