Rosid ss: tere bina kya vajoodh mera


Hi frnds my name is vardhini…die hard rosidian
I’m going to write short story on rosid…its based on present track…ofcourse our roli is nt there…bt v can imagine our rosid na…so here is my piece of wrk
Caution: dedicated to rosid fans…simar n prerna haters…only rosidians r allowed to read…sry fr being rude…bt as its my first piece work…I can’t take bashing …so only fr rosidians

And I’m going into the stry
Roli: sid ji u go first with family…I vl cum with didi
Sid : no roli… I can’t leave u alone…I vl also stay with u
Roli: sid ji fr my sake….go with di is there with me na I vl b fine u go
Sid is nt convinced
He hold her pinky finger n nodded his head as no
By that tym mausiji came
Mausiji: arey sid…they r v VIPs they vl come later…first v vl go
By saying this she dragged sid
Their pinky fingers grip loosened
Sid eyes filled with tears
Roli eyes too filled with tears
Sid eyes r conveying so many wrds to roli
Once sid left
Roli is feeling odd
She is feeling she is gng to miss her sid
She started running behind car
Bt car is going fast
Roli is shouting sid name continously
Bt nothing is heard by anyone
Car disappeard infrnt of roli eyes
Roli shouted
Roli: no sid ji don’t leave me
By saying this roli woke up all of sudden
She is sweating like anything
Her eyes turned red
Roli lukd around
She found herself in dark place
Roli is surprised
She understud….that incident which she thought is dream
She tuk deep breath
By remebring sid is nt going to leave her anywr

At that tym she remembered something
Roli to herself: oh my god…wr I am…this place is too dark…and we is sid ji n didi
She clzd her eyes
She started remembering all the incidents
She rembered hw that Shaithan kidnapped her
Roli z shocked
Roli: oh god…that means I’m in shaitan handover…then wat abt sid ji
..I know he is searching fr me
I have to escape frm here any cost
Roli slowly got up n started walking slowly..she can’t understand he to go only her aim is to escape
While walking in that darkness roli bumped with strong personality
Roli is shocked
She lukd at the person
His eyes r glittering
Roli understud he is shaithan
Roli heart beat stopped
Shaithan looked around
Lights automatically switched on
Shaitan: wr ur trying to escape
Roli didn’t ansr
(Sry guys I don’t like super natural stuff bt my story requires its only fr two upds so plz bear me)+

Recap: roli n shaitan confrontation

Credit to: Vardhini rosid

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  1. Superb..ur intro also nice..pls continue vardhini…waiting for next update..

  2. superb Dr keep going

  3. No problem u pls continue

  4. Really I also hate that Simar and Prerna.

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