The Royal love birds-episode 18


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Here we go
Bihaan gets up n sees thapki n smiles..he sees the was seven.he remembers that they have a flight at 10..he was about to wake thapki but stops seeing how peacefully she is sleeping..thapki’s hairs comes on her face n she was disturbed by it..bihaan sees that n tucks her hairs behind her ears..n sees her he smiles n goes to the bathroom..after sometime bihaan comes out..thapki was still sleeping
Bihaan:she did not woke up still..he gets ready..thapki wakes up n sees the time..she panics n sees bihaan
Thapki:bihaan(shouts)bihaan turns n sees her
Thapki:y did u not wake me up see the time we have to leave in half an hour..
Bihaan:wow I dint wake u because u were sleeping very peacefully.n looking very cute.
Thapki sees him
Thapki:acha..but u got up early today
Bihaan:yes..first time in my life I got up so early..thapki laughs..she gets up n goes to the bathroom..bihaan gets a call he goes out

After taking bath thapki comes out in a simple suit n thinks what to wear..she opens her cupboard n searches for some clothes that she can wear in Dubai..bihaan comes in the room..thapki sees him he was in a black pants with white tshirt n black jackets with a muffler with black boots..two servants comes in with him..they were holding shopping bags..
Thapki:bihaan what is it
Bihaan:our clothes..he gestures the servants to go..they goes out..
Thapki:but bihaan I have packed our bags..
Bihaan:offo thapki we will go there in these clothes he points at thapki n his clothes.thapki sees it
Bihaan:no..I have brought some clothes for us..he takes one of the bag n puts it on the bed
Bihaan:here these r urs..thapki sees the bag was very big..thapki thinks it may have about 20 to 25 pairs of clothes..
Thapki:bihaan y did u bought these many w r going there for only 1week..
Bihaan:thapki u can wear this here to.thapki think the clothes were modern like jeans n tops,shorts etc

Thapki:how can I wear them here..bihaan looks at her
Bihaan:thapki u dint saw the clothes n ur judging..thapki sees him..he gestures her to open it..thapki nods n opens it she sees all cape tops..some were heavy,some were simple but very pretty(which shradda used to were in the starting of her entry)..thapki sees it n smiles..bihaan also smiles..he understands that she thought that he brought some modern dresses.n thinks to tease her..he goes to her
Bihaan:thapki..thapki sees him
Thapki:haan..he wraps his hands around her neck ..thapki holds his hands n sees him
Bihaan:what did u thought that I brought some modern n s*xy clothes for u..thapki gets shy..
Bihaan:I would have brought them..thapki sees him
Bihaan:but I don’t want any ones eye on u..thapki smiles..
Bihaan:but I brought something which u have to wear in our honeymoon only for me..thapki sees him confused..he opens the packet n takes out a pink nighty..thapki sees it she sees bihaan..bihaan sees her very innocent that thapki was melting like an ice cream..she didn’t say anything..bihaan puts it on the bed n comes close to her..he holds her face n was about to kiss..thapki stops him

Thapki:we have to leave or we will miss our flight..bihaan smiles he takes a top from the collection n gives her..thapki takes was a brown cape top with floral work..thapki smiles..bihaan quickly comes to her n kisses on her cheeks n goes out..thapki was shocked she smiles..she gets ready n keeps the clothes in her bag..she sees the nighty..she keeps it too n packs bihaan’s bags too..she goes down.. a servant brings the bags..everyone comes there
Vasundra:arre wah thapki beta ur looking very pretty..thapki smiles
Thapki:thank u mom..bihaan smiles
Arnav:bhai u have to be at airport for reporting in an hour..see its eight n ur flight is at 10 but u guys r still here..common hurry up..they take blessings from elders..
Vasundra:arre Arnav y r u not ready u also have flight na
Arnav:mom mine is a night flight
Vasundra:ok..thapki bihaan take care haan..
Julia hugs thapki..
Julia:happy journey Bhabi..thapki smiles

Arnav(to tease them):n enjoy ur honeymoon..everyone laughs..thapki n bihaan gets shy
Bihaan(to tease Arnav):same to u Arnav enjoy ur honeymoon..Arnav gets shocked..everyone laughs
Arnav:acha bhai now days ur also teasing me..wait I’ll tell ur secrets to Bhabi ..he goes to thapki..bihaan nods
Bihaan:acha u tell my secrets to thapki n I will tell ur secrets to Julia .he goes to Julia
Bihaan:n ur secrets r worse then me right..Arnav gets shocked n runs to him
Arnav:no secrets I don’t know anything..he pushes bihaan towards thapki
Arnav:go go happy n safe journey..he pleads to bihaan… Everyone laughs
Dadi:acha acha bas..bihaan thapki ur getting late..dadi comes to them n whispers
Dadi:n this time I want the reports positive..thapki n bihaan sees eachother..dadi smiles..they leave..
At the airport thapki n bihaan goes for reporting n goes in the was a business class flight(as they r prince n princess)..they get there section..they sit there…the plane takes off..bihaan sees thapki n starts teasing her
Bihaan:so r u excited..thapki understand what he wants to say
Thapki:no bihaan..bihaan makes a sad face as he dint expected this answer

Thapki:becoz I have been to Dubai many times
Bihaan:but this one is first time with me n it’s a different’s our honeymoon..thapki turns her face n smiles..she turns to him
Thapki:haan haan I know stop teasing me I know ur intentions
Bihaan:but I was serious.he comes close thapki sees here n there bihaan closes the door of their section..bihaan holds her thapki closes her eyes n she was smiling..bihaan was about to kiss but seperates as he hears door banging voice..thapki smiles..bihaan gives an irritated look n opens the door..he sees an air hostess
Air hostess:hi sir hi maam..plzzz call us if u need any thing..
Bihaan(slowly):just leave us alone..thapki hears it n smiles
Air hostess:yes sir
Bihaan:no we don’t need any thing..we will surely ask u if we want something..thank u for asking
Air hostess:ur welcome sir..have a happy n safe journey..she goes bihaan closes the door..n sees thapki..she sees him n started acting..

Thapki:ok bihaan I’m very sleepy now..I’ll sleep..she takes a blanket n starts sleeps..bihaan smiles..
Bihaan:ok I’m also feeling very sleepy..he hugs her from back..
Thapki:ok but move there n sleep…she smiles
Bihaan:actually I’m feeling very I want the blanket..thapki smiles n turns
Thapki gives him the blanket..bihaan wears it n gets close to her..they hug eachother..they sees each other n laugh n rub there nose with each other..bihaan n thapki hugs each other n sleep..after sometime thapki wakes up n sees him..she sees the was 1..he wakes bihaan..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan its 1..(from Indian time)
Bihaan:oh we slept for a long time..
Thapki:when will the plane land..
Bihaan:I’ll go n ask them..he goes out n asks an air hostess..he comes to his section
Bihaan:the plane will land in 10 min..thapki nods..they sit n order food..they eat it n start talking

After 10 min the plane lands
Thapki n bihaan takes their bags
Bihaan:thapki lets do shopping in the airport mall
Thapki:but bihaan we don’t need anything..y r we wasting money
Bihaan:I said come with me..oh wait I have to exchange the currency I’ll come in a minute..thapki sees the airport..after a while bihaan comes
Bihaan:come lets go..they goes in the mall n does some shopping..bihaan chooses a pair of boots for her..they were black n had pearls on it..thapki gestures no..but bihaan insists
Bihaan to the shopperson:what is its price
Shopkeeper:1000 dirham sir..thapki sees him n says no

Bihaan:ok pack this..thapki was about to say something but bihaan stops her..n takes many things for her..thapki says no for every thing but bihaan didn’t listen..then they took a taxi n goes to the hotel..the honeymoon room was booked in the 5 star hotel Armani hotel..thapki n bihaan comes out a person takes their luggage n comes with them they go to the receptionist
Receptionist:welcome sir..Arnav sir have booked ur honeymoon room.he have planned many surprises for u..bihaan thapki gets confused
Receptionist:n he appointed a guide too..he will come tomorrow..till then u enjoy ur stay sir..she give the room keycard..bihaan takes it
Bihaan:thank u ..they goes up in they room..thapki sees the room..the room was very big the bed was in heart shape with beautiful curtains around..
Bihaan:I wonder what r Arnav’s surprises..thapki smiles..
Thapki:the room is very nice bihaan an honeymoon room..thapki sees him..bihaan smiles naughtily..thapki gets shy n looks down..bihaan goes to fresh up..after sometime he comes out.thapki was not in the room.. he searches her.he goes to the balcony..thapki was in the balcony
Bihaan:oh ur here what r u doing here alone..
Thapki:hmm just looking the beauty of nature..bihaan hugs her
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..
Bihaan:u look at the beauty of nature I’ll enjoy ur beauty..they smile..thapki holds his hands n both were lost in eachother

Next day
Thahaan r sleeping.someone knocks at the door..thapki wakes up n wakes bihaan
Thapki:bihaan wake up someone is on the door
Bihaan:who is this early in the morning..he goes to the door n opens it
Kabir:hi sir good morning..I’m the guide Arnav sir have appointed for ur trip..
Bihaan:oh hi good morning
Kabir:sir plzz get ready we have to leave for the Dubai zoo..
Bihaan:but we have not done breakfast yet.
Kabir:sir Arnav sir have planned ur breakfast their..bihaan gets surprised
Bihaan:ok we will come soon..Kabir goes
Thapki:I think Arnav have planned everything for us
Bihaan:good we don’t have to do much..they gets ready n goes down..Kabir was sitting in the lobby..they goes to him..Kabir bihaan n thapki sits in the car n goes to the zoo.
Kabir shows everything..after sometime they does their breakfast n enjoy..Kabir takes bihaan n thapki’s pictures..Kabir goes to take the ticket of dolphin show..

They goes for the show n enjoy..thapki gets excited..bihaan sees her n smiles widely..a trained invites thapki n bihaan to touch the dolphin..thapki wanted to go but she was scared..bihaan holds her hand n takes her their.
Thapki:bihaan I’m scared.
Trainer:no need to get scared maam these dolphins r trained..
Bihaan:yes thapki come u just have to touch them..he holds her hand n slowly makes her touch them…thapki smiles..bihaan also smiles..the trainer give Dolphin food to them..bihaan feed the Dolphins..thapki also feeds them.a Dolphins licks her hand..thapki thinks it is going to bite..she moves back n hugs bihaan bihaan hugs her too..
Bihaan:what happen
Thapki:I got scared..bihaan seperates her..thapki was still having some dolphin food..he holds her hand n feeds the dolphin..thapki n bihaan smiles n sees eachother..

It was 2:30 in Dubai
Then they goes to the underground aquarium..thapki n bihaan enjoys a lot..they click pictures..thapki feels like she can touch all the water animals..bihaan sees her he takes camera from Kabir n clicks some candid pictures of her…Kabir ask him to stand with thapki..then thapki bihaan click some candid pics together..then they comes out n..Kabir takes them to another section where there r all trained animals..
Kabir:sir these r all trained animals u can also touch the..thapki sees him..
Thapki:but these r all wild animals..
Kabir:yes ma’am but they r trained..they won’t do anything..n u will be sent in with full security..

Thapki was scared..Bihaan takes her forcefully..they goes in the lion was a small lion..bihaan slowly touches it..he was not doing anything..he asks thapki to come she was scared bihaan takes her hand n she touches it..she smiles seeing her bihaan smiles..they take pictures there n comes out..they have dinner out n the day end..they comes back to the hotel..

Thapki:ahh bihaan I really did not believe that I touched those animals..this was the best day..bihaan smiles..
Bihaan:really Arnav had planned very nice surprises for us..
Thapki:yes but we did not planned this much for them..
Bihaan:we should call them n ask them if they r liking there or not..thapki nods bihaan calls them..Arnav pics the call
Arnav:oh hi bhai..
Bihaan:hi Arnav is ur trip going
Arnav:very nice bhai..we went to many places from yesterday..we did not sleep even for a sec ..n how is ur trip going
Bihaan:very nice Arnav only becoz of u.bihaan puts the phone on speaker
Thapki:yes Arnav..we dint thought we could enjoy this much in a day..u planned many things for us here.n we didnot do anything

Arnav:Bhabi u gave me my life that’s more then anything..n can’t I do this much for u..bhai gave me a lot more then this in my it’s a small return gift from us..thapki n bihaan smiles
Julia:yes Bhabi..n about the trip I have been to New York before so I know about it..u don’t worry about us..we r enjoying here..u guys enjoy ur Trip.they smiles n cuts the call..thapki gets up from bed
Bihaan:where r u going
Thapki:to get fresh bihaan
Bihaan:wait..he runs to the bathroom door..thapki sees him
Bihaan:I want to go first
Thapki:no bihaan I was going na y u came I’ll go first..he pushes him..bihaan holds her
Bihaan:ok let’s go together..thapki sees him
Bihaan:yes we both have to fresh up so let’s go together..he moves his eyebrows
Thapki pushes him n runs to the bathroom..bihaan smiles..he sits on the couch..thapki gets freshed n sees that she did not brought clothes to wear..she wears a bathrobe which was only till her thighs she opens the door..she peeps through the door n sees bihaan is not in the room..she comes out.
Thapki:where did bihaan go..but good I can take my clothes now..she goes to take her clothes..she takes her clothes n was going to the bathroom..bihaan holds her hand..thapki gets tensed..she turns n sees bihaan..she hides herself with the clothes
Thapki:u were not in the room.then how did u come

Bihaan:I was in the room u did not notice me..he comes close..thapki gets tensed n leaves the falls down..bihaan holds her..thapki starts going..bihaan holds her n takes her to the wall..he holds her hands on the wall.n comes close..thapki sees him n gets nervous she closes her eyes..thapki’s body was still wet..bihaan kisses her cheeks..thapki sees him..he gets close to her..thapki could feel his breath..bihaan kisses her on lips…thapki holds him..thapki close her eyes n participate..bihaan seperates n sees her..thapki sees him..bihaan was pleading for more thapki sees him n gets close..this time thapki kisses him.bihaan was very happy..he holds her around her waist.bihaan makes her turn n puts her wet hairs front.he kisses her neck.thapki smiles.he holds her belly thapki holds his hands bihaan kisses her passionately..he rubs his leg on her leg..thapki smiles n breathes heavily…bihaan takes her to the bed..they consummate

Precap-not yet decided

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