Rosid ss: tere bina kya vajoodh mera part-2

Sry fr being late frnds
Held in wrk
Nw no more waiting
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Bt its k..I vl write fr rosidians who r supporting me
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Part 2:
Roli is tensed
She is going back
Shaitan is stepping towards her
Shaitan: hw r u feeling nw…ur in unconscious state from 1 month
Roli is shocked
Roli: oh my god I was with shaitan from 1 month
Roli: plz ….let me go…i want to meet my sid…my family…they might b searching fr me
Shaitan started laughing
Roli z confused
Roli: y r u laughing
Shaitan: wat I have to do…im getting laugh by luking ur innocence….ur feeling bad as ur in custody of shaitan from 1 month…bt u know my place is far better than that booth bungalow…n u vl b more safe here than living there
Roli: booth bungalow…abt wat ur talking…n abt whom
Shaitan: wat elz ur bw house is boothbunglow…
Roli got angry bt cntrld herself
Roli:…listem I’m nt interested of ur talks …plz let me go…my family needs me
Shaitan: no roli….none of them needs u there.. Let me tell d truth…ur family frgt u….they thought u died
Roli: wat? Hw its possible…hw they thought I’m died
Shaitan: will u allow me to say

Shaitan: they thought ur no more…they completed all rituals…n next they conducted prayer meet fr u too…n highlight is…ur gr8 bw family n ur gr8 di…celebrated festival n partied a lot…n u know wat they said reason…they told they did all this fr ur happiness….I sware roli…if ur simar di died …u even nt think abt these festivals
Roli: no nothing vl happen to my di…dnt talk abt death of my di…I don’t know wat I vl do…if u again say like this
Shaitan: I can’t understand whether to laugh r nt…hw can u b like this roli…there should b limit fr being good…arey I’m saying they frgt u mving on…ur still sporting her…even single person in that selfish family didn’t remember u ur sacrifices fr that family…they enjyd mango partys…im nt saying that. They should cry day n n8 fr lost person…bt atleast they should remember her na…no…no person in that family didn’t remember u…I know ur past roli..I know hw u decided to sacrifice ur mrg ur life ur sid…only fr this family happiness..BT in turn wat they gave u…nothing….i some tyms felt…its better to live like shaitan than to live like member in bw family. .n u know…ur family celebrated bday bash fr ur di…wat a family…n wat a sis…I can’t understand hw to xplain their gr8ness
Roli got tears
Shaitan saw this
Shaitan: roli..y r u crying… I’m really sry..I don’t want to say all this to u…bt really I can’t able to stop myself..really sry
Roli:no..I’m feeling bad…as I’m nt there fr my di bday
Nw shaitan really got angry
Shaitan: roli roli roli..if u again start ur di jaap I vl kill ur sis…
Roli z tensed
Roli: no don’t do anything to my di…
Roli pleaded him
Shaitan cooled down
Roli: I don’t know y ur against my family. .bt I can say one thing…entire world may frgt me bt my sid ..he cant live without me..I have to go fr him
Shaitan:/which sid??? Ur sid died one month back itself
Roli is shocked
Roli: no. …

Roli collapsed on floor
Shaitan: roli…nothing happened to sid…he is fit n fine
Roli lukd at shaitan
Shaitan: I said ur sid died
Roli lukd at him confusingly
Shaitan: nw bhardwaj house son…sid is only alive…n he is in such a stage that…if ur mataji says go n marry donkey…he immediately accepts without thinking
Roli: wat r u saying
Shaitan: truth…. sid is underspell of ur family magic….n u know ur family playing new roles
Roli: roles?
Shaitan: ha…ur mataji is mrg broker….n ur didi is cupid
Roli : mrg fr whom?
Shaitan: fr sid…with ur simar Didi frnd prerna
Roli: no…this can’t b happen…sid won’t agree.
Shaitan: sid agreed…in fact he said I luv u to prerna…he stpd prerna from going…sid found new love…he broke ur trust..he broke all promises
Roli is shattered nw
BT still she can’t accept this
Roli: no may b sid is doing becz of spell
Shaitan: gud suprt…bt roli can I ask something
Roli: haa
Shaitan: when veru kidnaps u…u both fell from cliff..u lost ur memory…veeru told he is ur husband…bt y u didn’t accept him
Roli: becz my heart told something went heart understudy he is nt mine
Shaitan: note this point
And again..when u met accident while returning from dharmapura…u again lost memory…u came back as sruthi…at that tym also…u used to get flashes of sid right?
Roli: haa
Shaitan: then y can’t ur sid can’t get ur flashes…he stayed with nagin…due to hympnotize…nw underspell he said I luv u to prerna…y these spells override his love on u
Roli I just want to say one thing…that family n sid didn’t deseve u…
N roli and I’m sure if sid is no more than u prefer to stay in his memories r u die along with sid…u won’t break promises like him
N again I’m saying….I’m nt telling to sid to move on…bt there should b some tym na…one month also nt completed ..ur family members r behind sid…to arrange mrg with prerna..arey..if they have that much concern on their children life..first tell them to setr8 jhanvi life…who is staying in mayaka…frm ages…without specific reason…n tell them to think abt their adopted son amar mrg…who age is going to complete..BT still leading bachelor life
Roli had no wrds
Some wr her heart to started pricking…by thinking abt her family
Bt still she can’t able to believe all these
So.many qns surrounded in her mind
Roli: hw u got to know all these
Shaitan called a name
Shaitan: aarti( the female ghost who tried to seprate rosid in ask..I don’t know her name)
Shaitan; I sent her to bw house to know wats going on
She only told every matter happened in ur house

Roli: no I can’t believe this….I know abt my sid…he can’t live without me…his heart beat stops if I’m died
Shaitan;:nw his heart beating na without u
Roli; ha its beating…becz I’m alive so he is also alive
Shaitan: u won’t change
Roli; first tell y they r thinking I’m died…y I’m here
Shaitan: ya I vl tell roli….
Before that u should know abt me
My name is ali
Well reputed business man
I luvd the girl named naina
She too luvd me
BT later I got to know she is behind me fr my money
I decided to threw her out
Bt before that I came to know…when I’m in drunken state she transferred all my property in her name..and she also provided fake proofs that I harassed her
So in was sent to jail
Bec of this I lost all my reputation
I can’t able to face anyone
So I committed suicide
I died my revenge on her nt died
I decided to kill her
Bt at that tym I met patali devi
She asked me to help her in getting some chandramani which is with simar
I promised her I vl get that
I came to bw family
I observed all
I understud all r selfish people
Bt I need a gud human being to complete my wrk
At that tym I found u
I felt ur right one
I bumped with u n left my phone…n u followed me
I acted like commit suicide
Who saved me
At that tym I really felt good
U saved a stranger
N ur wrds nt to commit suicide
Really affected me
I felt if I met u before my death…I might gave up idea of suicide
A sort of respect filled in my heart towards u
Bt promise given to patali reminded my wrk
At that tym u got chandramani pwrs
Patali asked me to kidnap u
I kidnapped
Patali main motive is to kill simar n another one is get back pwrs from u
So she planned something
She know simar vl come single to show her mahanta…in search of u
So at that tym she decided to kill simar…and mean while she thought to get back pwrs from u
BT I know if I leave u…u vl give ur life fr simar…u vl come infrnt of simar while killing
I don’t want that
I don’t want u to give ur life fr worthless persons
So I read one mantra…that made u unconsious
And I created fake roli
And roli u know wat..even I created fake roli…even she is behind her didi
Fake roli gave her life fr simar
Still I can’t able to c patali killing fake roli
So I killed patali devi with special wepon
N ur family thought u died
BT fact is ur here in unconscious state
Roli got tears
Roli: thank u so much fr saving me
Roli folded her hands before him
Shaitan: no roli….don’t do this…untill I met u.mi used to feel people r selfish ..BT after I met u..I to know god vl create selfless persons who always think abt others
Roli smiled
Roli: BT Ali….plz let me go..I know sid vl come back to me after cing me
Ali: ya…bt roli..wat u vl do..if sid marries that prerna
Roli: I just go away from his life
Ali: roli
Roli: ha Ali…I don’t interfere in his life .bt I’m sure my sid won’t maary anyone
Ali hope so..u know roli…untill I met u…I used to think only abt my revenge…bt after meeting u..I frgt abt my revenge..i just thought to leave her…nw I’m living peacefully
Thank u so much roli..I think god send this goddess to change this shaitan
Roli: I have to thank u. I’m alive only becz of u…
Ali smiled
Roli: shall I go nw
Ali: ya..I vl allow only on one condition
Roli lukd at him confusingly

Recap: wats d condition? Will roli meet sid? Sid z single r married

Sry fr mistakes ..I took out my anger in this upd…I hope I didn’t irritate u all
N don’t search fr logics…u vl nt find one also :-p

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