The Royal love birds-episode 14 (mega episode)

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Here we go
Next morning Thapki wakes up n sees bihaan beside her..she realizes that she was holding his hand..she sees him n smiles..she gets up n gets ready n goes down in the hall..every one was sitting there n having tea..
Vasundra:arre Thapki u woke up come beta
Thapki:good morning mom..she takes there blessings n sits
Balwinder:thapki beta no need of taking blessing..our blessing r always with u a smiling faces n a good morning is enough..thapki nods..n takes tea..
Arnav:ok ok so every ones here..I want to tell u guys one thing
Dadi:arre Arnav bihaan is not here
Arnav:dadi bhai will not wake up..n Bhabi will tell bihaan bhai about it..right Bhabi..thapki nods
Arnav:ok so i was planning to go somewhere on a family we dint spent some family time together from a long what u guys think
Vasundra:hmmm I think it’s a great idea..n this time Thapki is also with us..
Dadi:yes this picnic will be very fun..what do u think Thapki
Thapki:yes dadi
Balwinder:ok so mr Arnav u planned every thing then when did u planned to go for this picnic
Arnav:today…every one together “what”
Arnav:ahh yes what’s the problem..
Balwinder:how can we go today..I have to postpone all my meeting today..
Vasundra:yes i have to look after the servants.
Dadi:but I don’t have any problem…Arnav hugs dadi
Arnav:thank u dadi..dadi smiles..
Arnav:so what’s the matter dad u just have to say ur assistants about postponding the meetings…n mom we can give holiday to the servents today..bhai is also free these days..
Vasundra:acha then how will we do the picnic preparations
Arnav:mom nothing to worry..I’ll tell the servants to do the preparations quickly..after that they can go n we will leave for the farmhouse
Dadi:yes good idea all start doing preparation..
Arnav:Bhabi r u ok with it
Arnav:Bhabi plzz wake bihaan bhai..every time he flops my plan..thapki smiles n takes a cups of tea for him n goes to her room

She gets into the room n sees him sleeping…she remembers there moments last night..her hands start shaking..she takes a deep breath n goes to him..she keeps the tea on the side table n shakes him
Thapki:wake up its 10..
Bihaan: 5min..he turns n sleeps
Thapki starts going..bihaan holds her hand..thapki gets shocked..bihaan pulls her..she fells on him.they had an eyelock(na na naa plays)..bihaan holds her from waist n turns bihaan was on Thapki..thapki sees him..he touches her cheeks
Bihaan:good morning
Thapki:good morning
Bihaan:so u were saying something yesterday..he starts playing with her hairs..
Thapki:yes I
Thapki:I was saying that i…bihaan comes close n puts his head on her neck he was smiling..thapki gets tensed
Thapki:tea..bihaan sees her
Thapki:yes i…I have brought tea for u…she points towards the tea.bihaan sees it..thapki tries to get up..but bihaan holds her tightly..thapki sees him..
Bihaan:only tea..he sees her lips..thapki sees that n gets tensed..he comes close..he notices that she was wearing saree today..he sees her
Bihaan:so u learned wearing saree
Thapki:yes u.. She stops as she felt bihaan’s hand on her belly..bihaan touches her belly
Bihaan:me?..thapki looks at him
Bihaan :me what..he starts moving his hands on her belly..thapki gets nervous
Thapki:u..u teached me..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:acha..can I ask u something
Bihaan:do u love me..thapki sees him..he comes close n places his cheeks on hers..thapki closes her eyes
Thapki:I..bihaan smiles
Thapki:I was saying that Arnav..bihaan sees her
Thapki:yes Arnav n all planned to go out today so get ready n come down..bihaan gets lost in his thoughts..thapki slowly gets up..bihaan realizes that she got up n tries to catch her but she runs out..thapki smiles while running..she come in the hall.
Arnav:Bhabi see all the preparations r done..have u done ur preparations
Thapki:my preparations
Arnav:Bhabi did u woke bihaan bhai..
Thapki:ohh yes..he is coming..vasundra call her Thapki goes

On the other hand..bihaan was thinking something
Bihaan:arre i want to spend some time with Thapki n everyone’s planning to go out..he gets sad
Bihaan:no I have to do something…he gets up n comes down..Arnav sees him
Arnav:arre look bhai came..come lets go..he sees bihaan is still in his tracks
Arnav:bhai y r u still in ur tracks..go n get ready fast we have to leave..bihaan was on stairs n acts of feeling dizzy..Arnav runs n holds him..
He makes him sit on the sofa..
Vasundra :bihaan what happen beta..
Bihaan:I don’t know mom I’m not feeling well today..thapki sees him
Bihaan:mom Thapki told me about the family trip but I think I cannot come..
Arnav comes close to him n whispers in his ear
Arnav:bhai y r u doing acting..bihaan gets nervous
Bihaan:acting Kya acting..I’m really not feeling well
Arnav:acha I saw u doing exercise before Thapki Bhabi came to give u tea..bihaan widens his eyes
Bihaan:after that I started feeling dizzy..
Arnav:acha tell me or else I’ll tell everyone that ur acting
Bihaan:ok.. I want to spend some time with ur Bhabi now plzzz help me
Arnav:my sports car
Bihaan(angrily):u will get it..Arnav smiles
Arnav:I think bhai didn’t took proper rest..he just need to take rest he will be fine..
Vasundra:ok bihaan u go n take rest
Arnav:yes bhai get well soon..he sees every one
Arnav:come lets go
Dadi:r u mad Arnav bihaan is not well how can we no we will not go without bihaan..vasundra nods
Vasundra:n how can we leave him alone..we gave holiday to the servants too
Bihaan:mom I’m not alone..thapki will stay with me..plzz don’t cancel the plan bcoz of me..see Arnav was very excited for this trip..Arnav nods n makes a sad face
Bihaan:plzz u guys go n enjoy..
Thapki:ah mom yes Iam with bihaan u don’t worry n go..I’ll take care of him..bihaan nods
Vasundra:ok but if there is any problem call us..thapki nod..Arnav n all goes..bihaan gets relief..Thapki sees bihaan
Thapki:bihaan u take rest I’ll make juice for u..she goes to the kitchen..bihaan smiles..

Thapki starts thinking about bihaan while making juice
Thapki(in mind):he was perfect when I woke him up..then….suddenly she feels tight grip around her waist..she panics n turns..she sees bihaan..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..n y did u came in the kitchen go n take rest I m making juice for u..she turns n starts making juice…bihaan smiles n again hugs her..
Bihaan:shhhh…I’m completely fine Thapki..
Thapki:but u were feeling…she turns while saying n stops as she sees his lips too close to hers…
Bihaan:I wanted to spend time with u so I said that lie..thapki sees him..he comes close..n holds her..thapki Leens on the kitchen floor n closes her eyes..bihaan comes close he was about to kiss but thapki runs from there..she comes in the hall n stands behind a pillar..she was smiling..bihaan comes in the hall n searches her
Thapki(in mind):y am I nervous I just have to say that I love him….she close her eyes n starts practicing
Thapki(slowly):I love…bihaan holds her hand n pulls her towards him..thapki holds him..they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)
Bihaan:u love what..thapki smiles shyly
Thapki:I love..bihaan gets happy..thapki gets nervous n she sees chocolates on the table.
Thapki:I love chocolates…bihaan gives a weird look
Bihaan:chocolates…thapki smiles n thinks of teasing him..she nods
Bihaan:acha.. He comes close thapki moves back n stop as she sees the pillar behind.. They see eachother..she tries to go but bihaan blocks her way n comes close to the extent his nose was touching hers..thapki gets nervous n turns her face..
Bihaan:but I love u..he pulls her..Thapki’s legs were on bihaan’s legs..he holds her from waist..thapki sees him..he comes close n kisses her neck..thapki holds him..he takes her to the sofa n makes her sit..he sits beside her n holds her hands..he comes close.thapki closes her eyes n holds him tightly..bihaan closes his eyes n kisses her chin..thapki breaths heavily..bihaan takes her hairs front n hugs her Thapki also hugs him..he opens her blouse dori n touches her back..thapki feels a shiver down her spine..she keeps her head on his chest..bihaan seperates her n holds her n comes close..thapki closes her eyes..thapki slowly lies on the sofa bihaan was on her..bihaan kisses her cheeks..he kisses her forehead n comes close to kiss on lips..thapki gets nervous n turns her face..bihaan smiles n kisses her neck..thapki holds his coller bihaan kisses her passionately…suddenly thapki hears doors voice..she pats bihaan he sees her
Thapki:bihaan someone is on the door
Bihaan:no more silly excuses..I will not leave u today..he hugs him..the person bangs the door again..bihaan hears it..he sees thapki
Bihaan:someone is really on the door
Thapki:thapki’s what I was saying..she give a weird look..bihaan gets up..thapki gets up n goes up
Bihaan:who is this idiot spoiling my day with my wife..he opens the door n sees a man standing…

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  1. Jacqueline Nicole

    Omg !!!!! Thank u soooo much dear for this sooooper doooper epi… u burned it again. Thahaan scenes were amazing!!! Great job darl. Keep writing.
    Love to read ur ff.. waiting for the next eagerly. May god bless u with all the happiness.

  2. sadia

    waooo….vry hapy to see ur ff again..u make my day…i read it for mny timess…u nailed it…but stil thapki did not confes her love…waitng for next…update ASAP….

  3. Sammu

    Hey i loved it yaar..ur a very good writer in love with it.i read it many times.really ur one of my fav writers here..waiting for thd nxt part love u dear

  4. Rifa

    Its nice.if the man is john don’t create misunderstanding between them.I’m sorry for not commenting previous episodes

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