Roto Corazon Chapter 2 (the past is yet to unfold)

“AAH what the hell is that sound ‘ i had dozed off peacefully in the cab i took from the airport .i organized myself and heard the driver saying that we had reached the destination .on stabilizing my mind more i found that we were moving closer and closer to that loud blaring noise which had woke me up .the huge black gates open to reveal a place of dreams something which we normally find in Jodha Akber ,Bajirao Mastani….. those typical grandeur seeking multi mill’ palaces my sister’s wedding destination .i got out taking my luggage and said thank you to the driver .a group of giggling girls wearing dhawani passed by running carrying plates of flowers and color .”Yuuuuuuukiiiiiiiiiiii”‘ a voice screamed on top of the loud music playing .my sister was running towards me in hear lehenga she looked absolutely gorgeous for me she was always my better half my sister .i remembered all those moments i spent with her ,,there was also a pang of guilt when i thought about how i was not with her completely all these years when life took a toll on me.

” you came for a moment i thought you wouldnt and then i thought about all those time when you were my shadow and now voila hey soo how do i look perfect no i know its me after all OMG what the hell are you wearing i mean really a beige jumpsuit is what you wear you the family fashionista seriously have you gone mad you are changing now even if you wear a  plain anarkali no problemo but suits not allowed yuki .pradeep take yuki to her room i want you ready and out fast yuki ooh and all your depression anxiety etc loose it all i need you bursting with energy life of the party mode  ” she said all this in one go .

” sam i have a family and more importantly i have mu parents whom i have never seen for a long time to see .i will meet them and then change so don’t shout and yes i will do anything for you princess ” i said

after loads of crying and scolding on my family’s side i was in front of the mirror looking at myself i was wearing a pinkish red kalamkari salwar  with light blue shawl and orange patiala .i wore ornaments too anything to escape from sam”s wicked comments i came running out locking the room down the stairs ready to sing and dance forgetting all her it was always like that she could do anything for her sammy .i took a plate from an unknown girls hand threw the flowers all across my sister standing near me in the neat lawn and started dancing in the oldest song in the book sajinaji .my sister was shouting i love you . i danced and sang  and was lost in the mood when i saw him i froze and lost all my blood went wan and lifeless what was DHARAM doing here


i had never seen her this happy


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