The Royal love birds-episode 19


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Here we go
Thapki n bihaan were sleeping while hugging each other..thapki’s head was resting on bihaan’s chest..bihaan’s hands tightly tied around her waist..a red warm blanket was covering them..the chirping of birds disturb thapki’s sleeps she wakes up n sees bihaan n smiles..she sees herself..she was still in the bathrobe..she gets shy..she sees the time it was 9(in Dubai)..thapki gently removes bihaan’s hand around her n goes to the bathroom..she gets ready n comes out..bihaan was still sleeping..thapki goes to the window n moves the curtain..the sun rays falls on bihaan..bihaan gets irritated n puts the blanket to cover his face….thapki sees that n puts the curtain correctly..bihaan feels goods n sleeps..thapki sees his innocent face n smiles..she turns to the mirror..she was drying her hairs with the towel..some water droplets from her hair fell on bihaan..bihaan opens his eyes to see the person who is disturbing his sleep..he sees thapki was busy drying her hairs..bihaan was mesmerized by her beauty..she didn’t notice him..bihaan gets up n goes to her..he holds her hand thapki sees him in the mirror..bihaan was looking at her lovingly..thapki smiles..bihaan takes the towel from her hand n leaves it on the ground…thapki sees it..bihaan turns thapki..thapki sees him..bihaan holds her from waist n comes close..thapki slowly holds his shoulder..bihaan comes close..
Thapki:bihaan let me go..she pushes him..bihaan holds her..

Bihaan:do u really want to go..he pulls her close n again holds her more tightly..thapki smiles..bihaan comes close..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan caress his hand on her cheeks..thapki smiles n holds him..bihaan kisses her on cheeks n comes close to kiss her on lips..thapki closes her eyes n holds him tightly..bihaan was about to kiss..someone knocks the door..thapki turns her face..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan someone is on the door.
Bihaan:y always some random People come n disturb us..thapki smiles..she goes to the cupboard to take out his clothes..bihaan opens the door..
Kabir:good morning sir
Bihaan:good morning
Kabir:sir plzz get ready..we have to leave In few minutes
Bihaan:yes we r coming in few minutes
He nods n goes ..bihaan close the door n goes to thapki..she was choosing clothes for bihaan..bihaan hugs her from back..thapki smiles
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..go n get ready we have to leave
Bihaan:no no no..I will not leave u..Arnav had not done good appointing this Kabir as a guide..he always disturbs us..
Thapki:but because of him we r getting to know about the different places
Bihaan:that is not imp thapki..this trip is imp for us..this..this is our honeymoon..we didn’t came here to know about place..thapki smiles
Bihaan:we came here to…

Thapki:to..bihaan smiles n kisses her on neck
Bihaan:to romance..he continuesly kissing on her neck..thapki smiles n turns..
Thapki:the whole night is left to do these thing..
Bihaan(like a small child):but thapki..thapki cuts him
Thapki:bihaan ur clothes..she gives his clothes to him n pushes him the bathroom..thapki closes the door..thapki turns n smiles..bihaan comes out of the bathroom n kisses her on cheeks..thapki gets surprised n turns to him..bihaan smiles..
Thapki was about to say something..bihaan runs to the bathroom n closes the door..thapki smiles widely..
Later they come down..they goes to Kabir..Kabir sees them
Kabir:hi sir hi maam..come lets go..they nods n sits in the car
Thapki:where r we going today
Kabir:maam we r going to burj Khalifa tower..we will see the place n then do the breakfast there..they nods..bihaan was feeling bore..he asks Kabir to play the radio..
Kabir nods n plays the radio..mere hath mein tera hath ho song from fanaa was playing..thapki hears it n smiles..bihaan sees her..Kabir changes the was some
party song..thapki gets sad but didn’t say anything..she turns to the window..bihaan notices that
Bihaan:Kabir y did u changed the song..plzz play that song na it’s very nice..thapki sees him
Kabir:yes sir..he plays the song..thapki sees bihaan n smiles..they see eachother..they have an eyelock(na na naa plays)..bihaan holds thapki hands..thapki sees it..she smiles..bihaan sees here n there n comes close to thapki..thapki sees it..he hears the lyrics n holds thapki’s hands tightly..thapki understands him..she keeps her head on his chest..bihaan smiles n hugs her..they reach the hotel burj Khalifa…they goes in..
Thapki sees the was the best hotel she had ever been too..bihaan sees her..Kabir goes from there
Bihaan:y said that u have been to Dubai earlier..
Thapki(confused):yes bihaan y
Bihaan:but u r behaving like ur new here
Thapki:bihaan because I have never came to this hotel..I only heard about it..but it’s more beautiful than I heard..she sees everything n smiles..bihaan sees her n smiles..

Kabir comes to them
Kabir:sir there is a surprise planned for u both…plzz come with me..the see him confused n goes with him
They enter a room decorated with flowers n balloons..there was a couple table at the center..candles were on the table…Kabir asks a waiter to bring the dishes..he bring it n keeps on the table n leaves..
Kabir:sir it’s a candle light dinner for u..
Bihaan:candle light dinner in the morning..Kabir smiles..he burns the candles..he gesture a waiter to pull the curtains..he pulls it..whole room became dark..the candle lights were brightening the room..thapki n bihaan smiles
Thapki:this is very beautiful
Kabir:Arnav sir had planned this for u..plzz enjoy sir n maam..he goes from there closing the door..
Thapki sees bihaan..they smile n sits on the table..n start eating
Bihaan:Arnav had done some correct plannings also
Thapki:bihaan what do u mean by some…everything is good.u should not say like that
Bihaan:yes but appointing a guide is not good..I told u in the morning also na..he will always disturb us while romancing…just then Kabir knocks the door..
From outside the door
Kabir:sir we have to leave in 2 hours..he goes..
Bihaan:see I told u…thapki smiles..bihaan also smiles..they eat n comes out..they see the hotel n then come out n sits in the car..

They reach the miracle garden..they get in..thapki sees the garden n smiles..all the flowers were shaped was a best place for couples..she gets happy.bihaan sees her..they click pictures..they were holding each others hand tightly n roaming in the garden..they smiles..then they eat their lunch n goes to the hotel
Kabir:sir I’ll come tomorrow to show u some more beautiful places here..bihaan smiles fakely..thapki sees it..
They goes in the room..they sit on the bed seeing the pictures n smiling..suddenly the lights goes off..thapki gets scared n holds bihaan’s hands..bihaan sees her..
Thapki:bihaan I’m scared of dark
Bihaan:don’t worry thapki I’m here..but how did the lights go off.he starts going..thapki holds him
Thapki:no bihaan plzz don’t go anywhere
Bihaan:thapki relax let me check..he goes to the door n takes out the keycard..he again puts it..but the light didn’t open..
Bihaan:I think there is some problem ..thapki u wait here I’ll go n check..he goes out..thapki was scared..she hears thunder voice..she gets more scared..she sees that someone is entering the room..she gets scared..
Bihaan:thapki there is some problem so the lights have gone..they said it will come thapki heard bihaan’s voice..she ran to him n hugged him tightly..bihaan gets surprised..he hugs her too..he seperates her n takes her to bed..n makes her sit..thapki was crying..she hugs him again..
Bihaan:thapki..thapki moves but still holding him
Thapki:bihaan y did u go out I was soo scared

Bihaan:thapki listen to me..thapki was not listening to him n was shouting at him..then bihaan to stop her kisses her on lips..thapki gets shocked..she widens her eyes..she closes her eyes n holds him..bihaan holds her from neck n kisses her..he lies thapki on the bed n he was on her..bihaan kisses her passionately..thapki holds him..bihaan seperates n sees her..thapki sees him..bihaan smiles.he goes down n kisses her neck..he kisses her hand..he remove the front zip of her top n kisses her on her belly..thapki holds the blanket tightly..bihaan goes to her n thapki sees him..she holds his face..bihaan comes close n kisses her on lips.thapki closes her eyes n also kisses him..thapki n bihaan share some cozy moments..the the lights comes…thapki n bihaan seperates..thapki gets shy n starts going..bihaan holds her n pulls her.she fells on the bed.he comes over her..n sees her..thapki sees him..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:y r u soo shy thapki..thapki gets more shy..she was not looking in his eyes..bihaan sees that n smiles..
Bihaan:today u will forget the word shy..thapki sees him..bihaan was about to remove thapki’s top.thapki stops him..bihaan comes close n kisses her..thapki gave in..bihaan n thapki were lost in eachother..bihaan removes his tshirt n starts kissing her..he switches off the lights..thapki holds him she was breathing heavily..bihaan kisses her neck..he slowly removes her top..thapki didn’t say anything this time..bihaan hugs her..thapki also hugs him..bihaan kisses her neck..they consummate..

Next day..
Bihaan wakes up n sees thapki..she was sleeping on his hand..he smiles..thapki wakes up n sees is naughty glare at her..thapki gets shy..bihaan sees that
Bihaan:thapki again shyness..thapki sees him..
Bihaan:I think I have to teach u more..he comes close..thapki sees him..she pushes him..
Thapki:bihaan u r too much..she smiles at him n runs to the bathroom..bihaan smiles n sees the bed..he remembers their moments last night..he rubs his hand on hairs n smiles..he gets up..they get ready n comes down..Kabir was there in the lobby..he sees them n goes to them
Kabir:good morning sir good morning maam..
Bihaan:good we’re r we going today..
Kabir:sir today we will go to many places like snow park..dessert area..butterfly garden..
Kabir:sir u have to do the breakfast here itself..they nods..they eat n goes to the snow park..thapki n bihaan wear the warm skiing costumes n goes in..thapki sees the snow n gets excited..she sees bihaan..bihaan gestures her to go n enjoy..thapki smiles n starts playing with the snow..bihaan clicks her pics..Kabir smiles n takes camera he clicks there pic..thapki was playing like a small child..Kabir goes somewhere..some snow fells on thapki’s cheeks..bihaan sees that..he goes to her n holds her n pulls her close..thapki sees here n there..bihaan removes the snow from her face..thapki sees him..they have an eyelock(ranjha na plays)thapki was holding a fist full of snow..thapki throws it on bihaan..he gets surprised..thapki runs bihaan chases her..he Catches her n puts snow on her..they smile at each other..thapki n bihaan sit in the starts moving..thapki gets scared as it slowly moves up in the air..she starts screaming..bihaan holds her

Bihaan:thapki nothing will happen..relax..he hugs her..thapki stops screaming..thapki seperates n sees him..they have an eyelock(na na naa plays)they come back in senses when the lifts stops at its point..thapki n bihaan smiles n comes out..they play with the snow n then comes out of the park..they goes to the dessert area..thapki n bihaan sits on the camel..they click pic..n after sometime they goes to the butterfly was already night..the stars were twinkling they enter in the garden some people start playing music..thapki n bihaan gets confused..Thapki sees the Gerden..there was no one accept them
Kabir takes them to a stage which was fully decorated with flowers..with white curtain around..they see a helicopter there..Kabir asks them to sit in it..they sit in it n the helicopter takes takes them all around Dubai..they see beautiful places from the height..thapki n bihaan were soo happy..then it lands at the same place..
Kabir:how was the ride sir
Bihaan:very nice thank u for it..

Kabir:it was specially planned for u.n this whole garden is taken on Renatinho for u both today by Arnav sir..thapki n bihaan gets surprised..thapki gets sad too as she cannot do this much for Arnav n Julia..
They enjoy the date..they dine together n goes to the hotel..
Thapki changes n comes to bihaan
Thapki:bihaan I want to say something
Bihaan:yes my darling
Thapki:bihaan we have not done anything for Arnav n Julia..n see they did a lot in only 3 day..every thing is planned very royally by him..bihaan I think we should do something for them
Bihaan:but how..
Thapki:when we will go India then we will plan something n give them surprise
Bihaan:ok darling..but now first enjoy our honeymoon…he pulls her..thapki holds him..they smile..they sleep hugging eachother…

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