The Royal love birds-episode 13 (mega episode)


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Here we go
Thapki lies on the bed n sleeps..bihaan sits on the couch n starts reading a book
After an hour
Thapki wakes up n sees bihaan busy reading a book..she tries to get up..but her leg was paining more now..bihaan didn’t notice her..she holds the side table n tries to get up..a spoon falls down with her hand..bihaan hears the voice n sees her..he panics n runs towards thapki..he holds thapki
Bihaan:thapki what happen why r u getting up..don’t u know u have sprain in ur leg..sit down..he makes her sit on the bed..
Thapki:but bihaan I…bihaan cuts her
Bihaan:thapki if u want anything tell me I’ll do the work need to get tell me what u want
Thapki hesitates to tell..she starts rubbing her hands..

Thapki(hesitatingly):wo i …I want to
Bihaan:what..she points her finger towards the washroom..bihaan sees that..thapki looks down..bihaan sees here n there..n takes her in arms
Thapki:what r u doing..he didn’t say any thing n takes her towards washroom..he gestures her to open the door..thapki widens her eyes n looks at him..bihaan shakes her..she comes back in senses
Bihaan:what r u looking open the door..thapki nods n opens it..he takes her in n leaves her..thapki looks at him..bihaan looks at her.they have an eyelock(na na naa plays)
Bihaan goes out..thapki closes the door..after sometime Thapki comes out sees bihaan waiting for her near the door..bihaan sees her..thapki raises her hands in air n gestures him to take in arms..bihaan smiles n takes her in arms..
Bihaan:gajab..ur behaving like a small kid..thapki smiles..he takes her to the bed n puts her down..he starts going..someone knocks the door..bihaan n thapki gets worried as the room was decorated..
Thapki:who would it be??
Bihaan:it may be any servent..I’ll see..he goes to the door n opens it slowly n peeps through it..he sees vasundra with a lady..he closes the door n goes to Thapki
Bihaan:thapki its mom..

Thapki:bihaan what will we do now..vasundra bangs on the door
Bihaan:I have to open or else she will doubt..bihaan opens the door n takes his head out..vasundra gives a weird look
Bihaan:yes mom any work
Vasundra:yes beta see I have brought Royal Doctor here for Thapki..
Bihaan:acha..a a but mom she is sleeping..
Vasundra:so let her will check her once..n y r u the door
Bihaan:wow mom actually I ..I
Vasundra:bihaan open the door..she pushes the door n gets it..thapki gets worried
Vasundra sees the decorations n smiles..bihaan n thapki sees that n looks down..
Vasundra:Doctor plzz check her..she got a sprain in her leg..Doctor sits beside Thapki n sees her leg..
Doctor:I have to twist the leg.thapki panics
Thapki:noo…it will pain a lot..I don’t need any treatment..bihaan comes n sits beside her
Bihaan:thapki u will get relief soon
Thapki:no bihaan I know it will pain very much..noo plzz
Vasundra:thapki till when r u going to Baer this pain beta..see after twisting the leg..u will feel better soon..
Thapki:but mom..I can Baer that pain but the pain while twisting the I can’t Baer that mom plzz bihaan plzz it will get better soon..

Bihaan tries making her understand but all in vain..Doctor gestures vasundra n bihaan to hold her tightly..they does..Doctor holds her leg n twists it..thapki shouts n hugs bihaan..she wraps her hands around his neck.bihaan wraps his hands around her waist..thapki starts crying like a baby..bihaan consoles her..Arnav was passing from there n sees thapki n bihaan hugging infront of vasundra…he comes in the room
Arnav:arre bhai Bhabi what is this..u r romancing infront of mom..thapki hears him n seperates..her face was full of tears..
Arnav:Bhabi y r u crying..
Vasundra:a a…Arnav u go dad is calling u..
Vasundra:I said go..he goes from there..
Doctor:it will pain for sometime..take proper rest u will feel better..she goes from there with vasundra…bihaan locks the door n sits beside thapki..he wipes her tears n holds her face in his hands n looks at her..thapki looks at him(na na na plays)Thapki takes his hands with a jerk n looks at him angrily..bihaan looks at her confused..
Thapki:bihaan I told u that I don’t need any treatment but u..
Bihaan:thapki then how will ur leg get better..

Thapki makes an angry face..
Thapki:I want to sleep
Bihaan:thapki listen to me once..thapki puts the blanket n starts sleeping…
Bihaan sits at the other side n silently watches her..he remembers how she hugged him n smiles..Later he sleeps..
In the morning
Thapki gets ready n comes down..
Vasundra:thapki y did u come down beta..u need to rest
Thapki:mom I’m fine now..
Dadi:ok don’t stand else the pain will increase come sit here..thapki nods..
Bihaan gets up n sees thapki is not there..
Bihaan:arre yaar…she has to take rest but she..if again she started doing house works this time I’ll scold her a lot he gets ups n comes down n sees her sitting with the family..he goes to her
Bihaan:thapki Doctor told u to take rest y r u here u should be on bed now..
Thapki sees in n turns towards vasundra
Thapki:mom I’m taking rest since yesterday..n see I’m feeling better now..I’m bored sitting in the room..I think I’ll feel better sitting with u all
Vasundra:yes bihaan..if she is feeling better then let her sit here..u go get ready for the puja..bihaan nods n goes from there
After sometime vasundra calls every one for the puja asks bihaan to bring Thapki..every one goes to the puja room..thapki starts getting up bihaan tries holding her.but thapki stops him n slowly goes to the room herself..
Bihaan(in mind):acha so she is still’s ok Mrs Thapki bihaan pandey u will forgive me is Diwali n I’ll make u feel special today…he smiles n goes..they do the puja n later goes for breakfast…

At night

Every one does the puja n burns crackers..bihaan is not there thapki looks for him..bihaan calls thapki…thapki cuts the call..
Bihaan:oh so she is not picking my call’s ok I’ll text her..he starts texting
“Thapki plzz come on the terrace I have to talk to u now..he thinks for a while”
Bihaan:she is very angry she won’t come up like this..he deletes the text n writes an other one
“Thapki plzz come on the terrace I got hurt..n plzz don’t tell any one they will get worried”..he snds it..
Thapki receives it n she reads it..she gets worried n runs to the tarrace…
Thapki reaches the tarrace n sees a sorry written with candle n all the light lamps around..thapki gets confused..she shouts
Thapki:bihaannn…bihaan comes to her ..thapki sees him from top to bottom..
Thapki:u told u got hurt
Bihaan:I thought u won’t come up so i said that…I’m sorry Thapki plzz forgive me..thapki makes an angry face n Starts going..bihaan holds her (ranjha naa plays)
Thapki:bihaan leave me..he pulls her n hugs her from back..
Bihaan:thapki plzz forgive me..It’s our first Diwali together n I don’t want to waste it plzz now forgive me…thapki smiles n looks him
Thapki:ok but never do it again..bihaan smiles n hugs her more tightly..thapki holds his hands..bihaan starts giving wet kisses on her neck..thapki gets nervous..bihaan turns her n touches her belly..thapki starts going bihaan holds her n pulls her close..thapki holds his shoulder..bihaan looks at her..thapki looks at him they have an intense eyelock(ranjha naaa play)
Bihaan:I love u

Thapki looks at him..he comes close..thapki closes her eyes n holds him..bihaan comes close n kisses her..he holds her waist..thapki holds him around his neck..they kiss passionately..bihaan rubs his hands on her waist..thapki rubs his hairs..bihaan kisses her more passionately while Thapki gave in..they were lost in eachothers arms..they kiss for about 15mins.they seperated as they can’t breath..but they were still in eachothers arms..thapki hugs bihaan as she was very shy…bihaan also hugs her(ranjha naa plays)bihaan seperates her..n makes her to see in his eyes..thapki sees him..bihaan holds thapki’s hands n comes close..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan kisses her cheek..thapki holds his hands tightly..he then kisses on her eyes..he was about to kiss but vasundra calls them..thapki sees bihaan..bihaan didn’t leave her..bihaan sees her
Thapki:mom will come..bihaan leaves her..thapki sees him..she gets shy n runs down
Bihaan smiles..he turns..n remembers there moments..
Bihaan:omg finally I said my feeling to her..thapki this was the bestest day..bestest time I spent with u..he rubs his hairs..

Bihaan:but she didn’t confess her she love me..of course she loves me then y would she allow me to kiss her..but still she has to tell her feelings..bihaan gets confused..
On the other hand..thapki comes down in the garden she was lost in her thoughts ..dadi sees her..she goes to her
Dadi:where were u thapki beta..thapki didn’t hear her n she bumps into dadi..thapki sees her n holds her
Thapki:sorry sorry dadi
Dadi:arre thapki beta what happen to u..where is ur mind
Thapki:sorry dadi I was thinking something..
Dadi:acha acha
Vasundra :where were u beta
Thapki:mom I went inside for some work
Vasundra:ok ok..but don’t walk too much beta..u have pain in ur leg right..
Thapki:mom I’m fine now..the pain is gone..
Vasundra:ok have u took ur medicines..
Vasundra:then go take them beta..thapki nod n goes to her room..she was thinking of bihaan..she closes the room..n stands infront of a mirror..instead of her image she was seeing the moments with bihaan in the mirror..she stops thinking..she sees herself in the mirror n touches her lips..all she could feel was bihaan’s lips on her..she remembers his love confession

Thapki:he loves me..but what’s happening to me..y did I allow him to I love him too..she sits on the bed..she recollects all her memories with bihaan..she stands up
Thapki:yes yes yes I love him..she stands infront of the mirror n shouts…I love u bihaaan…she starts laughing..
Thapki:I want to tell him that I love him..I cannot stay without him..she runs to the terrace n sees him standing facing the other side..
Thapki:bihaan..bihaan turns..thapki sees him n gets happy..she runs towards him n wraps her hands around his waist n puts her head on his chest listening his heart beats..bihaan also hugs her..he seperates her n holds her
Bihaan:thapki what happen y r u crying..did any thing happen..he remembers the kiss…did I do something wrong..thapki nods no
Bihaan:then y r u crying
Thapki:these tears r of happiness bihaan..bihaan gets confused.
Thapki:bihaan I want to tell u something..
Thapki:i.. She stops..bihaan thinks she is saying I love u
Bihaan:i…thapki sees him..bihaan holds her hands n pulls her close
Thapki:I…just then Arnav comes there…thapki n bihaan move apart
Arnav:bhai Bhabi what r u doing here..come’s time for burning the Royal fire crackers
Thapki:Royal fire crackers…what r these
Arnav:Bhabi we burn them for all the kingdom wish happy Diwali to them..these crackers u burnt high in the air..all the kingdom ppl can see that…it’s the best part of Diwali night..come down the show is starting..thapki sees bihaan..they all goes down..

The fire crackers starts burning..n they r very colourfull..thapki stands beside bihaan they see eachother n the end a cracker is burned n it goes high in the air..n a big happy Diwali is written…thapki smiles..bihaan holds her hand thapki sees him
Bihaan:happy Diwali Mrs Thapki bihaan pandey
Thapki:happy Diwali
They all goes in n sits in the hall..thapki sees bihaan..he was talking with Arnav
Vasundra:thapki beta go n take rest..
Thapki:no mom I’m fine.
Dadi:arre beta u will be better if u take rest properly..go n take rest..thapki nod..she sees bihaan..bihaan sees him..thapki gets up n goes to her room..
Bihaan(in mind):what was she saying..was she saying I love u..I have to ask her now..he gets up
Balwinder:arre bihaan were r u going
Bihaan:ahh dad I was going to take water..he ask a servent to bring water
Balwinder:ok..know come I have some work..bihaan sits beside balwinder..
On the other hand..thapki was waiting for bihaan in her room..she was walking continuously..
Thapki:bihaan were r u I have to tell my feelings to u..plzz come soon..she feels pain in her leg..she sits on bed n looks at the door..

After an hour Thapki sleeps leaning her head on the side table…bihaan comes in the room..n sees her sleeping..bihaan smiles..n closes the door..he goes to her
Bihaan:oh she slept..I think she was waiting for me…hmm Mr bihaan pandey it’s ur punishment for coming late..he goes to her..n puts her correctly on the bed..thapki’s hairs comes on her face..bihaan tucks them behind her ear..n smiles seeing her..he puts blanket on her n whispers…”good night Mrs Thapki bihaan pandey”
He turns n starts going..thapki holds his hands..bihaan thinks she woke up n gets happy…he turns n sees her sleeping holding her hand..bihaan gets sad but smiles as she was holding his hand..he sits beside her..
Bihaan:looks like u don’t want me to go anywhere..he lays beside her..thapki holds his hand more tightly..they sleep very close to eachother..

Precap-not yet decided….

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