Rosid ss: tere bina kya vajoodh mera (last part)


Once again I’m sry guys for being late
And here is the last part

Part 3:
Shaitan: ya I vl allow u to go there only on one condition
Roli gave a confused look
Shaitan: after meeting sid…u and sid should leave that dumb family n should Go to place where even their shadow can’t touch u
Roli is shocked
Roli: but
Shaitan: no ifs and buts…its final
Shaitan convinced roli in every possible way
Roli at last agreed
Shaitan: and one more thing…when ever u face any problem…just remember me…I vl b infrnt of u
Roli agreed
Roli left the place

Shaitan smiled with satisfaction
Roli reached bw house
She saw bw house decorated grandly
Roli is confused
She went to entrance with huge smile as she is going to meet her sid ji and her family
When she entered …the sight before her gave a shock
She felt earth quake occurred at the place she stud
Yes she saw her life sitting as groom in mandap with wide smile
Tears started frm her eyes
Her world shattered
Her heart started speaking: go roli go n stop that marriage..your sidhant ji is going to become some one else…how can u allow this…did u frgot live together r die together…go…tell to your sidhant..your alive…kuch tho gadbid hai…otherwise how sidhant ji marry some one else go go
Roli decided to stop marriage at any cost
When she about to enter in house
Her mind started warning

Mind: oh my god roli…I didn’t think your such a selfish soul…see all members are happy with changes…all are enjoying this marriage.. Now u will ruin their happiness ha? Roli if sid ji is not OK with marriage then you have all right to stop marriage…but see he is happy…I don’t think so its correct to enter into his life in this situation…I don’t want him to become sandwich between u both…
Roli mind and heart started fighting
At last roli mind won
Roli looked at sidhant with teary eyes
Roli: I love u na yar….I will miss you a only wish is you should be happy forever
By saying this roli left place

After 1 year
In singapore
A car stopped in front of big restaurent
A handsome man got down from car
He looked over all the restaurent
A pale faced girl too got down
She looked at restaurant and read its name loudly
Girl: rosid restaurants…nice name na sid??

Sid didn’t say anything
He is feeling different after coming to singapore
Sid: let’s go inside prerna…he said without expression
Sid and that palena went inside( Its not typing mistake.. I feel palena is correct name to her pale face
Sid is getting some extraordinary feeling
He is feeling like some butterfly’s tickling him
This is the same feeling which he used to get when his life his roli beside him
Sid and palena reached to reception
Already prem bukd suit
They showed the way to the room
Both went inside
Palena: Singapore is so nice na sid
Sid just smiled he didn’t give any reply
Sid: OK go n fresh up…will go for lunch
Palena agreed
After some tym she came
Sid n palena went to lunch
They ordered lunch
Server brought same side dish in 2 different bowls
Sid n palena started eating
While sid is eating
He heard palena shout
She is crying like crow
Sid: wat happened
Palena: its so spicey…how ur eating sid
Sid: my dish not spice
Palena shocked
She immediately called waiter
Palena: wats this….this much spicey food?
Waiter: sorry mam…we use more spice in every dish
Palena: then y…u didn’t put spice in his curry
Waiter: sir has spice allergy na mam…so we didn’t put
Sid: wat? How u know..I had allergy
Waiter stammered
Waiter: wo wo
Sid’ speek up man
Waiter: sir…our restaurant main motive is customer satisfaction…so we get each n every info about customer n do according to their comfort
Sid not satisfied with his answer
Sid: but
Palena: sid leave it…waiter u go
Waiter left
Sid in his thoughts
Sid: only my roli knows I have spice allergy…y I feel ur around me roli
Sid said some wat loudly
Sid: roli I missed u na yar
Palena face changed more pale by listening this

In mean while
Waiter came with two bowls of gazar ki halwa
Palena: we didn’t order this
Waiter: but mam this is our restaurant custom…we provide this sweet without ordering
Sid: gazar ki halwa….I luv it
By saying this he took the bowl n kept first spoon in his mouth
He was shocked
Sid: oh my god….only my roli can prepare like this…I know she is around
Tell me wr is my roli…tell me please….he asked to waiter
Waiter: no sir…it was prepared by head cook…
Sid: no I won’t believe…wat do u think..I don’t know taste of food prepared my roli
Sid is exciting
Palena: sid…stop it…ur doing much..come let’s go
Sid showed his finger towards her
Sid: u better not involve in this matter
Palena is shocked
She felt ashamed
She left the place with crockdile tears
Sid: plz take me too the person who made this
Waiter agreed
He started moving to the place where the head cook is there
Sid heart started beating fast
He crossed his finger…
Sid: roli plz come back na yar
At last they reached the place
Waiter called head cook who is standing against them
She turned back
Sid face expression changed
She is not his roli…
Head cook: tell me sir…wat help can I do
Sid felt shatterd
Sid: u only prepared sweet?
Cook: ha
Sid: who taught u
Cook: no body I learned myself
Sid can’t understand wat to ask next
Sid: u did awesome job…I just loved it
She smiled
Sid left place with tears in his eyes
Not only his another pair of eyes filled with tears

After some time
Palena is at swimming pool
No one are there at that place
Palena started shouting looking at sky
Palena: y roli…wat I did to u…u died but still u became barrier between sid and me…wat mistake I done? Plz roli go away from our life…from sid thoughts..plz leave us alone
By saying this she fainted
Some workers in restaurant saw her
They immediately took her to her room
Sid who came to room shocked by watching unconscious palena
And doctr is treating her
Sid is confused
Sid: wat happened to her
Doctor: nothing. To worry…she is taking unwanted tension for some matter…u just take care of her every thing will b ok
Doctor left the place
Sid lukd at the house keeping girl
Sid: will u take care of her…I vl b back soon
She nodded
Sid abt to go
Palena hold his hand
Palena: don’t go away sid…plz
She said in sleep
Sid lukd at her
He loosened her grip n left the place
Palena opened her eyes
Palena face turned red
Palena: sid….even I acted like I’m not well…u r not caring me…I vl c hw far u vl play with me
Sid went outside
He is remembering all incidents
Not so spicey food…gazar ka halwa
Sid lukd around
Now he observed
Chairs tables furniture cushions all r black n white colors
Its roli favourite color
Sid got smile by remembering his roli
Sid: roli Im feeling ur around me…im feeling u every where…I know ur here only…I vl get back u
By saying this sid started searching fr her
He is not leaving any place
At last he reached terrace
He saw two persons turned against him
One guy n girl
Guy is holding red rose in his hands
Guy turned towards girl
Guy: I luv u keerti( avika name in some Telugu movie)
Nw girl turned towards him
Nw sid saw her face
He is shocked
Yes she is his roli
Sid started moving towards her

Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Honthon Ko Siye
Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Har Aansoo Piye
Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chaahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye, Har Aansoo Piye
Tere Liyeh Hum Hain Jiye, Honthon Ko Siye
Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chahat Ke Diye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Sid: roli
Nw she lukd at sid
Sid rushed to her n cupped her face
Sid: I know roli…u r here…my heart told me that ur saans is here…im blessed roli…I got u back..roli I missed u lot…I luv u na yar
Sid eyes filled with tears
She pushed him gently
Keerti: who r u?
She shouted loudly
Sid: roli…
Keerti: listen…first of all my name is not roli…im keerti…keerti sharma
Sid: u can hide ur idententity but u cant hide ur love on me
Keerti: listen don’t irritate me..I’m keerti…I think ur confused
Sid: oh god roli how many times u play with me like this…sruti vidya now keerti roli I did mistake give me any punishment I will bear…but plz roli don’t leave me again…u don’t know how I’m already bearing punishment since one year…my life is incomplete without u..ur my saans…ur my heart beat…plz roli don’t go…then this heart beat stop here itself
Keerti: oh god…ur crazy…plz leave me…I have so many works
She lukd at the person beside her
And c…he is my fiancee. Karan .we are going to b marry soon
By saying this she left place with karan
Sid is shattered
Sid: no roli…ur only mine..and ur my roli…I know there is something in ur mind…so ur behaving like this…hw much u try to hide..I can c the spark of love in ur eyes for me…ur sid vl loose any thing for u…bt can’t dare to loose u…I vl bring back u in my life
Keerti rushed to her room
She started crying
Some one kept hand on her shoulder
She turned towards that person
Karan: y roli? Wat is the need to act like this? See how much sid luvs u…still y u planned like this…nw I’m feeling guilt…I can’t act more…now itself I vl go n tell..ur roli…n I feel there is no need to say for him..he is confident ur his love…roli as a frnd I’m saying..go back to ur sid
Roli: no karan…im his past…nw his present n future is palena….he should move on…
Roli says she saw palena at swimming pool n she heard her shouts
Roli: she is suffering because of me…sid is still thinking abt me…no I won’t let this happen…she is his wife..she should get all her rights as wife…I know sid can’t forget me…so I planned to make sid to hate me..n I vl do that
Karan: roli…better u think once again
Roli wiped her tears
Roli: its final karan
And today we are going to arrange party and announcing about our engagement infrnt of sid n palena as per our ready for that
Karan: ur too admant
By saying this he left the place
Roli took sid photo in her hands
N kissed it
Roli: I’m sorry na yar…
At evening
Roli n karan arranged party
Restaurant manager came to sid
Manager: sir…today is special day for us sir…owner of this restaurant arranging a party to announce some important news…and v hope u too come to the party
Sid is not intrested
Palena: sid let’s go na…im feeling bored
At last sid agreed
Sid n palena came to party
Bt some drink fell on palena dress
She went to change d dress
At that tym host announced karan n keerti name..n introduced keerti as owner of rosid restaurents
Sid is shocked to know roli is the owner
He felt hapie by cing her
Keerti came n announced she is going to marry karan
Sid can’t able to take this
Keerti asked guests to enjoy party
She is talking with karan closely
Sid blood is burning with boil
He thrown the glass in his hand
All r shocked
Sid took the mike
N started singing

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

sid sang that song by luking at roli
All are impressed n huge applause came from crowd
Roli eyes filled with tears
She can’t able to hold herself
She just rushed towards stairs
Sid too rushed behind her
BT sid missed her
He can’t understand where she went
He just searching fr roli in all rooms by shouting her name
At last sid found a individual and big room different from others
He opened that room
He is shocked
Room filled with roli n sidhant pics( fr my story purpose roli stays there itself)
Sid got tears of happiness
Sid: roli …now no more hide n seek…I know u r here only…c ur sid is waiting fr u
At that tym some one patted his shoulder
Sid turned
Sid: karan??
Karan: ha karan…not fiancee of keerti..but frnd of roli
Sid: that means
Karan: this is plan by roli…
Sid: but y
Karan: because she don’t want to come between u n prerna married she thought to make u hate her…so she is acting like keerti a stranger and also if she marrys some one else..she thought u vl frgt she planned this party n announced abt this mrg
Sid: I know something is going in her mind….now I won’t loose my roli…thank u very much karan fr being with her
Karan smiled
Sid; by d way wr is my roli
Karan showed terrace direction
Sid rushed towards terrace
Roli is luking into sky
Sid: roli
Roli wiped her tears
Roli turned towards him
Roli: y u again came here…I told na I’m nt roli…im keerti
Sid moved towards her
Roli started moving back
He is moving too clz to her
Roli can’t able to move more…as wall is there
When she abt to go from side ways
Sid kept his two hands on either side
Sid: so ur not roli
Roli can’t able to speek
She is not getting words
Sid breath is hitting her
Its too difficult to control herself
Bt she remembered palena
Roli:yes I’m not roli she said by looking down
Sid: oh is it…tell me looking intoo my eyes
Roli is shocked
She knows she can’t lie to sid by luking into his eyes
Still she brought up all her courage
N lukd into his eyes
I’m not ur roli…she said
Sid took his hands
Sid: OK now its confirm ur not my roli..because my roli can’t lie by luking into my eyes..OK keerti bye…nice to meet u..hapie married life
By saying this sid started moving towards edge of terrace
He climbed on the wall
Roli is shocked
He stud on wall n lukd at sky
Sid: roli…all said ur no I’m sure I’m I lost my hopes…I can’t live without u…im also coming to u…by saying this he abt to jump…roli pulled him by shouting his name
Sid fell on roli
Roli eyes filled with tears
Sid wiped her tears
They had intense eyelock
Sid: so watsup keerti…y u saved me..y ur not letting me to go to my roli
Roli: I’m not keerti…im roli…how can roli let her sid ji go away
Sid: kissed on her forhead
Sid: bt y u planned to go away frm me
Roli: because ur married…some one depending on u
Sid: roli hw u thought I married
Roli is shocked
Sid got up nade roli to stand up
Roli: sid ji….matlab
Sid: roli according to me love happen only once n marriage too…n I married my love…then hw u thought I marry frgting our promises
Sid bumped his fist with hers
Sid: live together
Roli: r die together
Roli: but sid ji..I saw u marrying one year back
Sid: wat
Roli narrated how Ali saved her…hw she left place after watching sid as groom
Sid: oh god roli..if u had waited few mins more ..v might not separated 1 yr
Roli lukd at him confusingly
Roli: sid ji
Sid: ha roli…wat u thought…ur sid vl marry some one else…no way sid only belongs to roli not only fr this janm..but every birth…
Roli: sid ji..that means…on dat day
Sid : roli let me tell wat happened
When all said ur no more
I didn’t accept
How can I accept roli…my heart is beating….if some thing happened to u…it might stopped there itself na
All r conducting rituals
BT I didn’t attend because I know ur alive
All tried to convince me ur no more
BT m u know wat
I used to feel u every where
I used to speek with u….
All said I’m hallucinating
If its hallucination ..then I luvd that..becz ur with me
• Mataji n all came to me n started giving lectures about moving on
But when ur with me …wat is the need for me to move on
All thought I’m gone mad
At that tym simar frnd palena came
She tried to move closely with me
She used to roam around me
She used to come to our room then n there
I warned her not to come in my room n
I said
If my roli see u around me..she will come to u holding broom
But still she didn’t stopped
One day I’m on terrace
I decorated terrace to surprise u ( sid did all this by hallucinating roli is with him)
I gave bunch of red roses
N told I love u
At that tym I don’t know when prerna came there…she stud infrnt of me
I was shocked
I scoled her to leave the place n give privacy to us
She rushed from there in tears
I’m least bothered
Becz she spioled our romantic date
In all days she one r another way she tried to impress me
One day she is on ladder
She abt to fall
As humanity basis I hold her from falling
But she tried to come clz to me
I left her…she fell on ground
I left the place
Next day
I heard voice from mataji room
She said she is going to arrange marriage for me
I was super happy
Y not….how many tyms we married.. I still feel to marry my roli again n again
They decided simple mrg
On day of marriage
While I sat on mandap
Bride came covering with veil
I felt happy
I wishpered in her ears as I thought its u
Sid: till how far u cover ur face…just open it
She opened
I’m shocked
I saw prerna as bride
I immediately stopped mrg
( sid n mataji convoy)
Mataji shouted at me
Mataji: sid r u mad
Sid: no u all r mad…im can u arrange my mrg with another girl…where is my roli
Mataji: sid how many tyms I have to tell u…roli is no more
N y u r behaving like that…u only proposed prerna
Sid started laughing
Sid: wat? I proposed prerna? How can u think like that mataji…don’t u know how much I love roli
Mataji: but I saw with my own eyes
Sid: some tyms even our own eyes can deceive us mataji…let me clarify one roli is alive…im sure abt it…n this sid belongs to onlyb roli…n plz for god sake don’t becum mrg maker for me…
Mataji: sid y r u behaving like this…im doing only for ur well being…for u only my child
Sid: mataji if ur that much keen abt ur children…think abt amar n jhanvi…not abt me…im very happy with my roli…plz leave me alone
Mataji: sid I gave promise to prerna that I vl arrange her mrg with u
Sid: oh..then wat abt my promise…which I made to my roli…I told her…live.together r die together…I t old her she is my life my wife…now how can I think abt another girl in my life
Mataji: sid…y r u thinking abt the person who is no more….
Sid: mataji…ur elder so I’m talking nicely…don’t say anything abt roli again
Mataji: I vl say…roli is no more…no more more
Sid got angry
Sid: roli is no more…then think ur sid is no more….nw bhardwaj house sid died..only roli’s sid is alive
By saying this sid left the place
Sid stopped contacting bw house members
He lived in roli memories
Only he allowed prem to meet him then n there
One day prem came to him
Prem: sid v have to go to Singapore for official meeting
Sid: I’m not intrested
Prem: but u have to sid…for our business sake
Atlast sid agreed
But sid felt unknown feeling when he started to singapore
Atlast minute
Prem dropped
N prerna came in his place
Sid understud its that wicked bw family plan to bring them together
But he brushed his thoughts
Becz he felt some good thing vl b going to happen
Fb ends
Fb: I used to c u every wr till that tym roli…bt in don’t know y…after coming to Singapore I didn’t c u…in my imagination..may b my heart thought that we r going to meet in real then wat is need of imaginations
Roli got tears
She hugged him tight
Roli:/I’m sry sid ji…I I did a mistake..I didn’t believed u…how much u luvd men how much u suffered
Roli started crying badly
Sid wiped her tears
Sid: no roli…don’t cry..its not ur mistake..its situational… infact knowingly r unknowingly I too did mistake..when mataji told she is mrg..i.didnt even think once…I didn’t get doubt…when yheybr saying when roli is can theybarrange.mrg for me… mistake to believe them…I did mistake on siting on mandap as groom becz of that I missed u one year
I m sry na yar
Roli nodded no
Roli: u didn’t do any mistake sid ji…u only luvd me unconditionally
Sid smiled
Sid:and these r tests in our love..n v successfully qualified in it
Roli nodded her head
Roli: I miss u
Sid: I miss u too
Rosid hugged each other
They don’t know how much tym. They r like that
After some tym
Sid released hug
He lukd at roli
He cupped her face
Sid: I luv u na yar…I can’t live without u
Roli: I luv u too na yar…I too can’t live without u
Sid: promise me u won’t leave me again
Roli promised
Sid kissed her on forhead
N on her cheeks
N moved towards her lips
Its turned passionate one
Sid released her hold
N lukd into her eyes
Roli blushed n hide herself in his arms
Rosid lost in pouring love on each other
At that tym they heard some voice
Rosid lukd in that direction
Palena is infrnt of her
Palena started clapping
She started coming towards roli
Palena: wahva kya love story hai…wat a love wat a love….sid…better u pour ur love on her now itself…becz in few minutes she is going to die
By saying this she took out gun n kept on roli forhead
Rosid r shocked
Sid: prerna leave roli
Palena: acha..wat ur thinking…I vl leave her if u command like that no way….I thought she died…bt now she vl die really…becz of her…ur not even luking at me…becz of her my all plans r going to fail
Sid : plan
Palena; ha plan…I planned to take ur entire bw property ..n roli u know who helped me in this…ur pyari sis…simar
Rosid shocked
Roli: simar di
Prerna: ha ur simar she is puppet in my hands…u know she felt hapie when u died…ur sis is not good as u think…she just masks herself as she luvs money a lot…she felt hapie…as the property is on ur name…if u die…it vl go to bw family…when u died she is super hapie that property came to bw family name…now she too have share in that property…at that tym I came n told if she arranges my mrg with sid…I make sid to give his share to prem…simar happily accepted and acted as cupid
Roli is shocked
She didn’t expect this angle from her sis
She got tears
Prerna: n u know wat…wat I said to simar is just wrong…I came here for property..then how can I give it to simar.. My plan is to bring entire bw family under my control
When she is saying this
Sid slowly moved towards her to save his roli from her
But palena saw this
Palena: don’t act smart sid…watever ur roli is going to die now
Roli to herself: oh. how can I come out from her that tym she remembered ali
Ali only u can save me…
At that tym wind started flowing heavily
They heard voice
Don’t fear when Ali is here
Roli got smile in her lips
She winked at sid
Sid understud
Gun in palena hands changed direction automatically towards palena
Palena is shocked
Palena: oh god wats happening..y my hand turning towards me
Roli pushed her n rushed towards sid n hugged him
Palena abt to pull trigger
Roli; Ali stop don’t do that…n plz come infrnt of me
Ali stopped
He appeared infrnt of them
Nw he lukd at palena
He is shocked
Palena too shocked
Ali: u here?
Palena: u ? U died na
She started shivwring
Roli: Ali u know her
Ali: y not roli…how can I frgt the person who is reason behind my death
Roli:/u mean naina? But she is prerna
Ali: oh u changed ur name too..he said luking at palena
Roli she is Naina…the girl who ditched me
Now tell y ur behind sid
He hold her neck
Palena: plz don’t do anything…I will say…after ur death..I can’t understand how to do that v got so much loss…so I lukd for big shots…I found bw family…n understudy their I entered into family as good girl
But everything changed becz of this roli n sid
Roli got angry
She rushed to her
She gave tight slap
Roli: this is for…trying to come clz to my sid
She gave another slap
Roli:/this is for…ditching.Ali…becz of u…he lost his life
When she abt to slap again
Ali: no.roli…don’t spoil ur hands by touching her…I vl take care of her…I can kill her r8 now..but no…im not interested to kill her easily…she have to pay for all her deeds…
He read some mantra
He send palena in small bottle
Ali: palena get ready for torture
Ali lukd at sid
Ali: sry sid…its me who told abt u that u moved on…bt after luking u both love I understud I did big mistake

I came to conclusion without doing reasearch
Sid: no sry…Infact I have to say thank u to life my roli is with me becz of u…I owe u lot
Ali: OK no tqs n no srys…my only wish is u both should live happily..OK I’m going…I have so much work in bwfamily
Roli: bw family
Ali: ha…have to take revenge on simar na…for joining hands with palena…n u remember my promise na roli
Roli lukd at sid
Sid: promise??
Ali: ya I told her not to go back to that family
Sid smiled
Sid: we r not going
Roli: sid…our family
Sid: roli..u better not to think abt family which didn’t care u…is that family who forget their bahu n her sacrifices…n I already said..that bw house son sid is no more..we r not going anywhere
That’s final
Ali: superb decision. Im going…be ready…u vl get news…bw house is attacked by witches dayans nagins dynocers wampires and aliens too…they may turn into makki pigs donkeys dogs whatever it is
By saying this he left with palena
Sid: but roli…u didn’t tell wat happened after u left bw house that day
Roli: I was shatterd..I decided to go that tym I saw karan who is going to commit suicide
He is my childhood frnd
I stopped him n asked wats d matter
He said his restaurant in Singapore is in losses…so he decided to give up his life
I promised him I vl help him to get back its position
I came here
We worked day and night
We decided to change name
He asked me to keep name
I kept rosid : roli n sid
N brought this restaurant to this stage
Sid is surprised
Sid: so rosid means roli n sid…superb….I’m proud of u roli
Roli: n I came to know u n palena r coming
I instructed them not to add spice
And myself made gazar ka halwa for u
Sid smiled
Sid: I know I can feel my roli every where
Roli smiled
Roli: I’m luck to have u sid ji
Sid: I’m more lucky

There after rosid lived happily there itself

I don’t know how far I justified sid char guys
BT I didn’t get any other thought in my mind
I hope u all r OK with it
And here I’m wrapping it
Tq for ur support
Its means a lot for me
And sry fr making wait
I’m not feeling well
And also busy with college stuff
So I don’t know abt next ffs
And I have no concepts in my mind too
If I get concept..n tym permits..I vl b back soon
And as already said..don’t search for logics
And sry if I frgt any thing to mention in stry

Credit to: Vardhini rosid

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  1. superb…vardhini…mindblowing…u placed tat palena in to negative it was superb…i enjoyed a lot…ur ffs is superb…rosid scenes r so nice..i enjoyed very much…da…if it possible u ll start another for us da…thank u for ur ff…

    1. Tq tq so much vaishnavi…it really means me lot..tq fr such lovely comment..n tq fr suprt…

  2. Renuka Rosid

    super concept dear vardhini hats of to u
    I love Rosid

    1. Tq renuka…tq so much…n I think ur d one who commented in forum too…tq fr support

  3. wonderful dear ur ff is awesome.. v rosidians love it..

    1. Tq yuvi tq so much fr support…tq fr luving it

  4. Nice dear i loved it…

    1. Tq so much nithi fr loving it

  5. luvd diz ff….superb dear… really enjoyed it..will be waiting for ur next ff..

    1. Tq so much haritha…I saw ur cmnt in prev update too..felt so happy…tq fr loving it

  6. nice but u completed so soon that is only sad

    1. Tq so much yar…n on same time I’m so sry…when it came to mind I just thought it as two upds…bt I extended one more…I’m nt getting tym to think abt I wrapped it fast..really so sry

  7. nice rosid story i luv it but dont mistake me i am also hate prena but u involved simar to enaku athu pidikala rosid ff nerays write panuga i mis them very much

    1. Tq so much fr luving my story.. As I don’t know Tamil..I can’t understand wat u one thing I understd that..ur hurt as I shown simar in negative…first of all sry fr hurting u…bt fact is…v ….d most of rosidians hate simar to core…n I wrote this story to let out my frustration on palena n simar…n this is also rosidians wish to c simarvn palena negative…which v can’t c in ssk ..n I mention this already at introduction only….so I hope u understand…n once again thanks fr reading my story..n sry fr hurting ur feelings

  8. Awesome interesting story

    1. Tq so much rizna fr loving my stry

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