The Royal love birds-episode 10

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Here we go
Next day
It’s Haldi function…bihaan’s family comes to thapki’s palace…they get seated..bihaan was in a yellow colour pathani with white pajama n white shall in his neck
Vasundra :Poonam ji their is a rasam in our family…thapki has to wear the jwellery brought by her saas n see I have made a beautiful flower jwellery for thapki…bihaan’s dadi also made for me on my thapki should wear this today..if u don’t mine
Poonam:vasundra ji it’s a tradition of ur family.n thapki is going to be ur Bahu so she ll definitely follow this traditions…give it to me I’ll give it to thapki
Vasundra smiles n gives the jwellery box
Poonam goes towards thapki’s room…thapki’s cousins stops her

Cousin:badi mom what is this
Poonam:it thapki’s jwellery for Haldi function…they see it
Cousin:wow it beautiful thapki will look very pretty if she wears it…Poonam smiles
Poonam:ok now I’ll give it to thapki..I have many works to do…krishnakanth calls her
Poonam:ji coming…she give the jwellery box in Thapki’s cousin hand…give it to thapki
They nods…Poonam goes…they start going..but their friends take them to dance..they keep the box on the table nearby n goes to dance…bihaan sees that he gets up n takes the box..he goes to thapki’s room…he sees thapki…she was wearing a white colour lehenga with yellow printed flowers on’s blouse was of yellow colour..n a plain white dupatta with yellow border…she was trying to pin the dupatta but she was not able to..bihaan goes to her n pats her shoulder..thapki gets scared n turns..she leaves the dupatta n it falls down…thapki n bihaan sees that…bihaan turns…thapki picks the dupatta…n puts it correctly…
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing here
Bihaan :sorry I… I came here to give this to u…he shows the box
Thapki:what is it
Bihaan:mom have made jwellery for u…a..a for today’s function .its our family tradition that Bahu will wear the jwellery brought by her mother-in-law…so I brought it…
Thapki:ok…keep it there I’ll wear it
Bihaan keeps it on the bed…n starts going…thapki sees him..she turn..bihaan stops n turn n sees her again trying to put the safety pin…he smiles n goes to her..he holds the dupatta
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing
He puts her hairs front…n takes the pin..he holds the dupatta n the blouse together n put the pin…they see eachother in the mirror n smiles…bihaan breaks the eyelock n takes the jwellery box..
Bihaan:ur jwellery…see it n tell me how is it..I choosed the design…thapki smiles n takes it
She tries to open the box but it was very tightly closed…bihaan sees that she is not able to open it n helps her..he touches her hand…thapki sees him..they have an eyelock(na na na plays)thapki removes her hand…bihaan opens the box..thapki sees the flower jwellery n smiles widely
Thapki:wow bihaan its beautiful..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:so what r u waiting for… wear it
Thapki nods..she sits infront of the mirror n takes the necklace n starts wearing it..bihaan holds her hand she sees him..he takes the necklace n makes her wear it..he then takes the earrings n puts them n her ears..thapki smiles…he then takes the kada(bangles)n takes her hand…
Thapki:I can wear it
Bihaan:no today I’ll make my bride get ready..he puts the bangles in her hands n kisses her hand..thapki smiles….he takes the other was flower Payals but bihaan don’t know that..he shows it to thapki
Bihaan:what r these..thapki smiles n forwards her leg n gestures…bihaan understand n makes her wear it…he sees her…thapki looks at him lovingly….then he puts the mang tikka…then he takes the waist chain n looks at thapki..thapki sees the naughty glint at his face…she nods no.. n gets up..n starts going..bihaan holds her hand…n pulls towards him…thapki tries freeing herself but bihaan holds her tightly….bihaan puts the waist chain but it was not hooked properly…he bends down..n puts the hook with his teeth…thapki gets nervous n holds him n closes her eyes…bihaan gets up n holds her face in his hands…thapki opens her eyes

Bihaan:tomorrow u will be mine…n no one can seperate us…thapki sees him..he comes close..thapki moves back…he comes more close he holds her n takes her to the wall
Thapki:bihaan someone will come…n control ur self there are still few hours left for or marriage
Bihaan:but I can’t control myself till tomorrow…y can’t we marry today…
Thapki:stop talking rubbish…..u know what ur not a mature man
Thapki:yes u always talk like a child…n ur very stubborn
Bihaan:yes I am very stubborn but not a child

Bihaan:yes n I’ll prove this on our suhaagraat…thapki gets nervous…he comes close to kiss her…
Thapki:bihaan let me go…everyone will be waiting for the Haldi rasam..
Bihaan leaves her hand…thapki sees him…n runs from the room…
Bihaan:ahh I can’t wait anymore…he sees her photo on the wall…when will that moment come thapki..when I’ll make u all mine for the lifetime…I can’t wait to tell my feeling to u…he smiles n goes down…
Thapki comes down..Poonam sees her n goes towards her
Poonam:are wah thapki ur looking very pretty

Thapki:thank u mom
Poonam:come…thapki goes with her..she takes elders blessings n Poonam makes her sit…bihaan comes down n sits beside thapki..they share an eyelock…
Cousin:arre jiju y r u sitting here..go there ur place is there…they shows the other side..there were only men’s…n between thapki n bihaan there was a yellow coloured net curtain…
Cousin:go there the Haldi rasam is going to start
Bihaan:but y can’t I sit here..
Vasundra:because after the Haldi rasam u both can’t meet or see eachother till tomorrow
Bihaan makes a sad face…thapki smiles

Cousin:offo jiju now go we have to do the rasam..he gets up but some small children have tied bihaan’s shall with thapki’s dupatta for fun…he turns n sees that..thapki looks at him…they have an eyelock (ranjha naa plays)
Cousin:aha aha stop this eye romance…thapki n bihaan feels embarrassed…everyone laughs…jiju now plzzz untie this gatbandhan n go…bihaan does n goes…the rasam is started…all the ppl applies Haldi on bihaan n thapki…after the rasam Thapki’s cousin takes her to her room for changing.bihaan also goes to guest room…..the Haldi function is finished…..

Next day…. it’s the Royal love birds-thahaan marriage
Bihaan is getting ready he is wearing marrun colour sherwani with a golden colour pagdi n pajama n a peacock shaped diamond brooch on the sherwani giving a royal look….vasundra n balwinder comes there…they see him
Balwinder :so my son is ready to be jailed
Vasundra :what r u saying…bihaan don’t listen to him..shadi is a blessing not prison
Balwinder:haan haaa vasundra ji I’m just joking…bihaan smiles…
Balwinder:so let’s go we have to reach there on time..they will be waiting…
They take bihaan with them…
Bihaan(in mind):so Mrs thapki bihaan pandey…I’m coming..
He goes down…vasundra does his aarti he sits on the horse…the ppl starts dancing n the Baraat moves…

At thapki’s palace
Thapki is getting ready…her cousins r helping her….Poonam comes there..
Poonam:arre ur not ready yet…come on quick the Baraat will reach soon…
Cousin:badi mom thapki is ready see…she sees her she is wearing a red n golden coloured heavy lehenga…with heavy jwellery…hairs tied up with white flowers…simple makeup…a big mang tikka and the nose ring is giving the Royal look…she was looking just like a queen…Poonam turned her face the other side
Cousin:what happen badi maa is she not looking nice..
Poonam:no she I looking very pretty..but I m preventing her from my evil eyes…thapki smiles…cousins laugh..
Poonam:ok now u both go n see the guest I’m with thapki
Cousins nods n leaves….Poonam comes to thapki n puts the pallu on her n puts kajal behind her ears
Poonam:now it’s perfect..thapki smiles…but then her smile disappears…Poonam notices that n understand her feelings

Poonam:I know thapki today ur smile disappeared not bcoz ur going to leave us,this house…but bcoz ur nervous…thapki sees her…
Poonam:yes thapki I can understand beta..every bride becomes nervous at her wedding..n I was also nervous…
Thapki:really…but u n dad share a good chemistry…
Poonam:it was after marriage beta…after our marriage ur dad was the person who supported me..n every husband does that..n see even bihaan will do…u will be used to it…as u got a very nice sasural…they hear the Baraat sound.
Poonam:oh the Baraat is here…get ready beta I’ll come n take u down ok..thapki nods..Poonam starts going
Thapki:mom…Poonam stops n turns
Poonam:yes beta….thapki runs to her n hugs her Poonam smiles n hugs her
Poonam:ok now I’ll go to do the rituals u get ready…she goes…

Baraat comes to thapki’s door…bihaan gets down of the horse…he goes to the door where Poonam n krishnakanth n all brides side were standing…he takes there blessings…Poonam does his aarti…n tells them to get…they gets in…bihaan sits on the bride groom chair…his friend comes to meet him..they start chatting…thapki’s cousins comes there
Cousin:jiju badi mom said us to bring thapki down…bihaan looks at them confused
Cousin:but I think ur not interested to see her…ur enjoying with ur’s ok continue…we will ask the pandit ji to tell some other mahurath for ur wedding…ok bye…they starts leaving…bihaan shouts nooo
Bihaan:no I will marry today…I am very excited to see friends just came here to talk now they r going..u go n bring thapki…he sees all the ppl n realizes what he said…all the ppl laughs…bihaan feels embarrassed…thapki’s cousin goes to bring her
After some time thapki comes down…bihaan felt a cold breeze on his face…he turns towards thapki n sees her…thapki smiles…she comes down n sits beside thapki..bihaan opened his mouth seeing her…Thapki’s cousin closes his mouth
Cousin:jiju close ur mouth mosquito will get in..he comes to his senses…thapki’s cousins giggle…n goes from there
Bihaan:ur looking very beautiful
Thapki smiles shyly…

Bihaan: thapki ur cousins r soo irritating….u know what they did
Thapki:haha yes they told me about it
Bihaan:let this marriage finish…i ll take the revenge for sure…thapki laughs…bihaan sees her n gets mesmerized by her beauty…he holds her hand…thapki stops laughing…n looks at him
Bihaan:so r u excited for our marriage..thapki smiles..but u look much nervous..
Thapki sees him
Bihaan:thapki I know it’s not easy for a girl to leave her family n stay with an other person,an other family…but trust me I’m always with u…thapki smiles..Poonam comes there
Poonam:come thapki bihaan it’s time for jaimala rasam..they nods n goes…they stand beside each other n takes the garlands…

Dadi:bihaan first u will put garland on thapki…bihaan nods n forwards his hand but Thapki’s cousins pull thapki back..bihaan gives a wierd look….thapki smiles
Cousin:what happen jiju…loosed in one try…arre try again..he tries again but they again pull thapki…bihaan gets irritated..thapki notices that n smiles
Bihaan(intentionally):mom….thapki’s cousin thinks it’s thapki’s mom n gets scared n turns…bihaan immediately puts the garland..thapki gets shocked but happy too…all the ppl laugh n claps.thapki n bihaan sees eachother n smiles
Cousin:cheating…ur very bad jiju…u spoiled our entertainment..
Bihaan:n u r always enjoying teasing us haan..
Dadi:ok ok now thapki ur turn…thapki smiles n starts putting the garland…but…….

Precap-someone comes n says…this marriage can’t happen….l

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  1. Come on , after a long time this is ur ff ?
    Their marriage should not be stop , if there’s going to be any drama or problem it should be right after the wedding cause otherwise they can’t marry for the next 3 years ( you said it yourself ) .
    I’m a silent reader I love your episodes but frankly i didn’t like this one .
    I think the last one was great and I know that u can be much better than that .
    So try your best . ?

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Nsy thank u for the comment do comment for the next one..u will get to know about the person in the next part

  2. Aneesa Kausar

    Hi it’s my first time commenting on your ff n I have been your silent reader but today I couldn’t stop myself to express my interest to your writing skills n the way you write about thahaan. Please don’t stop the wedding
    Thank you dear xxx

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Hi aneesa kausar thank u for ur lovely comment dear do comment on the next one

  3. Jacqueline Nicole

    Osm epi darl… mesmrzd by ur writings yar…. keep writing..its not fair ! Dont make this kind of precap u knw wht i cant wait !!!!!!! Cz of ur precap… plssa upload next asap. Thank u soooo much dear… u gt placed n my heart as perfect writer 😀 …. suhana n u !! I dnt knw hw u guys gt this mch of talent… marvelous! May god pour his blesssing t u… im eagerly waiting fr the next… love u ♥♥ frm tdy i bcm ur fan !!!! Keeeeep rock dear

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u for the loveliest comment Jacqueline..glad u liked it n appreciated it…

  4. So so so nice episode…..keep writing…..

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Anchal keep reading n commenting thank u

  5. Congratulations for 10th episode

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u anchal

  6. Shocking and also nice one

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u rifa dear

  7. No plz dear don’t stop marriage. I m a silent reader today I post my first comment to urs Ff. Urs writing skills are amazing dear plz keep it up and plz don’t stop marriage plz

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Arooj thank u n keep reading to know more

    2. Juveria.ghalib

      Arooj thank u n keep reading to know more n do comment

  8. Come on yaar.. u should not have ended this episode with a shocking news.. lol.. great episode.. i think its john.. now wil see wat is gng to happen.. eagerly waiting for next episode… update soon.. but update it little more longer episode or make it as MEGA EPISODE..

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Crazy girl thank u for the comment n nxt one is a mega epi so do read it n share ur views

  9. Great one dear loved it..very intresting bug also shocking…i think its john….eagerly waiting for the nxt one darl…love u juna

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u Soha love u too my doll

  10. Awsm story bt precap ws shocking .it must be jhon, bt marriage shuldnt stop
    Eagerly waiting fr nxt epi

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Dil dhanushi thank u n do comment for the nxt one

  11. Joylin

    awsum epi dear ur best writer as suhana I love u a lotz

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u u too

      1. when are u uploading the next part

  12. LovelyKhushi

    Ur ff is soo awesome…can I share dis on my Facebook page?

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much lovely khusi..u can share it dear no matters…n plzz tell the name of ur page

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