The Royal love birds-episode 11 (mega episode)

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Here we go
Thapki was about to put the garland…but someone comes in the hall n says this marriage can’t happen…everyone is shocked..thapki n bihaan look at eachother…thapki was super shocked…
Person:this marriage can’t happen with out me…right thapki Bhabi
Thapki sees bihaan…
Bihaan:Arnav tu…(hehe yes guys the person is Arnav,ashwin’s son n bihaan’s brother…he is not his real brother but bihaan treats him as his own brother…remember ashwin)
Bihaan:when did u came
Arnav:only 2 hours ago…n how dare u get married without me…u guys dint even informed me
Bihaan: ah we informed u
Arnav:haaan haaan will any one inform a day before the wedding that I’m going to marry tomorrow
Arnav:I will not forgive u for this bihaan bhai…I was always planning ur wedding that I will do this and that n make ur wedding memorable but u…
Vasundra :Arnav enough he is sorry for his mistake…now stop this…see the rasam has not completed yet…thapki beta put the garland on bihaan…thapki n bihaan sees eachother
Arnav:wait first let me introduce my self to my bhabi…
Bihaan(whispers to thapki):lo hogai shadi…he is very talkative now he will start his old n funny stories…n the mahurath will run away…thapki smiles
Arnav:Bhabi my self Arnav…he forward his hand..they shake hands…I’m the only bro of bihaan bhai…yes I’m not an own son of mom n dad but they treat me as there own child…see I’m the only dewar to u n I have some rules..n u should follow them ok…thapki nods…
Arnav:first rule..u should save me when ever bihaan bhai will scold me…he scolds me a lot bcoz he is jealous of me bcoz mom n dad loves me more then him…
Bihaan:shut up they love me more then u
Arnav:see he again started fighting…so the second rule..when I n bihaan bhai will fight then u should take my side not bihaan bhai’s..thapki sees bihaan…bihaan nods no..
Arnav:Bhabi I’m saying the rules n u r not saying yes…will u follow them…see if u say yes then i will allow u to put the garland on bihaan bhai…
Vasundra:Arnav now stop this childishness let her do the rituals..
Arnav:no ways mom…see this is the best opportunity to get any thing from bihaan bhai..I won’t leave him…
Arnav:so the last rule…Bhabi if I want any thing then u should convince bihaan bhai to get it for me…
Bihaan:acha u think that I will give it to u…thapki don’t say yes to any of his rules…he can ask anything I don’t trust him…thapki smiles.
Arnav:to thik hai…then u cannot marry
Bihaan:Arnav what is this…Arnav cuts him
Arnav:no no no…

All try to convince him but he didn’t listen….bihaan whispers somethings in thapki’s ears
Thapki(sweetly):Arnav plzz let me do this rasam….Arnav melts
Arnav:ah ok ok u win I lose…but only bcoz of Bhabi…so now thapki Bhabi u can put the garland…she smiles n sees bihaan…she starts putting it but Arnav pulls bihaan back..
Arnav:ur sister also teased my bhai right…thapki makes a sad face…bihaan smiles…
Cousin:thapki try again…n this time just do it quickly
Thapki does but Arnav pulls bihaan again…
Thapki:mom is behind
Arnav:aha Bhabi this trick won’t work on me…every one laughs…thapki tries again but fails…she gets sad..bihaan notices that…he kneels down n gestures thapki to put…she smiles n puts the garland…
Arnav:oh actually my bhai is very impatient….bihaan gets up thapki n bihaan were lost in eachother they were smiling seeing eachother…thapki’s cousins pushes thapki on bihaan..bihaan holds her…all the ppl laughs..they feel embarrassed…
Vasundra:ok now bihaan n thapki u guys go.we have to do some arrangements..they nods…thapki’s cousin takes them to the bridegroom chair n they get seated…
Arnav comes there n starts talking to them…
After sometime Poonam calls them in the mandap they goes n sit…pandit ji starts the mantras..n tells Poonam n krishnakanth to do the kanyadaan…Poonam gets emotional thapki sees that n gets sad…then they did the gathbandhan n pandit ji asks them to get up for pheras…they gets up
Pandit ji:for the first 4 pheras groom will walk front..n for the last 3 pheras bride will walk front..he starts the manters…thapki n bihaan start taking the pheras. After the fourth phera the pandit ji asks thapki to come front..she come front..n pandit ji again starts the mantras..she starts walking but feels dizzy..she fells down..bihaan holds her..
Bihaan:thapki thapki open ur eyes
Poonam n Vasundra n all the family members run to her
Poonam asks a servent to bring water…she brings it n bihaan takes it n sprinkles some water on her…thapki opens her eyes
Bihaan:thapki what happen…plzz don’t tell me that u have kept any kind of fast today…
Thapki:no bihaan
Vasundra:bihaan I think it’s bcoz of nervousness…

Vasundra:yes beta every brides gets nervous at this stage..n see I think she felt very uncomfortable bcoz of the hawan Fire…she asks all the ppl to move back as she can breath
Poonam:it’s ok thapki beta it happens…u take rest we will start the rituals later when u feel better
Thapki: no mom I m fine now I can complete the rituals
Bihaan:thapki see ur condition ur looking very weak…how will u complete the rituals
Thapki:bihaan I’m fine n u only say na that if ur with me then nothing will go wrong..they see eachother n smiles…(naa na na plays)
Arnav:oh so both r impatient
Cousin:actually thapki wants to do this rituals quickly n run away with her husband…thapki give them an angry expression
Poonam:bas bas…now thapki do the rituals come..she gets up but her legs r shaking…n she is not able to walk…bihaan notices that he holds her..thapki sees him bihaan gestures her..she starts walking..they complete the pheras…
Arnav:bhai now the pheras have ended u can leave Bhabi..bihaan sees there position…
Cousin:actually jiju always find a way to touch thapki…bihaan leaves her..he feels shy.
pandit ji asks them to sit…
Pandit:now put the mangalsutra to the bride..,bihaan takes it n puts it..they smile..
Pandit ji:now put the sindoor in her mang..then u will be wife n husband..bihaan smiles..he takes the sindoor n fill her mang..thapki closes her eyes…bihaan n thapki smiles…
Pandit ji:now take the elders blessing..they gets up n takes the elders blessing..Arnav comes n stands infront of them
Arnav:take my blessings too…
Vasundra :Arnav ur smaller then bihaan u should take their blessings
Arnav:I know mom I was just kidding…
Bihaan:ok then take our blessings…
Arnav:haha impossible u know na that I never bend my head infront of anyone…
Vasundra:but here u have to…take their blessing now…bihaan smiles victoriously…
Arnav:ok…he takes there blessing
Bihaan:Khush raho…
Arnav:this is the first n last time I’m taking blessings…ah my kamar(waist) is paining
Vasundra:in only one blessing…all the ppl laughs….
Vasundra :thapki beta u go in ur room n take rest beta…all the guest r going to eat..we will look after them…bihaan u go with her..they nods n leaves…
Thapki(in mind):oh no staying with him alone…I don’t know what will happen now
They reach in the room…thapki feels nervous
Bihaan:thapki u take rest u will feels better…she nods..bihaan takes her to the bed n lies her on the bed..n puts the blanket…he sits on the other side..thapki looks at him
Bihaan:I told u to take now close ur eyes n sleep..she does n sleeps…bihaan silently watches her n smiles
After an hour
Thapki wakes up
Bihaan :u got up how r u feeling now..he takes the glass of water n makes her drink it…
Thapki:much better…bihaan smiles
Bihaan:so let’s go down..thapki nods n they goes down….
Cousin:thapki u came down so early…r u feeling better now
Thapki:yes I’m fine
Cousin:ok come sit here..they get seated..Poonam calls them..
They go to the dining hall n sees a big 15 layered chocolate cake…
Krishnakanth takes a big sword.n give it to bihaan
Krishnakanth:take this sword n cut the cake..they nods..bihaan holds the sword n thapki holds his hand they cut the cake…
Cousin:now jiju feed the cake to thapki…bihaan nods..the servent take a piece of cake in a plate n give it to bihaan…he feeds her…thapki smiles…
Arnav:now Bhabi u also have to feed the cake to bhai …thapki smiles..n feeds the cake..then they drink the champagne(a kind of wine)n celebrate….
Arnav:bhai there is one ritual pending
Vasundra :Arnav all the rituals r finished beta..which one r u talking about
Arnav:mom THE WEDDING KISS…thapki n bihaan widen their eyes n looks eachother…
All the ppl laughs..n cheers for them
Bihaan :Arnav stop this nonsense now…
Arnav:no see ur married n in royal families this ritual is the most imp one.n u have to do it….
Cousin:come on ppl thapki jiju….they shout there names
Thapki feels nervous n starts leaving…Arnav blocks her way
Arnav:arre arre Bhabi where r u going…we r just kidding…
Bihaan n thapki signs in relief
Arnav:it’s ok u can do that in ur room tonight…every one laughs
Bihaan:Arnav stop talking cheap…he holds Arnav ears
Arnav:arre bhai its paining…
Vasundra:accha now come lets do the other ritual..Poonam ji can we do the bidaai ritual
Poonam:ji vasundra ji every thing is ready…
Krishnakanth n Poonam comes farward n takes thapki’s hands n give it in bihaan’s hand
Krishnakanth:now she is urs n plzzz take care of her…she was the one who always bring smile on our faces…bihaan she is very innocent plzzz always be with her..thapki gets emotional…Bihaan nods n holds thapki’s hands tightly….her cousins play a bidaai song in there phone to tease her
Cousin:we will not leave a single chance to tease u thapki…thapki gets tears…her cousins hugs her…n cries…Poonam n Krishnakanth hugs her n takes her to the door..they make bihaan n thapki sit in the car n stand aside….thapki cries..bihaan holds her hand the car starts leaving…thapki waves bye to them…

In the car
Thapki is still crying…bihaan sees her
Bihaan:thapki I know ur very sad but plzz stop crying..I can’t see u crying…
Thapki didn’t stop
Bihaan:now what should I do to bring a smile on ur face….he sees her lips..thapki gets nervous…he comes close…
Thapki(slowly):bihaan the driver will see…he comes close..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan hugs her…thapki opens her eyes n smiles n hugs him too…bihaan seperates
Bihaan:ah now u got a smile on ur face….thapki smiles…he takes her head n puts it On his shoulder…thapki sees him..(ranjha naa plays)
They reach bihaan’s palace where every one is waiting for them…
Bihaan n thapki comes to door.vasundra gestures a servent to give the thal…she does the aarti.n puts a pot full of rice on the floor n asks thapki to push it she does..then she does the rituals n asks her to get in.they gets in.arnav sees bihaan holding thapki’s hand
Arnav:arre bhai u can now leave bhaibi’s hand she is safe here…she won’t get lost
Vasundra n balwinder n all the family members laughs….
Bihaan leaves her hand…
Vasundra :now thapki bihaan come we have another ritual..they sit in the hall.
Vasundra:so in this ritual we will put this ring in the bowl of milk…who ever finds out first he or she will rule the other one…ok..they nods..
Vasundra puts the ring n Arnav puts many coins in it…
Bihaan:arre what r u doing Arnav
Vasundra :yes bihaan it’s not easy to find ring in it…so now u both get started
They put their hands in it n search the ring….
Vasundra n Arnav cheers for thapki n balwinder n dadi cheers for bihaan
Bihaan touches thapki’s hand intentionally…thapki sees him…bihaan smiles…he holds his finger…thapki slowly nods no….bihaan leaves her hand …he gets the ring but he takes it to thapki’s hand n gives her…thapki sees bihaan…thapki takes her hand out n shows the ring….
Dadi:so now thapki will rule bihaan…thapki sees bihaan..,bihaan smiles..Arnav friends comes to meet them(they were all girls)they have a chat…vasundra comes n takes bihaan a side
Bihaan:mom what happen is everything fine
Vasundra:yes beta I just wanted to tell u that thapki has left her family n came here..this must be the toughest stage of her life to leave the family n stay with some other family…so plzz take care of her
Bihaan:mom don’t worry I am always with her
Vasundra:n one more thing
Bihaan:what….she sees his brooch turn a bit…she puts it correctly n says
Vasundra :bihaan me n ur dad n ur dadi always wished of grandchildren…bihaan sees her…beta ur dadi always tells me to get u married soon as she want to see her grand children face before dying….she touches his shoulder…I think u understood what I’m saying….
Bihaan nods…they go in the hall…
Arnav:ok so now Bhabi n bhai would be tired so let’s take them to there room…
Thapki gets nervous…vasundra takes them to their room..Arnav n his friends comes with them…vasundra opens the door n takes thapki inside…thapki n bihaan sees the decoration..the room was full of roses…roses on the bed were placed in heart shape…
Candles were placed in every corner…thapki gets tensed seeing the decoration…
Vasundra:take care beta..she goes from there…she caress bihaan’s cheeks n goes…bihaan was about to get in but Arnav stops him
Arnav:wait wait first give me money then u can go in…
Bihaan:Arnav what nonsense is this…
Arnav friend:then bhai today u have to sleep in some other room…
Bihaan:Arnav I don’t have my wallet now..i will give u later…Arnav friends turns bihaan n gives him ideas to propose thapki…meanwhile Arnav locks the room n takes the keys with him…bihaan turns n sees the door closed n locked..Arnav friends laughs n runs from there
Bihaan goes down in the hall n sees Arnav sitting with the family members..he slowly calls Arnav but he acts like not listening…
Bihaan(shouts):Arnav….every one sees him
Vasundra:bihaan what r u doing here.u should be in ur room now…
Bihaan:ah mom I had some work for Arnav
Arnav:bhai I’m very tired…I will do ur work tomorrow
Bihaan:Arnav come here right now
Balwinder:Oho there must be some imp work Arnav.go n listen to him..he goes…
Bihaan:give the keys right now..
Arnav:which keys bhai
Bihaan:Arnav don’t act smart..u know very well which keys I’m talking about..
Arnav:ok ok but there is a condition
Bihaan:what is it
Arnav:there is a sports car just won’t allow me to take it..plzz get it for me..
Bihaan:ok now give the keys..he give the keys
Arnav:thank u
Bihaan goes up n opens the door n sees thapki standing near the mirror table…he gets in n closes the door…….

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