Rowdy…os swasan



A marriage is going on. Bride is Swara. Shekar and Sumi aren’t happy, because bridegroom is a rowdy. He is none other than Sanskar. But they are doing marriage on their willing. No force.
After the marriage, Swara comes near Shekar and Sumi. “Maa, baba, everything is over now. Why are you angry with me still?”
Shekar: the mistake you did never washes away… we can’t excuse you…
Swara: but I didn’t do anything papa…
Just then Sanskar comes.
Sanskar in large mass tone, “Uncle, aunty, I’m taking away your daughter. Don’t you bless us…?”
Shekar smiles, “Sure beta…”
Both touches their feet and take blessings.

Sumi: ok Sanskar, take her away now. She is your wife…
Swara: mamma, no… I won’t go anywhere…
Sanskar puts hand on her shoulder. Swara couldn’t bear that weight. She looks angrily at him.
Sanskar: arey, mere pyari pathni…! What are you saying? You have to be with me after marriage. Chalo, let’s go…
Says Sanskar and whistles at some one.
Swara, Shekar and Sumi don’t like his behavior. But they can’t do anything. They simply smile.
When he whistles a man brings a bike which is decorated in flowers.
“Thanks chotu…” says Sanskar and sits on bike. He gestures Swara to sit at back. Swara looks confusedly at Sumi.
Sumi: Sanskar beta, what is this? Where is the car? Are you not taking her in car…?

Sanskar: why car maa… bike journey will be lovelier…
He says feeling shy looking at Swara. She is looking at him in anger.
Sumi can’t listen to his mass language.

Shekar: but Sanskar…
Swara: it’s okay… I will go on bike…!
Sanskar: that’s my lovely wife…! Come and sit…!

Swara sits on the bike and Sanskar drove off. She looks in teary eyes at her parents. They wipe their tears.
Sumi: she should get a nice person. But she has to marry a goon…!
Shekar: Her mistakes have written her destiny. What can we do….?

Sanskar is driving and he keeps looking Swara sometimes from mirror.
Sanskar: pathni, what do you think? This is nice lovely drive know… don’t you feel romantic…
Swara: shut up….!
She shouts and pinches his shoulder. Sanskar shouts in pain.

They reach to a slum area. Swara closes her nose being can’t smell the odor. Small children run behind their bike.
That area people are poor, some are mass. Swara gets disgusted seeing her surroundings.
Sanskar stops bike in front of a small house. Swara is looking at the house.
Swara: are we going to stay here…??

Sanskar: of course, this is my house and this is my area.

Meanwhile, children and ladies surround Swara and bike. Swara can’t move.
Sanskar: arey bachho… go away now. I will give you sweets tomorrow.

One lady: Sanskar beta, your biwi is so beautiful…
She says and about to touch her cheeks. Sanskar stops her.
“Hey aunty, don’t put hands on my wife…” he says.

Those ladies leave saying, “Oh…he has only beautiful wife……..!!”

Swara keeps looking at surroundings, Sanskar opens the doors and calls her. She is busy in looking around. Then he pulls her, she falls on him.
“Arey pathni, where are you seeing…?”
Swara pushes him back strongly.
“Idiot, don’t try to come near me…! And don’t call me ‘Pathni…!’”

Then Sanskar with dirty tone, “Ok Swara madam….!”
Swara: hey, don’t call me with your dirty mouth.
Sanskar: then what should I call you…??
Swara: you need not call me…!
Swara sits on bed as there is no chair. Sanskar goes into kitchen and wears a lungi. He stands at door and looks naughtily at Swara. She is looking angrily at him. Sanskar puts a cigar in mouth and gestures Swara to come. Her anger goes to peaks and throws pillow on him strongly. Sanskar runs back to kitchen.

Swara sleeps on bed and starts crying. Sanskar looks that she is crying. He lays a mat on floor and sleeps on it. he can clearly hear her weeping sound. Then he starts singing in high pitch, “O khaike paan banaras wala….”

Swara closes her ears. He keeps singing and looks at her closing ears. Then he changes song, “dhoom machale….”

Swara closes her ears still strongly. Then he shuts his mouth.

Swara falls in deep sleep and she reminds what has happened actually…

“So, Swara is a dynamic journalist. Her news coverage and interviews are so adventurous. She has a popular name in T.V channel. That kind of brave Swara was always followed by the galli rowdy Sanskar. Sanskar used to follow Swara always, to love him, love him. But Swara always ignored him as she is always busy.

Once Swara happens to see crimes done by a business man Sahil. She decides her new mission to expose Sahil. She starts collecting all information about him, shoots all the crimes done by him. Sahil comes to know, that Swara is spying him. He warns her to not to telecast the news and he will give her lot of money. But duty minded Swara, didn’t bend her head to money. Sahil gets angry on her and waits to take revenge on her. Swara gives whole documents regarding Sahil to channel head. But he is bribed by Sahil, so the news never telecasted.

Sahil who was waiting to take revenge on Swara, gets a chance. He wanted to spoil her name and take down her reputation. Once in for a news coverage, she goes alone to a lonely place. Sanskar who is her shadow follows her there also.
Swara: you here…!
Sanskar: yes…! I’m your shadow…
She finishes her news coverage, but rain starts heavily. They both run into a room there. Sanskar closes the door as rain drops are coming inside. Swara is not at all afraid even she was alone with Sanskar.

Sanskar: hey chori, are you not afraid to stay alone with me…?
Swara: I’m not afraid of anything…!!

But suddenly a thunder strikes, she scares and hugs him. Then, a man takes a photo of them secretly, they didn’t see it.

Sanskar laughs and moves her away…. “dare and dashing lady…hahaha..” he keeps laughing.
Swara remains silent. Here Sahil applies his plan. He publishes that photo in all channels. Shekar sumi shocks to see that. All start talking bad about Swara.
Next morning, Sanskar opens the door and shocked to see all media people are present out. Swara also shocks. The media people start asking dirty questions, “Is he your bf? Are you alone with him night…? Etc….etc…”
Swara runs to home crying couldn’t bear the humiliation. Even Shekar and Sumi taunt her. Sanskar come her home to explain the situation. But they slap him and sends him away.
Shekar and Sumi decide Swara to marry Sanskar, as no one are ready to marry her. Even she losses her job, for the incident. Everyone keeps thinking that she is bad lady.”

This was happened…. Fb end…!

Swara dreams all that and she keeps dreaming, “No… I’m not such a girl. No…”
Sanskar wakes up listening to her voice. He goes near her and holds her hand.

He rubs her head till she gets relaxed. After a while, she sleeps peacefully again.

Next morning,
By the time Sanskar woke up, Swara was already ready and she was doing puja. And she is getting ready. Sanskar keeps looking at her. He sees the tube light is on. “This much of light is there. What is the need of tube light?” he thinks and offs the switch. He goes to bathroom.
About after half an hour, Swara comes near her mobile and removes charging and shocks to see low battery. She looks at the switch, it is off. “Who has off this switch?” she shouts. Sanskar comes, “I think you forgot on on the switch…” he says and looks at the tube light. It is on still. “That means I have off the charging switch…?” he shocks.
Swara starts taunting him, “you idiot, what have you done…! Now, I have to go out. How can I manage without mobile.”
San: why to worry? Take my mobile…
Swara: shut up…!
Says Swara and angrily goes out.
San: hey, if you want, I will drop you…
Swara: no need…! And please don’t follow me…!

Swara says and goes somewhere.

As soon as Swara gone away, Sanskar opens a box and takes out a gun. He puts the gun at his back and goes somewhere.

Swara reaches to a channel office(other than she worked for).
M.D: I can’t give you job as a news reader or journalist. More than that, you can work as a dubbing artist for the serial character. Is it ok…?
Swara has no other choice, she says Ok, as she need a job.
She selects as a dubbing artist for a role in serial. She feels sad to do that job.

Later at evening, she is came out of office. She looks people gathering and she too goes there, Sanskar was beating a man. Swara is shocked. Later she realizes, “after all he is a gunda right…!”
After beating that man, Sanskar takes money from someone. He has given him money to beat that man. All people go away, and Swara only stands in front of him.

San: what are you doing here?
Swa: seeing your great work…! Don’t you have shame to do that…?
San: hello pathni, this is my job. Taking money and doing whatever they say…
Swa: oh…! So you also kill and do anything.
San: oye…not killing ok…! I’m not that much cruel.

Clouds form in sky and it’s about to rain.
San: chalo, sit on bike. Let’s go home.
Swa: I won’t come with you. I don’t like people calling me goon’s wife.
She is about to go away, Sanskar holds her hand.
San: but this goon has given promise to your parents, that he will take care of you. So please…
Swara sits on bike silently. While going, she thinks, “his name doesn’t suit his character… Sanskar…”

Then, they happened to see an accident on road and a girl is injured. No one is taking her to hospital. Sanskar runs to her. Her head is bleeding.
San: ofo…she is losing blood. Come on, give your scarf…
Swa: no… this is my favorite scarf…
But Sanskar takes her scarf forcefully and ties to that girl. They take her to hospital. Sanskar pays the hospital bill from his money, he informs her parents.

Swa: do you know that girl? Why are you helping her…??

San: I need not answer that. You were a journalist. This is called humanity.

Swa: but you spoiled my scarf….

San: is your scarf is important than a life…??
Swara becomes calm. But a first liking on him starts then….

They reache home. Swara sleeps as soon as they reach. She goes into dreams, in her dream, her dream boy comes. She never looks at his face but, she likes him. He is wearing a white suit, and playing a piano. Swara who’s wearing a blue gown, goes near him, and about to see his face.
Then suddenly, she hears gaggling sound. She opens her eyes. Sanskar is gaggling water and spits.
Swara gets disgusted and closes her ears. Then he keeps sneezing his runny nose. She closes her ears even more tightly…
Swa: will you stop those stupid sounds. It’s annoying…!
San: what…? I shouldn’t do my personal work or what…?
Then he farts.
She shouts, “aaahhhhhh….!!”

Later Swara leaves to office after getting ready. Sanskar decides to surprise Swara as soon as she comes back and impress her. He searches her bag and finds a dairy. He reads that and gets to know her taste.
Evening when Swara returns she is surprised to see the house is very neat and there is basundi sweet on table.
“Wow…basundi…” she exclaims.
Sanskar: ya… I have prepared it. I love that sweet very much.
Swara: really…! Even I love it. can I have a cup?
Sanskar: with pleasure swara, I have prepared it for you…
Swara: what…?
Sanskar: I mean, I have prepared it for both of us.
Swara happily sits and starts eating. She looks at Sanskar. He is neatly dressed and his words are also polite.
Swara: you have lots of changes today. Why?
Sanskar: arey…you like your pati to be like this right..! your dream boy…
Swara: how do you know about my dream boy…?
Sanskar hesitates… “I mean, every girl like a guy like that right…!”
Swara smiles: no Sanskar. Looks aren’t important. Heart is important. I have realized it yesterday…
She is telling and lost in some world. He moves his hand in front of her eyes.
Swara: sorry, I was thinking something. Oh, I forgot to write the dairy yesterday.
She says and starts searching for her dairy. Sanskar feels nervous because it is with him. He suddenly shouts Swara.
Swara scares and asks what…?
Sanskar: actually, today is my happy birthday…
Swara: oh…really?? Happy birthday to you…
She says giving him shake hand. Sanskar feels very happy, as it was first time Swara touching him.
Sanskar: so, I want to give you a small party. Shall we go to restaurant?
Swara: today…?
Sanskar: don’t say no! I was making arrangements from one week to give you party. We shall go please….
Swara nods her head.

Evening they go to restaurant. Swara talks with Sanskar very peacefully and happily.
Sanskar eats food items licking his fingers and making sounds. But Swara doesn’t get angry this time… she happily enjoys all his antics.
He feels happy that she is normal with him.

After reaching home, Swara comes to know that Sanskar has robbed her dairy and came to know her tastes. She looks angrily at him. Sanskar closes his face expecting her scolding, but she laughs.
He amazes and feels happy.

Actually Swara started loving Sanskar. So she wants to propose him. Next day after coming from office, she decides to propose, but while coming out, suddenly some goons kidnap her.
Swara: why did you kidnap me??
Goon: call your husband and ask…
Swara calls Sanskar.
Swara scared: Sanskar….someone kidnapped me…
Sanskar gets furious….

The goons take Swara to a lonely place. She amazed to see Sahil over there.
Swara: sahil…?
Sahil: your husband is doing some secret mission on us…! He wants to destroy us it seems.
Swara: oh, then that’s a good work. Society doesn’t need people like you…!
Sahil: so, people like us should be eliminated by, police or government. Who is he to take that?
Swara: it is media and public who turns against when they can’t do anything.
Sahil: then ask. Ask him to come here…!

Just then Sanskar comes on a bike crashing a wall. Swara and sahil shocks.
Sanskar takes out his gun and starts shooting the goons. Swara is shocked that Sanskar is this much wild…!
When the bullets are over he starts fighting with hands. He has killed many goons. Swara looks shocked at him. Sahil runs away.

Swasan reaches house.
Swara: I thought, you were only a gunda. But, you are a murderer too. How could you kill that many people.
San: who said they are people? They are criminals. Killing criminals is not a crime.
Swa: I think your wild life style has made you cruel. You are behaving as a animal…!
San shouts: Swara…!
Swara becomes calm as she has never seen his anger.
San: yes…! I’m an animal. If you don’t like this animal, then I will go away…
Says Sanskar and leaves house. Swara looks sadly.

Swa: I have shouted on you being concerned Sanskar…!
Swara is alone at home. She is arranging everything which aren’t proper. She opens a box and surprises to see many academic certificates, medals and trophies of Sanskar. But the name is Varun in those certificates. But those have Sanskar’s photos.
Swa: is varun and Sanskar same? Why did he change his name? if he is this much talented then why did he change to a rowdy?

At the same time Sanskar comes home. He realizes Swara came to know. She asks what all that.
Sanskar: yes…! My name is Varun. I’m gold medalist in degree. But, the situations turned me into a rowdy. I didn’t get any job because I couldn’t bribe. So, I kept this Sanskar mask and getting on with life.
Swara: but why only a rowdy? There are many other chances to live.
Sanskar: swara, you need not tell me what should I do… why are you telling me all these…??
Swara: why…! Because I love you Sanskar… and I care for you…!

Sanskar laughs: you have hated me till now. And after knowing that I’m a genius you are loving me…! What a selfish love…
Swara gets angry with his words.
Swara: idiot…! You can’t say these words to me. Just read this dairy. You will know…!
She shouts and throws dairy on him. Sanskar takes the dairy. It is another dairy, which he didn’t read. Swara falls on bed and starts crying.

Sanskar starts reading the dairy.
Actually, Swara has started loving Sanskar from the day 1. When he started following her, when he first proposed her. But, she funnily rejected him every time. She was angry on him after marriage because, she was in frustration that her job is lost and her name is ruined. She showed all her anger on him. Because, she thought only he can understand her and only he can bear her. As she thought, he bore her completely. Swara love even more increased on him.
Sanskar felt happy that she loved him and felt sad that he hurt her. He is about to talk with her, but he gets a phone call.
Sanskar: what is it…? I’m coming right now…!
He says and looks at Swara and leaves.

Swara keeps crying.
Next morning,
Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar didn’t come still. She tries to call him, but no response.
Swara: where did he go…?
Swara goes to her office next. Everyone are looking interestingly at news. And, when Swara came, all started congratulating her…
Swara amazes… what did I do…?

Then she also looks at news. A police commissioner is shown in news and beside him sahil is standing as culprit.
Commissioner is telling, “we caught this goon with the help of a media girl called Swara. She has done many investigations on this goon. But, she couldn’t submit all the proofs to us. So, a undercover cop appointed by us, has deal all the case and caught Sahil red handedly. Now, we present that undercover cop in front of media..”
Says commissioner.
All cameras turn to a police officer. Swara puts her eyes disbelieved. It’s none other than Sanskar!
Swara: Sanskar…

Commissioner: he is Varun, IPS…

Then Sanskar aka Varun starts telling, “Sahil has even ruined the name of a reputed journalist Swara. Who is no one but my wife… now, all the truths are out. We are waiting for the court’s judgment…”

Swara feels happy looking at the news. She happily runs to home. Sanskar while coming, he is surrounded by many people. At last, he comes inside.

Swara puts a angry face.
Sanskar: swara, actually. This is a secret mission. I’m not supposed to tell anyone. Undercover cop means, even family shouldn’t know…
Swara: hmm, now I doubt. You have always followed me for proofs against Sahil right…!
Sanskar: that’s not completely true. But yes. But, I have loved you too…
Swara smiles. Both hug…
Later Swara got her job back. Sanskar as police, Swara as journalist, continued their service to society….


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