The Royal love birds-episode 12 (mega episode)

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Here we go
Bihaan enters the room.thapki was standing near the mirror table..she turns n sees him…bihaan closes the door seeing this thapki gets nervous n turns…bihaan slowly comes to her n stands behind her…he touches her shoulder thapki gets nervous…
Bihaan turns her n sees her..he holds her chin n makes her to see in his eyes…thapki sees him…
Bihaan:thapki today ur looking very pretty…thapki looks down
Thapki didn’t say anything…bihaan smiles seeing her shyness
Bihaan:thapki we just entered in a new first I want to promise u that I will always make sure that ur happy n comfortable with me..i am always with u…
Thapki sees him….
Bihaan:n u also have to promise me one thing…that u will never hide anything from me…I’m with u in any situation…thapki sees him n nods yes…bihaan smiles
Bihaan touches her waist…thapki closes her eyes..he comes close .they can feel eachothers breath…thapki opens her eyes n sees him…she starts leaving but bihaan holds her n pulls towards him…now thapki’s back is touching bihaan’s chest…he wraps his hands around her belly..thapki holds his hands…bihaan takes the pallu from her falls down..bihaan kisses her neck passionately…thapki turns n hugs him tightly…bihaan hugs her too….Thapki Seperates bihaan holds her face n comes close..thapki closes her eyes n holds his hands..there was only an inch gap between there lips..but suddenly they hear an alarm voice..they seperate…
Bihaan:who kept this alarm.
Thapki:I don’t know
Bihaan:ahh it’s very irritating…they start searching the alarm clock..bihaan finds it on the side table..he closes it n sees thapki..they again hear alarm voice..they again search n finds it under the pillow…it repeats many times..they find it from different corners of the room
Bihaan:I think is Arnav’s prank…
Thapki laughs

Bihaan:he is an idiot he spoiled my wedding night…he always plays such kind of pranks…wait I’ll show him tomorrow…
Thapki:bas bas he is ur brother n my dewar..if dewar will not do such kind of pranks then who will do haaan…now stop taunting him…
Bihaan:thapki u don’t know anything about him.he is a big froud ..u know what he wants a sports car..he locked the door n kept this condition…now I will not gift him any sports car…
Thapki laughs…again they hear the alarm voice…they again starts searching…they hear laughing voice from outside the room
Outside bihaan n thapki’s room..Arnav n his frnds tease them
Arnav:bihaan bhai u n Bhabi r playing alarm alarm…can we play too
Bihaan gestures thapki not to say a single word…he goes to the door slowly n opens it..Arnav was leaning on the door as the door opened he fell inside the room..bihaan holds him
Bihaan:Arnav what kind of prank is this.
Arnav:bhai I don’t know anything…u n Bhabi were playing games…y r u guys not feeling sleepy..if ur not feeling sleepy then do something na it’s ur first night…y r u disturbing others…they laugh
Bihaan:Arnav stop this nonsense..I want all the alarms to be closed in 5 mins…
Arnav pushes him n runs…he holds the door
Arnav:sorry bhai Bhabi…enjoy ur first night haan…n sleep soon .good night…he closes the door
Bihaan:Arnav Arnav wait open the door …thapki starts laughing…
Bihaan turns n sees her…
Bihaan(in mind):thapki u look very pretty like this…always keep smiling..
He starts moving towards her…thapki sees him n stops laughing n moves back…she stop n sees the wall behind…bihaan comes close..thapki starts going from the other side…bihaan holds her hand…he pulls her close..he comes close n kisses her forehead..he takes her to the bed..n makes her sit..he takes out her jwellery…thapki sees him..then he makes her lie down on the bed..n bihaan was on top of thapki..thapki gets nervous n holds his sherwani…bihaan comes close n was about to kiss her..but again they hear alarm voice…he seperate
Bihaan:not again…thapki smiles…they search repeats again n again..
Bihaan:thapki I’m going to freshen up u also change..thapki nods…
After sometime
Bihaan:thapki can I come response…he comes out n sees thapki sleeping on the bed in her wedding dress itself…he smiles..he comes n sits beside her..he puts the blanket on her….He lays beside her n sleeps
Next morning
Thapki gets up hearing the alarm voice..she sees bihaan sleeping on the other side..
She gets up n sees bihaan watch alarm is ringing..she takes bihaan’s hand slowly..but bihaan opens his eyes..she didn’t see him..she closes the alarm n takes out the watch from his hand n puts it on the table..she starts going but bihaan holds her hand n pulls her…she fells on the bed..bihaan comes on top of her..thapki sees him..bihaan caress her cheeks
Bihaan:what r u doing Mrs thapki bihaan pandey
Thapki:bihaan ur watch alarm was ringing so i…i ..he puts his finger on her lips
Bihaan:shhhh..thapki I wanted to give u something yesterday..wait…he gets up n searches something…thapki gets up
Thapki:what r u searching bihaan…he gets a box n gives it to thapki
Bihaan:here open it..thapki takes it n opens was a diamond bracelet which bihaan choosed for thapki when they went for shopping…
Thapki:bihaan this bracelet
Bihaan:yes it was looking very nice on u…n I will buy everything which looks good on my beautiful wife…he takes the bracelet n makes her wear it..Thapki smiles…
Bihaan:thapki I want to say u something…
Bihaan:everyone plans there first night…n I also had planned but it dint went like the one I planned..thapki sees him…
Bihaan:bcoz of that idiot Arnav…but it’s ok today will be our first night..thapki gets I’ll tell my feeling to u…this room will again be decorated as its our first night..n today I’ll make u mine..thapki gets nervous..bihaan holds her n comes close…thapki turns…bihaan smiles n hugs her..thapki holds his hands..bihaan turns her n kisses her cheek..he was about to kiss her…but thapki moves back

Thapki:can I get freshed(in a tensed voice)bihaan smiles n leaves her..she goes to the bathroom….
Thapki takes bath n comes out..she was in a red churi with a heavy dupatta…she stands infront of the mirror n dries her hairs…she sees bihaan standing behind her..thapki turns
Thapki:what r u seeing bihaan
Bihaan:how beautiful u r…thapki sees him..bihaan comes close n holds her from waist..thapki gets nervous..bihaan comes close to kiss her…thapki stops him
Thapki:everyone would be waiting down…bihaan didn’t listen to her n comes…he bends down n kisses her neck..thapki holds his shirt…bihaan kisses her hand..n comes close to kiss on lips…a servent knocks the door..they get seperate…thapki opens the door.
Servent:thapki maam Vasundra maam is calling u n prince bihaan for breakfast…
Thapki:ok we r coming..
Servent goes
Thapki:bihaan get ready fast.. I’ll go down n help mom..Thapki goes down..she comes in the hall n takes pallu on her head n takes blessings from dadi n balwinder..they bless her..thapki searches for Vasundra
Dadi:whom r u looking beta
Thapki:dadi maa where is mom..
Balwinder:she is in the kitchen..she is looking after the servents….
Thapki:ok dad I’ll go there n take her blessing..thapki goes to the kitchen…
Vasundra:arre thapki beta u came..come inside..she goes to her n takes her blessings..
Vasundra:arre arre..Khush raho..she touches her cheeks..thapki u need not to do this beta..
Thapki:mom can I help u
Vasundra:no beta..see our cook had started making food..the food will be ready soon.. means the food is not prepared yet
Vasundra :no beta..y
Thapki:mom plzz can I make food today plzzz.
Vasundra:but thapki do u know making food..
Thapki:yes mom I n mom always used to cook together..we loved cooking..
Vasundra :no thapki it’s not ur work..they will do it come lets sit in the hall
Thapki(fastly):mom plzz I want to make food for bihaan…she realizes what she said…vasundra smiles…
Vasundra:ok if u want to make food for bihaan then u can beta..but don’t do much work…ok the servents will do everything u just show them ok..
Thapki nods..vasundra goes out..
Thapki takes tomatoes..maid comes there n says ur highness I’ll cut it
Thapki:no it’s ok I’ll do…everything she does the maids n cook takes it n does that work…thapki gets irritated..she shouts
Thapki:stop…they all become statue…u all plzz go from here ur not allowing me to do any work..go out i want to make food for bihaan
Cook:but ur highness we will lose our job..
Thapki:no nothing will happen.. I’ll convince them u all go I’ll make breakfast today…
They all goes out..thapki starts cooking..
After sometime
Bihaan comes down n gets to know that thapki is in the kitchen..he goes to kitchen n sees thapki…he sees tears in her eyes..he goes to her.n turns her

Bihaan:thapki y r u crying..plzz tell me..
Thapki:no bihaan I’m fine
Bihaan:then y r u crying..thapki plzz tell me ur making me worried
Thapki:bihaan listen to me..he continuesly says her to tell the reason n keeps shaking her…thapki keeps her finger on his lips
Thapki:will u listen to me now(angrily)…bihaan didn’t say anything
Thapki:see I’m cutting onions that’s y there r tears in my eyes..bihaan sees it..
Bihaan:then y r u cutting them..n y r u doing these work..where r the servents..
Thapki:bihaan I told them to go as I wanted to cook today..
Bihaan(angrily):thapki I did not married u n brought u here to do these chores..come with me the servent will do these works..
Thapki:no bihaan I wanted to cook today for u…(she says fastly)bihaan gets suprised
Bihaan:for me…thapki turns n starts kneading the flour
Thapki:for u n for the family…
Bihaan:acha but u told…thapki cuts him
Thapki:bihaan my mom says making food for husband n his family is like doing a puja…
Bihaan:but here u don’t have to do it..n ur not doing it again
Thapki dint say anything..bihaan wraps his hands around thapki’s waist
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..let me do my work
Bihaan:u do ur work I’ll do my work..he starts moving his hands around her belly..thapki holds his hands
Thapki:if u want to do any work then help me…
Bihaan:ok my beautiful wife…he starts kneading the flour with her..he is still behind Thapki..thapki puts some flour on his face..n laughs..
Bihaan:u wait..thapki starts running bihaan holds her n pulls her.he takes some flour n puts on her..bihaan wraps his hands around her dragging her close..thapki sees him..they see eachother n starts laughing…
Bihaan:ahh I think some flour went in my eyes…
Thapki:bihaan don’t open ur eyes wait..she come close n slowly opens his eyes n blows..suddenly bihaan holds her tightly..thapki feels his hands around her waist n sees him..he winks…
Thapki:bihaan u were acting..
Thapki:ok now leave me I have to finish this’s time for every one to eat..he leaves her.she starts cooking..bihaan sees her n helps her

After half an hour she completes her work…
Thapki:bihaan u go out n sit I’ll bring this on the table
Bihaan starts going.
Thapki:bihaan…bihaan turns
Thapki:thank u for helping…bihaan comes close..
Bihaan:no I don’t want thank u.i want something else..
Bihaan comes close..she move back..she collides with the rice sacks kept behind..she loses her balance..she holds bihaan’s coller n both fell on the sacks..bihaan lips placed on thapki’s neck..he sees her n smiles..
Bihaan:but I loved it..he comes close n rubs his nose gently on her neck
Thapki:bihaan someone will come…let me go..he gets up n makes her stand
Bihaan smiles n goes..thapki remember their moments n smiles…
At the dining table Vasundra bihaan dadi n balwinder r seated…thapki comes with the dishes…she keeps it on table..Arnav comes there
Arnav:ahh wow what a smell…he lifts the plates n sees the dishes…
Arnav:wow after a long time I got to eat some good food…u know what I though that again I have to eat that tasteless food that our cooks make..but mom did u appoint a new cook
Vasundra:no beta…this food …Arnav cuts her
Arnav:acha so u cooked today
Vasundra : Arnav listen to me first..Arnav looks at her confused…
Vasundra :this food is prepared by thapki
Arnav:wow Bhabi made the food today..
Balwinder:but y beta there r many servents y should u do this
Vasundra:arre balwinder ji she wanted to make food for bihaan..everyone smiles..thapki shy…Arnav to tease her says
Arnav(sadly):acha u made all this for bihaan’s ok we will manage with this bread n butter..he takes bread n butter from the table n act like eating it
Thapki:no no Arnav I made this food for all.plzz don’t be sad..she gets tears in her eyes…..Arnav n all the family members becomes statue..thapki sees them
Thapki:plzzz don’t be angry…I dint….she starts crying…everyone laughs…thapki gets shocked..she sees bihaan is also laughing…
Bihaan:Arnav u made her cry
Arnav:sorry Bhabi…u r the first person who took my prank seriously..from now my target is only Bhabi..thapki was still crying..bihaan sees her..he hold her hand..thapki sees him
Bihaan:thapki it was only a prank..he always pranks us but u r the first person who we all got stop crying n smile..thapki smiles..
Arnav:ok ok now let’s eat I’m hungry.
Thapki:I’ll serve..vasundra gets up
Vasundra:thapki first u sit here beside bihaan…the servents will do this work..thapki sits….the servents serves everyone..he was about to serve bihaan.arnav shouts waitttt
Everyone looks at him
Arnav:arre Bhabi had made this food for bihaan bhai with so much love then she should get a chance to serve him right …
Vasundra:yes yes why not..thapki beta u can serve bihaan..thapki nods n gets up..she takes the dishes to him..bihaan smiles…thapki serves him..

Arnav:bhai eat n tell how it is..he nods n was about to take a bite..Arnav shouts waitttt
Bihaan:ab kya hai Arnav
Arnav:bhai Bhabi had made food for u n also served u then she should also feed u right..thapki widens her eyes n looks at everyone…bihaan smiles
Vasundra:haan haan beta come on thapki feed bihaan
Arnav:no it’s not a gud idea..bihaan makes a sad face…
Arnav:I think they should feed eachother..yes that better..bihaan smiles widely..thapki gets nervous..
Dadi:haan haan..they insist thapki to feed bihaan n bihaan was already ready
Thapki takes a bite n feeds him.bihaan eats n smiles..bihaan also feeds her..thapki sits beside him..bihaan holds her right hand n sees her..she tries to takes it but bihaan holds it tightly…
Vasundra:thapki start eating beta..
Thapki:ji mom…
Thapki uses her left hand to eat…dadi sees it
Dadi:thapki y r u eating with left hand beta..
Thapki sees bihaan..bihaan smiles…
Thapki:dadi maa I got hurt while cooking
Vasundra:that’s y I was not allowing u to cook
Thapki:mom it’s ok I m fine…
She starts eating food…bihaan holds her hand tightly…thapki sees him..everyone finishes eating..n goes but thapki n bihaan didn’t finish…as they all went..thapki pulls her hand with a jerk
Thapki:bihaan what is this..koi Dekh leta to…
Bihaan:let them see after all we r married…
Thapki:u will never understand
Bihaan:so make me understand….he comes close..thapki look at him…
Bihaan:what do u want me to understand…thapki pushes him
Thapki:kuch ni eat ur food…thapki smiles…bihaan also smiles n eats his food..
In afternoon
Vasundra calls thapki n bihaan down..
Bihaan:ji mom u called
Vasundra:haan thapki beta today is ur mudikhai in the get ready beta..
Thapki:ji mom…vasundra takes a thal from the table
Vasundra:here u will wear this today..
Thapki takes it
Vasundra :go n start getting ready..they nod n goes to their room…
After few hours bihaan knocks the bathroom. Door
Bihaan:thapki ur in the bathroom from few hours..r u alright
Thapki:yes bihaan
Bihaan:then what r u doing..thapki opens the door n comes out…
Bihaan sees him…
Thapki:I was wearing saree..bihaan starts laughing laudly…
Bihaan:after such a long time this is what u wore…he laughs laudly…come come with me I’ll show u..he takes her to the mirror. She sees her self…the plates were not good
N was not tucked properly..half of the saree was cleaning the floor…bihaan laughs
Thapki:bihaan stop laughing…bihaan laughs more laudly..
Thapki:bihaan I said u to stop laughing…she tries to hold him but her leg gets in the saree n she fells on bihaan..bihaan fells on bed..they see eachother…bihaan holds her from waist..thapki tries to get up but bihaan holds her tightly…thapki sees him…they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)
Thapki gets up..bihaan also gets up n sees her..n starts laughing
Thapki:stop’s ok it’s my first try..I don’t know how to wear saree
Bihaan:it’s so easy..I’ll help u
Thapki:what u know wearing saree..
Bihaan:yes..I’m a prince I know every thing
Thapki:wow being a princess I don’t know wearing a saree
Bihaan:I’ll teach u..come..he forwards his hands..thapki gets nervous..
Bihaan:what..I’m ur husband’s already late I’ll make u wear it
Thapki was about to say something but bihaan holds her saree n opens it..thapki wraps her hands around her chest..bihaan sees it n puts the pallu..thapki sees him..bihaan makes the plate n tucks in…he drags her closer.thapki holds his shoulder..he then puts the pallu correctly..he makes her see in the mirror..
Thapki:wow bihaan thank u…he holds her waist from back n puts his head on her shoulder
Bihaan:my pleasure Mrs Thapki bihaan pandey..thapki smile…n in future if u want any help like this then just call me…thapki sees him in mirror…bihaan sees her n holds her waist tightly..he puts the blouse dori..n kisses her back…thapki turns they see eachother(na na naa plays)….she starts going..bihaan holds her hand..
Bihaan:thapki do u remember something I told u in the morning…thapki starts thinking
Bihaan:about our first night..thapki sees him..I have to do some preparation to make this night memorable..I’m waiting for u..he leaves her hand..thapki goes from there..thapki comes down stairs remembering bihaan’s words..vasundra sees her n goes to her…
Vasundra:arre wah beta ur looking very pretty..thapki didn’t replied..
Vasundra shakes her
Vasundra:thapkiiii..thapki comes back in her senses
Thapki:haan haan mom
Vasundra:I said ur looking very pretty…
Thapki:thanks mom..
Vasundra:come beta all the guest will arrive soon..she makes her sit n puts pallu on her..all the guest starts arriving..
Vasundra:let’s start the rasam…all the ppl comes n sees thapki’s face n gives her Shagun…bihaan comes down n sees her n smiles…
Vasundra:maa ji…balwinder ji Arnav u also come n give blessing to her..
They all sees her n gives blessings…bihaan comes n sits with balwinder
Arnav:now my turn…he sees her..Bhabi I don’t have anything to give u sorry..Thapki smiles…she takes out a gold chain from her neck n gives to him..

Thapki:elders should give the gifts not the youngers…he smiles
Arnav:thank u Bhabi…he sees bihaan…bhai ek baat bolu..bihaan looks at him
Arnav:jaisi Maine mangi thi waisi Bhabi pai…thank u bhai for such sweet n caring Bhabi…bihaan n thapki sees eachother n smiles…
Vasundra :acha there is one more rasam..n bihaan u have to this rasam..
Bihaan:which one mom..
Vasundra:see in thapki’s hand ur name is written n u have to find it..thapki smiles..bihaan sees every one n goes to thapki n sits…thapki smiles n gives her hands
Bihaan searches his name
Bihaan:is it only b or full name
Thapki(fastly):full name..bihaan looks at her..thapki sees him n looks down…bihaan smiles n searches but he is not able to find..he sees everyone they were not looking at them..he sees thapki..thapki understands that he needs help..she forwards her right hand…bihaan smiles n searches his names..
Arnav:bhai quick..ur taking a long time…
Bihaan:wait Arnav it’s not easy…he sees closely..n sees his name…he shouts
Bihaan:I got it…vasundra sees it..
Vasundra:arre wah beta u found it..good..but thapki helped u…I saw u
Thapki n bihaan looks down..
After the rasam all the guest leaves..bihaan sees thapki..thapki sees him..he gestures her to come in the room..thapki gets nervous…bihaan goes up
Vasundra:thapki beta u may be tired go n take rest..thapki nods..she starts going..
Thapki was very tensed..she was lost in her thoughts..a servent comes holding a iron box..he collides with thapki..thapki falls down the iron box fells on her leg..she shouts..bihaan hears her voice n comes down…
Vasundra n all runs to her
Vasundra :thapki thapki beta what happen…bihaan comes there n holds her..
Bihaan:thapki r u ok..he sees the servent..he gets up n holds his collar
Bihaan:don’t u have eyes..can’t u see her..see she got hurt..
Thapki:bihaan it’s ok
Bihaan:no thapki it’s not ok..go out of the palace right now n never come infront of me
Servent:no sir plzz I have small children..plzz have some pity on me sir plzz
Bihaan:I said go out now..he holds his hand n starts going..thapki holds bihaan’s hand..she gets up holding bihaan’s hand..
Thapki:bihaan plzz forgive was also my fault I dint saw him..
Bihaan:but thapki u got hurt bcoz of him..see ur leg ur not able to stand properly..
Thapki:bihaan it’s a small sprain..I’ll take rest the pain will go soon…
Bihaan:but thapki..thapki holds his hand
Thapki:for me…
Servent:thank u ur highness..vasundra balwinder n dadi smiles seeing thapki’s generosity..bihaan starts going.
Arnav:bhai Bhabi is not able to walk..bihaan turns n sees her..thapki sees him..he goes to thapki n takes her in his arms..every one smiles..he takes her to the room..he lays her on the bed..n starts going..thapki holds his hands..bihaan turns..
Thapki:sorry..bihaan sits beside her n holds her hand
Bihaan:for what
Thapki:for fighting with u down..but bihaan..he puts his finger on her lips
Bihaan:it’s ok…thapki sees the was decorated beautifully..much better then there first night..bihaan sees that..
Thapki:sorry…bihaan understand her
Bihaan:nothing is imp then u..if ur alright.thats more then enough to take rest u ll fell better..thapki nods n lies down…bihaan puts blanket on her…..

Precap-not decided

It’s a mega episode bcoz I won’t be able to upload this week bcoz it’s my cousin’s marriage..n I would be super busy this week… But I’ll try uploading soon if I get time..plzzz need ur comments as a daily dose medicine…I feel very nice reading ur share ur u all

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